A Guide To Chiron Aspects In The Natal Chart

chiron in the aspects

Chiron is always painful regardless of where it sits, and when Chiron is aspected, there is no exception.

Sometimes, Chiron aspects to a planet make the planet more painful than usual, but it can also be helpful to have your Chiron aspected.

An aspected Chiron gives you an avenue through which you can start to heal your Chiron.

For example, with Chiron conjunct Mars, you know that the healing path for Chiron involves learning to exert your will. Without an aspect, you would simply be stuck.

I generally believe that Chiron aspects must have a relatively close orb to really be felt (3-4 degrees), but I do know of a few people who have a Chiron aspect that is over 8 degrees and they certainly feel the aspect.

Every Chiron aspect is specific to the person and to the chart, as always!

Sun conjunct Chiron

If you have the sun conjunct Chiron aspect, your pain and wound is related to your self-expression. You may feel as though you have to hide your true self. This is especially apparent in the house that the conjunction sits in.

You might not have enough self-confidence to go after what you want or to achieve your goals with sun conjunct Chiron. It can take almost a whole lifetime to heal this wound, but it’s well worth it!

I find that the sun conjunct Chiron wound often stems directly from the relationship with the father. Sometimes the father created this wound, and other times he simply made the wound that already existed more painful.

Regardless, you probably had a very distressing relationship with your father or male authority figure. You didn’t get the love and acceptance that you needed. As a child, you might have craved attention or to be noticed, but this wasn’t given to you, either.

At the worst, you might have been humiliated or denied by your father.

Look to the house that your sun conjunct Chiron aspect is in to see where you experienced these traumas the most in childhood.

For example, the sun conjunct Chiron aspect in the 12th house could mean that the father was missing, absent, or emotionally unavailable, while the 3rd house could mean that you were never heard or listened to; you had no voice.

Of course, the manifestation of the sun conjunct Chiron aspect depends a lot on the sign/element that both planets sit in as well as the house.

You probably react in some way when the sun conjunct Chiron aspect is triggered. You may react outwardly and hurt others through anger or words (more common with fire signs) or retreat and beat yourself up mentally (more common with water signs).

One gift with the sun conjunct Chiron aspect is that you have great potential to understand suffering around you. Because suffering is so inherent to who you are and is something that you experience almost daily through your sun sign, you can easily spot someone else in pain.

People with the sun conjunct Chiron aspect can be great healers or even just truly kind people, especially as they continue to work through some of the pain of the Chironic wound.

If you have the sun conjunct Chiron aspect, you need to work on your low self-confidence. Try to put yourself out there and go after what you want; you will gain self-confidence slowly through action.

You might lack the masculine push that makes your sun truly shine. This is regardless of your gender, for we all have both masculine and feminine within us. The sun is typically masculine because it is bright and active, but your sun might feel dimmed because of this aspect.

Self-expression and creativity are the keys to igniting the power of your sun sign. You must learn how to be yourself, unapologetically, without fear of the father or of re-triggering the wound.

In fact, you probably will re-trigger the wound as you work through these issues, but this is actually beneficial to help. It is only by triggering your Chiron that you can begin to deal with it and gain self-confidence even though you experience pain.

If this wound did stem from your relationship with your father, or even if he simply re-triggered the wound from a past life, you may need to realize that he will never accept you in the way you want. You can still heal your wound by learning to understand your father and forgive him.

Much of this sun conjunct Chiron wound revolves around understanding that the past cannot be undone and that bad things happened to you so that you could learn. Now, it is time to discover how to accept yourself and eventually, rejection from others will no longer hurt.

I also find that some people with sun conjunct Chiron reject the masculine side of themselves in an attempt to reject the father, or they overemphasize the masculine side in order to gain his approval.

The healing path here is to determine what is authentically masculine about you (we all have parts of us that are authentically masculine) and to embrace those pieces of yourself rather than try to fabricate new ones.

Moon-Chiron aspects:

Typically, Moon-Chiron aspects indicate that your wound was created through nurturing issues and show up in your emotions.

Moon conjunct Chiron:

The moon conjunct Chiron aspect in the natal chart often has to do with trauma related to the mother or the main caretaker during early childhood. This can manifest in a few different ways.

