Mars-Ascendant Aspects In The Natal Chart

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Mars aspects to the Ascendant indicate how much of your Mars sign other people see in your outer personality.

The Ascendant is the mask we wear in society, but Mars is the sign of drive, authenticity, leadership, passion, and anger. 

Any Mars aspect to the Ascendant means that these qualities show themselves, for better or worse, in your outer mask. Mars aspecting your Ascendant can make you more of a leader, more energetic, and more blunt, but it can also make you appear aggressive or angry.

Ultimately, Mars-Ascendant aspects suggest a connection between your inner needs and your appearance to those around you.

Mars Conjunct Ascendant

The Mars conjunct Ascendant aspect makes your outer personality really strong. You come off as independent and self-assured.

Sometimes, you can even seem a bit aggressive or combative, especially when you first meet someone.

You have a lot of leadership qualities with Mars conjunct Ascendant. You aren’t afraid to stand up for yourself and tell others what you need.

Mars conjunct Ascendant makes your every feeling clear to others. It’s virtually impossible for you to hide your motives, so while you can be a bit aggressive, you’re also very upfront and aren’t prone to lying.

You have very quick reactions to events and people. Much of this is subconscious, because you tend to react on a physical level instead of thinking things through logically.

With Mars conjunct Ascendant, you’re very independent. You do what you want, when you want, even if your actions aren’t appropriate for the situation. This can be both a positive and a negative quality!

You can easily get yourself into trouble because you’re so bold and straightforward, but you also care a lot about personal honor; others can clearly see this.

In groups, you want to be seen as powerful with Mars conjunct Ascendant. Even when you’re feeling down, you do your best to appear ultra-confident. 

You are very driven and will take any action necessary to accomplish your goals. People will see you as dynamic and energetic. These can be great qualities in a fast-paced work environment.

Sometimes, the Mars conjunct Ascendant person appears a bit like an Aries rising. You may have a lot of irritability or restlessness. Your ambitious side is intense and you don’t like to sit still, just like an Aries rising.

You’re very self-oriented and don’t need other people to feel comfortable.

However, you can get angry very quickly, and you’re not able to hide your feelings. With Mars conjunct Ascendant, people tend to know when you’re upset, which can be a bit off-putting. You can’t hide anything you feel, whether your emotions are positive or negative.

These qualities can make it difficult for you to work with others, especially in environments where you tend to get angry. You literally cannot hide how you feel, so you often come off as too forceful.

You can be a bit intimidating, but you’re also very courageous. With Mars conjunct Ascendant, you aren’t scared of being hurt, but you might hurt other people without realizing it.

Similarly, you can’t hide your sexual feelings. You’re probably attractive in a physical, animalistic way. You aren’t known for finesse, but you do have a strong magnetic quality with Mars conjunct Ascendant.

You might be sexually expressive and very forward. You aren’t shy or coy at all! Your sex drive is a key part of your outer identity, so you tend to be bold and straightforward.

You may seem athletic or ultra-physical with Mars conjunct Ascendant. At the very least, you’re very competitive in whatever you choose to take on.

In the professional world, you do well in any career that necessitates a show of strength and leadership qualities. You like to take charge and get things done your way!

You’re also a good “talker” with a well-developed personality (depending on the sign of the Mars conjunct Ascendant aspect). These qualities can help you get ahead early in life.

Ultimately with Mars conjunct Ascendant, you have many good qualities relating to action and expression.

You need to learn how to develop more understanding and respect for people who aren’t like you. Sometimes, you might be less than sympathetic because you simply don’t realize that not everyone has the same natural energy and drive.

Although you are very good at speaking your mind, your words can be more hurtful than you realize. Learn to show a bit of restraint.

It can be helpful for you to channel your excess energy into something. This may be your career, a hobby, or exercise. You have a lot of energy that must go somewhere; releasing the pent up energy will tame your anger.

The goal with Mars conjunct Ascendant is to harness your warrior-like energy for good while simultaneously treating others kindly. As a young person, you won’t even realize that other people are hurt by your words and actions, but these are lessons you will come to learn over time.

Mars Trine Ascendant

With Mars trine Ascendant, you are independent and secure. You tend to be confident about what you want.

