Pallas Astrology: How You Solve Problems

pallas astrology sign

I admit it: I have a soft spot for asteroids in the birth chart. Although many astrologers don’t think that asteroids are all that important, I find that asteroids fill in those blank spots where the chart just doesn’t make sense. For me, Pallas astrology is extremely important because it gives so much insight into how we solve problems.

I find that Pallas in astrology shows our source of intelligence, creativity, and personal power. But more than that, Pallas shows how we use these qualities to solve problems and identify patterns.

These Pallas qualities are key abilities that you probably use every single day, at work, in relationships, at school, or at home.

Who Is Pallas In Astrology?

There are various myths about Pallas-Athene. Some consider the asteroid to represent the Titan Pallas, some think it represents the goddess Athena, and still other astrologers believe that the asteroid is a combination of both.

There is much more information on Athena, so most of the qualities of the asteroid Pallas are related to her, rather than the Titan god Pallas. Athena killed Pallas in battle; some believe that she took on some of his qualities, thus the asteroid Pallas represents a mix of both, but is Athenian in nature.

Pallas in astrology is the independent strategist. It represents how we’re able to see patterns, what patterns we recognize, and how we solve puzzles.

I find that Pallas astrology can show so many parts of our intellect. A writer may use Pallas to come up with creative storylines and to piece the story together, while a manager will use Pallas to solve on-the-job problems.

You probably use your Pallas to solve not only job-related problems, but relationship puzzles, day-to-day problems (such as how to organize your closet), and even problems within yourself, like how you feel about a certain situation.

Pallas qualities can be fully conscious, subconscious, or unconscious. We use Pallas to make split second decisions (that we aren’t even aware of), but we also pull from our Pallas sign when we’re making long term decisions, like where to buy a house or how to get a promotion.

Additionally, Pallas can represent the manner in which we respect our opponents. It can even have something to do with how we view the men in our lives, but this isn’t true for every placement, so you’ll have to see if this is true for you.

If you’re someone who takes vengeance, Pallas will show how you do that. For example, someone with Pallas in Aries will get revenge physically, while someone with Pallas in Cancer will get emotional vengeance (maybe through the form of blackmail or guilt).

Pallas will show you how to better solve problems. It will also show what area of your spirituality you need to tap into in order to solve problems more efficiently. Earth signs will solve problems using the senses, fire signs by taking action, air signs through logic and claircognizance, and water signs through psychism and emotions.

In general, Pallas-Athene will give you insight on how you can best strategize, plan, and focus. It can be extremely useful to learn about Pallas astrology for a variety of reasons!

How To Find Pallas In Your Natal Chart:

Pallas probably won’t show up if you download a free chart online because Pallas is an asteroid. Most basic charts won’t take Pallas into account.

My astrology software (I use iPhemeris) does show Pallas; yours may or may not, depending on what software you use.

If you can’t locate Pallas to see what sign and house this asteroid is in on your chart, use this calculator: it’s super accurate!

For reference, this is what the Pallas astrology symbol looks like in your chart:

The Discovery Of Pallas Astrology

The asteroid Pallas was discovered just after Ceres, making it the 2nd asteroid to be discovered in 1802.

Pallas is named after Pallas-Athene, the goddess of wisdom, courage, warfare, strategy, and skill. Pallas is based on a goddess, but as most of us know from mythology, Athena is a strong feminine force to be reckoned with. Although Pallas is technically a feminine asteroid, the manifestation of these qualities is often androgynous in nature.

Pallas-Athene is less aggressive than many other planets, but her wisdom makes her capable of defeating even Mars. Pallas represents the strategy behind warfare rather than the brute strength.

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Pallas In The Signs:

I find that your Pallas astrology sign is super important when you’re looking at the chart as a whole.

Because Pallas astrology can be complicated, it might be helpful to first read your Pallas astrology sign (and learn it) before delving into Pallas in the houses, which is below this section.

Pallas In Aries:

If you have Pallas in Aries, you’re adept at solving problems quickly. You’re not very good at pondering an issue for hours; the solution will either come to you or it won’t. Often, the solution might feel pretty random, but you don’t mind trying out different ideas to see what works.

You probably don’t like waiting to solve an issue with Pallas in Aries. Your creativity comes in spurts, so you need to act when you get an idea.

Competition can be the driving force behind your problem-solving abilities. You might feel like your brain gets turned on when you’re facing a competitor.

