Venus-Neptune Aspects In The Synastry Chart

venus-neptune aspects in the synastry chart

In the synastry chart, Venus-Neptune aspects can be extremely romantic. These are both soft and dreamy planets, and the contracts can be beautiful and even spiritual.

However, these aspects can also indicate delusions in love. There may be an absence of recognition that differences between each person exists because these aspects deludes each into thinking that they have met their ultimate match.

Sometimes, these people may get so caught up in each other that they quite literally live in a fantasy world.

If both partners are able to keep their eyes open and see the reality of the relationship, then this love can transcend all worldly boundaries, yet it will take real work to get to this point.

Venus Conjunct Neptune Synastry

With the Venus conjunct Neptune synastry aspect, the couple will feel strong attraction right away. There may even be elements of love at first sight.

Even if the relationship isn’t romantic right away, there is a sense of fondness and beauty when you’re around each other. The relationship feels better than anything else and can have etherial elements.

The Venus conjunct Neptune synastry aspect makes both partners see each other as special, but they may miss the more negative or realistic qualities of each other. They only see all things beautiful in their partner.

More than any other aspect, the Venus conjunct Neptune synastry aspect makes it very difficult to see clearly. Everything from the relationship itself to the other person’s qualities can be just an illusion.

The Venus person may especially see all of the traits in the Neptune person that they deeply desire. They paint the Neptune person as their ideal love, and the Neptune person might even play along with this consciously because they want the Venus person to keep seeing them in this beautiful light.

However, Neptune can also feel pressured to keep up with this “ideal image” and may struggle to play the part over time. They can also feel that they aren’t truly loved, accepted, or even seen for who they really are inside, which creates insecurity and resentment.

The Venus person could go to great lengths to maintain their perfect image of the Neptune person in the mind, even if all the evidence to the contrary is right in front of them.

Over time, the pressure can really get to the Neptune person. They can start to back off from the relationship or shut down because they just can’t keep up with the idealized image that the Venus person projects onto them.

Neptune is illusive so it’s possible that they simply fade away from the relationship, which can really hurt the Venus person. They simply won’t understand where they went wrong. Often, the Venus person doesn’t even see the true Neptune person and cannot understand that they have been projecting their own desires onto someone else, so they feel hurt and betrayed.

The energy of the Neptune person dissolves everything real for the Venus person. The Venus person can feel as though they have never meet someone so perfect or ideal. Of course, this is just smoke and mirrors.

The Venus conjunct Neptune synastry relationship lacks clarity. The couple may experience misunderstandings or simply exist on different pages all the time.

Ideally, the Venus person would avoid getting overly emotionally involved in the very beginning of the relationship. However, this is extremely hard for the Venus person to do, because the Neptune person activates everything romantic in them and really does appear to be what the Venus person desires.

I find that the Venus person almost always ignores evidence to the contrary. When something happens that shows who the Neptune person truly is, the Venus person will dismiss this so that they don’t experience cognitive dissonance. They only see what they want to see, and the Neptune person doesn’t help when they continue to act like this image.

The Venus conjunct Neptune synastry aspect will especially play out in the areas of the sign of the conjunction. 

The main issue here is that Venus will feel extremely let down when Neptune shows who they really are, if they’re brave enough. If Neptune doesn’t have this courage, then they will simply fade away or escape from the relationship, which also leaves Venus confused and hurt.

The Venus conjunct Neptune synastry relationship can work if both people truly try to be realistic. Venus must be willing to see Neptune’s faults for what they are without casting judgment or blame. Neptune will then feel this energy shift and become more and more comfortable sharing those intimate parts of themself.

However, the Neptune person must also be brave enough to show their faults, even if Venus reacts badly. They just can’t keep up with the “ideal” image forever without exhausting themself.

For the Venus conjunct Neptune synastry relationship to work, both partners need to work on being wide awake and finding practical ways to love and accept each other, ugly parts included. The relationship can still feel etherial and romantic, but there must be a side of the partnership that is grounded, too.

Venus Trine Neptune Synastry

With the Venus trine Neptune synastry aspect, both people may feel that they’ve met someone special in the beginning. There is a rosy glow over this couple, at least at first.

In fact, the relationship can feel like a dream come true. It’s romantic and etherial. The couple might almost live in another realm when they’re together.

It’s easy to think that you have found the love of your life with the Venus trine Neptune synastry aspect. This can be true, but even with the trine, you will still have to come to terms with reality.

The Neptune person tends to play the role of the “ideal” partner at first in order to please the Venus person. They unconsciously recognize what the Venus person is looking for and they project these qualities.

Over time, the Venus person may experience disillusionment when they realize that much of the Neptune person’s personality was just a facade.

Venus can feel deceived and let down. They may resent the facade that the Neptune person projected; they probably truly believed it.

In the Venus trine Neptune synastry relationship, the Venus person tends to accept reality (not just in the relationship but in the world in general) while Neptune may live more delusionally and try to escape reality. These differing attitudes can cause conflict once Venus sees what’s really going on in the relationship itself.

Neptune should avoid saying things that they can’t really follow through on, because this will hurt Venus more in the long run. In this partnership, Neptune may make promises that they can’t keep.

However, this relationship can work if both people are willing to be honest with each other. It’s especially important that Neptune learns how to share the ugly truth instead of escaping.

Neither person wants to hurt each other, so they probably hide their true feelings. In the Venus trine Neptune synastry relationship, the energy will blossom for the better if both people can maintain the romance but still learn how to be truthful.

