Juno Astrology Aspects In Synastry

juno astrology and juno aspects in synastry

Juno aspects seem minor to many astrologers, but these aspects can tell you a lot about the qualities that your relationship has or might have, especially in a long-term relationship.

When you’re looking at Juno aspects with a partner, you’ll want to look specifically at Juno aspects in synastry. This means that you’re using both of your charts and looking at the aspects between them.

Today I’m going over every single aspect you might have between Juno and other planets or points in a synastry chart!

If you have difficult aspects, don’t get too upset – these aspects don’t mean that the relationship is doomed. Sure, sometimes aspects to Pluto, Saturn, etc. can indicate control or abuse, but other times these aspects indicate an opportunity to grow if both partners are willing.

No one in the world has a perfect chart. We will always have some difficult aspects with the person who we choose to be with long-term. These aspects help to grow and also create glue in a relationship. In my opinion, no astrological chart will work without at least a few difficult aspects to create tension.

Difficult aspects also help us to learn what we are here to learn. These aspects aid us in our soul journey.

Only you know if the hard aspects in your synastry chart indicate a serious problem that means you need to leave the relationship, or an opportunity to grow and learn.

Juno aspects show both karmic soul contracts and the ways you can learn in this relationship.

Juno Aspects to the Sun

Sun Conjunct Juno/Sun Trine Juno Synastry

With both sun conjunct Juno and sun trine Juno in synastry, the kind of partner the Juno person needs is fundamentally who the Sun person is. This relationship is an easy pairing and can often signify marriage.

If you have sun conjunct Juno or sun trine Juno in a synastry chart, pursue that relationship for sure!

Sun Sextile Juno Synastry

With sun sextile Juno in synastry, the Sun person is decently compatible with the energy that the Juno person needs in a relationship, although this is not necessarily a past life connection. The personality connection is definitely there, but it must be developed.

There is an opportunity to further develop this relationship and for it to be successful with sun sextile Juno in synastry.

Sun Opposition Juno Synastry

Sun opposition Juno in synastry creates a draw. However, there can be the issue of selfishness (usually of the Sun person, although not always), that needs to be worked through before the relationship can flourish.

I find that the sun opposition Juno aspect can create a lot of attraction but also a bit of tension when the personalities aren’t compatible with what the partners need out of a marriage.

Sun Square Juno Synastry

Something about the way that the sun person fundamentally is causes a clash between the two partners, as well as issues for the Juno person with the sun square Juno aspect in synastry.

Sun square Juno in synastry can also causes a magnetism that initially draws the couple together. This is a very dynamic aspect.

You may both feel that the other is selfish in the relationship and will need to work through ego issues. You can feel as though you’re “pitted against” each other, so a good deal of ego work is necessary for the relationship to work.

Juno Aspects to the Moon

Moon Conjunct Juno Synastry

The moon conjunct Juno relationship shows that the Juno person is perfectly aligned with the emotions of the moon person.

This is a very auspicious aspect for a long term relationship, because the Juno person will be so compatible with and understanding of the moon person’s emotions. Neither party often feels neglected, but instead emotionally supported.

Moon conjunct Juno in synastry shows a lot of emotional intelligence!

Moon Trine Juno Synastry

With moon trine Juno in synastry, both parties connect on a deep, emotional level, and know how to support each other in a healthy way.

The relationship is very soft and loving. Both people may nurture the other through difficult childhood issues that come up.

Moon Sextile Juno Synastry

There is an opportunity for both partners to learn how the other needs nurture and emotional support. Moon sextile Juno in synastry is an easy aspect, but it will take a bit of work for each of the partners to learn the other.

Moon Opposition Juno Synastry

With moon opposition Juno in synastry, the moon person’s emotions are at odd with what the Juno person needs in a relationship to be supported.

The Juno individual doesn’t not know how to comfort the moon person and may either turn away or become a sort of surrogate parent by being over-involved in the moon person’s emotions. They don’t have healthy emotional boundaries.

This aspect can occasionally (certainly not always) represent a push-pull between the spouse and the mother moon person’s mother.

Alternatively, the moon person may cause emotional upheaval in the relationship, or there may be emotional coldness in the relationship.

Moon Square Juno Synastry

With the moon square Juno synastry aspect, the moon person’s emotions will clash with what the Juno person is looking for in a relationship. The moon person may be up and down while the Juno person is looking for emotional stability, or vice-versa.