Unlike the conjunction, you aren’t necessarily aggressive with Mars trine Ascendant, unless you have other placements that indicate this. However, you are strong and won’t back down if someone else challenges you.

This aspect means that you have a lot of energy. Your physical vitality is apparent to others, though this can sometimes make you impulsive, depending on the sign that the Mars conjunct Ascendant aspect sits in.

Your energy comes naturally, so it’s simply innate for you to assert yourself and go after what you want. Competitive situations don’t scare you and your energy tends to be long-lasting.

You may be physically active too, depending on the sign of the Mars conjunct Ascendant aspect. It can be hard for you to physically relax; you like to be moving.

These traits are all consistent in your personality and are what other people tend to see when they first meet you.

Unlike other aspects to the Ascendant, Mars trine Ascendant gives you a lot of stamina over the long-haul. You aren’t scared to see big projects through, especially if you’re interested in what you’re doing.

Sexually, you’re very energetic and outgoing. You don’t tend to feel shy often, although you can turn on the charm, too. Ideally, you would find a partner who has an equal amount of sexual energy.

You appear comfortable with your sexuality around other people. This is a trait that is simply natural for you.

This Mars trine Ascendant aspect is really easy and is simply a part of your personality. Depending on the situation, you will either be dominant or just straightforward, but you tend to go after what you want.

However, with Mars trine Ascendant, you may not realize that other people don’t have the same energy levels and drive as you. It’s easy for you to steamroll over other people without realizing if you’re not careful.

Trines are natural qualities, but they can be too easy. You simply can’t understand how other people don’t automatically act as you do.

The goal is to learn, with Mars trine Ascendant, how to follow your own dreams and keep your strong outward nature without hurting others in the process.

Lastly, keep in mind that you will express these Mars trine Ascendant qualities more if this is the only aspect to your Ascendant. Other aspects to the Ascendant will change and transmute these qualities a bit.

Mars Sextile Ascendant

With Mars sextile Ascendant, you’re very naturally enthusiastic about life in general. You like to be physically moving and stay busy.

Others see you as courageous and strong, but you can also be a bit intimidating to people because you’re always doing something.

You’re direct and assertive, but you aren’t usually threatening to other people. Instead, it’s your constant movement that can make others nervous.

This placement gives you a natural sense of self-esteem, or you at least appear this way. You can be competitive in just about everything you do.

These qualities of the Mars sextile Ascendant aspect don’t always show up in your outer personality. Sometimes, you will only show the qualities of your Ascendant sign, while other times you come off more like an Aries rising.

You feel most like yourself when you’re actively doing something. Irritation plagues you when you’re forced to sit still.

Sexually, you’re very active and outgoing. You want a relationship that is independent, but also want a partner who can keep up with you in bed. 

Your vibe is physical and animalistic, at least in some ways. You tend to remind people of sex, especially when your Mars is triggered.

Although you have a lot of energy with this aspect, it can be hard to channel it appropriately. With this Mars sextile Ascendant placement, you have the opportunity to developed a more focused, driven energy in this lifetime.

Keep in mind that sextiles take hard work. You have the natural parts of the Mars sextile Ascendant aspect in the subconscious mind, but you need to get them conscious in order to fully learn how to express this aspect.

You also have the opportunity to learn how to compromise. Your opinions tend to feel like the truth, so you expect others to go along with what you think, but this is not always the best way to work with others.

The Mars sextile Ascendant aspect can help you learn how to consider the opinions of other people. The goal here is to be direct and self-assured without actually steamrolling over other people.

You have the opportunity, with Mars sextile Ascendant, to integrate your Martian qualities into your outer mask. These qualities will help you be your authentic self, but you will also become more focused, driven, and energetic.

Make sure that you work to integrate the most positive, uplifting qualities of Mars with this Mars sextile Ascendant aspect. Focus on channeling your energy, taking charge, making things happen, and working to be a caring leader instead of getting angry, combative, or overly-competitive.

Mars Opposition Ascendant

With the Mars opposition Ascendant aspect, you attract volatile people and situations to you. Something about your personality irritates people, even if you aren’t actually doing anything to cause this.

Others tend to feel like they have to “knock you down” a peg, even if you haven’t done anything. This is because you have a subtly provocative quality that can seem both irritating and appealing.

