Mars In The Houses

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Although we typically look to Mars in the signs first to learn about any Mars placements, Mars in the houses is super important too.

Mars usually shows how you physically manifest what you need. It is a planet of aggression, drive, attraction, endurance, and desire. 

When you’re looking at Mars in the houses, you will see the area that your Mars qualities play out.

For example, with Mars in the 2nd house, you’re likely to be assertive and driven when it comes to material acquisitions. With Mars in the 7th house, you’re more likely to show these Mars qualities in relationships. 

Keep in mind when reading Mars in the houses that these descriptions will be heavily influenced by the actual sign that your Mars is in. Mars in the houses can only tell you so much.

If you have Mars in the 1st house, which can be aggressive and assertive, but your Mars is in Cancer, you may find that some of these qualities are diluted. 

Read through these descriptions of Mars in the houses then try to figure out how your Mars sign can apply to the description.

Mars In The Houses:

Here are the 12 different descriptions for Mars in the houses. Feel free to skip down to the house that your Mars sits in and read just that!

Remember to incorporate elements of your Mars sign into these descriptions as well. You can’t read about Mars without thinking about your specific sign that Mars is in or you won’t feel that your description is totally accurate.

Mars In The 1st House

With Mars in the 1st house, you most “Mars” qualities are super evident to others. Mars is a clear part of your outer persona.

Whenever you’re excited about something or wish to accomplish something, everyone else can see it. This can be a bit tough because it’s impossible to hide how you feel or what you’re doing.

With Mars in the 1st house, you’re direct and straightforward. When you want something, you probably take the lead and just do it. Sitting around definitely isn’t a part of your personality!

Mars in the 1st house causes you to act independently. Mars is most at home here, so your Mars qualities are quite evident. 

You’re enthusiastic and not afraid of challenges. In fact, you problem welcome new ideas and opportunities. “Fear of doing” isn’t in your vocabulary. You might be afraid of other things, but you have no fear when it comes to starting something new.

You probably always have a new idea or fresh project, especially in the area of the sign that your Mars is in. These are the qualities you will show the most.

For example, with Mars in the 1st house in Gemini, you always have new topics of conversation or ideas to share. You might bounce from idea to idea.

Alternatively, with Mars in the 1st house in Capricorn, you often have new ideas about how to accomplish a business venture or gain money or prestige. You may not switch projects as quickly but will have a lot of energy and will constantly improve whatever it is you’re working on.

With Mars in the 1st house, you don’t always think things through. You can act rashly and get into trouble if you aren’t careful.

It can be difficult for you to work in a group with Mars in the 1st house. You may get excited and go off on a tangent or off on your own, but this can cause problems with others who you don’t always work well with.

Sometimes, people with Mars in the 1st house can have a lot of bravado or even come off as a bully. This certainly isn’t the rule and will depend on the sign or aspect, but it can be an issue with Mars in the 1st house.

When it comes to attraction with Mars in the 1st house, you like a bit of competition. Having something to work for drives you to be with someone.

You have a lot of raw energy that can be equally attractive to others. You will need someone who won’t mind you running off to your newest hobby or obsession because it’s simply the way you are.

Mars In The 2nd House

With Mars in the 2nd house, you are probably a hard worker. You focus on producing things of practical value. 

You prefer to work independently or to at least have some say in how you work. The things that you value most are things you achieve on your own.

Sometimes, Mars in the 2nd house can mean that you care quite a bit about money or possessions. You may work hard to own the things that you want, but this will depend on the sign and the aspects. This isn’t always the case.

You probably work slow and steady. With Mars in the 2nd house, you don’t give up easily. Any project that’s worth your while will be seen through to the end.

Even with a variety of obstacles, you don’t like to let anything stand in your way. Mars in the 2nd house is certainly tenacious! 

When you see something you want, you won’t stop until you get it. You have very set views and won’t take interference from others well. Anyone who challenges your views might meet wrath. 

You can be diligent and methodical with Mars in the 2nd house. You will figure out the best way to do something then complete the task. However, you can also be materialistic and superficial, if the aspects align for these qualities to exists.

Mars in the 2nd house means that you might have trouble seeing the bigger picture. Instead, you focus only on what you want to achieve. It can be hard for you to see the larger purpose behind possessions or security.

People with Mars in the 2nd house have very strong opinions. Once they decide on something it can be difficult to change their minds. It’s also hard to talk them out of something, even with logic, once they’re focused.

