Juno is a relatively new asteroid in astrology, so it often gets overlooked. In my experience, Juno astrology is incredibly important when you’re looking at what kind of long-term relationship will work for you!

It’s common to look to Venus and/or Mars when you’re trying to read a chart for relationships, but Juno is actually the key when it comes to long-term partnerships. Mars and Venus will show how you flirt or attract a partner, but Juno is what really matters when it comes to sustaining a relationship over time.

Juno will show you what kind of a relationship you need, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the relationship you currently have. It is super useful to help you find a partner who embodies these qualities and develop a relationship that nurtures them!

How to Read Juno Astrology in the Chart

Juno astrology can be very straightforward: you’re looking for the better qualities of that sign in your long-term relationship and in your partner. These qualities will be especially important to you in the house that your Juno falls.

Juno shows the flavor that you need your relationship to take on. Juno in Capricorn in the 6th house means you need a relationship that has structure, especially in everyday life. You also need someone who is self-motivated in career. Juno in Pisces in the 3rd house, however, means that you need someone extremely creative and dreamy, especially in the way they communicate. You may develop a relationship that is based on reading each other’s feelings as a method of communication instead of using blunt, harsh words.

Note that Juno in the natal chart is not what you actually attract, especially if there is a square between Juno and Venus/Mars (in which case you would attract and be attracted to the opposite of what you actually need). Sometimes, it’s very hard to find someone who is compatible with your Juno sign, so it’s a great asteroid to learn more about if you struggle to find your ideal long-term relationship.

Juno can signify the type of partner you want, the type of relationship you need, how you’ll act in a long-term relationship, or (most often) all three.

To begin, you can simply look at what sign and house Juno is in. As you become more advanced with the asteroid, you can start reading the aspects to figure out what areas will come easily and what areas will be more difficult in relationships.

If you’re not sure what your Juno astrology is, keep reading – I linked my favorite Juno sign calculator below.

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Juno Sign Calculator:

If you aren’t sure what Juno is in your natal chart, you need to start with a Juno sign calculator to figure it out. Many free astrology chart sites don’t include Juno because it’s a newer asteroid, so you either need to purchase heavy duty software or use a free specific Juno sign calculator.

If you are interested in purchasing software, I recommend iPhemeris for Mac or Matrix for windows.

This is a great free Juno sign calculator to use if you need to find your Juno sign in the natal chart.

Where Do These Relationship Needs Come From?

In a past life, you were somehow deprived of the qualities that your Juno astrology sign represents. Your past life relationships shape your Juno sign and show you the things that you absolutely need to feel satisfied in a long-term relationship or marriage at this point in your spiritual growth.

If you’re single, you’ll want to try to cultivate a relationship that has these qualities when the time comes. If you’re currently in a relationship or are committed in some form, you can still work to cultivate them even now; see what qualities your relationship naturally has and where the commonalities between your relationship and your Juno astrology sign lie.

In a relationship that doesn’t foster the qualities of the Juno in your natal chart sign, you may start to feel restless or off. There are always ways to cultivate these qualities, but the first step is to learn about what they are.

Juno Astrology In the Signs

Here’s a brief overview of what Juno in the natal chart can mean in each sign. Keep in mind that, when reading your Juno astrology sign, this is the ideal relationship for you to feel content, not the type of relationship you’re necessarily attracting.

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Juno In Aries:

You will need a very bold and direct relationship. You will want your partner to be blunt, and you will need to give clear communication back in order for it to work. You will probably need some degree of independence, and you’ll want to put your own needs above your partner’s when necessary.

Problems must be dealt with upfront and quickly. You won’t like to have long, drawn out emotional sessions, but you may have outbursts between the two of you that are fiery yet short-lived. You’ll want a relationship where you can both forgive and forget. You will also need a degree of impulsivity in the relationship, and will find it fun to get wrapped up in a new venture together on occasion.

You will definitely need someone who isn’t afraid to fight; anyone with a strong Juno in Aries usually doesn’t have very calm relationships. You will also need a good degree of passion with Juno in Aries, since Aries is quite literally fire.

If afflicted, one or both people in the relationship may be extremely short-tempered, or extremely selfish. A Juno in Aries partnership may feel unbalanced or volatile.