If you have the moon conjunct Chiron aspect, your mother might have been wounded and you took on her pain because you learned how to cope from her. You might feel like a mini replica of your mother in this area.

The sign and house that the moon conjunct Chiron aspect sit in will tell you more about where and how that pain manifests.

The wounds that you saw your mother take on and cope with, when you were a child, influence you now as an adult. You might subconsciously take them on yourself and play out her role without meaning to, even if you know it wasn’t for her best interest.

If this is the case, it is important that you now do the inner work to separate from your mother and experience her pain from your own point of view rather than hers. You also need to form your own beliefs about what you wound means instead of using hers.

Alternatively, you might have felt unwanted or abandoned by your mother. Instead of internalizing her pain, this wound was caused by your mother’s reaction to you.

Moon conjunct Chiron is a very painful aspect. If the outcome of this aspect is that you felt unwanted and that you weren’t taken care of, you might now feel extremely lonely and insecure.

There are many ways that this could have played out. Your mother might have been absent, verbally abusive and aggressive, passive-aggressive, or simply ignored your emotional needs.

You also might develop nurturing issues towards yourself and others. You may ignore your own needs because they were ignored by your mother or primary caretaker, or you might ignore the needs of others who are close to you (your partner, children, family, friends, pets, etc.).

The healing path with this moon conjunct Chiron aspect is to reconnect with the inner child and give your child what they didn’t get when you were actually little.

I personally believe that the inner child will always exist energetically on some dimension, so simply ignoring them isn’t an option. You won’t be able to heal these wounds until you go through the process of healing yourself inside.

Only then can you nurture yourself and others in an appropriate, caring way.

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Moon trine Chiron:

With Moon trine Chiron, you have the ability to heal your Chironic wound through your emotions. Although this wound was created by an emotional pain (often related to the mother), you do possess the tools to heal it.

In fact, Moon trine Chiron means that there is a natural path to heal your Chiron. You will have many opportunities, when your emotions are triggered, to work through them.

Like any Chironic placement, Moon trine Chiron is painful. However, you will almost always feel a sense of progress and rightness.

You can use your intuition to overcome your Moon trine Chiron wound. You have a sense about what you need to do in order to heal.

Moon sextile Chiron:

With Moon sextile Chiron, you have deep emotions relating to your wound. This is a difficult placement because every time your emotions are triggered, the wound also pops up.

However, Moon sextile Chiron means that you have an opportunity to heal Chiron in these very instances. When your emotions are triggered, the Universe is giving you a path forward to address your wound.

With Moon sextile Chiron, you will be put in many situations where you must do the work to heal. You can avoid looking at your Chironic wound if you wish, because the Moon sextile Chiron aspect simply means you can work through your wound.

It would behoove you to address your Chironic wound as soon as possible in order to experience less pain in your life.

Moon opposition Chiron:

With Moon opposition Chiron, you might feel like a bottomless pit when it comes to your emotions. You’re never fulfilled; you don’t know if there’s anyone or anything out there that could fix how you feel.

Your emotional wounds are extremely slow to heal. Moon opposition Chiron means that your Chironic wound is emotional in some way, but it’s probably very murky to you. This is a wound of shadows.

Your Moon opposition Chiron aspect means that you have two opposite signs involved in this trauma. For example, you might have Moon in Aries and Chiron in Libra.

This aspect also means that you tend to focus entirely on one sign and ignore the other. You actively try to heal your wound through only one of these signs.

However, the Moon opposition Chiron wound will never truly be healed until you’re able to integrate both signs together. Your path to healing has the qualities and elements of both opposite signs.

You probably can’t ignore your pain, but you focus on it in the wrong way. If you do try to ignore the wound, you simply become more emotional and delusional.

Instead, you need to find a balanced, logical approach to healing your Chironic wound.

Moon square Chiron:

With Moon square Chiron, you have trouble expressing your feelings and emotional needs. When someone asks you if you’re alright, you probably say you’re fine even though it might be a lie.

Some people with Moon square Chiron have a tendency to overly emote or spill all of their feelings, then later feel guilty or awkward. They might try to avoid the person they spoke too entirely! There is an imbalance here so emotions often come out sideways.

