Venus In The Houses

venus in the houses

Even though we all research our Venus signs first, Venus in the houses is actually pretty important.

Your Venus sign will show the qualities that you exhibit, but the house that your Venus is in will indicate where you tend to show these qualities.

For example, with Venus in the 10th house, you tend to show your most Venusian qualities at work or in public, while Venus in the 4th house means that you show these qualities most at home or in private.

How To Read Venus In The Houses

You should start with your Venus sign when you’re looking into your placement. However, the house will be important, too.

You Venus sign shows the qualities that you exhibit, but the house shows where these qualities will appear most often.

Of course, because of aspects, you will have bits of your Venus sign in many areas of your life, but it will be strongest in the house that Venus is actually in.

Venus In The 1st House

With Venus in the 1st house, you are simply magnetic. Others like you and are drawn to you. 

The Venus “love” qualities are front and center with your personality. You’re simply likable, maybe even for an indistinct reason.

You’re probably very social with Venus in the 1st house. You are charming and easily attract others. There may even be a slightly romantic element to your personality.

It’s easy for others to fall in love with you because of your attractive vibes. They might even fall in love with the idea of you before getting to know you. Your personality inspires trust.

You have the potential to enjoy the materialistic side of life and overindulge a bit. With Venus in the 1st house, you can be opulent in some ways, typically depending on your Venus sign.

Most individuals with Venus in the 1st house need to learn that all good things happen in time. They also need some self-control; they tend to want what they want when they want it.

With Venus in the 1st house, you can also have a strong need to be liked by others. You tend to give up your personal power during times of stress. You will want to focus on self-love in order to reclaim your power and make your own decisions.

At worst, you can actually start to become narcissistic because of your need to be liked by others. However, this will need other elements and placements in the chart to support narcissism. 

You always want to avoid trouble. When challenged you may “play dumb” or react passive-aggressively. Venus in the 1st house always avoids outright confrontation.

In love, you seek all things classically romantic, including beauty, sensitivity, and softness. You’re probably aesthetically pleasing in some way and you also like to be surrounded by nice-looking people and things.

Venus In The 2nd House

If you have Venus in the 2nd house, you value tangible expressions of love. Actions mean much more to you than words.

You may be slow to like someone or something. Your feelings will grow gradually over time, whether these are emotions towards a partner or feelings about an item or theme.

In a relationship, you want to feel secure with Venus in the 2nd house. You need to see that someone is a safe harbor, but only time will tell this. When you commit yourself, you will be loyal until the end. This isn’t a very flightly placement for Venus.

You’re probably very honest with your partners. You’re reliable when it comes to love; no one has to guess what you’re thinking.

However, it can be very hard for you to let go of someone. Once you let a person in, you’re all in. You’re a true old-time romantic and want a traditional relationship in some sense.

You probably have a natural, sensual beauty. You may be a bit earthly or simply physically appealing in general.

Venus in the 2nd house typically means that you’re attracted to all things sensual. You really enjoy physical sensations and you’re probably attracted to animal magnetism rather than anything too manufactured.

I do find that some people with Venus in the 2nd house find materialistic things to be beautiful. Some of these folks feel that beauty has a price tag (and anyone’s beauty can be enhanced with makeup, Botox, etc.), while others are more interested in natural, sensual beauty, or things that are made from quality.

Venus In The 3rd House

Venus in the 3rd house is all about verbal expression. With this placement, you’re probably attractive because of your words, charisma, or methods of communication.

In a relationship, you value mental simulation with Venus in the 3rd house. You probably can’t be with someone who won’t chat with you and keep you interested. This is especially true for men with the Venus in the 3rd house placement.

You also value creativity. You’re probably very expressive or inventive in some way. Many folks with Venus in the 3rd house are writers, dancers, singers, artists, etc.

It is how you express yourself that makes you attractive. Other people notice your light because of your communication skills, however those may manifest. The sign that Venus is in will give more information about how you communicate and express yourself.

However, you might also stretch the truth with Venus in the 3rd house. This isn’t always the case, but you should be careful to stick to the truth with this placement.

You’re very playful, but love can feel almost like a game. You love the game of love yet others may get hurt by this. You’re seductive with your wit, spark, and playfulness.

Make sure that you make your intentions known to your potential partners so they don’t get misled.

Venus In The 4th House

If you have Venus in 4th house, your parents marriage probably affects your own skills in love. A lot of the way that you flirt and even act in relationships is learned from your parents’ relationship.

You probably show your love by caring for others in little ways. You may try to show that you understand your partner or friends and family emotionally.

This Venus in the 4th house placement means that, above all, you value feeling cozy and safe. You love having a beautiful home that’s yours.

In fact, you may care quite a bit about the aesthetic of your home. You desire quality items and have an “eye” for the way you want things to look.

Although most people with Venus in the 4th house define “pretty” different, you certainly want your home to look beautiful in the way that you define the word. You want quality items that feel like home to you.

