Moon-Midheaven Aspects In The Natal Chart

moon-midheaven aspects in the natal chart

Moon-Midheaven aspects will show to what extent your emotions impact your public image and your career. These aspects may also reveal how your career/public image makes you personally feel.

Sometimes, Moon-Midheaven aspects indicate that there are either benefits or issues stemming from the mother. This maternal relationship will be worked out through your career, or instead your choice of occupation may be influenced by your mother.

These aspects can also indicate a beautiful image in some way, though this will depend on the astrological signs and placement of the aspect.

Moon Conjunct Midheaven

The Moon conjunct Midheaven aspect is also called Moon culminating. This means that the emotional conditioning you experienced in child has a strong influence on your choice of career and on your public image. 

This can be either a good thing or a bad/difficult placement. If your mother was supportive, then she probably helped you discover what you want to do and how you want to be seen by the public.

However, your mother might have been overly controlling and pushed you into a career field of her choice. Alternatively, she may have been totally absent, so you may “bounce around” with Moon conjunct Midheaven and aren’t sure where you fit in the public/career world.

With Moon conjunct Midheaven, your early life has a strong influence on your career and adult life. The emotions that you experienced in childhood are front and center, even when you try to break away.

Many of your career choices may be emotion reactions, especially at first. You will need to figure out who you and are what emotions you have versus what feelings you were taught to express.

Moon conjunct Midheaven usually appears in charts where the native’s mother was either overly involved in their activities, studying, and career, or when the native’s mother was absent. In this case, the individual ends up looking for a mother figure and for emotional fulfillment through their career.

The events that transpired when you were young have strong effect on your life and your choices now. It’s difficult for you to separate your emotions from logical career choices.

With Moon conjunct Midheaven, it’s very likely that your choice of career will be influenced by how you perceived various careers in your childhood. For example, you may have a stronger connection to what you wanted to “be when you grew up.”

Sometimes, you may have a lot of sympathy for other people or causes, especially in the career world and for people who remind you of your young self. You tend to nurture or protect others. You also have a strong sense of intuition that can really help you excel, as long as you’re able to separate gut feelings from emotional reactions.

It’s very important that you work through your deep-seated emotional issues with the Moon conjunct Midheaven aspect. If you don’t do the emotional work, then it will be difficult for you to discern what is true in a logical, business setting.

Moon conjunct Midheaven can also mean that your career will be associated either with the family (such as a family business) or with women or feminine energy. Alternatively, you may simply have a well-developed intuition that can aid you in just about any field. 

However, you must be aware that you will unconsciously seek recognition in order to satisfy your emotional needs. You’re very sensitive to how others see you, so it can feel ultra important that you’re viewed positively.

You must learn how to deal with your emotions within yourself with Moon conjunct Midheaven or they may run wild and affect your career. If you don’t tackle your feelings head on, you may be seen as erratic or overly-emotional. You may also chase emotional fulfillment by becoming more and more daring in the workplace.

At your best, you’re able to use your emotional intelligence in your career. Moon conjunct Midheaven can be a really intuitive and logical placement if you are willing to do the emotional work and learn how to decipher what you’re feeling and why without acting on it.

Keep in mind that you will work through many of your emotions in your career. This won’t happen all at once. Stay open to any feelings that pop up and deal with them on an as-needed basis. With Moon conjunct Midheaven, your feelings will always be right in your face – you really can’t escape your Moon sign.

Ultimately, you will probably be perceived as someone who is sensitive and caring, even if this isn’t the image you try to show. Others know that they can count on you to help them when they need it. Trust your gut instincts and work on discerning the difference between something that actually feels true versus emotions you have due to past trauma.

Moon Trine Midheaven

With Moon trine Midheaven, you are sensitive and caring in the workplace. You may be creative and intuitive as well.

You are easily able to read the mood of any person or group because you have a natural handle on your intuition. It’s natural for you to understand human nature, so you tend to get things done at work because you know just what the other person needs or wants.

Moon trine Midheaven also means you may be close to your maternal parent or mother. Many of your intuitive responses were developed because your mother (or father, if he was the softer parent) gave you a great sense of security as a child.

Although you can be emotional, you know how to harness this and make it work for you. In fact, the emotional imprints of your childhood often come in handy.

With Moon trine Midheaven, you tend to work well with other people because they feel comfortable around you. This aspect makes you seem trustworthy and open.