You are energetic and inventive in whatever feels important to you. While for some this is money and possessions, you can learn more about what you set your mind on if you look at the sign that Mars sits in.

With Mars in the 2nd house, you are practical and productive. Your drive is all about reaching your goals. If you don’t have a goal or endpoint, you may feel depressed or drift through life. You need something to anchor you.

Sometimes, you may be blunt when it comes to speaking the truth. It’s simply factual to you, but you have the tendency to hurt other people.

I find that people with Mars in the 2nd house generally care a lot about money. Sometimes they want a lot of money while other times they have a push-pull relationship with money.

Once you have money with Mars in the 2nd house, you’re probably very generous. Unless there are conflicting aspects in the chart, you love spending money on both yourself and others.

You may get very frustrated when money problems appear. Financial security, however you personally define that, is what makes you feel secure and happy.

Sometimes, if Mars is badly aspected, you might spend lavishly and land yourself in debt. This depends on the aspects and the sign and is not always the case.

With Mars in the 2nd house, you may work for yourself. These folks are often self-made or at the very least have a good deal of independence in their job.

People with Mars are usually either well-respected by their siblings for their work ethic, or they’re the eldest in the family. They’re usually a bit smarter and more grounded than other siblings.

In a relationship, practicality will matter to you with Mars in the 2nd house. You want to know that you’re not alone in wanting financial security.

Sexually, looks and setting will be important. With Mars in the 2nd house, you might use sex as a way to ground yourself or reassure yourself after a fight. It’s a way for you to know that everything is alright.

Mars In The 3rd House

With Mars in the 3rd house, you aren’t afraid to speak your mind and express yourself. Words are what drives you.

You probably have a lot of verbal energy. Sometimes, your style of speaking might even be a bit combative. Some people will love this and you will having rousing debates while others may take your words personally.

Mars in the 3rd house means that you’re probably pretty lively, especially when you’re chatting away. You have new ideas and thoughts that you love to share.

The hallmark of someone with Mars in the 3rd house is a person who loves to talk. These folks are always relatively chatty once you get to know them.

With Mars in the 3rd house, you’re also super animated and enthusiastic when you’re talking. Depending on the sign Mars is in, you can come across as extremely lively, however you will want to learn how to tone it back and listen to others, too.

Be careful with Mars in the 3rd house that you don’t lecture people. Alternatively, you might get really excited about trivial matters that aren’t relevant to other people and talk about them for hours. You will want to learn how to read a room; working on reading the micro-expressions of others may help.

Ideally, you want to remember to notice what the other person is actually interested in and to ask authentic questions about them, too.

With Mars in the 3rd house, you show your anger verbally when your upset. Your words can certainly hurt. You can also be a bit melodramatic when you feel attacked or injured.

You may also take a difference of opinion quite personally. Depending on the sign that your Mars is in, you can be boldly aggressive when your ideas are challenged. Your words have a lot of meaning to you, so you will react badly, according to your sign.

Mars in the 3rd house can also mean that you have a lot of siblings. This isn’t always true (it will depend on the aspects as well) but can sometimes mean that you experienced a large amount of sibling fights in early childhood. However, you’re also likely to defend your family when it comes down to it.

In a relationship, you probably need a lot of talking and variety. Relationships might get boring for you quickly, so you need a partner who will keep you on your toes. It can be tough for you to want to maintain a relationship for the long-term once the excitement dies down.

You also need a lot of variety sexually. Excitement in the relationship itself and sex are usually linked for you, so it’s important that you have fun experiences and good conversation in order to be interested in the sexual aspect of the relationship.

Mars In The 4th House

If you have Mars in the 4th house, you have a territorial and protective instinct. You’re very defensive of your inner self and put up strong protection barriers.

Generally, you have a need to control situations with Mars in the 4th house. You may control your own home or schedule, or you might try to control other people. 

Being out of control greatly scares anyone with Mars in the 4th house. This will manifest most through the qualities of your Mars sign.

You tend to like consistency in some way. You tend to do what you want to maintain this consistency. You can be a bit headstrong with Mars in the 4th house.

In a relationship, you might have trouble communicating what you think and feel because you’re so focused on controlling your emotions and and surroundings.