At best, the Juno in Aries relationship is comprised of harmony and symmetry between the two partners, but not lacking in passion or excitement.

Juno In Taurus:

You will most likely want to find a partner with a very stable income. Alternatively, you will work incredibly hard together to create a stable income with Juno in Taurus. You will want a relationship that has some sense of routine, where you know what is coming.

Unless the aspects dictate otherwise, you will probably not like explosive fights. Juno in Taurus wants peace and tranquility; you might be very upset when anything disturbs the balance of the relationship. Comfort and stability will be very important in this relationship.

Material things may also play a large role; this relationship could be based largely on cultural etiquette, societal rules, and what the couple wants to appear as to outsiders. On the flip side, it could be a very frugal relationship centered around saving money at all costs.

To transcend and evolve, you will want to focus on creating healthy stability that is neither obsessive nor materialist, but stable in a peaceful, spiritual sense. Juno in Taurus can be incredibly spiritual and connected to nature, but it is up to the couple to cultivate this higher path.

Juno In Gemini:

The Juno in Gemini partnership will be very intellectual. You might look for a partner who is witty or develop rapport with your partner that includes a good amount of sarcasm, banter, or intellectual debate. The Juno in Gemini relationship can be very youthful.

Juno in Gemini can sometimes (definitely not always) signify younger partners. You will at the very least need someone who loves to chat or communicate, usually in the method that you naturally prefer.

You may be a very social couple and spend your fun nights out around other people. You also might like to try lots of different activities and be very intellectually adventurous, or instead play lots of mental board games together. In a Juno in Gemini relationship, you need to feel busy and keep your mind stimulated at all times. Juno in Gemini can be a really fun placement if both partners are committed!

If there are many difficult aspects, the Juno in Gemini relationship might be too unpredictable. Your partner could be unreliable, or noncommittal (even refusing to get married or completely commit). Depending on the house, this can also point to infidelity or multiple long-term relationships.

At its best, the Juno in Gemini relationship is highly intellectual and social. You may thrive off each other intellectual or spend time caring about other people and humanity in some manner.

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Juno In Cancer:

This partnership will be very sensitive, caring, and is often based around the home. The Juno in Cancer partners need to be emotionally aware of each other and to show each other that they care through nurturing acts such as cooking, physical affection, and emotional comfort.

If you have Juno in Cancer, you may feel very strongly about getting married, creating a life together, having children, buying a home, and completing all of the traditional milestones, or you may fall into a relationship where these things are very important.

Loyalty is usually huge in a Cancer in Juno relationship. Most importantly, you need a partner who is emotionally responsive: someone who will be your soft place to fall.

Juno astrology is always dependent on the house, so don’t forget which house your Juno falls in, especially with Juno in Cancer. This placement is generally nurturing and emotionally supportive, but you’ll be looking for this in a specific area. For example, if you find Juno in Cancer in your career house, then only in that area will you need to be nurtured.

If afflicted, the Juno in Cancer relationship can become too needy, dependent, or clingy. There can be an element of “mothering,” or one of the partners (or both) can be overly sentimental to the detriment of living everyday life.

To transcend to the highest level, those with Juno in Cancer will need to focus on and work through their feelings in a way that is logical and factual. These partners must create a relationship that is trustworthy and nurturing without letting feelings completely run the show; honor your feelings and take logic into consideration at the same time.

Juno In Leo:

At its best, the partners in a Juno in Leo relationship shine a spotlight on each other and show the other just how special they believe them to be. If you have Juno in Leo, you might want someone who is expressive and shows love upfront.

Your relationship will need to have quite a bit of warmth on both sides; both partners suffer without feeling the sunlight of the other. Depending on the house, you will be shining stars in some way, whether to each other or in the public eye. You will need your partner to be playful, creative, and loving.

Mutual charisma between the two of you will be very important. You will need romance in the relationship more than others signs may, and coldness will quickly cause the relationship to deteriorate.

Sometimes, those with Juno in Leo want to hold a position of power/fame or be with a spouse who does, but this isn’t always the case. Look to the house that Juno in Leo falls in to see exactly where you need these expressive qualities.

When Juno in Leo has difficult aspects, one or both partners can become a little overwhelming. One can easily outshine the other, become bossy, or demand a lot of attention. When afflicted, Juno in Leo can cause super melodramatic relationship.