You’re emotionally involved in your career. You probably won’t get too deep into a career that doesn’t feel right.

However, you must be careful that you don’t get complacent with Moon trine Midheaven. It’s wonderful that you’re so emotionally attached to your work, but you must remember that success comes from action, not just feelings.

Ultimately, you are kind and trustworthy. You know when something is off and have the leadership qualities to fix any situation, should you choose to use them.

Moon Sextile Midheaven

The Moon sextile Midheaven aspect means that you’re very sensitive and emotional in your professional life. You have an opportunity to develop your emotional intelligence for good, especially in the work place.

Sometimes, you may take things too personally. It’s very hard for you to hear criticism with Moon sextile Midheaven. You tend to feel negative emotions and might have strong emotional reactions, even when a logical reaction is more professionally appropriate.

Moon sextile Midheaven means that you can actively learn how to manage your emotions and take criticism without feeling like you are bad as a person.

You must work to become more objective in terms of your career. This won’t come naturally, but it is a path that is energetically open to you.

You do have a great natural sense of psychology and can easily understand how others tick. This makes it easy for you to read the moods of others.

However, you need to work through your defensiveness in order to really act on your intuition in a way that supports you and your career.

These self-critical feelings that bubble up whenever someone corrects you come from your relationship with your mother. With Moon sextile Midheaven, you have the opportunity to heal your emotional traumas through the lessons you learn in the career world.

Moon Opposition Midheaven

With Moon opposition Midheaven, you get stuck in your inner emotional world. You may have trouble moving forward with your ambition or actually putting your thoughts into action and truly creating your own reality.

You may rely on other people to help you achieve success, or you might avoid success altogether, preferring to stay in the comfort of your home and inner life.

However, oppositions tend to force you to correct these imbalances. With Moon opposition Midheaven, you can learn how to use your sweeter, softer, emotional side to achieve the dreams of your Midheaven.

You have a strong attachment to your home, family, emotions, or memories. You may find that Moon opposition Midheaven makes it hard to really get attached to your career if it doesn’t relate to your personal emotional world in some way. The world of career can feel too foreign or strange.

Alternatively, you might have a lot of self-criticism and doubt. You may think that you just don’t have the skills or personality that you need to go after what you want.

With Moon opposition Midheaven, you need to unlearn a lot of things that you were taught in childhood. These may be subconscious or even unconscious beliefs, but they still block you from moving forward into your adult life.

This opposition is pushing you to work on your emotional trauma so that you can eventually figure out what it is you want from your career and go after it without fear.

Moon Square Midheaven

With Moon square Midheaven, you feel a lot of emotional confusion about your career and your image. Your emotional self may get in the way of your ambition or direction.

You tend to feel stressed easily when you’re working towards a goal. You lack the confidence to totally follow through; your old fears may bubble up the second something goes wrong.

It doesn’t help that others seem to expect things of you that don’t align with your own feelings. You tend to follow the path you think is better instead of doing what feels right inside and might listen to outside resources instead of your intuition.

You need to remember with Moon square Midheaven that no one else really knows what’s good for you. You need to trust your gut feelings and your rational judgments. 

Moon square Midheaven is all about the struggle between logic and intuition. You probably feel like you can’t trust your gut feelings because they are clouded by your emotional reactions.

You must first work through your emotions then examine your gut feelings. Over time with Moon square Midheaven, you can figure out how to discern the different between feelings and intuition so that you can make decisions for yourself.

With this aspect, you may have rapid mood swings, so you feel that you can never really see what’s real. After all, your decision could just be a product of your latest mood. 

However, these mood swings often arise when there is an imbalance in your life. Maybe you’re following a career path but ignoring your own personal needs. Perhaps you’re spending too much time on the personal self or too much time on your outer, public persona. 

You need to find balance with Moon square Midheaven. This is the first step to getting your feelings under control so that you can access your intuition.

Look for a career that will work well with both your professional and your personal, inner needs. It may take you a long time to figure this out, but that is completely natural. 

Ultimately with Moon square Midheaven, you need to keep pushing and working on your intuition. Learn how to hear your deepest gut instincts instead of ignoring them in favor of rational choices.

You must also learn how to control your emotions by dealing with them privately. Otherwise, your mood swings can create issues for you at home and at work. Take positive action to create change when you feel it’s right.

The square isn’t easy, but it can help you to create a much more satisfying life, both personally and professionally. You will learn a lot about yourself and your emotions as you change your professional responses for the better.