You’re not afraid to dive in and try the fastest solution. You probably execute your ideas best when you work independently or lead a group (instead of allowing someone else to lead or dictate your actions).

Your intellect and understanding of a situation come through motion. If you feel stuck, get up and move or do something different; you won’t find a solution by simply thinking harder.

The one trouble you may have with Pallas in Aries is lack of follow-through. It’s easy for you to come up with dynamic answers, but much more difficult to see the project through and actually implement the solution.

You might find that it’s easy for you to forget about a problem entirely when you get stuck. Your Pallas astrology wisdom doesn’t extend to planning, which probably isn’t your strong suit (unless your chart has many other planning-friendly aspects).

Pallas in Aries is certainly strong. There is a desire to fight and to win; you’re mentally tough.

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Pallas In Taurus:

If you have Pallas in Taurus, you definitely don’t solve problems immediately, but you usually get to the heart of the issue eventually. You need a bit of time to plan and attack a problem, however you won’t stop until it’s solved.

You’re methodical and patient with Pallas in Taurus. Usually, your problem-solving abilities and intelligence are rooted in basic common sense. You recognize patterns over time because they just start to make sense to you.

I think of Pallas in Taurus a bit like a judge. You build on tradition (like a judge rules based on precedence) and are pretty conservative when it comes to how you solve problems. When in doubt, look to the history.

You also use your senses quite a bit to solve problems. Pallas in Taurus is very earthly and grounded; if you’re struggling to solve a problem, try working through the issue using your senses instead of simple logic.

Sometimes, these folks are very good at working with their hands, although this will depend on the rest of the chart.

It’s much easier for Pallas in Taurus people to solve problems when they feel physically safe. These people do need to work on seeing the bigger picture instead of getting stuck in the details.

Pallas In Gemini:

If you have Pallas in Gemini, you definitely have a sharp mind. You may or may not be the smartest person in the room, but you can push at a problem from all sides until you figure out a solution.

Sometimes, those with Pallas in Gemini can be a bit scattered. Again, Pallas in Gemini doesn’t make the most intelligent individual (look to other placements for straight up intellect) but does make the individual sharp and sometimes a bit cunning. These are the people who will go over and over a problem until there’s a clear solution.

With Pallas in Gemini, you’re probably good at multi-tasking. You can easily learn many new things at once. You like to juggle many intellectual and creative problems or you can get bored, or sometimes even depressed.

You may be good at solving problems having to do with words if you have Pallas in Gemini. This can manifest in many ways. Some people with Pallas in Gemini do a ton of research to solve a problem, some write about it until they get it, and others talk it over.

These people can see patterns with words where others cannot, although they may be less gifted in scientific areas.

Opposite viewpoints aren’t a problem to those with Pallas in Gemini. These folks enjoy looking at things from all angles and going over it until they can solve it.

Those with Pallas in Gemini can sometimes turn to drugs or alcohol when bored, although this depends on the other placements as well. It’s important that those with Pallas in Gemini stay mentally stimulated.

If you have Pallas in Gemini, you probably value your creativity and intellect. You might be attracted to these values in others, as well. Being able to speak the truth might be important to you; freedom of speech contributes to your healing process and words are quite important to you.

Depending on the placement, Pallas in Gemini can indicate talent for writing, speaking, reading, poetry, etc.

Pallas In Cancer:

With Pallas in Cancer, you’re good at finding empathetic solutions to problems. You’re very skilled at reading other people’s emotions and understanding emotions in general.

You can easily spot patterns in other people’s relationships due to your emotional intelligence. This may be a natural skill for you or it may have been learned in childhood.

With Pallas in Cancer, you may feel that almost any problem can be solved through looking at the emotions behind the issue. You certainly don’t use straight up logic; it just doesn’t work for you.

You may also solve problems using your intuition with Pallas in Cancer. When you have a hunch about something, you’re often correct, and acting on your gut feeling yields results.

Those with Pallas in Cancer are emotionally intelligent and understand empathy, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they possess it. At its worst, this placement can be a bit manipulative, but at its best, the individual is full of empathy and emotional intelligence.

These folks are able to make others feeling important or discarded with ease because of how they intuitively understand human reactions and emotions. They are, at their best, observant and responsive of the most basic human needs.

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Pallas In Leo:

Pallas in Leo is a really useful placement to have! If you have Pallas in Leo, your intelligence lies in your ability to read other people and respond using your own charisma.