With Moon square Chiron, you might feel as though emotional satisfaction is just out of reach. You always believe you will feel fulfilled if you just reach the next milestone, then are continuously disappointed. 

Ultimately, the Moon square Chiron aspects creates intense feelings of guilt. This is why you never tell other people about your emotions; you feel that to do so is burdensome. You also feel awkwardness about even showing emotion.

You might ignore problems in order to maintain your appearance or because you don’t want to worry others. However, when you do this for too long, it makes it difficult to heal your wounds.

Sometimes, you even take on other peoples’ issues in addition to your own. You will eventually feel overburdened emotionally, even though you will try to hide these feelings.

The first step with Moon square Chiron is to own your feelings. Find a way to tell those who are close to you how you truly feel when you feel it. At first, your words might come out awkward or wrong, but this is something that takes practice.

The only way for you to heal the wound with Moon square Chiron is to eventually open up and lessen your own sense of guilt. Care for yourself, for once, instead of for everyone else. Remember that your feelings matter too.

The work to heal Moon square Chiron is deep and subconscious. It simply takes time.

Ultimately, Moon square Chiron people can have so much awareness about human emotions! They have experienced so much emotional pain that, when they work through the wound, they can go on to be extremely understanding and empathetic.

Mercury conjunct Chiron

If you have the Mercury conjunct Chiron aspect, you were silenced at some point in your childhood. You may have experienced rejection when you wanted to share your thoughts with someone or you were told that your words were wrong or bad, or just that they didn’t matter.

You were especially silenced in the house and sign that Mercury conjunct Chiron is in.

This creates a wound that can manifest in a few different ways.

You be try to achieve perfectionism at all times. You may never speak without being sure that what you’re saying is perfect and double or triple check all of your work.

Alternatively, you may avoid all things logical and communication-related. Sometimes, people with the Mercury conjunct Chiron aspect work with their hands, avoid socializing, etc. so that the wound isn’t re-triggered.

Mercury conjunct Chiron can also indicate a disability to speech or movement. It might be social anxiety or general anxiety about saying the wrong thing.

It can also mean that your wound was caused by your siblings or peers, either in this life or in a past life. You might have felt invisible and that no one understood you, or you may have been bullied and insulted.

The path to heal the Mercury conjunct Chiron aspect involves learning to speak freely and to express yourself without fear.

The goal is not to be absolutely perfect in all communication, but to accept that anything less than perfection is simply a part of who you are and is good and right.

With the Mercury conjunct Chiron aspect, there is a chance to heal through words and logical thinking. Owning who you are and building up your own self-esteem is very important.

You will find healing power in words once you use them in a way that words for you.

Venus-Chiron Aspects:

Venus-Chiron aspects are all about wounding through relationships. It shows your potential for either healing or triggering the wound while in a relationship or partnership. These aspects can also indicate how much you “run away” from the wound by focusing on superficial things rather than the core issue.

Venus conjunct Chiron:

With Venus conjunct Chiron in the natal chart, you have low-self esteem in the area of love because of your wound. You don’t feel worthy of love and might question if you’re even likable.

You might have a fear of abandonment and rejection lurking in the back of your mind at all times. You may also choose partners who make you feel rejected, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It can be really hard for you to set boundaries with Venus conjunct Chiron. You might feel like the only way to get acceptance from other people is to give up your own desires.

Venus conjunct Chiron can sometimes mean that you’re sensitive and wounded when it comes to all things feminine. Often, the way you look feels painful.

You might try to “overcome” your wound by achieving physical beauty or becoming obsessed with how you look. This only hides the wound temporarily.

Alternatively, it is your physical appearance that causes you pain and triggers the wound.

Venus conjunct Chiron is a tough aspect in the natal chart. It can make romantic relationships and love very painful, but it extends beyond just partnerships and creates a wound that steps on who you are and your feminine side.

As with any Chiron placement, the healing path for Venus conjunct Chiron involves accepting your inner child or shadow self instead of changing your outer appearance or personality.

It is simply impossible to hide from the shadow self forever. Even though it’s more painful, the best way to heal is to go through rather than around.

Venus trine Chiron:

With Venus trine Chiron, you are drawn to relationships but also fear them. You instinctively/unconsciously know that healing is done through relationships, but you also sense that it will be painful.

