Moon-Mars Aspects In The Natal Chart

moon-mars aspects in the natal chart

Moon-Mars aspects are all about how your emotions affect your actions.

With some of these aspects, your emotions may drive your actions, while other times the two parts of yourself conflict. For example, you may do things that are in conflict with your emotions or feel pulled in two different directions.

It’s very important to look at the signs that both the Moon and Mars are in since the astrological signs will shape how these aspects manifest.

Moon Conjunct Mars

With Moon conjunct Mars, passion is a large part of your personality, sometimes to the point of hotheadedness. Your emotions can run you and cause you to take action that you later regret. You may be both impulsive and restless.

Luckily, Moon conjunct Mars can help when you need to do something that scares you. Once you find the emotional reason for doing something, you’re not afraid to dive in and get the job done.

This aspect means that you have trouble hiding your emotions. Usually, you need to actually share your emotions with others in order to get them off your chest. You may find it really difficult to hide what you’re feeling, though your emotions can sometimes burst out in the form of a temper tantrum.

Moon conjunct Mars means that you are a generally rash person. You need to get your emotions “out” or you’ll implode, but this can harm others when they bear the brunt of your outbursts. Depending on the sign of this conjunction, your temper can rise up quickly and dissipate just as swiftly, leaving others reeling in your wake.

The upside of this personality trait is that you’re also pretty honest, if only because you simply can’t hide how you feel. Your feelings show through your actions.

You are the classic definition of a “hothead” with Moon conjunct Mars, at least in the area of this conjunction; look to the house that Moon conjunct Mars sits in to determine where these characteristics will most show themselves. You may also find that you’re especially passionate, expressive, brave, or sexual in these areas. You know how to take initiative and certainly don’t lack the energy to get something started.

With Moon conjunct Mars natal, you can feel a lot of pressure to perform, take action, and make something of yourself. This can put you on the defensive if others question your actions. While much of this will depend on the exact placement, there is a tendency for you to struggle with the criticisms’ of others. 

You may have trouble seeing other people’s emotions clearly because you’re always caught up in your own emotions and actions. You’re probably loyal to others when you see it, but you may not be the most observant, especially when you’re in the grips of your own emotional issues. Moon conjunct Mars can lend some “Aries” vibes to the native. You don’t mean to run over others but are simply too excitable to slow down and really see what’s going on.

This conjunction tends to make your emotional reactions aggressive rather than passive-aggressive, though this will be influenced by the sign and degree of your Moon. Most of the time, you’re very forward: both passionate and aggressive. This can be a really great thing if you can channel this energy for your career.

With Moon conjunct Mars, you need to get your emotional energy out. It’s important that you find a way to do this or you’ll literally implode and may take your aggression out on other people. At the very worst, you can descend into madness. Focus on using this aspect to motivate yourself and further your own goals.

It’s also important that you learn how to express your emotions in a clear way. Sometimes, Mars will cloud the Moon and make your emotions feel too difficult to actually enunciate, so you simply explode without really explaining how you feel, making it impossible for others to understand you. Work on developing emotional intelligence and using your Mars to push yourself towards giving a real explanation instead of fueling your temper.

With Moon conjunct Mars, you ultimately have a lot of energy that can be channeled for good or bad. You must get the energy out, but it is up to you to determine how you do this.

Moon Trine Mars

The Moon trine Mars aspect in the natal chart indicates that you are emotionally charged. This can be both a positive and a negative aspect. 

Your emotions fuel your energy, so you find it easy to accomplish tasks when you’re excited about the work you’re doing. In fact, certain tasks feel effortless to you because your feelings line up with your actions. You have a strong sense of motivation when you want to.

However, you can also be emotionally reactive. You have a need to express your feelings in totality (without holding back), regardless of whether your feelings are positive or negative. Your emotional energy needs to go somewhere

With just a bit of practice, you can learn how to control and direct your emotions. You do need to get your emotions out but you can choose how to do this. For example, if you don’t know much about your own emotions then you may find that they bubble up and explode at random. But if you put in the world to learn how to describe what you’re feeling then you can be a really effective communicator and can become someone who deals with problems head-on.

Your ability to be blunt is one of your best attributes as long as you use your words kindly. With Moon trine Mars, try to remember that other people have emotions too.

Moon trine Mars indicates that you’re not afraid to feel your own emotions (of all types), making you a passionate person. You may become attached to the people and things you feel strongly about. You can also become a wonderful leader by learning how to motivate people.

Like with most other Moon-Mars aspects, it’s essential that you first learn about your emotions and how to adequately explain/describe them before you can access the best parts of this aspect. You have everything you need to succeed and with a little effort, you can be an extremely effective leader, worker, and motivator! In fact, you can even learn how to use your rage productively.

With Moon trine Mars, you are probably quite sexual and adventurous, at least when you feel like it. Sex and emotions are intrinsically linked for you. Even if you aren’t really dating someone, you still may enjoy emotional intimacy being mixed in with sex. You need some sort of emotional connection to feel complete on a physical level.

You may have more success with a partner who is also strong-willed or you’ll start “running” the relationship. You need someone who can stop you in your tracks and tell you when you’re getting out of hand, otherwise, your temper tantrums can become monumental.

Ultimately, Moon trine Mars indicates a very successful person who isn’t afraid to try new things. Work to master your emotions instead of shutting them down and you’ll find your life grow in numerous ways.