Mars opposition Ascendant means you attract a lot of competition, too. People in your life often want to challenge or oppose you. This can be both physically or mentally by opposing your ideas or thoughts.

When someone does threaten you, it’s not typical for you to back down. You have trouble figuring out when you should fight and when you should walk away.

With partners, you might have similar issues. Mars opposition Ascendant means that, although you often have romantic interests, you also run into lot of conflict in relationships.

You easily attract friends or romantic partners and feel strongly for them very quickly. However, your friends and partners will continuously challenge you.

In fact, you may unconscious attract people who seem competitive or ultra-aggressive. These traits are actually dormant within you, but people can often sense these qualities and will feel extra-combative around you with no clear reason.

While this feels painful or difficult, the Mars opposition Ascendant aspect is actually teaching you how to stand up for yourself. You are learning how to be independent and self-assured.

You tend to find the qualities of your Mars sign in other people and feel that they aren’t totally present in your own personality. You may relay on your partners to give you energy and drive, but you will come to learn that all of the motivation you need is already within you.

Typically, Mars opposition Ascendant is a difficult aspect because you feel like you just can’t access your Mars qualities. This is why you will encounter challenge after challenge in your relationships. These events will force you to find your inner drive and activate your Mars.

You often want to be independent but don’t know how to stop relying on your partners. Remember that you will learn more about your Mars opposition Ascendant aspect through small steps; it won’t all come to you in a single day.

Practicing your independence through speech and action is very important with this aspect. You have to do it for yourself; your partners can’t activate your Mars sign for you.

Learn to be aware of your own wishes for power and action. It’s easy for you to feel that your partners are always moving too fast or wanting too much, but this is typically because these very characteristics are already inside of you.

With Mars opposition Ascendant, you may find that your self-image is distorted.  You judge yourself based on your partnerships or one-on-one interactions with other people, but you don’t always get the full picture.

Learn to figure out who you think you are rather than who you appear to be around others. Remember that only you know what your inner world is really like.

Mars Square Ascendant

With Mars square Ascendant, you are naturally combative. You tend to say or do things that make others feel like you’re actively opposing them.

Your natural instinct is to project anger and frustration. When you try to assert yourself, you go overboard and can come off as nasty or crude.

Mars square Ascendant means that you might always feel like you’re coming off too strong or simply wrong. You put others on the defensive without meaning to.

Although you have a very powerful energy and drive, you also rub people the wrong way. You project anger when you just meant to state the facts, and you tend to offend others when you think you’re being yourself with Mars square Ascendant.

In any situation, you can be impatient and irritable, even if there’s no rush. It’s as though there’s always a sense of urgency surrounding your life.

You tend to get excited about things very quickly, but you have trouble waiting for other people to catch up.

Unfortunately, you literally can’t hide your anger from others with Mars square Ascendant. However, you’re very adventurous, which can be attractive to certain types of folks.

Sexually, you may struggle a bit, too. Mars square Ascendant means that you’re either too aggressive and pushy sexually, or you ignore your physical needs altogether. It’s very hard for you to find balance.

You appear angry and aggressive or bland. It’s hard for you to find a middle ground with Mars square Ascendant, but a middle ground certainly exists!

Squares are meant to challenge us, yet they also help us grow. Remember that you can truly work through many of your Mars square Ascendant issues.

You must learn to communicate what you need (instead of ignoring it) in a way that is constructive and kind. You don’t often know how to speak to others with empathy, especially those you aren’t close with, but this is a skill that you can learn.

Learn to assert yourself sexually while simultaneously taking into account what your partner wants. Be careful of steamrolling the other person. Figure out how to explain what you want without forcing it on the other person.

You have a black and white way of thinking around others, but your goal is to find shades of grey with Mars square Ascendant. find a way to think of both yourself and the other person.

Ultimately, you want to express (not suppress) your Mars sign in a way that is more gentle and positive. This is how you can portray your truest inner self with the Mars square Ascendant aspect.

You will need to be much more with your words than others. People tend to take your words to heart because they come off more strongly, so keep in mind that you can very quickly hurt others.

Learn how to speak your mind in a way that is both kind and compassionate.