This placement means that relationships are essential to heal your Chironic wound. Love and partnerships are vessels to finally alter your wound for good.

However, be careful with Venus trine Chiron that you don’t depend on someone else to “fix” you. It’s easy to look for healing in someone else and ignore that which is within you.

Venus trine Chiron means that you should embrace your relationships for the purpose of healing, but remember that true healing comes from within. Your relationships simply give you a means to get there. 

Once you’re in a relationship, you must do the work yourself. Venus trine Chiron simply means that your relationships will put you in situations to help you heal, not that your partner will magically heal you.

Venus sextile Chiron:

With Venus sextile Chiron, you have the opportunity to heal your Chironic wound through relationships. However, you must actively seek out ways to heal yourself and do the work.

Be careful that you don’t get stuck in superficial love situations. Venus sextile Chiron means that you can easily focus on how things “look” rather than on the wound within.

You should also avoid relationships where you keep the peace. This is a sign, with Venus sextile Chiron, that you’re ignoring the wound within.

All this Venus sextile Chiron placement means is that in a relationship, you will have more situations that trigger your Chironic wound, enabling you to work on it. However, you must actually do this work inside of just waiting until the situations pass.

Venus sextile Chiron may still be a bit painful, but you will come out on the other side much faster if you push through and do inner work at every turn.

Venus opposition Chiron:

With Venus opposition Chiron, your wounds are likely to come out in romantic relationships or close friendships. However, you also seek out intimate relationships as much as possible.

You depend on others loving you. When someone doesn’t approve of you or show you affection, you might feel extremely let down. 

What you don’t realize is that because of Venus opposition Chiron, the true issue is your own lack of self love. You look to others to fill you up and make you feel better, but it will never truly work.

When someone disapproves of you, it’s easy for you to fixate on how to mend the situation. However, you wouldn’t be feeling so badly if you didn’t agree with them deep down.

Self love is an important lesson with Venus opposition Chiron. The only way to heal your Chironic wound is to stop focusing on others and look inside.

You may also think that if things “look good” then the wound will be healed. Venus opposition Chiron means that you may focus too much on image or superficial friendships or relationships. This is simply taking you further away from healing your Chironic wound. Instead, look within to the shadow self.

Venus square Chiron:

Venus square Chiron can indicate physical, emotional, or sexual abuse in a past life or in childhood. With this aspect, you have been wounded in love. This can refer to either platonic or romantic love.

Now, you may have issues with low self-esteem and truly loving yourself. You’re probably generous with others, but you don’t always treat yourself well.

Venus square Chiron can mean that you give love to those who don’t necessarily deserve it (those who wound you) while you ignore those who should receive your love.

There’s potential with this Venus square Chiron aspect for you to treat those closest to you rather badly. You’re always chasing something, but when someone does give you love (and it does nothing to fix your wound) you stop noticing.

Most relationships are painful for you with Venus square Chiron. You just can’t get a grip on exactly what you’re looking for.

Be cautious of getting stuck in relationships with emotionally abusive partners. Sometimes, you subconsciously re-trigger the wound over and over, as though you’re reliving your trauma.

Alternatively, you might actually become abusive in relationships in order to get a sense of control. You mistakenly believe that this will fix the wound inside. However, it’s actually a sense of love you’re looking for, not control or power.

Ultimately, the Venus square Chiron wound can only be worked through by looking within. If you find yourself accepting negative treatment from others or treating those around you badly, this is a signal to look within. It is painful work, but it can be done and you will then experience more positive, nurturing relationships.

Mars conjunct Chiron

With Mars conjunct Chiron, your wound was created due to an act of aggression. You learned that aggression was bad and painful.

Now, Mars conjunct Chiron may manifest as your struggle to be assertive, low self-esteem with your endeavors, and low drive. You might keep your aggression hidden and display only nice, diplomatic tendencies. You feel that it’s not OK to get angry.

Alternatively, you may overcompensate with misplaced, excessive aggression and impulsiveness.

Mars conjunct Chiron can signify painful relationships with men or aggressive sexual trauma, although this is not always the case.

You may be very good at hiding when the wound has triggered you, but there is always an unsettled emotional undercurrent. There may also be an unconscious urgency present in you.