You might be good at making other people laugh or at entertaining. Alternatively, you can easily read what other people want and give it to them without seeming obvious.

Sometimes, these individuals are instead artistically intelligent or into some form of artistic expression.

Pallas in Leo gives you the drive to learn, most likely to manage yourself socially, but it isn’t a naturally intelligence placement.

It might be hard for you to see patterns objectively and view a situation logically outside your own lens. You are, however, very gifted at solving problems using your charisma. You can spin a situation in a way that makes sense for you.

Self-expression, art, creativity, or romance may be very important to you with this placement.

Pallas In Virgo:

If you have Pallas in Virgo, you’re very analytical and practical. You’re great at breaking things down and creating order out of chaos. You analyze a problem, create a solution, and then implement the solution one step at a time until the issue is resolved.

You’re also very good at putting a protocol in place so that the issue doesn’t occur again. With Pallas in Virgo, you can quickly separate the good stuff from the bad stuff and can quickly perceive patterns.

Your Pallas in Virgo placement helps you to bring peace to the work place. You generally run a tight ship, if you’re able to see the bigger picture. One flaw is that you may get too stuck in the details, making it difficult for you to be a leader.

Some individuals with Pallas in Virgo are very successful leaders if they have other placements that allow them to see the big picture. Others are more successful as the right-hand of the boss. These folks are good at seeing the positive qualities in others and putting people in the right positions in the workplace.

Pallas in Virgo individuals can excel in a variety of areas. Some of those folks enjoy manual work or craftsmanship due to their meticulous natures, while others are good at managing mental projects or putting new structures into place. Others still excel in the healing arts because they easily can pick out areas of weakness.

At their worst, those with Pallas in Virgo can be a bit judgmental about how things are done. They often feel that there is a right way and a wrong way to solve a problem, and they are critical of those who solve it “incorrectly.”

If you have Pallas in Virgo, you’re great at recognizing patterns and picking out information. You’re sure to excel if you can choose an area of work where these skills are utilized.

Pallas In Libra:

Pallas in Libra is an especially interesting placement. If you have Pallas in Libra, you seek intellectual balance. You always have to look at both sides of the coin and can’t make a decision without first examining the possible outcomes.

I find that those with Pallas in Libra generally solve problems by deciding what’s fair. Even though they’re good at reading emotions, they won’t involve their own emotions too much in the decision making process.

With Pallas in Libra, you may be willing to repress your needs for the needs of the group. You understand harmony. You can easily perceive social patterns and use them to your advantage intellectually.

When Pallas in Libra is well-aspected, you have a well-balanced mind, but if you see a lot of negative aspects, you may have difficulty finding intellectual balance and problem-solving.

Sometimes, people with Pallas in Libra have a talent for art. They are able to intellectually understand how artwork can be harmonious. These people may be creative in other related fields as well, although much of this will depend on the house placement.

Pallas In Scorpio:

With Pallas in Scorpio, you can see through “smoke and mirrors” to get to the root of any problem. You’re good at solving rather mysterious problems that don’t seem to have a logical explanation.

You are adept at figuring out secrets and obscure patterns. Pallas in Scorpio is certainly the classic mystery detective.

With Pallas in Scorpio, you fixate on a problem with your whole being. The answer to your problems often lies deep within. To solve a problem, it can often help you to retreat until the answer comes to you. It’s almost as if the solutions come straight from the Universe.

Your intelligence is less than logical, but you’re still right quite often. You’re nearly unbeatable when you set your mind to figuring out a problem.

Those with Pallas in Scorpio can easily read between the lines to find the hidden truth. They can get to the core of the matter very quickly. Sometimes, these folks are born healers because they heal the issue itself, not just the symptoms.

In other cases, these folks solve mysteries, are involved in the occult, or simply use their intuition in another manner. They can have a talent for managing finances as well, although this is not a rule and will depend on the combination of other placements.

It can be really difficult to hide anything from someone who has Pallas in Scorpio. They can almost always spot the truth, even when dealing with someone who is a skilled liar.

In retrograde, Pallas in Scorpio is especially stunted compared to other Pallas astrology signs. Their gut instincts may be blocked or they may feel that they can simply never know the truth. Alternatively, they feel that they lack typical logical intelligence but cannot figure out how to make up for this.

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Pallas In Sagittarius:

If you have Pallas in Sagittarius, you seek wisdom through philosophy. Even if something makes logical sense, you can’t understand it if it doesn’t feel right to you.