Sometimes, Venus in the 4th house can mean that that you have some karma related to self-nurture. This can be applied in many ways, but you probably struggle in figuring out how to nurture yourself in a way that feels right.

Learning how to create a safe space that you love will make you feel ultra-fulfilled with Venus in the 4th house.

Venus In The 5th House

With Venus in the 5th house, you’re “in love with love.” You thrive on romantic attention and you probably always have a love interest. 

You have a romantic, playful side that is attractive to others. Venus in the 5th house means that you’re probably super magnetic. Your larger than life energy easily attracts others.

When it comes to love and physical affection, you can be a bit dramatic. Venus in the 5th house means you have a showy energy, but this can be positive or negative.

You love your hobbies and having fun. You might be a party animal or you might be someone super active or invested in certain crafts or creative ventures.

With Venus in the 5th house, you might have a lot of relationships before you settle down. You’re probably in a relationship quite often, but you may leave a relationship once it’s not super fun anymore.

You may also be in love with having an audience and applause. Venus in the 5th house is the classic movie star placement. In some way, you’re very good at putting on a show and thrive on attention; this can be a positive or negative feature.

Venus In The 6th House

With Venus in the 6th house, you show your love through practical and helpful ways. You probably don’t express love with flowery words but with simple, functional actions that aid your partner in some way.

You do the thoughtful little things instead of the grand gestures. Venus in the 6th house is all about the day-to-day.

In fact, you may pursue relationships that serve a practical purpose in your life rather than those that make you feel romantic or attractive. You may also have trouble pursuing relationships for the purpose of soul growth.

With Venus in the 6th house, you may love your work or routines. It can be easy for you to focus on your schedule instead of your partner. If you can find a healthy balance then this won’t be an issue, but some people’s partners feel that the person with Venus in the 6th house is too rigid.

Remember to focus on what makes you feel happy at a soul level, not just on your routine or daily goals. Try to be a little spontaneous with your partner and let go of your practical reasons why you can’t change anything, whether it’s in your relationship or your own life.

However, you tend to increase your value through work, so you’re probably a very good worker in some way with Venus in the 6th house. Look to your Venus sign for more specifics.

Venus In The 7th House

If you have Venus in the 7th house, then you love relationships. It feels right to you that you have an other half. You also love everything in pairs!

Most of your values will be defined by the person you’re dating. Your impressionable, so your values might change quite often depending on your relationship status.

You not only need a lot of contact with a partner, but with other people, too. You may go out of your way to be liked and accepted by people in general with Venus in the 7th house.

Sometimes, you may use people to get what you want without realizing you’re doing it. Typically, you don’t mean to be malicious at all. People simply come into your life when you need them and it seems like fate, so you use what the other person has to offer.

However, you’re romantic and sociable. You tend to follow along with trends in order to fit in; you’re probably up-to-date on everything that’s new. Most Venus in the 7th house people love all things “in” and aesthetically pleasing.

Sometimes with Venus in the 7th house, you could have a keen eye for design, but this will need other aspects in the chart to support the placement as well. It will also depend on the sign that Venus sits in.

The hallmark of Venus in the 7th house is a strong need to be liked. Be careful that you don’t like this override your morals and values. You’re sociable and fun to be around, plus you’re a great romantic partner when you’re feeling happy and equal!

Venus In The 8th House

If you have Venus in the 8th house, you enjoy intensity. You’re easily bored with superficial people. In fact, you probably want all consuming devotion from your partner.

You have a fear of being betrayed. Venus in the 8th house can make loyalty really important to you.

However, you also have a fear of being vulnerable. You probably hide or control your own emotions in love because you’re afraid of the other person seeing the real you.

Sometimes with Venus in the 8th house, you’re attracted to people who are hidden or taboo in some way. You may also be drawn to partners who are unattainable or who need saving in some way.

You will either start to feel obsessive, possessive, or controlling in a relationship, or you will want to be controlled by your partner, even subconsciously. Venus in the 8th house is all about a power imbalance.

Somethings, you will swing back and forth between controlling your partner and finding a partner who tries to have power over you.

Venus in the 8th house has a dark side to a relationship. It’s very hard for you to not have power struggles with this placement. 

Love can make you feel powerful and attractive but it can also be devastating. However, you will find that your relationships are extremely transformative.

In a relationship, you’re all in with Venus in the 8th house. You go all the way unless there is some sort of power struggle that causes the relationship to break.

Venus In The 9th House

With Venus in the 9th house, you have a strong sense of adventure and you need a partner who is up for new experiences. 

In a relationship, you need to feel that you’re always growing and want the same for your partner. You want to learn from love and from your partner.

You love having a good time with Venus in the 9th house. Your sense of fun will be attractive to others. You need a partner who can engage with you and do fun things, too.

It can be easy for you to pursue sensations in love instead of true attachment. With Venus in the 9th house, you tend to get caught up in the exciting feeling of love and overlook who your partner truly is.