Moon Sextile Mars

Mars sextile Moon indicates passion, bravery, enthusiasm, and potential for success in all areas. The benefits of this aspect include making you more daring, charismatic, sexy, and captivating to the senses. 

Typically, this aspect indicates that you have a way with people. Your expressive and energetic nature makes you quite popular. Other people are drawn to the balance of emotional energy within you. Unlike the trine and the conjunction, you don’t have massive temper tantrums but simply have a warm and pleasing energy.

This aspect has a competitive as well as cooperative element to it. Again, you appear quite balanced. You’re not afraid to go for what you want but don’t need to win against others. This balance with Moon sextile Mars can make you very successful in life.

Taking the lead is a way to express your independence while still being part of the group. You appear courageous and driven but also have regard for others, so most people will accept you as a leader. You’re also quite brave and aren’t afraid to stand up for yourself or others.

Moon sextile Mars means that you don’t like to lose, but you also aren’t likely to blow up. You probably have a bit more strategy than other aspects. You need to prove that you’re successful but you don’t mind fighting multiple challenges to reach your goal.

Keep in mind that with Moon sextile Mars, you have the opportunity to fuel your actions by using your emotions. Go after what you want rather than what you think you need and you’ll be much more successful.

You also have the opportunity to learn how to understand your emotions. The more “therapy” work you do to put labels to your emotions, the more successful you will be.

Moon Opposition Mars

With Moon opposition Mars, the Moon’s emotional needs are at odds with what Mars wants. In one area of the chart, Mars is urged to act, but the Moon is afraid because you believe it’s too dangerous, so the Moon part of your personality tries to stop Mars.

You may experience a push-pull from these two conflicting needs and feel like you struggle to actually do something. You’re likely to feel that your life is very stagnant with Moon opposite Mars.

This usually indicates a parenting issue. Your mother (or other nurturing parent/guardian from childhood) taught you that the world is dangerous. She may have shown you that inaction is better and safer. Now, these subconscious beliefs pervade this area of your life.

With Moon opposite Mars, you have almost taken on a part of your mother as yourself. When she speaks up within you, you struggle to take action. You feel too afraid to override your mother’s fear, even though it is not your own.

Sometimes, your mother might actually be right if you have this aspect. Some of the things your Mars wants can be too dangerous or sudden. Therefore, it’s important that you find a balance that feels right to you.

If you choose to ignore this Moon opposition Mars aspect then you will find that this energy pops up over and over, forcing you to choose. For example, one client of mine (with this aspect) often has relationship dilemmas in her family. One side of the family will do something to the other, who then look to her for answers. She feels unable to speak up to either side or to assert her own boundaries and instead acts out passive-aggressively towards both sides (because the feelings have to go somewhere) but makes no real changes. Over time, we’ve found that it takes a while to heal this aspect. It’s the small, slow growth that matters.

If you aren’t able to take the actions that you want to take then you can find yourself trying to live for others. This is your Moon being activated. It might seem OK at first, but the aggression of Mars builds up inside of you. Eventually, you will get angry and act out, then the cycle begins again.

You must find a balance between action and feelings with Moon opposition Mars. The way to do this is to find yourself. You might always look to others to guide you as your mother did, but you will never really resolve this aspect unless you go inside and find what you want.

Moon opposition Mars indicates that you need to merge these two opposite points by first learning about your emotions (naming them, understanding what you feel, etc.) and then separating your emotions from other people’s. This process will give you the courage to act over time. To heal this aspect, emotional intelligence is absolutely necessary.

Moon Square Mars

Moon square Mars natal makes you passionate, willful, and sometimes even insatiable. You may fear vulnerability and act tougher than you really are inside.

You might be your own worst enemy in some situations. Because of the Moon square Mars aspect, you do not have a healthy outlet to release your emotions. You bottle them up inside until they explode or come out sideways.

Moon square Mars makes you afraid of vulnerability. This is where most of your emotional issues stem from, including your fear of intimacy. You tend to protect yourself through a variety of methods but this does not allow you to have truly close relationships.

The way that Moon square Mars expresses itself can vary. You might act overly tough and aggressive, take massive risks in life, and seem selfish, or be too cautious and a people-pleaser. Either way, you pretend that you don’t have your own sad and scary emotions. You hide any emotions that feel too vulnerable so deep down that they’re impossible to access. 

You might feel that outwardly expressing your anger will hurt the people around you, but your anger instead comes out sideways. You’ll find that with Moon square Mars, you’re never totally successful at suppressing your more negative emotions. The same goes for your sexual desires, which may be difficult for you to express in an authentic way. Again, these come out sideways.

These emotional issues often pop up because of the way that you were nurtured. You may have nurture or “mother” issues that are still affecting you, but you’re too afraid to be vulnerable and to dive into these feelings. This aspect indicates a lot of deep hurts.

With Moon square Mars, you must learn how to express your emotions and act on them in a way that isn’t destructive. Like most other Moon/Mars aspects, you need to develop emotional intelligence through learning about emotions. Figure out what you feel and why on the surface level before delving deeper to your shadow self and bigger hurts. Learn how to actually express your emotions to other people instead of saying what you think they want to hear.

The Moon square Mars aspect suggests a lack of emotional intelligence about yourself because you’re afraid of dealing with the large amounts of pain inside of you. This creates the tendency to avoid your emotions by taking actions that don’t trigger these feelings, but the actual issues never go away.

You will find your true power when you deal with the Moon square Mars aspect head-on. It will be painful and tricky to accomplish, but airing out your deepest hurts will help you live a fuller, happier life where you do what you want.