You like to look at the big picture. Your intellect and problem solving abilities are tied up in philosophy, spirituality, or religion. You simply can’t separate the arts from the science.

With Pallas in Sagittarius, you look at the big picture and ignore the small details. You will step up to the plate to solve a problem no matter how large it is. You often have a strong moral compass, which comes from whatever philosophy you base your morals on.

You might enjoy doing research to solve your problems, although you generally look to advice that feels right rather than logical.

Those with Pallas in Sagittarius almost always try to share their wisdom when they have it. They want to shout what they have learned from the rooftops, whether the advice is desired or not.

Pallas In Capricorn:

If you have Pallas in Capricorn, you’re good at following the rules and creating a plan. You believe in law and order, especially in the area (the house) where your Pallas astrology sign sits, and you’re able to work best in a structured environment.

With Pallas in Capricorn, you prefer to work on practical, material problems that you can solve completely. You often understand things better when you can see them physically and you’re good at using your senses to solve issues.

Regardless of the house, you will need a structured mental perception in order to solve a problem. You also need lots of time to adequately plan and then conquer, but you’re good at seeing things through.

If you have Pallas in Capricorn and find yourself stuck, you will discover wisdom in the past. Go through history, philosophy, law, science, etc. and find what has worked before then build on it.

Pallas In Aquarius:

Pallas in Aquarius is an especially interesting placement. With Pallas in Aquarius, your mind is extremely different.

You solve problems in unusual ways; your intelligence isn’t linear, but you can often come up with the right answer out of the blue.

With Pallas in Aquarius, you’re typically logical and unique. These placements can come off as a little genius or crazy. You find intelligent, weird solutions that other people just can’t follow.

There can be a lot of social pressure surrounding Pallas in Aquarius. If you feel too different or weird, especially in school or while growing up, you may start avoiding “intelligence” altogether. Your methods are certainly not normal.

I find that half of the time, these placements are fascinated by science and technology, at least on some level. The other half of Pallas in Aquarius individuals avoid anything that remind them of intelligence.

Occasionally, Pallas in Aquarius individuals can see into the future. They might use psychic gifts or futuristic energy to solve problems.

Pallas In Pisces:

If you have Pallas in Pisces, your intellect is tied to your emotion. Sometimes, this also means that the way you reason out a problem is bound to your emotional scars. Your past has a larger emotional impact on you than most.

You have the tendency to dream rather than do. With Pallas in Pisces, you may find that you solve problems in a way that appeases others, or alternatively in a manner that makes you feel better emotionally.

There isn’t much logic involved in your problem-solving. The solution needs to feel good in some way, whether you feel satisfied for the sake of others or for yourself.

To solve deeper problems, work on peering into the unconscious self. When you solve an issue using your outer emotional reactions, you will often be wrong, but you also have a strong unconscious self which is almost always right.

Pallas in Pisces has the ability to heal with empathy and love, but it can also cause the individual to become unfocused, scattered, and sometimes even selfish. Work on your understanding and empathy and recognize that you must harness your emotions to work with Pallas in Pisces rather than stuff them down.

Pallas In The Houses:

Although I find that Pallas astrology in the signs is far more impactful than Pallas in the houses, it is still important to put both together. I recommend reading the description for your Pallas astrology sign first, then flavoring that description using the qualities of the house.

Pallas in the 1st House

If you have Pallas in the 1st house, you may find that the qualities of Pallas are integral to who you are and how you appear.

You approach the world using strategic thinking. Look to the sign that your Pallas is in and see how it shows up in your outer personality. With Pallas in the 1st house, you really can’t hide these qualities from the world.

In females, Pallas in the 1st house can sometimes indicate an androgynous appearance or a distaste for gendered clothing, although this will depend on what other planets appear in the first house as well as the sign that Pallas in the 1st house is in.

Pallas in the 2nd House

Pallas in the 2nd house is all about values and resources. If you have Pallas in the 2nd house, you probably have an ability to organize and arrange what you value (regardless of what that might be).

For example, you might be able to recognize financial trends and use this to your advantage (if you value money), or you might instead reject money and live a strictly non-material existence, but the things that you do own will be perfectly organized and have a logical use.

Of course, Pallas in the 2nd house will depend quite a lot on the Pallas astrology sign that this asteroid is in.

