All About Mars in Pisces In The Birth Chart

mars in pisces man, mars in pisces woman

Mars is known for being the planet of drive, ambition, anger, and passion, but Mars in Pisces is a bit of an enigma. Pisces is generally peaceful and emotional while Mars is active and aggressive.

How, then, do these qualities fit together?

Mars in Pisces is known as the “peaceful warrior.” Although Mars in Pisces people can be extremely driven, they’re also emotional and fantastical. They ride the waves of emotion and ambition as they come and don’t fret when they’re just not feeling it.

Mars in Pisces Characteristics

The main characteristics that the planet Mars shows are one’s drive and ambition, one’s temper, how one pushes through career/conducts themselves in the workplace, and how someone acts in a romantic relationship.


With Mars in Pisces, you might sometimes be unsure about what you want. Life may happen to you because you struggle to control what’s happening.

The Mars in Pisces drive is always tied to emotion. If you don’t know what you want then you have no strong feelings either way. Your moods change often so your drive is likely to change, too.

You have bursts of energy tied to emotion that are coupled with periods of inaction. With Mars in Pisces, you’re often moody, so your drive is completely tied to your frame of mind and changes quite a bit.

Practicality will certainly kill your drive. Because you thrive on emotions and fantasies, being forced to be practical hurts your motivation.

Daily life can feel very difficult for you. It’s hard for you to “just do it” unless you’re in the right emotional space. Others may struggle to understand this, but it’s simply the way you’re wired with Mars in Pisces.

Many of your emotions are unconscious so it’s nearly impossible for you to control them. This also means that you don’t have much control over your drive and motivation with Mars in Pisces. Intellectual reasoning won’t help you; something must personally and emotionally tie you to a project in order to keep you engaged.

You tend to work hard for your idealized picture of hold things should be. While you have grand ideas, your mood might shift before you’re able to make much progress.

If you can hold onto a mood then you will work extremely diligently to achieve what you want because you’re so tied to it unconsciously.

At the end of the day with Mars in Pisces, you are a big dreamer and will always fight for your dreams. No dream is too big! When you’re devoted, you will see something through to the end, no matter the cost.


With Mars in Pisces, your moods can be unpredictable and intense. You quickly build up energy because you feel so acutely. This energy must be released in some way (by journaling, expressing yourself creatively, working out, etc.) or it will manifest as an outburst.

When you get angry, you probably feel a bit guilty about it. You might release a quick burst of anger on someone else but then feel immediately remorseful. You can also be passive aggressive and unpredictable.

Alternatively with Mars in Pisces, you suppress your anger and get lost in your fantasies to cope. This type of anger will often manifest physically as disease or a vague sickness that’s undiagnosable. 

While those with Mars in Pisces don’t outwardly get angry very often like an Aries might, they can have a lot of difficulty controlling their emotions.

They are likely to have emotional outbursts that are unrelated to the root cause of the issue simply because they have build up so much anger, like a pressure-cooker. Mars in Pisces folks can be a bit melodramatic.

These outbursts might be uncontrollable and sporadic. They might make no logical sense to other people, but this is because the emotions simply have to go somewhere, so these people will get upset at the next available chance.

Mars in Pisces folks can have some personally painful emotional ups and downs. There is no controlling their emotions. They just need to ride them out before they can reset and move on.


With Mars in Pisces, you probably won’t step on anyone to make it to the top. You’re not competitive with anyone except yourself.

You will typically be successful when you feel emotionally tied to a career. For example, someone with Mars in Pisces could be an amazing athlete, but this is because they feel so passionately about the sport. They simply can’t separate emotions from actions.

Sometimes, it is difficult for people with Mars in Pisces to hold a job because their moods are so unpredictable, but much of this will depend on the rest of their chart and how directly involved Mars is in their career.

Those with Mars in Pisces can make great leaders or advocates when they believe strongly in a cause. They do their best work when they are emotionally tied to their job and they will stop at nothing to achieve what they desire.