When you channel your energy in the right way, you can be very powerful. Often, those with Mars conjunct Chiron need to channel the excess energy that builds up inside of them due to this blockage.

There are many ways to channel energy. Some use art, music, science, writing, physical fitness, etc. Much of this will depend on other aspects in your chart and the sign and house that Mars conjunct Chiron sits in.

Jupiter conjunct Chiron

Jupiter conjunct Chiron can be the mark of a great healer or teacher, if it is used correctly. For the Jupiter conjunct Chiron individual, the adventure of life is simply the journey of healing.

At the same time, Jupiter conjunct Chiron can be a difficult placement. Jupiter magnifies everything it touches, so the Chironic wound may feel like it seeps into every aspect of your life.

Jupiter conjunct Chiron generally means that the wound was created over a trauma concerning fairness, justice, equality, morals, ethics, spirituality, or money.

This often pushes the individual ot be involved in “big-picture” things in some way. With Jupiter conjunct Chiron, you may feel strongly about humanity “getting somewhere,” especially in the house and sign that your Chiron sits in.

Saturn conjunct Chiron

If you have Saturn conjunct Chiron, you were rejected in childhood by a parent. This often signifies the father, but it can be any authority figure depending on your individual chart.

Alternatively, you may have a fear of authority figures due to your experiences in childhood. Sometimes, you were both rejected (creating negative self-worth feelings within you) and are afraid of authority.

This can manifest in many different ways. So much of the Saturn conjunct Chiron aspect depends on the sign and the house, so make sure that you study both of those and take those meanings into account.

With this Saturn conjunct Chiron wound, you might feel worthy only if you achieve something in the eyes of society. You were never worthy to your father figure, so you now try to get acceptance from society instead. You overcompensate for the wound.

This might be a push-pull. You’re always trying to live up to what you think your father figure would want from you, but you simultaneously push against it.

Alternatively, you may develop issues with control. You might seek to control yourself completely but find that you’re unable to stuff down your emotional reactions when the wound is triggered, or you might instead focus on controlling others. Again, this manifestation will depend on the house and sign.

One of the best qualities about the Saturn conjunct Chiron placement is that these folks are easily able to learn from their own mistakes. They can be rather successful in life if the chart is well-aspected and set up for success.

The work with the Saturn conjunct Chiron aspect is to learn to love your wounds for their service to you. Even though these wounds feel bad and scary, this aspect (and your Chiron in general) forces you to go within and learn to accept yourself.

You need to give your inner child or shadow self the acceptance and approval that your father figure did not in order to heal.

Saturn conjunct Chiron can often lead to a healing path. Regardless of what you actually do for your job, this aspect usually means that considerable work was done in a past life on the evolution of your consciousness, especially if the Saturn conjunct Chiron aspect is in a water sign.

Uranus conjunct Chiron

With Uranus conjunct Chiron, your wound makes you feel different or alien in society. You probably feel that you don’t fit in.

Uranus conjunct Chiron also means that your wound is triggered when you feel different. You can look to the house and the sign that Uranus conjunct Chiron sits into see exactly where and how this plays out.

To heal Uranus conjunct Chiron, you will need to come to terms with and accept your own unique nature. It can also help to figure out why you’re different and learn what you were sent to earth to accomplish.

Neptune conjunct Chiron

Neptune conjunct Chiron can mean that the wound is related to a trauma concerning alcohol or drug addiction, mental illness, or a lack of spiritual faith.

You will need to look at the house and sign Neptune conjunct Chiron sits in to determine exactly how this wound manfiests.

Most of the time, the healing path for Neptune conjunct Chiron is to learn how to trust in the Universe and in the divine.

Pluto conjunct Chiron

With Pluto conjunct Chiron, you may be very focused on what you believe is powerful. This is typically because your wound was created by someone having power over you.

Because of this Pluto conjunct Chiron wound, you believed that you needed to either acquire society power or give it up completely. You have power and control issues and you don’t know how to manage them.

The key to healing Pluto conjunct Chiron is to delve into what truly happened to create the wound instead of trying to cover it up with external power.

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Chiron conjunct Vesta

Vesta can refer to a lot of different things in life, so Chiron conjunct Vesta is a tricky aspect to explain. I’ll do my best to lay out each interpretation; you will need to look at the conjunction, the house, the sign, and other aspects to see which will fit.

