Venus in Retrograde: Natal, Synastry, Transit, & 2022 Predictions

venus retrograde

Retrograde is a really cool concept in astrology. Contrary to popular belief, it does not mean that the planet starts moving in the opposite direction. It is, in fact, an apparent change in the movement of the planet with respect to our vantage point that is, the Earth. 

Venus is the planet of love and beauty. It dominates all extensions of the two – namely relationships, pleasure, art, and money. Venus symbolically likes everything to be harmonious and beautiful, both outside and inside.

When in prograde, Venus has a pleasurable and almost charming effect on everything. When in prograde, it brings about the good in relationships and money. 

Venus retrograde is the perfect time for reflection, reassessment, and reevaluation. You may be compelled to take some “me-time.”

You may feel closed off from others – or others might seem closed off from you. Venus in retrograde may bring up people and things from the past, thus providing ample window to reflect, reassess, and reevaluate. This period may also prove to be emotionally challenging.

Venus Retrograde & Love:

Love is a primary area governed by Venus and therefore is impacted by retrograde. It has a strengthening effect on your love life.

The ongoing situation is likely to be made stronger with the retrograde. For instance, a breakup is probable if your relationship is already in shambles. Similarly, your relationship might prosper even more if it is already in a good place.

Expect old flames to come out of the woodwork. This is a time when you’ll need to “revisit” your past love life and clear out any baggage you’ve been carrying. It’s also a great time to cut cords, whether you want to do that metaphorically or physically through a cord-cutting spell/meditation.

Venus Retrograde & Beauty:

It is not advisable to make any drastic appearance-related decisions during the Venus retrograde. This phase is renowned to shake up self-esteem, causing many to make rash decisions.

So if you are thinking of going for that dramatic haircut or a full dye, it’s better to wait it out till Venus retrograde is over!

Venus Retrograde & Finances:

As with beauty, Venus retrograde might fuel the impulsiveness in you. You may end up buying things on a whim and end up with buyer’s remorse later.

Try to be steady and make conscious purchases during this time. Even better if you plan ahead, manage your lists, and thereby your finances.

How can I use this retrograde to my advantage?

Retrogrades may seem scary but they don’t have to be. If you are smart about it, you can use these to your advantage! As mentioned before, this is a time for reflection – to look inwards. This is when you naturally opt for a break from people and relationships.

Therefore, this time can be used as a respite from the stresses of your daily life. A period to wind down, relax and contemplate. To work on your strengths and ponder over your weaknesses. If utilized rightly, this time can be means of recharging and regaining your core strength.

Venus Retrograde In The Natal Chart

If you have Venus retrograde natal, this means that you were born while Venus was in retrograde. This placement will act a bit differently from the Venus retrograde transit.

Venus Retrograde Natal:

Venus retrograde is a time for self-reflection, so anyone born in Venus retrograde is very likely to be shy or, even a bit awkward in nature.

Since Venus rules over love, it is of the utmost importance to people born during this time. With Venus retrograde, you might find that you care a lot about your love life.

Combine these two and you get a mix of traits where love is important but difficult to express or get around for such people. Typically, difficulties in love arise with Venus retrograde, though it can also indicate that it takes you longer than others to get your footing romantically.

People born in Venus retrograde need to be careful about their love lives. There may be hidden insecurities, fears, and deep-rooted issues because of which they might end up self-sabotaging their relationships. In other words, they might let these fears and insecurities ruin what could be a good relationship. Retrograde Venus natives might over-compensate in their relationships to make up for their insecurities. 

Fear not, for it is not as difficult as it seems! With careful maneuvering, these people can be successful in their relationships, too.

Conscious effort and being aware of yourself are required. Try to develop an understanding of what offsets your insecurities, consciously observing yourself, and recognizing what your triggers may be. Though small, these steps could make waves in the sea of love and emotions, helping you navigate your boat to its correct destination.

You must let go of the notion that something or someone else will come along and make you happy, as people born in Venus retrograde are likely to believe. Happiness needs to come from within. This is true for everyone but people with self-esteem and self-image issues need to understand it even more so. 

As with love, retrograde Venus natives tend to be turned “inwards” with their finances as well since finance is also an aspect that Venus rules over. They can be downright secretive with their money, and it could go either way: they may have a huge pile of cash lying around that you know nothing of, or they may be secretly in debt.

The element of shyness firmly embedded in Venus retrograde natives may cause them to feel awkward while asking for money, accepting money, or requesting a raise. As a consequence, they might be exploited and also may not charge adequately for the work they perform.

With Venus retrograde, it’s important to get all of your money problems and beliefs out in the open. You’ll need to learn how to release any long-held money fears and believe that you are worth it.

Venus Retrograde and the Signs

Aries: Aries are shy in love and fear rejection. More than that, they dread others finding out they have been rejected in love.