With Venus in the 9th house, you want to learn through your relationships. Typically, you will do this through having deep discussions and working through issues. Complacency simply isn’t an option for you.

In fact, you probably won’t commit to someone who isn’t open-minded. You need your partner to accept what you’re interested in and maybe even show a bit of interest themselves.

Sometimes with Venus in the 9th house, you want to share your spirituality with a partner. You may find philosophy or spirituality really beautiful and you’re attracted to partners who feel the same.

Venus In The 10th House

With Venus in the 10th house, you have a charming but distant aura about you. Even though people are drawn to you, they’re also a bit nervous to get too close.

You’re good at making contacts and organizing social events. You’re probably magnetic in the work place or in social circles, but you also exhibit a bit of coldness. 

Venus in the 10th house means that it’s easy for you to get wrapped up in what others think of you. You want a good reputation and to be well-liked. 

Sometimes, you might date “up” with Venus in the 10th house. You appeal to people who either have more power or are more successful than you. In fact, you can almost see relationships as a means to climb the ladder. However, this is often unconscious for most people with this placement.

People with Venus in the 10th house might also use their beauty or power to try and gain influence or grow in career. This depends a lot on the aspects to Venus and the sign Venus sits in.

Typically with this placement, you’re attracted to people who are also interested in career or public image, like you. It’s common for you to end up working with the people you date in some capacity. You may even change careers when you meet someone or get into a relationship through a business venture.

Ultimately, Venus in the 10th house is all about love through business. Your most “Venusian” qualities will show up in a business setting or in public.

You probably thrive at work and are diplomatic. You know how to sell yourself and win others over. You’re attractive to others, whether it’s because of looks or your personality.

Typically, you will be very successful in business with Venus in the 10th house, or at least at networking with others.

Venus In The 11th House

If you have Venus in the 11th house, you fundamentally find love through friendship. 

Typically this means that you either need someone you can be friends with as well as romantically attracted to, or you need someone who accelerates your status in groups of friends, such as the leader of the group.

You’re probably very socially harmonious with Venus in the 11th house. You’re drawn to groups and group activities. 

With Venus in the 11th house, you may be a bit of a chameleon. You’re good at changing depending on who you’re with, especially if your Venus is in a cardinal or mutable sign.

You probably have many friend groups or at least desire many friends; other aspects in your chart will dictate how many friends you actually tend to have.

Sometimes, your partner might feel left out because you’re so focused on friends. Your partner might feel that they’re not important and that your relationship doesn’t come first. Some people with this placement can actually feel that their friendships are more important to them than their partner.

With Venus in the 11th house, it may be hard for you to separate friendship and love. You probably spend a lot of time with the person you’re dating, even if the relationship is only casual.

However, you will have trouble falling in love if your partner doesn’t share your interests. Alternatively, you may have difficulties feeling attraction if your partner doesn’t have some sort of social status.

Sometimes, people with Venus in the 11th house are interested in more than one person at a time. This is not always the case; other aspects in the chart will need to support this.

People with Venus in the 11th house can easily jump from person to person. They don’t feel much guilt and won’t worry about hurting their past partner but focus only on the future.

You’re probably friendly but also flirty. Venus in the 11th house means that you may flirt with your friends and have trouble setting boundaries. You may not even realize you’re flirting and probably get confused when their friends develop feelings.

It can easily look like you’re leading your friends on when you truly think you’re just being friendly. A lot of people probably develop crushes on you because you’re social and charismatic. 

Venus In The 12th House

With Venus in the 12th house, you get hurt in love quite easily. You often feel used by partners.

Some of this is because you aren’t very good at defining boundaries in love. It can be tough for you to figure out where you end and your partner begins.

You want a relationship but you may have trouble saying what you actually need from a relationship. Venus in the 12th house makes it hard for you to figure out what’s real and what you need.

You may have a secret element in many of your relationships with Venus in the 12th house. If you don’t actually have secret relationships, then you may need to hide your partner from your parents, your friends, etc., or hide things about your life from your partner.

There is a tendency for you to get involved in relationships that aren’t totally equal.

With Venus in the 12th house, you can also get caught up in your fantasies of the past. Sometimes, you create an idea of a partner in your head and fail to see what’s right in front of you. It can be difficult for you to confront the truth when things change.

You probably fear being alone, at least during your early years, and you may have the tendency to get into a relationship just for the sake of having someone. 

Love and sacrifice go hand-in-hand for you. With Venus in the 12th house, your partner may become your world quite quickly. You’re serious about romance but you can also start living for your partner shortly after meeting them.

In fact, you may feel like you always have to give something up to be with your partner. It’s hard for you to find love without sacrifice.

With Venus in the 12th house, it’s important for you to develop a sense of self worth and boundaries. Venus is all about love, but it can also represent self love.

You have the opportunity to discover self love through Venus in the 12th house instead of looking for it from others. Work on Picean, 12th house qualities such as self-care, shadow work, and meditation to build your confidence and heal your inner child.

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