Sometimes, Chiron conjunct Vesta manifests so that the individual feels like they must be perfect all of the time in some area. There is no flexibility. For example, with Chiron conjunct Vesta in the 9th house, an individual might have a deep fear of failing out of school or appearing unintelligent.

Alternatively, it might manifest in a gender imbalance. For example, a girl who grows up in a home with only women where men are shunned may feel that this gender imbalance contributes to the wound and stifles their own masculine side.

Chiron conjunct Vesta is common in natal charts of people who had to move away from their homes or families. It shows in those who lost a parent, went to boarding school, grew up in an orphanage, or were exiled or isolated in some way. This isn’t always the case (as I said, Chiron conjunct Vesta has many meanings and interpretations).

It can also appear in people’s charts who grew up in bleak homes. Vesta signifies religion or a monastery or nunnery, so it can often mean that the person was stifled in their home in some way.

Generally, Vesta points to spirituality, religion, sexuality, and devotion. All of these things can be healthy when balanced or can quickly become harmful when unbalanced.

Look to the sign and house that your Chiron conjunct Vesta aspect fits in and see where you are unbalanced and where any imbalance may be covering up the Chironic wound.

Chiron conjunct Pallas

You path of healing and initiation is likely to be very intellectual and creative, and could well include political involvement. You may employ art therapy as a means of awakening self-awareness. Your intelligence naturally gravitates to holistic and natural methods, and you articulate your understanding both verbally and artistically with great insight. Your journey is about upholding justice and promoting the arts within your social milieu, as well as finding keys to your personal healing and transformation.

Chiron conjunct Juno

With Chiron conjunct Juno, you have a wound surrounding marriage and long-term partnerships, most likely caused from a past life trauma.

You may also have been traumatized by your parents’ marriage or others you witnesses as a child, although this is not always the case. You may have just been hurt by your own marriage or partnership in a past life.

This trauma causes a lot of pain for you in present-day marriages or relationships. Marriage brings out all of your wounds; this is both helpful and difficult.

To heal a wound, you need to be able to see it. Chiron conjunct Juno illuminates the wound through marriage, enabling you to recognize it then work on the Chironic wound within a marriage or partnership.

Sometimes, people with Chiron conjunct Juno have a fear of commitment or a fear of being committed to.

To heal, you will need to reshape and redefine your understanding of what a marriage or partnership is.

The sign of your Chiron conjunct Juno can give you insight into how you need to redefine your definition of marriage.

Chiron conjunct Ceres

If you have the Chiron conjunct Ceres aspect, your wound comes from the nurturing that you received in childhood. Either you didn’t receive enough nurture or you weren’t nurtured in a way that was appropriate for you.

This lack of true nurture has caused this Chiron conjunct Ceres wound. Now, you might not know how to appropriately nurture yourself and others.

There is a lot of pain surrounding the ideas of nurturing and mothering. You aren’t able to self-nurture without triggering the pain of the wound.

This is actually one of the better conjunctions for Chiron. With Chiron conjunct Ceres, you have the opportunity to heal the wound through learning how to appropriately and effectively nurture yourself.

You need to figure out what type of nurturing feels good for you. Your Ceres sign and house will give you some clues as to how you naturally receive care.

Chiron conjunct North Node

If you have Chiron conjunct North Node, it is more essential than any others that you deal with Chiron in this lifetime.

In past lifetimes, you were probably taught to avoid looking at your wound, but in this lifetime, the only way to heal your Chiron wound is to deal with it straight on.

Chiron conjunct North Node is an aspect of direct action.

With Chiron conjunct North Node, it will be very difficult to learn the lessons of your North Node without first healing Chiron.

Chiron conjunct South Node

Chiron wounds often come with us from a past life, but this is especially true with the Chiron conjunct South Node aspect. I find that with this aspect, the Chironic wound not only comes from a past life but was recreated in childhood, so it might feel like you have been wounded over and over.

You probably came into this incarnation with strong memories of your Chironic wound, and these memories were only amplified in childhood. You may have even been re-wounded with the same parental souls.