Occasionally, mental illness dominates the relationship, or the relationship is emotionally cold.

Sometimes, this aspect can mean that the moon person’s mother causes issues in the relationship.

Juno Aspects to Mercury

Mercury Conjunct Juno Synastry

With the Mercury conjunct Juno synastry aspect, the Mercury person has great mental capacity and thinks/communicates in a way that fits perfectly with the kind of relationship the Juno person needs.

Communication is flawless and easy in this relationship! Mercury conjunct Juno in synastry is a great aspect, especially for couples who really value communication and intelligence.

Mercury Trine Juno Synastry

Communication will be easy and natural between the couple with the Mercury trine Juno synastry aspect. They may also enjoy talking about intellectual subjects.

The Mercury trine Juno aspect makes it really easy to get along and talk about the big topics. Look to the signs that both planets are in; these are the areas where you will especially enjoy communication and intellectual discussion as a couple.

Mercury Sextile Juno Synastry

While communication might not be flawless at first with the Mercury sextile Juno synastry aspect, if the couple is willing to work on it, then there is an opportunity for great communication in this relationship.

Both parties will need to learn how the other thinks and operates in a logical sense.

Mercury Opposition Juno Synastry

There will be some communication issues in this relationship with the Mercury opposition Juno synastry aspect; both people may communicate in totally opposite ways, specifically in this relationship.

There will need to be a meeting in the middle for the relationship to flourish. Couples’ therapy can help a lot with the Mercury opposition Juno aspect because it will teach partners how to communicate in a way that the other understands.

Mercury Square Juno Synastry

There are big communication problems with this Mercury square Juno synastry aspect. The partners may communicate in vastly different ways, feel like they’re always on different planes, talk over each other, or simply not communicate.

There must a willingness from both parties to resolve these differences. Again, couples’ therapy or learning about communication can help.

I do find that there is a lot of anger with the Mercury square Juno synastry aspect that needs to be worked through before real communication can happen.

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Juno Aspects to Venus

Venus Conjunct Juno Synastry

With the Venus conjunct Juno synastry aspect, the Venus person seems to be exactly what the Juno person needs when they first meet.

There is definitely an aura of love, but this aspect does not necessarily speak to a long lasting relationship; this is more of a positive initial attraction that can jumpstart a relationship.

Regardless, the Venus conjunct Juno synastry aspect is always beneficial in any relationship as it creates an aura of beauty and love.

Venus Trine Juno Synastry

With the Venus trine Juno synastry aspect, the Venus person has qualities that are attractive to the Juno person, but also possesses qualities that can give the Juno person the longterm relationship they need.

This is a very beneficial aspect that creates harmonious relationships!

Venus Sextile Juno Synastry

With Venus sextile Juno in synastry, there is an opportunity to develop a beautiful, loving relationship, based on the strong and positive initial attraction between the two partners.

Like most relationships, this will take a bit of work. Venus sextile Juno isn’t instant, but it’s a positive aspect to have in a long-term relationship.

Venus Opposition Juno Synastry

The Venus opposition Juno synastry aspect means that the kind of individual the Juno person will be attracted to has the opposite qualities of those that they need for their long term relationship.

The Juno person will struggle between attraction and longterm relationship value. May be some sexual frustration in the relationship after time.

Venus opposition Juno in synastry is a tough aspect to have, but if both partners can work to develop the positive Juno qualities that they need, it can work over time.

Venus Square Juno Synastry

With Venus square Juno in synastry, the kind of person you will be attracted to does not have qualities that will create a lasting relationship. You may be attracted to people who don’t have “husband” or “wife” qualities.

For example, people with the Venus square Juno aspect are often attracted to partners who are inappropriate or immature, even though they may want a family and someone stable. They might be attracted to those who are fun-loving but cheat when they’re looking for someone trustworthy.

Look to the signs involved in this Venus square Juno aspect in order to see what qualities you specifically need.

Juno Aspects to Mars

Mars Conjunct Juno Synastry

With Mars conjunct Juno in synastry, the Mars partner’s action and drive is compatible with the relationship the Juno person is looking for. The relationship will bring out the best qualities in the Juno person.

The Mars conjunct Juno synastry aspect can create a fun and fiery relationship. These people typically have a lot of drive and might have a passionate sex life.

Mars Trine Juno Synastry

The Mars trine Juno synastry aspect creates very sexual relationship in a good way.