With Mars in the 4th house, you’re resistant to people who try to invade your personal space. You go really slowly in relationships. Even if it seems like you’re spending a lot of time with someone, you will stay emotionally closed for a long time.

You might have a need to be in control sexually, too, so it can be difficult or scary to let go. Ultimately, you want to learn how to trust someone enough to open up, though you must open up to yourself first with Mars in the 5th house.

Mars In The 5th House

With Mars in the 5th house, you love entertainment and a good challenge.

The type of entertainment that you prefer will depend on the sign that Mars in the 5th house is in. However, you’re probably at least a bit competitive in general.

With Mars in the 5th house, you love a good challenge. You’re most motivated by a challenge or competition; it’s what gets you moving.

When it comes to work, you simply must do something you enjoy. Otherwise, you won’t be able to focus on your work with Mars in the 5th house.

To get going on a new project, you will need a personal challenge. Otherwise, it’s hard to activate your drive, but you’re extremely enthusiastic when you are interested in something with Mars in the 5th house.

In fact, with Mars in the 5th house, you might go “on and on” about something you’re interested in because you’re simply so excited.

However, you can also come across as a bit of a bully. Mars in the 5th house is all about the self; you tend to only care about what you’re interested in.

This can offend people who are a bit more sensitive. 

Sometimes with Mars in the 5th house, it’s difficult for you to focus on just one thing. You’re always searching for something better that will bring you more enjoyment. Eventually, you will come to realize that other people have different types of enjoyment from you.

When upset, you tend to get melodramatic. You don’t mind kicking up a fuss if you’re bothered by something; Mars in the 5th house is all about the spotlight. When you’re angry, these qualities certainly come out.

Mars in the 5th house is all about the pursuit of pleasure. For some, this will mean drugs, partying, or socializing, while others will simply obsess over their newest hobby or source of enjoyment.

To figure out where you tend to pursue pleasure, look at the sign that your Mars in the 5th house sits in.

In a relationship, you feel most secure when you are admired. Luckily, with Mars in the 5th house, you’re likely to admire your partners back, as well.

Men with Mars in the 5th house will especially put quite a bit of effort into seduction because they are so like to admire their partners. Meanwhile, they want to be noticed for their own efforts, too.

Mars In The 6th House

If you have Mars in the 6th house, you’re a hard worker. You will get up and work every day without causing a fuss. The word drudgery isn’t in your vocabulary.

Because you put so much energy into what you do, you can feel defensive if someone criticizes your work.

With Mars in the 6th house, you expect your workers or team members to share the same amount of enthusiasm that you have, especially in the workplace.

If you feel that someone isn’t working as hard as you, it can cause a bit of an issue. You’re extremely disciplined naturally but expect the same from others.

Sometimes, you can be pushy or domineering when your team is trying to work. At your worst, you may even border on arrogant with Mars in the 6th house.

You want things done right. With Mars in the 6th house, you have no patience for sloppiness. Attention to detail is very important to you.

Because you have such strong opinions about work, you tend to work independently or to run your own business. You’re very good at the actual management of a business but may struggle with your people skills.

The problem lies in the fact that others might not be as perfectionistic. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, but with Mars in the 6th house, you will have trouble adjusting your expectations. You want others to have the same strengths that you possess.

It can actually cause depression when you realize that others aren’t living up to your standards. Mars in the 6th house can be all or nothing, so it’s hard for you to climb out of your hole unless you see significant progress.

The goal with Mars in the 6th house is to learn that people will work much harder for you when they’re appreciated. Your impulse is to “help” people become better versions of themselves, but it can come across as criticism, though you’re just trying to help.

Instead with Mars in the 6th house, you should try to see the good in others, even if their qualities are different from your own. It’s common for those around you to feel ill-used or unappreciated, but this can be easily turned around with a few well-placed kind words.

In a relationship, you’re very good at maintaining the bond day to day. However, you can get easily turned off because of small, health-related details. Otherwise, you’re actually pretty sexual.

You may be a bit picky about specific things with your partner. Look to the sign that Mars in the 6th house is in to figure out exactly what qualities are important to you.

Mars In The 7th House

If you have Mars in the 7th house, you tend to be more assertive when you’re in a relationship or pursuing a relationship. 

You’re probably drawn to people who are more assertive than you. Depending on the sign that your Mars in the 7th house is in, you might even be drawn to slightly aggressive people.

You look for motivation and drive in someone else because you have trouble finding it in yourself. When you’re alone, you may feel lost or restless.