At its best, someone with Juno in Leo is able to remain grounded in logic while expressing their romantic feelings and building connection in a partnership.

Juno In Virgo:

The Juno in Virgo relationship is one of the most stable day-to-day. It’s a very practical relationship that functions by giving to the other in a selfless manner. It can also have to do with daily tasks, routines, and simple expressions of love such as doing the dishes.

Practicality is the name of the game in the Virgo Juno relationship. You will show love through tangible means, and while your other signs might make you want grand romantic gestures, it is the little things that will really fulfill you in a long-term relationship. The Juno in Virgo relationship is always about the truth. Neither partner needs extra fluff, because they are focused on finding and explaining the truth to each other at all times.

If you have Juno in Virgo, you will need someone who notices and appreciates all of the small qualities that make you who you are. They will need to remind you that you’re perfect every day, and love everything about you, even your imperfections.

With Juno in Virgo, you also need a partner who can balance you out. A relationship that becomes volatile or emotional won’t work well for you; slow and steady wins the race with Juno in Virgo.

When Juno is afflicted, one or both of the partners can be too critical, especially in the area of the house Juno is in. Either partner can also be a workaholic, or have some kind of intense OCD.

At its best, a Juno in Virgo relationship is grounded, truthful without becoming critical, and safe. These partners have the potential to become very spiritual, especially through connection with Mother Earth.

Juno In Libra:

Those with Juno in Libra want a stable, balanced relationship. They like to resolve things gently without any anger and will need their partner to do the same.

If you have Juno in Libra, your biggest need in a long-term partnership is someone who can communicate well and settle any dispute before it gets out of hand. You may also want a beautiful partnership that is almost artistic in nature, and might love doing these types of activities together (relating to music, art, beauty, etc.). This can be a really loving and harmonious partnership! You will need a partner who is charming, social, and who has an artistic eye.

An unbalanced relationship will feel wrong to you if you have Juno in Libra; you need total equality. For example, if one partner earns all of the money in the relationship, the individual with Juno in Libra will feel off kilter unless they can somehow balance this out (either by earning money themselves or contributing equally to the relationship in a different way).

When Juno in Libra is afflicted, the partners can become deceitful in order to keep the peace and may never reveal their true selves but play a facade. They can also be indecisive or manipulative.

At best, those with Juno in Libra become brave enough to resolve relationship issues by openly discussing them and work to cultivate total balance in the relationship without avoiding issues.

Juno In Scorpio:

A Juno in Scorpio relationship will be very deep. The partners will have a vast emotional connection, and may be super passionate. Depending on the house and aspects, a Juno in Scorpio partnership may completely transform you.

You will need a partner who is intense, strong, and involved. There can be a lot of emotional up and downs with a Juno in Scorpio relationship, as well as a robust and sometimes slightly different or power-driven sex life. You will bare your soul to your partner and expect the same in return.

A Juno in Scorpio relationship can start to feel like it’s all or nothing. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing in Juno astrology, as both of the partners can be extremely loyal to each other and develop a really deep bond. If one of the partners feels that the other isn’t loyal, that will definitely throw the whole relationship off.

When afflicted, the Juno in Scorpio relationship can cause issues with possessiveness, jealousy, or control.  The relationship can be overbearing or self-destructive. Look to the house to see where this possessiveness may occur.

It its best, the Juno in Scorpio relationship is loyal, emotional, and deep, but not possessive. Each of the partners need to be self-assured enough to cope with life’s daily stressors separate from their partner while still maintaining the crucial Juno in Scorpio bond. In difficult cases, Juno in Scorpio couples can benefit tremendously from therapy.

Don’t forget how transformative this relationship can be; often, a Juno in Scorpio relationship will be painful at first but will change you for the better.

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Juno In Sagittarius:

The main element of the Juno in Sagittarius relationship will be freedom. If you have Juno in Sagittarius, then you probably want to have your own interests and won’t care if your partner has their own. You understand that you have different things you need to complete during this lifetime, but you want to do it side-by-side.