This relationship can often start off quickly and passionately, but without other aspects, it will burn out just as quickly.

There is a lot of energy and passion with the Mars trine Juno aspect. The sexual passion might refuel both partners when there is tension in other areas of the relationship.

Mars Sextile Juno Synastry

If you have the Mars sextile Juno synastry aspect in a relationship, there is an opportunity to generate a good deal of passion, if you choose to put the energy in. It isn’t something that happens naturally, but the opportunity is there.

There is also an opportunity for a really passionate sex life, once each partner figures out what the other likes.

Mars Opposition Juno Synastry

The Mars opposition Juno synastry aspect in a relationship can become a tug of war instead of a romance. It can also become a competition, which will eventually destroy any positive bonds the couple has.

The couple with the Mars opposition Juno synastry aspect might feel like they’re always seeing different point of views. There’s a lot of energy in the relationship, but it can cause fights instead of solving them. This might be a love-hate relationship that is difficult for both people to leave.

This couple needs to learn how to express their feelings in a calm, direct manner.

Mars Square Juno Synastry

With the Mars square Juno synastry aspect, the partners may dominate each other. There can be a lot of aggression in this relationship in the form of hot-tempered arguments.

Alternatively, one person may start to feel confined in this relationship.

Juno Aspects to Jupiter

Jupiter Conjunct Juno Synastry

With the Jupiter conjunct Juno synastry aspect, the partners’ values are both perfectly in-line. They also may agree on religion or beliefs, at least when it comes to the relationship.

Jupiter Trine Juno Synastry

With the Jupiter trine Juno synastry aspect, the partners’ values are very similar. The relationship works when it comes to values.

Jupiter Sextile Juno Synastry

With Jupiter sextile Juno in synastry, there is an opportunity to develop similar values and figure out what each person’s values are together.

Jupiter Opposition Juno Synastry

The values of the Jupiter person oppose what values the Juno person wants in a relationship with the Jupiter opposition Juno synastry aspect.

The signs of each planet will you show you exactly what values are not in line. With certain signs and placements, this can signal infidelity, but not always.

Jupiter Square Juno Synastry

With the Jupiter square Juno synastry aspect, there is a complete clash between the types of values that the partners have, especially when it comes to a relationship. They may want and value different things in a partnership. For this relationship to work, there needs to be a compromise and a willingness to listen.

Juno Aspects to Saturn

Saturn Conjunct Juno Synastry

With Saturn conjunct Juno in synastry, the relationship is karmic. The partners may be very committed because the energy feels intense.

Sometimes, one partner may be older or wiser. Other times, one partner is just seen as older or more mature.

With Saturn conjunct Juno, the Juno person may have blind trust in the Saturn person.

Saturn Trine Juno Synastry

The Saturn trine Juno synastry aspect indicates a stable marriage. It can also mean that the marriage is paying off a karmic debt (that the partners created together in a past life), or that the marriage is one society approves of.

Saturn trine Juno almost always indicates a relationship that is karmically earned and that is most likely very committed.

Saturn Sextile Juno Synastry

With Saturn sextile Juno in synastry, there is an opportunity to pay off karma. There is also an opportunity for the partners to develop something stable and mature.

Saturn Opposition Juno Synastry

Saturn opposition Juno in synastry means that the responsibilities that the Saturn person has or imposes on the Juno person are the opposite of what the Juno person needs in a relationship.

The Saturn person may be a strong force that holds the Juno person down. This can be either through restrictions (personal, societal, etc.) or through control.

Saturn Square Juno Synastry

Saturn square Juno in synastry means that there is a possibility for both people to create negative karma in this relationship. Alternatively, it could be a karmic relationship that already exists, but there is not a possibility to heal the relationship fully in this lifetime (although some work can be done). This is probably a large karmic wound.

The Saturn square Juno aspect can also mean that one person’s limiting beliefs will hinder the spiritual growth of the relationship, or that one person is making a spiritually “bad” marriage in order to gain security such as money or status.

Sometimes, the Juno person will stay in the relationship because of fear or abandonment issues for far too long.

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Juno Aspects to Uranus

Uranus Conjunct Juno Synastry

The Uranus conjunct Juno synastry partnership will be different, quirky, or extremely independent, but this is exactly what the Juno person needs.

This is a new age relationship. It’s definitely different in a way that works for both people.

Uranus Trine Juno Synastry

With Uranus trine Juno in synastry, this will be an unconventional relationship in a way that is beneficial to the soul growth of both parties.