Generally, you have trouble finishing tasks with Mars in the 7th house. You probably work better on a team because they can keep you grounded and help you check all of the boxes. You have big ideas but don’t always see them through.

With Mars in the 7th house, you’re always looking for a partner who will push you and bring out your own assertive qualities.

In fact, Mars in the 7th house is all about a relationship. It’s probably hard for you to separate sex and love.

Mars In The 8th House

With Mars in the 8th house, you don’t like to be seen as vulnerable. You keep your inner self hidden deep down.

Even though you don’t want others to see your vulnerabilities, you’re very good at reading other people and can use that to your advantage. You may put quite a bit of energy into figuring things out about others.

Mars in the 8th house means that you want to know what’s going on behind the scenes at all times. You hate not knowing something and don’t like being fooled.

In fact, many people with Mars in the 8th house pride themselves on not being fooled, ever. They can be a bit intense about it.

Your drive and motivation is equally as intense. When you start something, you’re all in, and typically have an emotional connection to the outcome. You can become very depressed if things don’t go the way you hope.

With Mars in the 8th house, you demand absolute loyalty from everyone. Your drive goes towards figuring out secrets and knowing people in a deep way, so if you find out that someone has “pulled one over” on you, the relationship may end abruptly.

Mars in the 8th house also means that you can be a little possessive of loved ones. You get attached easily and are very intense in relationships.

When your trust is broken, you might hold a grudge forever. Breaking your trust creates such a deep emotional hurt that it’s very hard for you to recover.

Depending on the sign that Mars in the 8th house is in, you may be borderline controlling, although this is certainly not the case always. You’re simply an intense person in general, whether you’re at work, with a friend, or with a partner.

With Mars in the 8th house, you view sex as a vehicle of discovery. You want to connect with your partner on a deeper level through sex. Sometimes, because there are such emotional ties to the sexual act, you may find that physical attention becomes a compulsion, although this will of course depend on the sign and aspects.

You do allow your partner to see a deeper part of your personality during sex.

Mars in the 8th house means that you generally hide who you are (this is part of your drive), but sex is one of the places you can let your full depth show, which is why you can sometimes desire a lot of sex. It’s one of the only outlets available to a Mars in the 8th house person.

Mars In The 9th House

Mars in the 9th house makes you openminded and interesting. You love learning new things, trying different activities, or having a lively debate.

You’re also social, kind, and humorous. You may be relatively firm in your beliefs once you solidify them, but until then you’re investing in figuring it out. With Mars in the 9th house, you’re always very sincere in what you believe and won’t think something just because you are pressured into it.

You’re open-minded and fun, but you also can’t stand boredom. Your Mars sign will show how you need to stay stimulated.

For example, Mars in Sagittarius will mean that you need to be thinking about the big ideas, philosophy, religion, spirituality, sociology, etc. However, Mars in Aries will mean that you need to be physically active and refuse to just sit around for days at a time.

Generally, people with Mars in 9th house are fun to be around. They’re up for anything and are typically kind and well-received.

However, you may struggle with day-to-day life with Mars in the 9th house. It’s hard for you to descend into monotony. You don’t like the idea of responsibility, even if you force yourself to do it.

Your drive is sparked when you’re able to find the meaning in what you’re doing. Without a higher meaning, you feel as though you’re drifting aimlessly. Mars in the 9th house indicates that you need a point or reason to work hard.

When you can find that point or meaning, you will work incredibly hard. You’re not afraid of an uphill battle if it’s for a good reason.

In a relationship, you value fun and “in the moment” experiences. You may approach physical attraction and sex as a sport. Sex can be playful and exciting; you tend to like variety.

However, you may also be very attached to the higher meaning of your relationship. You need to feel like you’re in a relationship for a purpose or you will quickly drop off.

Mars In The 10th House

With Mars in the 10th house, you’re very serious and focused on being successful. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re business minded (although you may be), but simply that you care a lot about whatever it is you define as success.

Typically, your goal is to be the leader, not just another employee. You might not like being told what to do.

Mars in the 10th house is all about getting ahead. You might be so focused on reaching your destination that you don’t have much patience for others.

Hard work doesn’t phase you with Mars in the 10th house. You’re definitely not scared of a challenge! You will simply make a plan then execute it.

