Venus in Pisces In The Birth Chart

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Venus in Pisces is a floaty, etherial placement. Some of the most beautiful and talented actors, musicians, and artists have this placement, but it also comes with a whole host of problems.

As those with any Pisces placements know, Pisces makes everything feel unstable and uncertain. In the sign of Venus, this is especially hard. With Venus in Pisces, you may never know exactly what’s going on in your love life.

There are so many aspects to Venus in Pisces that I had to break up each area into sections. Keep reading to learn how Venus in Pisces manifests in regards to money, style, pleasure, values, attraction, relationships, and sex.

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Venus In Pisces Characteristics

Venus rules so many areas that the characteristics of your Venus sign can have a large impact on your entire life. Here are the main ways that Venus in Pisces shows up.

Money and Style:

At first, those with Venus in Pisces might have trouble understanding money because they live in an almost mythical realm inside their heads. Until they’re hit with the hard realities, they might focus on their dreams or pleasures more than on earning an income.

With Venus in Pisces, you might believe that feelings and relationships are more important than money. This can manifest positively or negatively. You are probably very financially generous when you do care about someone.

Those with Venus in Pisces usually have something that feels gentle and dreamy about their looks. Many people with this placement have romantic eyes or a mysterious gaze, while others dress in sweet clothing (soft colors, flower patterns, etc.) or even just have a really soft energy.

This is a very artistic placement, which is often easy to see in the eyes as well.


If you have Venus in Pisces, you take pleasure in anything creative and expressive. I personally know quite a few people with Venus in Pisces who work in scientific fields but still have a vibrant creative streak and appreciate the arts in some manner.

You may also be drawn to the occult, to gothic time periods, or to learning more about what’s “out there.” You like the big questions as well as anything mysterious or mystical.

With Venus in Pisces, you enjoy shows, movies, books, or other things that you can get lost in. Most people with this placement love learning about alternate worlds in fiction; they generally like having an escape from real life through fairy-tales. Often, these folks are nostalgic for another age or time period.

Much of your pleasure comes from dreaming about and planning the future. You love to daydream and might yearn to skip ahead to the good part.

With Venus in Pisces, your tastes might be slightly erratic. You can love something one day and hate it the next, but just as quickly pick up a new obsession. This placement is a bit changeable.


With Venus in Pisces, you value loyalty and helpfulness. You tend to be very considerate towards others but you can quickly take on too many emotion burdens and get bogged down. This can cause difficulties both physically and emotionally.

You care for others and simply want to be cherished by friends and family in return. You have a lot of room for error on the part of others, but if you feel like this care isn’t returned over time, you will eventually be emotionally drained.


If you have Venus in Pisces, you have a tendency to be attracted to someone who needs help or who comes with a few issues. You love the underdog! This can manifest as attraction to someone with past trauma or security issues, or can show up as interest in someone with alcohol or drug addictions.

Those with Venus in Pisces like romance and tenderness. They’re attracted to the feelings that someone brings out in them, not just physical aspects of the other person.

These folks flirt by being slightly playful, yet they can be moody and changeable at the same time. They’re a funny mix of odd and romantic.

Venus in Pisces women tend to attract men pretty easily because they have such a sensitive, feminine aura. They have a soft and sensitive allure that energetically draws others in.


For a Venus in Pisces person, love is a mystical experience. If you have this placement, you might feel like things are always changing in your relationships, even your own mind. The feeling of falling in love is unlike anything else for you. At the same time, nothing feels stable, so it can be difficult to discern the truth.

You easily miss red flags and tend to fall in love at first sight, but often you’re holding onto the idea of love without really knowing the other person. It’s extremely easy for a Venus in Pisces to fall fast because they look through rose colored glasses; it’s also easy for them to get hurt.

You may tell little white lies when you first meet someone, but this is because you want them to like you. A deep desire within you is to be accepted, however this manifests. You might take on the energy of whatever you feel your partner wants instead of showing your true self.

It’s easy for you to become addicted to intimacy and to go to any lengths to regain it in a relationship when it is lost. Sometimes, a person with Venus in Pisces holds onto a bad relationship too long, but there always needs to be mutual respect for it to last forever.

You have very high expectations for a relationship. You can be deeply hurt easily, but you can also forgive almost anything with enough time and effort. Your feelings (especially your gut instincts) are really important to you, so you can’t truly forgive until a situation feels resolved; your emotions may take more time to catch up to your thoughts.

Sexually, people with Venus in Pisces can get so caught up creating a passionate fantasy in their mind that it’s hard for them to enjoy anything physically when the moment comes. They tend to get stuck in their heads. They’re very sexual in their thoughts, but may have trouble acting out their fantasies (which are often grand and detailed).

Those with Venus in Pisces can be difficult for their partners to understand because they’re so changeable. They want a specific kind of romance one day but the next day they’re onto a new idea or obsession and don’t have space for romance.