Uranus Sextile Juno Synastry

There is an opportunity to create a different kind of relationship than what the Juno partner is used to, if this opportunity is acted upon, with the Uranus sextile Juno aspect in synastry.

Uranus Opposition Juno Synastry

With Uranus opposition Juno, the Uranus partner is completely different in a way that is not beneficial to the Juno person’s morals. The partners might also want different levels of space in in the relationship; one partner may be more clingy than the other.

Uranus Square Juno Synastry

With Uranus square Juno in synastry, the Uranus person will be different from society in a way that threatens the Juno person or causes arguments.

Partners will likely need a lot of space and will develop a relationship that is by no means conventional. One person may need space while the other wants less.

Juno Aspects to Neptune

Neptune Conjunct Juno Synastry

The Neptune conjunct Juno synastry relationship can be very romantic, but it can also be delusional. This is a spiritual, intense relationship.

If you’re in a Neptune conjunct Juno relationship, be careful to not idealize your partner.

There can be a mysterious magnetism between these two partners, but they need to also become grounded in the relationship and figure out what’s real.

Neptune Trine Juno Synastry

The Neptune trine Juno synastry aspect means that the partners will be sensitive and empathetic. They may delve into spiritual beliefs together or their emotions may become enmeshed. Communication can be almost intuitive.

If you’re in a Neptune trine Juno relationship, be careful not to idealize the partner.

Neptune Sextile Juno Synastry

With Neptune sextile Juno in synastry, there is an opportunity for both partners to develop a spiritual relationship that transcends the typical physical marriage. There is also an opportunity to develop a type of communication that is emotional and intuitive instead of just logical.

At first, you may feel that you’ve found just what you’re looking for in a relationship, but you probably put each other on a pedestal if you have Neptune sextile Juno. This needs to be overcome for the relationship to be healthy and grounded.

Neptune Opposition Juno Synastry

With Neptune opposition Juno in synastry, there is a tendency to see one person (or for both people to see each other) as opposite from who they truly are. It is difficult for people in this relationship to see the truth.

In reality, the needs and agendas of both partners may not match up in some ways, although they probably wear rose-colored glasses at first.

Partners may stay in the Neptune opposition Juno relationship and try to convince themselves that it’s working even when it’s not. Both partners need to learn how to cope with reality and let go of delusions.

Neptune Square Juno Synastry

If you have the Neptune square Juno aspect in synastry, one partner might feel sorry for the other or want to rescue them. One person may be a martyr for the other.

Alternatively, there may be mental illness or addiction involved in the relationship.

Juno Aspects to Pluto

Pluto Conjunct Juno Synastry

With Pluto conjunct Juno in synastry, there can be obsession and control in the relationship, but it can also bring strength to one or both parties can cause both people to change for the better.

This is a really life altering aspect! If it’s used in the best way possible, both people will come out on the other side transformed.

Pluto Trine Juno Synastry

The Pluto trine Juno synastry aspect indicates general change and upheaval on this relationship. Nothing will be the same, but it’s all for the best of both people.

This aspect also indicates a lot of passion and intensity. The Pluto person probably stands out to the Juno person right away.

Pluto Sextile Juno Synastry

Pluto sextile Juno in synastry offers the partners and opportunity to change each other for the better. This relationship will help both people grow, shine, and change.

There is also an opportunity for a great passion with Pluto sextile Juno in synastry.

Pluto Opposition Juno Synastry

With Pluto opposition Juno in synastry, one person will try to control the relationship and make it something that is just isn’t. There are a lot of power issues in this relationship and one person may become the dictator if the other doesn’t stand up for themselves.

Pluto Square Juno Synastry

With Pluto square Juno in synastry, there is a tendency for one person to control the other.

Typically, the Pluto person has some control over the Juno person, but not always (the roles are sometimes reversed depending on the sign Juno is in).

If this Pluto square Juno aspect can be transmuted and used for good, then there will be a lot of passion and intensity in this relationship.

Juno Aspects to Chiron

Chiron Conjunct Juno Synastry

With Chiron conjunct Juno in synastry, the relationship will be directly tied to the Chiron person’s wound.

This relationship causes the wound in one partner to be re-opened, can be painful, but can also be transformative.

Chiron Trine Juno Synastry

There is great potential to work through Chironic wounds with Chiron trine Juno in synastry, especially for the Chiron person. The partners can easily support each other when they’re feeling wounded.