Even though you take your work life very seriously, you also take your personal life quite seriously. It’s important for you to create a stable home or family life.

With Mars in the 10th house, you demand loyalty and commitment from those you’re attached to. You will be responsible and reliable but you expect the same from others.

When someone doesn’t agree with you, it’s easy for you to cut them out and simply ignore them. You might come off as cold or calculating, but in reality you’re simply focused on achieving your objective due to your Mars in the 10th house.

You may not have the best people skills, unless you have other aspects in your chart that create sociable qualities. Specifically with Mars in the 10th house, your drive is to accomplish things, not to make friends, unless that will get you closer to your end goal.

Competition doesn’t scare you as long as you have the ability to make a plan and execute it. However, you will never compromise your beliefs or ideals to win.

With Mars in the 10th house, you may have an obsession with being practical. Anything that you perceive as frivolous feels absolutely useless to you. Typically, you are task-oriented, even in your personal life. You may not have much room for emotional people.

Sometimes, you can have a bit of a “superior air” about you. This can make it hard for you to have equal relationships with others. You want to be respected, but only by those you consider important; you can sometimes diminish those who you see as less than you or who don’t have quite as many accomplishments.

As you grow with Mars in the 10th house, you will learn to be more compromising and take other peoples’ feelings into consideration. This can feel like a waste of time for you because you have a one-track mind, but you will come to find that the benefits outweigh the negatives.

You certainly do have a need for others’ approval, but you can come off as mechanical. It might be difficult for you to form close attachments with others, even though this is something you would like deep down. Learning how to better relate to others will aid you on your journey.

With Mars in the 10th house, you have a lot of courage to act independently and to be a self-starter. Developing people skills and empathy will get you where you want to go much more quickly, however.

In relationships, with Mars in the 10th house you can be a bit uptight when it comes to both public displays of affection and private physical attachments. You will want to learn how to let go and be in the moment.

Alternatively, you can have a bit of a superiority complex and might even be a bit selfish when it comes to physical affection with your partner. It can be very hard for you to put yourself in your partner’s shoes, but this is what you will need to learn in order to have an equal and peaceful relationship.

Mars In The 11th House

With Mars in the 11th house, you try to think out of the box and try different methods to achieve what you want. The way that you fix issues seems unexpected to other people because your mind simply works different.

Your Mars in the 11th house certainly shines in social situations. You will especially notice the qualities of your specific Mars signs when you’re in large groups of friends.

A large part of your drive is related to making friends. You feel very strongly that you must have a social circle surrounding you, and the way that you make friends will be based on the sign your Mars is in.

For example, someone with Mars in the 11th house in Scorpio will try to make friends by becoming attached rather quickly and creating deep, intense relationships. However, a person with Mars in the 11th house in Gemini would much rather have large group of acquaintances who they can have intellectual conversations with.

Generally, your drive will be tied to other people in some way. It’s probably hard for you to get something done unless it ties to other people.

For example, with Mars in the 11th house, you might struggle to accomplish a task unless you know that others will see it and think highly of you for it. Alternatively, you push forward with tasks to protect your family or group of friends, but might have difficulty doing something just for a career advancement with no other benefits.

Some people with Mars in the 11th house desire to be the center of a social circle. Other individuals want to be accepted or simply surrounded by people. 

With Mars in the 11th house, you might be aggressive or outspoken socially or maybe you’re just the life of the party. Again, much of this will depend on your specific Mars sign; the sign your Mars is in is extremely important with Mars in the 11th house.

I do find that almost everyone with Mars in the 11th house is a bit competitive with other people. This isn’t always a bad thing and can actually motivate you to work harder or faster.

Sexually, you love novelty. With Mars in the 11th house, you can actually be a bit detached, but you do enjoy having sex. You can even be a bit freaky. Your partner might feel like you love the idea of something new more than being with them, especially if your partner has more water sign planets.

Mars In The 12th House

The 12th house is the area of the subconscious mind, dreams, past life memories, and emotions that we don’t want to recognize. It’s the place where we push down those big scary things to try and forget.

Because the 12th house is typically subconscious or unconscious, it can be hard to figure out exactly how Mars, the planet of action and drive, would fit.

With Mars in the 12th house, your motivation, drive, anger, and other Mars-related qualities are pushed down into the subconscious. It will take active work to make them fully conscious.