In a relationship, those with Venus in Pisces can sometimes discover that they don’t actually love the other person, but are in love with the idea of their partner. This is a selfish aspect of the placement, even though these folks can also be extremely unselfish with people they care for. There is almost no in-between.

It can be tough to understand a Venus in Pisces when they don’t completely understand themselves, but at the end of the day, they just want to feel understood and want a deep, spiritual connection. Someone with Venus in Pisces is always wanting to be known and seen by a partner.

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Venus In Pisces: Best & Worst Qualities

Venus in Pisces people can adapt to the moods of others, but they tend to lose themselves in the process. They want to merge desire emotional closeness, yet they neglect to set personal boundaries.

More than any other Venus sign, I find that almost every positive quality from Venus in Pisces has an equal negative. Sometimes, the positives are the negatives.

Here are the most common qualities with the Venus in Pisces placement. Keep in mind that no individual will have all of these qualities because it will depend on your specific placement (aspects, house, etc.), but many of them are likely to show up.


  • Romantic
  • Sensitive
  • Spiritual
  • Artistic
  • Creative
  • Mystical
  • Sweet
  • Generous
  • Compassionate


  • Irresponsible
  • Day Dreamer
  • Lives In A Fantasy
  • Escapist
  • Selfish
  • Over Emotional
  • Wistful
  • Sacrificial

Venus In Pisces: Man vs. Woman

This part can get a little confusing, so bear with me as I explain it. Basically, Venus shows itself differently for someone with more masculine energy than it does for someone with more feminine energy.

It’s up to you to choose with energy you identify with more. If you’re unsure, I recommend reading the description of each energy for Venus in Pisces (below) and choosing what resonates with you.

Generally, in a woman (or someone with feminine energy), Venus will show how the person acts and what vibes they gives off towards others. When this person is flirting, they will assume many of the qualities of Venus in Pisces. These Piscean qualities will show up directly in the personality.

In a man (or someone with masculine energy), Venus will show what kind of qualities they are attracted to. How this person will act depends on their Mars sign, but their Venus sign dictates what types of energy they are drawn towards in a partner.

As we evolve and change and the gender lines blur, these distinctions become less absolute. For example, I find that most women will show a lot of the qualities of their Venus when they’re flirting, but a few of their Mars qualities will bleed through also.

It’s important to learn about both Venus and Mars. Each person has a unique combination of both qualities, although this combination may be swayed slightly depending on the person’s gender.

Lastly, a man who is ultra-comfortable with his sexuality will display many more of his Venus qualities, while a man who struggles with his sexuality probably won’t “own” these Venusian qualities, so he will instead look for them in a female partner.

The Venus In Pisces Man:

The typical Venus in Pisces man prefers feminine women. He likes partners who are fragile, delicate, gentle, and sensitive. Sometimes, the Venus in Pisces man is attracted to someone who needs him or relies on him. It can be easy for this guy to end up in slightly codependent relationships.

The Venus in Pisces man gravitates towards those who are etherial and mysterious. Hidden depth is appealing interesting to him and will make him want to get to know the person on a deeper level.

These guys will definitely shy away from anyone who is too aggressive or angry; they prefer their partners gentle. They want someone a little mystical to appeal to those dreamy parts inside them.

A Venus in Pisces man is usually an initiator, at least at first, so he’s attracted to women who give him a chance to properly initiate instead of doing it themselves. He tends to get in very deep very quickly with a new partner.

The difficulty for a Venus in Pisces man comes after he has been in a relationship for a while. He tends dive in headfirst, but at some point, the mystery will disappear as he gets to know who his partner really is.

Too much turmoil can cause the Venus in Pisces man to withdraw from a relationship either emotionally, physically, or both. He can’t stand emotional turmoil. He picks up on his partner’s energy very easy and negative feelings influence him over time.

The Venus in Pisces man can have difficulty with boundaries. Venus in Pisces is such a floaty, romantic sign that it’s very hard for him to find clarity.

He may also have a fear of his partner leaving him once he has opened up. The Venus in Pisces man is sensitive and vulnerable inside, and once he shows this to someone it’s hard for him to come back from.

At the end of the day, the Venus in Pisces man wants someone he can be sure of. He needs to know that his partner will love him no matter what.

Sexually, the Venus in Pisces man is very creative, but he wants an open woman who he feels comfortable expressing his desires with. He can come off as passive until he has someone who opens the door to their fantasies, which are very intricate.

This man will have an easier time connecting sexually when he feels emotionally connected, but he may be physically unable to engage sexually after an argument.

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The Venus In Pisces Woman:

The typical Venus in Pisces woman is a thoughtful listener who will empathize even if she doesn’t know the person well. In the beginning, she’s usually on your side right away.