Chiron Sextile Juno Synastry

With Chiron sextile Juno in synastry, there is an opportunity to work through the Chironic wounds by being in the relationship.

Chiron Opposition Juno & Chiron Square Juno Synastry

With both Chiron opposition Juno and Chiron square Juno in synastry, the relationship will trigger the Chironic wound of one or both people.

Juno Aspects to Juno

Juno Conjunct Juno Synastry

The Juno conjunct Juno synastry aspect means that there is a great potential for marriage. Both people want the same things in a marriage and have the same values.

Juno Trine Juno Synastry

Juno trine Juno in synastry means that you value similar qualities in a relationship and in marriage. It will be easy to figure out what the “rules” of the relationship are.

Juno Sextile Juno Synastry

With Juno sextile Juno in synastry, there is an opportunity to learn about what you each need from a relationship, it will take you some time to figure this out together. Don’t give up!

Juno Opposition Juno Synastry

With Juno opposition Juno in synastry, the couple might be initially attracted to each other, but they’re often incompatible on a deep level.

This is because both people want opposite things from a relationship and from their partner. They each have needs that the other can’t understand.

The only way this Juno opposition Juno relationship can work is if each partner is willing to sacrifice some of the things that they want in a relationship without becoming resentful.

Juno Square Juno Synastry

With the Juno square Juno synastry aspect, both partners are at odds with what the other needs in a relationship. They simply can’t understand what the other person is looking for.

This aspect is hard to overcome, but a good deal of communication and work will help to solve these differences.

Juno Aspects to Ceres

Ceres Conjunct Juno Synastry

With the Ceres conjunct Juno synastry aspect, a huge part of the relationship will be focused on nurture. Most likely the Ceres individual will nurture the Juno person, but this can also be a nurturing relationship that goes both way.

Ceres Trine Juno Synastry

With the Ceres trine Juno synastry aspect, the nurture that exists within the relationship is harmonious with what both partners need. They’re each good at nurturing the other in a way that feels good.

Ceres Sextile Juno Synastry

There is an opportunity for each person to teach the other how to nurture each other as well as themselves. Each person needs to develop their nurturing skills, but this Ceres sextile Juno relationship can help them to do so.

Ceres Opposition Juno Synastry

With Ceres opposition Juno in synastry, the Juno person attempts to nurture the Ceres person is a way completely opposite of what the Ceres person actually needs.

The Juno person will need to put in quite a bit of work to learn how to nurture the Ceres person in a way that works for them.

Ceres Square Juno Synastry

With Ceres square Juno in synastry, there is a misunderstanding between the two people concerning how they nurture each other.

When one partner is feeling badly, the other partner either does not pick up on the emotions or is incapable of giving comfort in a way that the person needs.

Ceres square Juno is a difficult aspect, but it is possible to work through it if the partners are willing to learn exactly how the other needs to be nurtured.

Juno Aspects to the North Node

Juno Conjunct North Node Synastry

With Juno conjunct North Node, the North Node person needs this kind of relationship in order to achieve their soul’s purpose. This is a very beneficial relationship for both people!

Juno Trine North Node Synastry

Juno trine North Node is almost karmic in nature. Both people will grow and learn through this marriage and it happens for a reason.

Juno Sextile North Node Synastry

Juno sextile North Node indicates an opportunity to grow through marriage and for the North Node person to learn their lessons through the relationship.

Juno Opposition North Node Synastry

With Juno opposition North Node, you have a karmic bond from a past life that you are paying off. This will impede the North Node person from moving forward, unless you are able to transmit this bond into something new and grow from your mistakes.

This placement means that there is an opportunity to grow together and to right your wrongs.

Juno opposition North Node also means that there is potential for this to be a lifetime soul contract.

Juno Square North Node Synastry

Juno square North Node means that the kind of commitment that you naturally want to make will actually hinder your spiritual progress in the world.

These two areas will be at odds with each other. How much this impacts you will depend on how important your relationship is for your growth. Look to your North Node sign and house for more information on that.

Juno Aspects to the South Node

Juno Conjunct South Node Synastry

Juno conjunct South Node in synastry means that there was a past life marriage or relationship between the parties. This is a karmic union to repay past life debts to each other.

How the relationship goes will depend on how well both parties are able to learn from their past life mistakes. It might be helpful to learn more about the past life and figure out exactly what the karmic bond is.