Now, you probably depend on others to relieve the wound for you or you find outlets to try and relieve it, but you never actually look inside at what wounded you.

For Chiron conjunct South Node people, the answer to unlocking the trauma that Chiron caused is within. No one else can help you heal this wound.

In this lifetime, parents or authority figures either can’t or won’t give you what you need to help your Chiron heal. You need to heal yourself.

Might depend on others to relieve wound or find other ways to relieve it but never really look at it

The answer to unlocking the trauma that caused Chiron is only within you; no one else can help. You can’t depend on parents or authority figures but must find the healing path yourself. Start by simply looking within.

Chiron conjunct Ascendant

Chiron conjunct Ascendant is an especially tough placement. With this aspect, you encounter some early trauma in life or possibly even a trauma birth. I find that these people often didn’t want to be born on a soul level.

Often, this trauma was unconscious because it occurred at a soul level. It happens very early in your life.

As you grow, you have the vague feeling that you don’t have the right to exist. You feel like a social outcast, whether this is with family, friends, or society as a whole.

The Chiron conjunct ascendant aspect makes it very difficult for you to create an identity that you can show to the world. You might feel like you’re “no one” in front of others, that you don’t have an outer personality.

You may also feel insecure around others, especially strangers, and you will either retreat or act out to deal with this pain. You probably try to escape the world to escape the wound, but it follows you.

You’re afraid of doing or saying the wrong thing. You also may have a physical wound or feel lacking in some way that is strictly physical.

If this isn’t the case, you may instead change your appearance drastically to try and combat your Chironic wound, but this does not ultimately heal it.

Almost everyone with Chiron conjunct Ascendant are very self-conscious about their physical appearance.

If you have Chiron conjunct Ascendant, you probably didn’t like the way you looked growing up. Alternatively, the physical appearance was the source of trauma.

Ultimately, with Chiron conjunct Ascendant, the wound is the first mask. Over time, you come to believe that the wound is you instead of something that happened to you.

Healing will happen when you’re able to separate out the wound from who you are and see that your trauma is just something that happened to you, not who you are as a person.

Chiron conjunct Descendant

With Chiron conjunct Descendant, you are probably attracted to “wounded birds.”

You wounds are illuminated through relationships, but this is because your Chironic wound will be reflected in others. This will force you to deal with the wound.

Chiron conjunct Midheaven

If you have Chiron conjunct Midheaven, your journey to heal your Chiron will be played out in front of the eyes of others, whether this is something that you want or not.

You probably have a bit of a push-pull when it comes to your public image. You want other to see your story and your pain and to understand you, but you are simultaneously afraid of the limelight.

With Chiron conjunct Midheaven, you won’t be able to figure out what the best profession is for your soul until the wound is looked at and attended to.

Chiron conjunct IC

Chiron conjunct IC usually means that you experienced great pain in childhood. Your wound relates to your parents, grandparents, the past, your heredity, genetics, etc.

With Chiron conjunct IC, you will probably try to escape the wound by “remaining” in the 10th house career and public image life. You will put all of your focus into what you do and who you are now.

Unfortunately, your Chironic wound always bleeds through, so it will become a part of your public life, even if you don’t want it to.

This Chiron conjunct IC aspect can lead to uncomfortable airings of the deepest wound or huge amounts of drama in public places.

Alternatively, if you are able to keep your Chiron conjunct IC aspect and your public life separate (which is rare and quite hard to do with this aspect), there will be tension and conflict between your career and your internal wound.

You may feel as though your career is always aggravating your wound in some way, and this is because you must be forced to see it in order to heal it.

Chiron conjunct Lilith

With Chiron conjunct Lilith, your wound was created by a trauma that feels taboo and shameful. It may be connected to sexuality, feminism, racism, homophobia, or anything that you considered “wrong.”

The Chiron conjunct Lilith aspect, more than any other, calls on you to address painful and shameful stories. The healing path, as always, is inside of you.

Many people with Chiron conjunct Lilith try to fix the world outside, to stop a similar trauma from every happening again, but it is inside of you that needs healing and care.

Sometimes, Chiron conjunct Lilith can manifest as extreme rage. Other times it manifests as shame or extreme embarrassment. To heal this aspect, you need to find out what the trauma was and re-define your beliefs surrounding what happened.