The Top 5 Fame Placement Indicators In the Natal Chart

The top questions I get when I’m reading someone’s birth chart are about love, marriage, money, and fame. This is always pretty surprising to me. I completely understand the first 3 topics, but fame is always a funny one to get when percentage wise, so few people will be famous in this world.

We all picture blockbuster movie stars, but fame in the birth chart can refer to so many things. You can find internet fame, scandal fame, and even negative fame as a criminal or other adverse position in the birth chart.

Regardless of the type of fame, there are a few main placements that indicate fame. More of these of course mean that you’re more likely to get that fame, but you’ll need to look at the birth chart as a whole to see a clear picture.

Here are the top placements for fame in the birth chart!

The MC and 10th House

The Midheaven (MC) and 10th house show a person’s public image in the birth chart, so this house is always the first place I look when I’m reading a chart for fame.

The signs that tend to create the most public fame in this chart are Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius. Each has a different type of fame; Scorpio is more expressive, Aquarius is humanitarian, and Leo is just straight up famous (sometimes for almost no reason).

The planets that show up in this house are important as well. The planets I find to be the most impactful are:

Sun — Your Personality
Moon — Your Emotions
Mercury — Your Words
Venus — Your Creativity
Mars — Your Ambition/Power
Jupiter — Your Knowledge/Success.
North Node — Your Soul’s Purpose

I find that each planet will showcase in what way the fame will come to you as well as what the public sees as most important about you.

Any strong conjunctions or aspects to these planets will further clarify this picture.

Placements at 5°, 17°, and 29°

These three degrees are super important in astrology and are called critical degrees. Generally, this means that the planet and sign are emphasized further. I could go into this a lot more, but for our purposes here, just keep in mind that these degrees are important in fame astrology.

I tend to look for these degrees in any planet in Leo, in the 1st house, or in the 10th house. Leo is quite literally the sign of fame, while the first house shows the outer self and the 10th house shows the public image.

The 11th House

The 10th house is all about public image, but the 11th house is about friends and groups. This can represent large group followings or even cult followings, whether in a positive or negative way.

Strong placements (planets and/or signs) can either mean very popular or famous. You’ll need to evaluate aspects and the rest of your chart to see what fits.

Look especially for Gemini, Leo, and Aquarius in the 11th house. Strong planets will be the same as the 10th house (see above).

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Conjunctions Between 10th and 11th House Planets

The 10th and 11th houses can independently signal fame, but a conjunction between the two houses can be an indicator of a life in the spotlight as well.

For example, let’s pretend you have Mars in the 10th house and Uranus in the 11th house, and they’re within 5 degrees in the same sign. These planets are conjunct. This can sometimes point to fame, because the 10th house is your public image but the 11th house is your friend group or fanbase. If both of these planets have fame aspects and are conjunct, the odds of fame are pretty good.

This is especially true if the planets are in a sign that can signal fame, although notoriety is possible with any sign. Leo is the most classic sign for straight up fame, but less obvious signs (such as Libra or Cancer) can indicate fame stardom for different reasons.

The 5th House

The 5th house is the house of Leo. It’s most well-known for it’s indications about children, but the 5th house also has to do with fame, theater, and anything related to the spotlight.

I often find a lot of prominent 5th house placements in charts of people who are on Broadway or find fame in some sort of live performance way. Be aware that the 5th house can also bring more ego than other placements, depending on the planet.

Look to the planet and sign to see how the fame might manifest. For example, prominent Mercury placements might have to do with poetry or science (due to the mind), while Jupiter may have to do with beliefs, spirituality, or religious fame.

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Leo In Prominent Placements

Of course, I can’t finish this post without mentioning Leo all on it’s own. Leo is simply the sign of fame. A celebrity with a lot of Leo placements will often be famous for almost no reason; people with lots of Leo have a magnetic quality that just can’t be explained. They draw others to them and often have a natural birthright to the spotlight.

Leo can indicate fame in so many areas that I couldn’t possibly list them all. I will put down a few here, but remember that the more Leo placements you find, the more likelihood there is for fame to exist in the chart.

Here are some of the Leo placements I see a lot in celebrities’ charts:

  • Leo Sun and/or Ascendant
  • Leo North Node
  • Mars in Leo (especially when conjunct another planet or in a prominent house)
  • Venus in Leo
  • Leo Midheaven

Got questions about placements in your chart and what they mean for fame astrology? Drop them in the comments and we’ll be sure to take a look!