There is potential for this to be a lifetime soul contract.

Juno Trine South Node Synastry

Juno trine South Node means that the values that the South Node person brings from a past life are understood and empathized with by the Juno person.

This is a harmonious relationship in these areas and the Juno person will not be off-put by the past life values that the South Node person shows.

Juno Sextile South Node Synastry

Juno sextile South Node is almost karmic in nature; both people will learn to grow through this marriage or relationship. It has been set up for a reason.

Juno Opposition South Node Synastry

Juno opposition South Node in synastry will push the South Node person to grow.

The relationship may not be similar to what the South Node person is used to, but it will be important for his/her growth. This is actually a good placement if the South Node person is willing to do the work.

Juno Square South Node Synastry

Juno square South Node in synastry means that the kind of commitment that you both naturally want will actually hinder your spiritual progress in the world.

Your values behind commitment and your spiritual purpose are at odds with each other.

Juno Aspects to the Ascendant

Juno Conjunct Ascendant & Juno Opposition Descendant Synastry

Juno conjunct the ascendant or Juno opposition the descendant creates instant attraction. It’s a great aspect right off the bat!

The Ascendant person may come to resent the fact that the Juno person does not embody more qualities of their Descendant over time, unless the Juno person has these qualities in the rest of their chart.

Juno Trine Ascendant Synastry

Juno trine ascendant in synastry indicates an immediate attraction, probably from knowing each other in a past life. There is also an opportunity for each person to uncover their shadow sides in this relationship.

Juno Sextile Ascendant Synastry

Juno sextile ascendant in synastry indicates an opportunity for attraction, if both partners act upon it and begin dating. It isn’t super strong at first, but it can grow quickly with a bit of effort and time.

Juno Opposition Ascendant & Juno Conjunct Descendant Synastry

Juno opposition ascendant (which is the same as Juno conjunct descendant) in synastry is the “ideal relationship.”

This sign shows up a lot in successful marriages. The Juno person will embody the traits that the ascendant person feels they need the most.

Juno Square Ascendant Synastry

Juno square ascendant in synastry can mean that there isn’t an instant attraction. There isn’t much possibility of these people even wanting to get together unless other placements in the chart do the work for them, at least initially.

Juno Aspects to the Midheaven

Juno Conjunct Midheaven Synastry

This relationship will help the Midheaven person fulfill their purposes in the career world; this will be a main aspect of the relationship.

With the Juno conjunct Midheaven aspect in synastry, both partners are very invested in their public image. Their marriage or partnership may be integral to their public image. The most obvious example of this is the President and First Lady, who need their marriage in order to maintain their image.

Juno Trine Midheaven Synastry

The Juno trine Midheaven relationship will aid the Midheaven person in their career.

Juno Sextile Midheaven Synastry

With Juno sextile Midheaven, there is an opportunity for this relationship to help the Midheaven person define their public image through the process of the partnership.

Juno Opposition and Square Midheaven Synastry

With both Juno opposition Midheaven and Juno square Midheaven, the relationship with the Juno person will be the opposite of what the Midheaven person needs for their career.

This can be either detrimental or beneficial for the Midheaven person, depending on whether they’re in the right career or not.

Juno Aspects to Lilith

Juno Conjunct Lilith Synastry

The Juno conjunct Lilith aspect in synastry will fulfill the Lilith person’s deepest, darkest desires. There will probably be some aspect of this relationship that is great for the Lilith person sexually, but it will also force them to examine what they truly desire and to look at their darker natures.

Juno Trine Lilith Synastry

This Juno trine Lilith relationship will fulfill some of the Lilith’s person’s desires, although this is more of a “nice extra” in the relationship and will not be a dominant aspect of the relationship.

Juno Sextile Lilith Synastry

There is an opportunity for this Juno sextile Lilith relationship to fulfill the Lilith’s person’s desires, but both partners may need to do some work to get it there.

Juno Opposition Lilith Synastry

The relationship will have have many qualities that the Juno person needs, but it will not fulfill the desires of the Lilith person at a subconscious level. These two needs will oppose each other.

Juno Square Lilith Synastry

With Juno square Lilith, there will be a clash between what the Juno person needs in a relationship and what the Lilith person desires. This can create a spark, or it can cause the relationship to slowly deteriorate as both people feel that their needs are not being filled. In the end, the Lilith person is more likely to feel unfulfilled.

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