If you have Mars in the 12th house, you probably struggled to assert yourself in a natural way when you were young. You couldn’t openly express what you wanted and definitely couldn’t go after your desires.

Most often, I find that people with Mars in the 12th house felt caught between helping others and doing what was truly right for them, especially in childhood. This can apply to their parents if one or both of their parents expected the child to serve the parent in some way or it can apply to other caretakers.

Now, with Mars in the 12th house, you may still struggle between doing what you are told is “right” and doing what’s actually right for you. It may be very difficult for you to be assertive.

Sometimes, children with Mars in the 12th house are lucky enough to have parents who see these traits and help them learn how to be more assertive. This is rare but it does happen.

More likely, children with Mars in the 12th house had parents who either didn’t see that they needed help with assertiveness or who actually abused these qualities in their children for their own gain.

With Mars in the 12th house, you need to learn to put yourself and your own interests first. You may have a vague sense of guilt or existential doom that follows you around, so you try to help others to assuage these feelings, but it doesn’t work because these negative beliefs were created from false lessons that you learned in childhood.

You might feel defeated when you have just started a project. It’s easier for you to quit than it is to see it through. Mars is related to drive, so it can be difficult for you to really access your internal motivation with Mars in the 12th house.

It might feel like any efforts to be seen or heard don’t work, so you might as well not even try. You don’t have confidence that you deserve what you want, so you give to other people instead of asking for what you need.

As you probably know by now if you have Mars in the 12th house, giving to others never really fixes the difficult emotions rolling around inside of you. Although you don’t show it, your subconscious mind always knows what you want deep down. You never really truly forget what you authentically desire, even though you don’t express it.

You tend to do things for others or for the “greater good,” even if doing these things conflicts with your own inner voice.

For example, you may join the army for your country even if doing so contradicts what you need. You may work at a job that you hate because you feel that you should. Even on a smaller scale, you probably run to the rescue of people who don’t always reciprocate, but you will simply feel too guilty if you ignore them so you must help.

Of course, this will manifest differently for every person. Not every example in this description will apply to you.

The crux of the matter is that, with Mars in the 12th house, you end up fighting others’ battles instead of your own. You feel constantly torn between yourself and others and have a persistent, nagging sense of guilt that follows you around. In some way, you self-sabotage because you can’t handle all the negative feelings brewing in your subconscious mind.

With Mars in the 12th house, you may also have difficulty expressing your anger in a healthy manner. You repressed your anger during childhood because you were taught by someone that it wasn’t OK to show anger at all.

You might also be afraid of your own anger. There is so much of it brewing that you feel once you begin to get angry, you’ll never be able to stop. 

With Mars in the 12th house, your anger can be displaced. You may get angry at someone who doesn’t deserve it or blow up over something inconsequential. The anger will show up where it doesn’t belong because you are like a pressure cooker and need to release it somehow.

When you feel overwhelmed, you may be a bit of an escapist, turning to drugs, alcohol, sex, or even experiences that give you a “high.” You’re inclined to jump ship and run away when your emotions begin flooding you. It’s common for people with Mars in the 12th house to think: “What’s the point?”

Becoming assertive will be a learned skill for you. It’s not something that comes naturally, but learning to assert yourself will make you feel much more peaceful inside. It will also help to dispel some of the built-up anger you feel.

In a relationship, you may be drawn to those who either are or appear slightly unattainable. With Mars in the 12th house, you can also be attracted to the idea of someone rather than the reality.

Sexually, you may have some issues. You are drawn towards the unattainable person, but when you’re suddenly with someone who actually is attainable, you don’t know how to unlock your emotions and be vulnerable. You can come off as closed-off or detached.

This is simply because you don’t access your emotions on your own, so until you learn more about your subconscious mind, you won’t be able to access those feelings with someone else (which is even more terrifying).

When you’re actually in a relationship, you have trouble asking for what you want and need. In fact, you probably feel guilty for even having needs, but are simultaneously angry when you feel like a doormat.

Mars in the 12th house is all about learning how to handle your anger and express your needs in a healthy way, instead of stuffing your thoughts down or blowing up. Luckily, it is quite possible for any individual with Mars in the 12th house to learn to be assertive.

This isn’t something that comes naturally. Books, research, therapy, and practical experience can all help you with Mars in the 12th house to express yourself in a positive, constructive way. Your tendency will be to revert to your previous methods when you’re afraid, but you will overcome this with time.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]