These women don’t usually make the first move. They yearn to be loved exclusively in a romantic way that feels almost vintage. The Venus in Pisces woman probably has millions of fantasies in her head that she is rarely brave enough to actually act out, but the desire is definitely in there.

When she first meets someone, she will unconsciously conform to be what they want. Pisces is changeable, allowing her to do this, and it’s often lovely at first for her partner to have their ideal mate. This can cause problems later in the relationship when her true self is different from what she showed initially.

If you have Venus in Pisces, you have a huge imagination. This makes you pretty engaging and witty during conversation, and you can easily “hook” people without being super outgoing; your energy is enough.

You will go to great lengths to make your partner feel loved (with presents, gestures, dates, etc.) but you need someone who is willing to play along with your games, fantasies, and mood swings in return. You don’t mean to be moody, but your changeable nature makes it impossible to remain consistent.

It can be really difficult for the Venus in Pisces woman to get a clear handle on the idea of love. Her romantic relationships might feel ever-changing or topsy-turvy no matter how stable the actual relationship is.

She needs a clear, concrete declaration of love from a partner; she doesn’t like to read signs or guess, maybe because she already struggles to formulate her own objective theories about love.

The Venus in Pisces woman falls in love quickly and may make grand plans with a partner right away, but she will often find that what she believes is love is actually just lust or attachment. She generally falls in love with the person she meets at first and doesn’t quite understand that there is a deeper soul inside the mask of the individual.

Long-term, it’s hard for the Venus in Pisces woman to find a true soulmate. She might always feel like a piece of her is missing. She desires an intensely spiritual reunion that feels 100% right, but her lesson is to learn that life on earth takes work. Many of these women look for a relationship that isn’t grounded in reality.

The goal for the Venus in Pisces woman is to be a relationship that is both romantic and real.

This woman can be more attached to both positive and negative past events than other placements. She has a dramatic flair and can be involved in really emotional fights if she feels hurt or wounded. This woman is usually very sensitive.

It’s easy for the Venus in Pisces woman to become jealous, but this is usually based on her fear that her partner will leave her, which would wreck her emotionally. Unlike other placements, she can’t separate from her emotions.

While the Venus in Pisces woman hates feeling jealous (because it sends her emotions spiraling), she might enjoy seeing her partner feel jealous or possessive once in a while.

You’ll know that the Venus in Pisces woman has settled down and found true love when she begins making realistic plans.

Turn-ons for this woman include deep, emotional bonding, as well as her partner noticing her idiosyncrasies. She might like her partner to be a bit dominant sexually while remaining emotionally attached; it’s hard for the Venus in Pisces woman to have good sex without feeling emotionally involved and loved.

This woman might be a bit shy in bed. She generally wants to please but she may need someone else to give her direction.

It can be difficult for a Venus in Pisces woman to pin down exactly what it is that she desires. Her needs are ever-changing and it’s hard for her to discern what she wants versus what her partner wants.

Her fantasies are intricate and detailed, but it’s difficult for her to actually vocalize or act on them. An open and caring partner who is willing to listen and help the Venus in Pisces woman sort out her desires is necessary to achieve a satisfactory sex life.

How To Master The Venus In Pisces Energy

At its best, Venus in Pisces is all about pure, unconditional love. What a person with Venus in Pisces needs to learn is that this love doesn’t happen instantly.

True love isn’t the romantic “love at first sight” that Venus in Pisces tend to fall into. It takes work and it takes time to truly know another person’s soul. The soul is what the Venus in Pisces person seeks to understand, but it’s on the path to this knowing where they stumble.

Venus in Pisces has the tendency to conform into whatever they think others want. They can usually sense what their partner desires energetically because Venus in Pisces is so sensitive, but the goal is to be comfortable showing their true selves rather than conforming.

It can help a person with Venus in Pisces to work on shielding their energy through various techniques in order to stop conforming to what others want.

With Venus in Pisces, you need to learn how to follow your gut feelings, not your fantasies, in order to develop relationships at the soul level.

Other Venus Signs:

Famous People With Venus In Pisces:

There are many famous people with Venus in Pisces! You’ll notice that most of the celebrities on this list are passionate and artistic, but many of them also live in a slightly different reality.

  • Martin Luther King
  • Justin Bieber
  • Kurt Cobain
  • Heath Ledger
  • Emma Watson
  • Kristen Stuart
  • Michelle Obama
  • Vincent van Gogh
  • Celine Dion
  • Orlando Bloom
  • Penélope Cruz
  • Kourtney Kardashian
  • Victoria Beckham
  • Michelle Pfeiffer
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Camila Cabello
  • Zooey Deschanel
  • Dakota Fanning
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Frédéric Chopin
  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Victor Hugo
  • Barbra Streisand
  • James McAvoy
  • Kate Hudson
  • Billie Holiday
  • Hugh Hefner
  • Lily Collins