Taurus: They may be seen as selfish or self-centered owing to their thrifty spending habits.

Gemini: Geminis in retrograde Venus tend to feel very vulnerable in love and attempt to hide that under a mask of aloofness and detachment. They like to be highly involved when in love and expect their partners to do the same.

Cancer: Cancers are highly emotional and sensitive lovers who would leave no stone unturned in order to make their partners feel loved and cared for. However, they can sometimes go too far and suffocate their partners. A balance is desirable.

Leo: These people may have a need for constant reassurance. Leos love too much and too deeply, sometimes not knowing when to stop or leave a bad relationship.

Virgo: Virgos in Venus retrograde are a bit apprehensive when it comes down to love. They form the practical scales of a relationship, striving to show their love through service and being a steady pillar for their partners.

Libra: There is a need for closeness and intimacy here but they might end up unaccepting intimacy in its natural form. They form ideas and may feel disappointed when those are left unmet.

Scorpio: Like Aries, Scorpios in Venus retrograde have a deep fear of rejection. They also need privacy around their love lives. 

Sagittarius: Retrograde Venus Sagittarius have a deep affinity for love and relationships but hide under a casual, almost dismissive attitude. They attribute great importance to love and expect it to beautify their lives. 

Capricorn: Capricorns in retrograde Venus have a high need for being respected and feeling wanted. Just like Scorpios, they too, need their love lives to be private.

Venus Retrograde Transit 

Venus retrograde may have different effects based on where it is transiting in your natal chart. The main areas affected will be those under the command of Venus, with love being the most important of all.

Retrograde Venus does not have detrimental effects on relationships. It seems to accelerate the movement in the path which the relationship is already heading towards. So whatever was happening in your relationship before Venus retrograde will simply be magnified during this period.

A lesser-known area Venus heads over is our values. This period of retrograde will force us to look within and reassess our values which can be very beneficial in terms of growth. It could be a time for introspection and understanding what you want in your relationships, what works for you, and what doesn’t.

Furthermore, it could also be a great time to reflect on the person you are, your habits, and whether or not they are conducive to your growth. You may find that you assess your faults and mistakes, learn from them, and move forward to become a better person than you were. 

Using this period as an opportunity to reflect is likely to curb your spontaneity. This is advantageous because it is unadvised to make any rash or quick decisions during this time. 

Since Venus also rules over finances, we also advise against quick decisions. Any large investments or new ventures should also be held off until the retrograde Venus period has passed.

Venus Retrograde in 2022

Venus is retrograde once every eighteen months, significantly lesser than that of Mercury, which is retrograde about four times a year. Though the Venus retrograde happens only once in eighteen months, it lasts for a period of six weeks.

The last Venus retrograde was from 13th May to 26th June in 2020. The present retrograde began on December 19th, 2021, and will last for a little over a month till the 29th of January, 2022.

There will be days on which you can feel the retrograde energy more than the others. It happens when there is some pairing up and combining of the celestial bodies that will magnify the effects of Venusian retrograde. The days are as follows:

December 25: Pluto has transformative energies, and when retrograde Venus pairs up with Pluto, you are bound to feel some of their pooled powers. Pluto’s transformative energy and Venusian effects on love and relationship may cause you to have passionate longings. With the said energies in play, this could even transform into something more potent such as infatuation or power play.

December 29: On this day Messenger Mercury and retrograde Venus pair up. This can prove to be a great time to mend some broken bridges, get in touch with old friends or reignite a past flame of love. The benefit Mercury brings with itself is healing powers that could have remedial effects and help with fixing broken relationships. 

January 5: January 5th is when a sextile will be formed between Venus and Neptune in Pisces. Neptune brings with itself its restorative and recharging vibes, so this could be a great time to simply relax and let things be. Catch up on the missed sleep, take time to yourself and let your body rest.

January 8: This is when the brilliant Sun and Venus shall pair up. The Sun has a confident aura, which without a doubt will be imparted to us through this pairing. This pairing will have you feeling more confident, bathing in the confident Sun’s energy, and believing in yourself. So this is the perfect time to take any initiative you have been planning on, may the Sun be with you!

The word “retrograde” seems to always put people on edge, somehow it has always been misunderstood and put in a negative light. It is crucial we remember that this is as much a part of nature as prograde is. The underlying message these celestial bodies send us is that a period of resting and recharging is just as important as moving forward is. They also remind us that we need time to reassess and reposition ourselves – and what we want from life.

This Venus retrograde serves as a break from all the difficulties of 2021. A reminder for us to sit back and prepare for the blessings that are yet to be received in 2022. Retrogrades do not always have to be bad, rather, they are tools to propel yourself even further, shall you choose to do so. After all, moving forward requires a bit of looking back!