With Mars in Pisces, you are attracted to your own fantasies or projections of people instead of who they really are. It’s hard for you to see the actual individual right in front of you because you’re looking at your own picture of them in your head.

You’re also attracted to how you feel around someone. If someone makes you feel happy or “high” emotionally, you’re more likely to spend time around them.

Sometimes, you might be attracted to imbalance in relationships. You gravitate towards the needy or the underdogs because imbalance intrigues you.

With Mars in Pisces, you probably love the rush of dopamine you get when you first meet someone. Pisces is all about the “first date butterflies.”  You want to live in your fantasies, but this is much easier to do when you first meet someone than it is in a long-term relationship.

Because your attraction is so specific, you can be intrigued by someone one moment and gone the next. It might be confusing for others, but your mind changes according to your moods and fantasies, so there is no way for the other person to really figure you out.

When you’re acting on your attraction, you aren’t forceful. You simply put out a subtle shift in your energy that others can sense.


In a relationship, you might be a bit like a chameleon with Mars in Pisces. Sometimes you can be outgoing and bubbly, while other times you’re moody and withdrawn. You have no clear baseline.

Many people with Mars in Pisces end up in relationships that are unbalanced in some way, whether this is due to money, age, or simply an unequal energy (with one partner being much more powerful, controlling, loud, etc.).

You’re very sensitive and you are easily hurt. However, you also forgive easily, even if your partner has done something that feels completely unforgivable. A day later, all is forgotten.

You may be very passive or even a little detached, but this is only because you’re invested in your own daydream. When you’re caught up in a new idea or fantasy, you’re all in, and might not have time for your partner.

You’re loyal when you’re feeling romantic. In fact, you won’t be able to think of anything but your partner with Mars in Pisces. If your fantasy changes, then you’re prone to fickleness. It’s difficult for people with Mars in Pisces to stay invested over the long haul.

With Mars in Pisces, you have a strong need for love.  Sexually, you’re turned on by romance, secrecy, privacy, and emotional power imbalances. It’s almost impossible for you to separate sex and love.

Sometimes, you enjoy the idea of the chase. You can easily project your idea of the other person (rather than who they really are) and the chase gives you time to do this.

Reality is actually a bit of a turn-off for you; sex that is all about fantasy and romance is right up your alley. You have to be in the right mood to want anything physical; once you’re out of the mood then there’s no recapturing it.

The goal is for people with Mars in Pisces to figure out a balance between living in a fantasy world (which they always need to some extent) and seeing reality. Ideally, they will do a bit of self work and learn how to discern what’s true and what’s false without giving up the romantic aura that they crave.

Mars in Pisces: Worst and Best Qualities

Every placement has both good and bad qualities. Mars in Pisces is no different!

Keep in mind that, with Mars in Pisces, you won’t necessarily have all of these qualities.

These qualities are possibilities, but the qualities that you actually embody will depend on the rest of your chart as well as the house and aspects of Mars.

Most people with Mars in Pisces show about half of these qualities (a mix of positive and negative traits) based on their individual birth charts.


  • Sensitive
  • Romantic
  • Emotional
  • Devoted
  • Supportive
  • Gentle
  • Easygoing
  • Appreciative
  • Sacrificing
  • Etherial
  • Fantastical
  • Creative


  • Unsure
  • Vulnerable
  • Stagnant
  • Cowardly
  • Escapist
  • Fickle
  • Temperamental
  • Delusional

Mars in Pisces: Male versus Female

Mars and Venus will showcase different qualities for men and women depending on how they self-identify.

Generally, in a man, Mars will show how he acts to attract, whether consciously or subconsciously, and Venus will show what kind of qualities he is attracted to.

In a woman, Mars will show what kind of qualities she is attracted to, while Venus will show how she acts to attract.

Feel free to choose the label that works best for you in this context (being attracted to another person’s energy).