Sometimes, the Juno in Sagittarius relationship can be quite spiritual, philosophical, or religious. Look to the house as this will determine the area where the couple both needs freedom and loves to explore. The partner may also be a foreigner or take frequent trips. You will probably want to travel with your partner and try new things; you love to be impressed by new situations. You are probably fun-loving and need a partner who is open to this side of you.

You will need someone who challenges you intellectually. This person will push beyond their own childhood limitations or trauma, and will encourage you to do the same. Above all, they will inspire you to follow your dreams, and will often spend their whole life following their own, no matter how large they are. Often, the Juno person needs a Sagittarius-like partner to break most of oppression, whether from religion, culture, society, or self-imposed.

I find that Juno in Sagittarius people usually choose partners who come from a different cultural background or even from a different state or country. Sagittarius can speak to travel, so it’s pretty common for a person with Juno in Sagittarius to end up with a foreigner in some sense.

Badly aspected, one person may be unwilling to commit or simply have a difficult time opening up emotionally. This can sometimes to a relationship that is very separate, which each partner leading opposite, disconnected lives.

The key is for those with Juno in Sagittarius to remain emotionally connected through spiritual, intellectual, and philosophical communication without interfering too much in each other’s lives. I picture the Juno in Sagittarius relationship as two railroad tracks heading in the same direction, side by side but separate.

Juno In Capricorn:

The Juno in Capricorn relationship is one of the most traditional. If you have this placement, you will look for structure, stability, and reliability. You will want a partner who works hard and plays by the rules of your relationship. This can simply be the flavor of the relationship, or one person may attract an older partner who is authoritarian in nature.

The relationship will flourish when both partners are dutiful and loyal to each other. Those with Juno in Capricorn look for actions over words and see these actions as a form of love. You need a strong commitment that shows itself over time. You don’t mind putting in hard work, but you expect your partner to do the same.

Ultimately, this relationship flourishes when both partners have goals and help each other achieve them. What excites you to stay in this relationship is consistent forward motion, often with a monetary influence. Look to the house that Juno in Capricorn sits in; this is the area that you’ll need the most structure in the relationship.

When afflicted, the partner may be extremely cold or rigid, or adhere too strongly to traditional roles, to the detriment of the individual self. One or both of the partners can be obsessed with public image.

I personally have Juno in Capricorn (as do many of my peers) so I can speak to this one quite well. It’s certainly easy to fall into the trap of becoming a “traditional” couple or prioritizing the rules of the relationship over connection. Ideally, the Juno in Capricorn relationship is full of emotional warmth but still has set ground-rules that each partner willingly follows and structure that works for both parties.

Juno In Aquarius:

The Juno in Aquarius placement speaks to the need for an unconventional relationship. This does not necessarily mean in terms of monogamy (although that’s one of the potential outcomes) but will have to do with being different in the area of the house where Juno falls. For example, in the 5th house, Juno in Aquarius may mean that the couple will raise their children in a way that’s very different from cultural norms.

If you have Juno in Aquarius, you need a partner who is extremely at ease with your unconventional ideas and who will not judge you for doing things differently from society. You need a relationship that is anything from ordinary.

This Juno in Aquarius relationship can sometimes become spiritual or different in a spiritually evolved sense. I know quite a few Juno in Aquarius couples who broke away from their traditional Christian families and got involved with Buddhism, yoga, meditations, past life regressions, etc.

If afflicted, the Juno in Aquarius relationship may be cold with one or both of the partners becoming withdrawn or having a fear of commitment/no commitment at all. This relationship can also be too unconventional; with extremely difficult aspects, the couple may be ostracized from society.

Ideally, the Juno in Aquarius couple is able to cultivate an evolved spiritual warmth between them that is Aquarian in nature. Any Aquarius placement has the tendency to cause aloofness, but at its best, Aquarius is sincere and heartfelt as well as truthful, logical, and factual. It’s easy for those with Juno in Aquarius to feel separate, but at its most evolved state, Aquarius is the ultimate form of togetherness and unity between all.

Juno In Pisces:

If you have Juno in Pisces, you will need a sensitive, caring, romantic relationship to feel content. You want to feel unconditional love from your partner and will probably try to give it back. You want someone who can be emotionally vulnerable, and will feel extremely trapped without complete openness.

