Venus-Midheaven Aspects In The Natal Chart

venus-midheaven aspects in the natal chart

In astrology, Venus represents the feminine, sensual nature. In aspect to the Midheaven, Venus shows the extent to which feminine qualities influence your career. 

Sometimes, Venus can enhance the Midheaven by providing a sense of aesthetics, talents in politics or negotiations, social skills, or work with a partner or lover. With the more difficult aspects, you may struggle with self-love, personal values, or relationships and find that these things are at odds with your career and image.

Venus Conjunct Midheaven

Venus conjunct Midheaven is also called Venus Culminating. This is a harmonious aspect and means that you have a peaceful public image, especially in the manner of the sign.

You tend to get along with others, especially in the public sphere. Your honest and loving nature shines through, though you also have a good amount of charm and grace, which puts others at ease.

With Venus conjunct Midheaven, you are a natural peacemaker. You easily create good relations with other people and may enjoy negotiations, mainly because you have a strong sense of fairness.

However, you may also be artistic or creative, depending on the sign that Venus conjunct Midheaven is in. In more ways than one, you probably enjoy harmony.

Venus conjunct Midheaven doesn’t mean that your public image will be spotless. After all, there’s always people who don’t like others. It simply indicates that you have special talents when it comes to peacemaking, harmony, and aesthetics. Many people simply like you because you’re authentic and pleasing.

It’s important that you stay true to yourself. With Venus conjunct Midheaven, you may work so hard for harmony and peace that you forget your own values. 

Remember that, while human relations are important, it’s also vital that you maintain your core sense of self.

With Venus conjunct Midheaven, you may attract people of influence or successful people. Sometimes, this aspect indicates financial success (because Venus rules finances), but you also may do well in the areas of politics, diplomacy, arts, culture, or any job that requires an aesthetic approach.

You will most likely have at least a few connections or partnerships that help you advance in your career. Some people with Venus conjunct Midheaven even meet their partner through career or end up working with their partner.

Ultimately, Venus conjunct Midheaven means that you have the skills to bring people together and make the world a more beautiful place. Look to the sign that Venus conjunct Midheaven sits in to see how your skills will manifest more specifically.

Venus Trine Midheaven

With Venus trine Midheaven, you love to work with beautiful things. In some way, your work must be aesthetically pleasing.

Your knowledge is natural when it comes to aesthetics, music, art, beauty, or other types of creativity. This can manifest in many different ways, depending on the signs that your Venus trine Midheaven aspect is in.

For example, one woman with Venus trine Midheaven is a famous singer, while another person is a furniture maker, someone who focuses on the details of the craft and creates beautiful wood pieces. Both people work for the love of beauty.

With Venus trine Midheaven, you may be passive in your career. You prefer to smooth things over rather than fight, though this aspect says little about your personal life. In the work place, you simply hate conflict.

You do have a sense of natural charm that probably makes you well-liked. 

Because Venus is also the planet of love, you may find that you are well-known because of your partner (such as marrying a celebrity) or that your career is about relationships in some way (e.g. a couple’s therapist). Alternatively, you might work with your partner in your career.

I find that the Venus trine Midheaven placement tends to indicate either a propensity for working with beautiful things/being creative, or a tie to the partnership/love aspect of career.

Sometimes, Venus trine Midheaven can mean that you’re married to your career and that you may neglect your love life in favor of the beauty you find from you work.

Although Venus trine Midheaven gives a lot of wonderful, beautiful qualities, it’s important that you focus on the practical side of work, too. You tend to naturally get swept up in the art or romance side of your work, but you must make sure that you always get paid for your time and that you’re respected in tangible ways.

Venus Sextile Midheaven

If you have the Venus sextile Midheaven aspect in your natal chart, you probably have strong socials and a large presence. You probably pursue some type of status or success with gusto.

You have a strong appreciation of beauty. You may enjoy art, music, beauty, luxury, or a very comfortable lifestyle. With Venus sextile Midheaven, you have a good sense of entertainment or hobbies, even if you’re very busy and successful career-wise.

Venus sextile Midheaven also gives you strong negotiation skills. However, you can learn how to infuse even more Venusian qualities into your public persona to become more successful.

This means that, with Venus sextile Midheaven, you have the opportunity to develop your skills in the areas of negotiation, politics, peacemaking, finance, the arts, creativity, musicality, or aesthetics.

The sign that Venus sextile Midheaven sits in will show you the types of skills you can most likely develop. This aspect is very positive but does require a bit of work in order to bring out the most Venusian side of yourself!

Ultimately, you have a pleasant personality and are attractive and sociable. Hone your skills and use your most Venusian qualities for good, and you’ll see your career improve quite quickly.

Venus Opposition Midheaven

With Venus opposition Midheaven, you probably enjoyed beauty or aesthetics as some way when you were a child. Maybe you liked to dress yourself a certain way, had a talent for art, or appreciated design.

This may have been because your parents taught you these skills, or because you felt a lack of beauty around you and were more interested in aesthetics than your caretakers. 

Either way, the result with Venus opposition Midheaven is that you truly enjoy beauty. You have a liking for fine clothes or accessories and are probably particular about the way you dress yourself or your home.

With Venus opposition Midheaven, you may be a bit private about your emotions. You tend to show love most behind closed doors, and you may seem closed-off or even cold in public.

You don’t give away love easily. You must know that you can depend on your partner before you feel safe giving away your heart.

Sometimes, Venus opposition Midheaven indicates that you will go into a partnership with a family member. In fact, business with family members will probably be quite profitable for you.

This aspect can also indicate that you will be successful in real estate or in investments having to do with homes.

With Venus opposition Midheaven, you may want to buy your own home or use your finances to secure a sense of permanence and comfort. Tangible things make you feel like your life is stable and consistent. 

However, your creative abilities may be blocked in the outer world. You struggle to show this artsy side of yourself professionally.

It’s important that you learn how to integrate your creativity and sense of beauty into your career, too. The way to do this is to work in a field that you actually care about, something that excites you and allows you to use your keen sense of aesthetics.

Others may never recognize your beauty or creativity. Don’t get hung up on wanting the admiration of other people. Instead, learn to be successful for yourself to create a beautiful life that reflects who you are.

Venus Square Midheaven

With Venus square Midheaven, you may have self-esteem issues. You don’t believe that you’re truly lovable or capable enough to succeed in the world of career.

In fact, you may even think that you lack the proper Venusian qualities, such as beauty or social skills, to really “make it” in public.

Venus square Midheaven tends to make you submissive in career. However, this actually hinders you even more.

You try to live by the values of other people and shun your own inner values in order to be successful or accepted. You’re always lowering your standards in order to please others.

This makes you feel a deeper sense of self-respect, and you probably don’t get the popularity or success you desire, because others sense your lack of sincerity.

Over time with Venus square Midheaven, you will learn that other people will never see your values as worthy. You will always encounter obstacles.

Instead, you need to act on your own values without changing them and without feeling ashamed. With Venus square Midheaven, you must learn the lesson of developing self-love in the face of rejection.

It’s also possible that, at times, you feel like your love life and your career and incompatible. For example, a housewife may want to work, only her husband insists that she stay home. She must keep up one in order to keep the other.

Again, it’s important that you always follow your own values with Venus square Midheaven. Over time, you will come to develop a sense of self-love and self-assurance.

These qualities are not easy to come by. However, the square will force you to work on these pieces of yourself, or you will never feel truly happy.

Focus on what brings you happiness and success instead of trying to please others and your path will be much easier.