For example, with Pallas in Cancer, you’re good at reading other people’s emotions. You probably know how to organize and play on these emotions in order to achieve a material gain or to maintain a level of emotional security in a relationship.

With Pallas in Capricorn (the exact opposite of Cancer), you’re bound to be much more financially-inclined. You might be very good at making money or organizing your finances, or you might instead be good at organizing a business and hiring the right managers to grow profits.

Regardless of the sign your Pallas in the 2nd house sits in, you may benefit from visualization to help you strengthen your innate wisdom. There is great potential for manifestation with Pallas in the 2nd house,

Pallas in the 3rd House

If you have Pallas in the 3rd house, you probably have more success solving problems that are day-to-day concerns instead of big picture matters.

I find that Pallas in the 3rd house often indicates brilliance in some way (look to the Pallas astrology sign to see how), but it can also indicate that you have trouble fitting in with your surroundings and with people your own age in childhood.

Regardless, anyone will Pallas in the 3rd house is definitely sharp mentally. You might be creative, or you might be apt with words. You have strong intellect and an inquisitive mind; you never stop solving problems in your head.

Pallas in the 4th House

If you have Pallas in the 4th house, your ability to see patterns and solve problems is greatest when you go back to your roots. This may mean that you quite literally go home, or it might mean that you remember what you learned in childhood and solve problems through the lens of your past.

Pallas in the 4th house can also mean that you draw your intelligence from the domain of the unconscious mind.

Alternatively, Pallas in the 4th house may mean that you learned the traits of Pallas astrology (including the sign your Pallas is in) from one of your parents. Your parent may have embodied these traits, or they might have instead taught you to embody them.

Lastly, Pallas in the 4th house might imply psychic abilities or a deep empathy or emotional connection to others or the universe.

Pallas in the 5th House

If you have Pallas in the 5th house, you solve problems creatively. You probably work with strategy when you come upon a tough puzzle, but coming up with new, inventive ideas is how you get to the answer.

You’re good at finding patterns; you need to focus on patterns instead of blindly choosing. For example, people with Pallas in the 5th house are often good at gambling because they can pick out patterns in real time. People with this placement are also good at playing with children because they have a knack for creativity.

If you’re using your Pallas in the 5th house to the best of your abilities, then you probably create in a structured way. Celebrities with Pallas in the 5th house are everything from inventors to playwrights.

I also find that these folks can do well in management. They come up with inventive solutions to problems that seem ingenious to everyone else.

Lastly, Pallas in the 5th house can mean that you tend to fall in love with, or be attracted to, people who embody the qualities of your Pallas sign in some way. You definitely love a sharp mind!

Pallas in the 6th House

Pallas in the 6th house means that you’re good at solving day-to-day problems. You can easily recognize patterns and come up with solutions as problems arise.

With this placement, Pallas is a constant in your life. Your Pallas astrology sign is just how you function everyday.

With Pallas in the 6th house, you might like to rearrange things daily, be perfectionistic with how you clean your house, or you might instead work with patterns in your daily job.

Look to the sign that your Pallas astrology sits in for more information regarding how Pallas shows up for you day-to-day.

If this doesn’t seem to fit, it may instead mean that you need daily exercise for your mind.

Pallas in the 7th House

If you have Pallas in the 7th house, you might not embody a lot of the qualities of your own Pallas sign. Instead, you look for a partner who has a lot of Pallas qualities, especially in your Pallas astrology sign.

Your potential partners may be very good at solving problems, spotting patterns, and using their wit in general. Pallas in the 7th house usually means you’ll need an intelligent partner, but look to your Pallas astrology sign to see how that intelligence will manifest.

Alternatively, you might find it easier to solve problems with 2 heads instead of 1. For example, you could have a lot of trouble figuring out an issue at work, but when you talk it over with a colleague you can easily come to a conclusion.

Sometimes, Pallas in the 7th house can imply counseling or mediating skills. You may be great at working with interpersonal relationships.

Occasionally, people with Pallas in the 7th house might have difficulty expressing their gender or sexuality in a way that feels comfortable.

Pallas in the 8th House

Pallas in the 8th house means that your mind functions well in the realm of the unconscious and while doing secretive work. You might have a knack for figuring out secrets or weaving a web of lies that no one else will detect.

You’re able to see patterns in unconscious thoughts and actions with Pallas in the 8th house. For example, you might deduce personal details about someone from noticing the topics that they avoid.