For example, sometimes a gay man will identify with the male archetype because he tends to be attracted to feminine qualities in other men, while other times a gay man will identify with the female archetype of his Mars because he is attracted the masculine qualities that his Mars gives off.

These archetypes aren’t used by everyone and definitely aren’t absolute. I’m a straight woman, but I find that sometimes the vibes from my Mars show up in myself when I’m flirting. Traditionally, only my Venus should show, but clearly the tradition rules are just guidelines that aren’t always exact.

Take this all with a grain of salt: this is the traditional way of doing it. I don’t think it’s 100% accurate, but in my experience, there’s a good 80% of truth in these archetypes for the average person.

NOTE: if you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community then you will want to figure out which energy you identify with more. It’s a personal journey to figure out how you use your Mars versus Venus, or you may have some combination of both (as most of us do regardless of our sexual orientations). Read through the descriptions and see what fits for you.

It’s ok if you aren’t totally sure and is fine to take pieces of both. There is no set in stone here – these are just guidelines to help you figure out your chart!

The Mars In Pisces Man:

The Mars in Pisces man probably won’t make the first move or initiate unless he’s really in the mood to do so. He has many mood swings, so the initial meeting will depend on where in his mood cycle he is.

Most likely, he will slowly get closer to someone he likes and try to build an emotional connection until they begin to reciprocate his feelings. He is inconspicuous in his “chase.” The more he enjoys the chase, the more he begins to idealize his crush.

When the Mars in Pisces man first meets someone, he will feel what they want and can turn into his partner’s dream man. He is the ultimate emotional chameleon which can be very confusing for his partner, at first.

He is super mushy when he likes someone. The Mars in Pisces man is the person to pull out all of the romantic stops, to write poetry, to gush about his lover, etc. He falls head over heels when he finds someone he likes.

He can be a bit reckless in love, especially at first. His love interest quickly becomes the center of his universe. No one and nothing else matters to him because his emotions are what drive him.

The Mars in Pisces man will learn all of the things that his love interest likes and replicate these things for them. He wants his love interest to know that he will take care of them emotionally by making them feel safe and happy. 

In short, the Mars in Pisces is the classic “nice guy” when he likes someone, but his moods can change quite suddenly, so this might not last long.

In a relationship, the Mars in Pisces man can be a bit dramatic. He could manifest drama by creating an issue. His partner may be very confused about why he’s doing this, but the Mars in Pisces man lives in a fantasy some of the time, so the issue he has created feels quite real to him.

The Mars in Pisces man tends to think that his personal drama is the most important thing happening in the world. It’s hard for him to disengage from what he is feeling inside.

The underdog position is the perfect spot for the Mars in Pisces man. He might not mean to have the victim mentality, but he definitely knows how to get what he needs by playing the victim. He might unconsciously attract women who feel bad for him and want to care for him.

For example, Mars in Pisces men can sometimes have addiction problems, if they rest of their chart supports this. These men are likely to find women who want to “save” them from their addictions with love. This is a slippery slope that isn’t often successful unless a dose of reality is introduced to the relationship.

The Mars in Pisces man has an etherial, mysterious vibe that lures women to him. His partners are always worried that he will self-destruct so they tend to be more concerned about his needs than their own.

If the Mars in Pisces man isn’t mentally healthy, he can wreak a lot of havoc on his partners’ emotional and mental well-beings. If he is grounded, then he can be a sensitive and caring loving, as long as he reciprocates.

Even though the Mars in Pisces man can take a lot from his lover, he doesn’t actually think he is better than anyone. He can actually think quite badly of himself and have confidence problems.

When the Mars in Pisces man is angry, he is likely to express it indirectly by being passive aggressive or starting drama about something else entirely. It’s hard for him to say exactly what he is upset about because he stuffs his anger down.

He might alternatively express his anger onto himself instead of the other person. This can be really painful for him and can damage his mental state. He will want to learn to express anger in a healthy and constructive way by asking for what he needs instead of just hoping he gets it.