There may be almost a psychic element to the relationship. Ideally, you will understand each other on such a soul level that you can communicate without words. You need someone who always sees the good in others, is always optimistic, and continues to remind you that we are all connected.

When afflicted, the Juno in Pisces person may project their idea of love onto their partner and end up with someone who does not actually have these qualities. They may also end up over-sacrificing or, on the flip side, playing the victim to the extreme. They may have a mental illness or addiction or attract a partner who has one or both. This can be a very up and down relationship if afflicted.

Significant Aspects to Juno In Astrology

In Juno astrology, aspects are pretty important. Here is a general pattern on how to read the major aspects.

Juno aspects to the sun: Shows how well your sunlight and core self will fit in with what you need

Juno aspects to the moon: Shows how much your emotions, childhood experiences, and/or mother will help or hinder you from getting what you need in a long term relationship

Juno aspects to Mercury: Shows how effectively you can communicate in a relationship

Juno aspects to Venus: For a female, shows how well she is able to attract when she needs longterm; for a male, shows how much what he is attracted to what he needs long term. Can also show how well sexual preferences line up with long-term relationship preferences

Juno aspects to Mars: For a male, shows how well he is able to attract when he needs longterm; for a female, shows how much what she is attracted to what she needs long term. Can also show how well sexual preferences line up with long-term relationship preferences

Juno aspects to Jupiter: Shows how you may be regarding love and relationships and how much your philosophical or religious beliefs come into play

Juno aspects to Saturn: Indicates a karmic past life bond with the partner, a “practical” relationship for reasons like security, or both

Juno aspects to Uranus: Shows a degree of unconventionality in the relationship and to what degree you will need space

Juno aspects to Neptune: Indicates one partner trying to “save” the other in your relationships, the psychic sensitivity in a relationship, delusions, and addictions

Juno aspects to Pluto: Shows the amount of control, intensity, transformation, power, and strength that can come from your relationships

Juno aspects to the South Node: Shows how much marriage played a role in a past life

Juno aspects to the North Node: Shows how much a marriage or partnership is needed to further spiritual growth

Keep in mind that all of the Juno astrology aspects above are specifically for Juno in your natal chat, not Juno in synastry.

What About Juno Astrology Aspects In Synastry?

I’m planning to write a whole post about Juno aspects in synastry at some point (it’s already about 8000 words long!) but until then, look to the main aspects. For example, Juno aspecting the sun, the moon, Saturn, the nodes, Chiron, and your partner’s Juno are usually the most important.

Here are some of the most often seen Juno aspects in synastry, just to get you started:

Juno conjunct Juno: Potential marriage, depending on the rest of the chart. These partners have the same values and needs in a relationship.

Juno trine Juno: What you need in marriage will be similar; your needs complement each other but are not the exact same.

Juno conjunct Jupiter: Values are perfectly in-line.

Juno conjunct Uranus: The partnership will be different, quirky, or extremely independent, but this is exactly what the Juno person needs. This is a new age relationship, but it is different in a way that works for both people.

Juno conjunct Neptune: Can be a very romantic if not delusional relationship. Very spiritual, intense relationship. Be careful to not idealize your partner. There is a sort of mysterious magnetism between the two, but it’s more fantastical than grounded and sexual.

Juno conjunct Pluto: Obsession, control, also change. This relationship can bring intense strength to one or both parties and through much trial, can change one or both parties for the better. This is a life altering aspect.

Should I Use a Juno Compatibility Calculator?

I don’t recommend a Juno compatibility calculator if you want any actual insight. These compatibility calculators are very black and white, and as you can hopefully tell from this post, there’s so much that goes into reading your Juno. You have to look at the sign, the house, aspects, and then look at Juno in synastry with your partner’s Juno.

For these reasons, I don’t find Juno compatibility calculator tools (or really any compatibility calculators – astrology is so complex!) to be accurate unless you’re just looking for a fun reading.

How To Learn More About Juno Astrology

If you’re interested in diving deeper into the subject of Juno astrology, here are my favorite books on the subject. Because Juno is a relatively new asteroid, you have to mix and match what information resonates with you from each text, but I think these are the very best publications out there right now.

I hope this gives you an overview of Juno astrology! There isn’t a ton of documentation out there on Juno, but we will certainly be writing more articles on Juno astrology – stay tuned!

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