If the rest of the chart supports it, then Pallas in the 8th house can indicate healing abilities or an inclination towards healing professions (either mental, emotional, or physical healing). Alternatively, it can mean that the individual is really good with money and finances, mainly by seeing patterns.

With Pallas in the 8th house, you might even solve problems by using psychism or intuition.

Pallas in the 8th house can sometimes mean that your sexuality isn’t often expressed, especially when young.

Pallas in the 9th House

With Pallas in the 9th house, you’re better at solving larger-scale problems than working on day-to-day matters. I find that people with Pallas in the 9th house solve problems by using either their education or their philosophy.

If you’re the first type, you solve problems using things that you’ve learned. Sometimes, this might be from a formal education (such as university), but it could also be through self-education. This is an excellent placement for a college professor, however you can be educated in any field and use your knowledge accordingly.

If you’re the second type, you solve problems using your world-view and your philosophy. You try to figure out “what it all means” in the greater complex and solve a problem in a way that feels right.

I find that Pallas in the 9th house folks are often involved in philosophical, religious, legal, or political careers. Even if they’re not, they probably have strong opinions about these areas.

Pallas in the 10th House

Pallas in the 10th house can be very beneficial if you’re a “career person.” You will have great solving problem abilities (especially in your specific Pallas astrology sign) and intelligence relating to career and to your public image.

You’re probably good at solving problems relating to your career or public image. You use strategic thinking and wisdom.

You might have a desire to achieve some type of success or recognition. Your job or work may be very important to you, but this will of course depend on the sign that Pallas sits in.

If you’re someone who struggles with career, I recommend that you figure out how to use your Pallas sign. This can give you a boost to get to the next level.

Sometimes, the 10th house can also mean that one of your parents (typically the father but sometimes just the stronger, more forceful parent) taught you the qualities of your Pallas sign.

Pallas in the 11th House

With Pallas in the 11th house, your problem solving abilities are enhanced when you’re surrounded by other people. You need to push against the ideas and beliefs of others in order to figure out what’s true for you.

Sometimes, Pallas in the 11th house can mean that you attract friends who are rather low vibration in order for you to figure out what you truly believe. Other times, it can mean that you solve problems best in a group, using the “two heads are better than one” mentality. You might need to talk about a problem to other people before you have a solution.

Alternatively, your creativity might manifest in social causes. You may feel very passionate about solving the problems of the world rather than your own, and you probably have a lot of ideas about how to make the world a better place (with the strategic though processes to back these ideas up).

Lastly, I find that sometimes people with Pallas in the 11th house solve problems best by communication with spirit guides and angels, or any type of high-vibrational group that is “beyond the veil.”

Pallas in the 12th House

If you have Pallas in the 12th house, you either suppress your Pallas astrology sign in general or you solve problems through 12th house methods, such as spirituality, psychology, fantasy, and the unconscious mind.

I find that Pallas in the 12th house typically means you won’t have success if you’re trying to solve problems in a straightforward, logical way. Even though it seems like the answer should make sense, it just won’t work out.

Instead, you need to tap into your unconscious mind and the power of the universe. There is always a solution to any problem, but it isn’t something that’s accessible to you through books.

You’re probably very good at recognizing psychological patterns in others as well as energy patterns. You gain wisdom from the unconscious mind. Your intuition and your problem-solving abilities are perfectly linked.

If you don’t see these abilities in yourself, then you’re probably suppressing your Pallas sign and holding back your own problem solving abilities. Work with energy and the unconscious mind to un-tap even more power.

Pallas Astrology: Pallas Retrograde

Pallas retrograde often comes from a past life experience with Pallas-like qualities. I find that most people with Pallas retrograde rushed into things before solving problems in an appropriate manner in a past life, so they now work to correct these issues.

Typically, individuals with Pallas retrograde work much harder than others on Pallas-like qualities. They will work to develop patience, to strategize, and to plan before moving. Sometimes, these people have an innate thirst for knowledge (especially in the areas of their Pallas astrology sign and/or house) instead of just naturally possessing the knowledge they need.

If you have Pallas retrograde, you might run into road-blocks in your life that make you stop and develop the qualities of your Pallas astrology sign. Even though it might feel difficult, this Pallas retrograde is for your highest purpose.

Alternatively, Pallas retrograde can mean that it’s less apparent to others when you’re solving a problem. You might only work through issues internally and seem to come up with a solution out of thin air.