Sometimes, the Mars in Pisces man can even have insecurity about how emotional he is. He will try to counteract his never-ending emotions with masculine hobbies such as working out, sports, cars, the military, or anything that makes him feel more traditionally masculine.

This is typically a misplaced effort to get control of his own emotions because they’re simply so vast. In reality, the Mars in Pisces man would do well to simply work with his emotions and learn how to express them in a healthy, constructive way.

Other men with Mars in Pisces aren’t insecure about this and embrace their emotions wholeheartedly; much of this will depend on the rest of the chart and life circumstances, as well as how their parents reacted to their emotional outbursts.

The Mars In Pisces Woman:

The Venus in Pisces woman will have an etherial, dreamy aspect to her character that potential partners will sense from across the room. She enjoys a delicate, energetic chase, instead of someone who comes on too strong.

The classic Mars in Pisces woman is attracted to partners with soft, sensitive energy. They may also be intrigued by moody or unpredictable people. 

Sometimes, this can mean that the Mars in Pisces woman is attracted to musicians, artists, or spiritually-inclined people, or she may just be captivated by those who have a deep and tortured energy, regardless of their job.

Because Pisces is so elusive and fantastical, the men she ends up with may not have any of these qualities. She might have simply manifested the idea! Once she decides that someone is tortured or is a victim, it’s hard for her to change the picture in her head, even if reality doesn’t support it.

For example, a Mars in Pisces woman may meet a man and hear him say just one emotional thing about his past. Even though he is emotionless much of the time, she clings to the idea of the statement he said and will visualize a picture of him that isn’t real.

Once the Mars in Pisces woman feels an emotionally connection, she is “hooked.” She wants to feel that the other person is energetically all in right away. If she can be blown away emotionally, that’s all she needs.

It’s easy for the Mars in Pisces woman to be out of touch with who her partner really is. She believes what a partner shows her immediately, even if it’s just an initial facade. Once she has created a fantasy world around her partner it’s difficult for her to let go of it.

She is drawn to the underdog or to anyone with a sad story. Because her feelings dictate if a relationship should proceed, she can have trouble with her judgment. Her feelings will often be based around the first meeting instead of the relationship today.

She will either get stuck in an unhappy, longterm relationship, or she will flee when she realizes her partner isn’t what she projected. The Mars in Pisces woman has a tendency to be a bit of a love addict.

Over time, the Mars in Pisces woman will learn how to discern what’s real and to use her gut feelings in relationships. She will need some practice; it’s very difficult for a Venus in Pisces woman to discern reality from fantasy when she’s young.

It’s perfectly natural for this woman to have more than a few relationships in order to learn the skills she needs to find a suitable partner. In the beginning of her journey, she will be desperate to fulfill her emotional fantasies, but over time she will learn that long-term stability makes her happier than the initial fantasy.

Ideally, she will end up with someone who is also a bit responsible and steady. She will still be looking for a dose of romantic energy, but the best partner for her will be someone amorous and grounded to help her stay balanced.

Ultimately, what the Mars in Pisces woman is really looking for is a safe haven. She wants someone to help her create an emotional space she can retreat to when the world feels overwhelming.

How to Master the Mars in Pisces Energy

The biggest lesson with Mars in Pisces is to learn how to create emotional boundaries between yourself and others.

You can do this by discerning what your real emotions are and why you have them instead of simply getting “caught up” in the emotional rollercoaster. Over time, your extreme emotions will start to feel depressing, which is when you will want to figure them out instead of just acting on them.

Mars in Pisces people have a tendency to be addicted to either substances or love, but this is because they want to avoid looking inward. It can be really scary for Mars in Pisces people to look at their feelings because they have so many of them.

However, this is the path to happiness. You want to figure out how to express your feelings in a healthy way instead of building them up and becoming passive aggressive.

When you’re able to figure out what you feel and why, and when you can tell others what you need in a constructive way, you will feel a lot happier and more well-adjusted in your own life.

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