This couple really knows how to make each other feel special. While the path to truth can be hard, there is an innate sense of love, beauty, and art that exists in this partnership. With a bit of work, this can be the makings of a true soul connection.

Venus Sextile Neptune Synastry

The Venus sextile Neptune synastry aspect indicates strong attraction. Each partner may feel that the other is etherial in some way, so the connection feels amazing at first.

This is an extremely romantic aspect that really makes a relationship feel like a fairytale. With the Venus sextile Neptune aspect, you show each other the magic in the world. Your connection truly feels meant to be.

Partners with this aspect may enjoy similar music, food, art, movies, etc. Their tastes are quite compatible, but the energy also feels special between them.

It can seem natural to fall into a relationship because both partners simply like the same sort of things. They can even discover new activities together that they both enjoy.

There is also a spiritual element to this relationship. The partnership can feel meant to be in a spiritual way when the energy is just special.

Venus may overlook Neptune’s faults at first, which Neptune loves, because they feel like Venus accepts them unconditionally. However, over time this can come crashing down.

When Venus does recognize the issues that Neptune may have, Neptune will feel overly criticized because the judgments come all at once. 

However, Neptune may also start to see Venus’ faults, which results in a similar sort of reaction. The couple generally “wakes up” at some point and the energy changes.

The Venus sextile Neptune synastry aspect gives the couple the opportunity to finally see each others’ flaws without losing the sense of unconditional love between them.

If one person can’t handle this, then they may retreat. This relationship can only work if both people are willing to acknowledge each other’s flaws and stay together.

It’s important that both people keep their eyes open so that each other’s issues don’t build up. If they realize everything that is wrong with the partner all at once, it will be hard to keep the positive energy flowing.

Should the couple remain together, the relationship will eventually become more grounded without losing that sense of special love.

Venus Opposition Neptune Synastry

The Venus opposition Neptune synastry aspect indicates that the relationship feels very blurry from the beginning. The relationship seems idealized and incredible, but this is because each person sees the other as their savior.

There is often a sense of victimhood in the Venus opposition Neptune synastry relationship. Neither person is secure enough to be with a partner in an equal fashion. Instead, they are looking for someone to rescue them, and in this partnership they believe that they have found that person.

It’s hard to get back to reality in this relationship because it usually starts on footing that isn’t solid. Sometimes, the Venus person especially sees the Neptune person as opposite of who they really are.

With the Venus opposition Neptune relationship, the couple may experience really turbulent emotions, causing the energy to swing back and forth between amazing and destructive.

The issue is that the relationship is founded on delusion. Venus especially falls in love with a romantic ideal instead of the real person. Over time, Neptune will sense this and will probably retreat instead of confronting the issue.

Neptune may not even know what’s going on, but they just feel like Venus expects too much of them. In reality, Venus is expecting Neptune to be someone other than themself, which is never a good feeling.

Once the Venus person starts to see evidence to the contrary, they may swing back and forth emotionally. One moment, they trust the Neptune person completely, while the next moment they feel that the Neptune person is the ultimate con artist. They might feel like they can’t trust anything, not even their own judgments.

The Venus opposite Neptune synastry relationship can be really painful for the Venus person over time. It’s important that Neptune learns how to be absolutely and completely honest, because Venus will take offense from the smallest lie or omission once they have already been hurt.

However, this can also be hard for Neptune, because Venus may avoid reality. They don’t want to see the ways that their partner doesn’t live up to their expectations.

The Venus opposition Neptune synastry aspect can give both partners the feeling of being lost. They simply don’t know what’s real or how to proceed.

Ultimately, it is only by sharing the ugly truths about themselves that they will learn to really connect.

Each person projects images of themselves that aren’t true, and they are afraid to expose who they actually are deep down. However, showing the true self is the only way to build real trust.

With the Venus opposition Neptune synastry relationship, the partners must learn not to be too logical, but also not to be delusional. Instead, they need to embrace their authentic emotions, the ones that feel painful or hard, and share these with each other.

They must also figure out how to become self-reliant, at least in some ways, so that they don’t try to force their partner to save them. They each think that they want rescue, but they’re actually looking for something else.

Both of these people really just want emotional intimacy. However, true emotional intimacy is even better than they realize. It will take work to develop this in the Venus opposition Neptune synastry relationship, but it’s almost always worth it if both partners are willing.

Venus Square Neptune Synastry

The Venus square Neptune synastry aspect is often called the “fairytale” aspect by astrologers. When the couple first meets, they feel as though they have met the one, the person they have been waiting for.

They probably see each other as absolute perfection and feel an instant level of trust. However, this trust might be broken when they later see the more difficult, real truths about the partner, which comes as a big let down.

The partners in the Venus square Neptune synastry relationship probably ignore or dismiss each others’ flaws in the beginning. They want the energy to stay beautiful and they idealize each other in a way that is quite unhealthy and unrealistic.

When they do try to confront their flaws, it can feel literally impossible to actually talk about issues. They just cannot understand each other, as though their brains are on different wavelengths.

There are many different illusions and fantasies in this relationship. The problem is that neither person can really see what’s true. It’s as though there’s a wall blocking each person from reality.

With the Venus square Neptune synastry aspect, the love between the partners is really forceful, but they probably feel like they have to give up parts of themselves in order to keep up this idealized image and live in the relationship.

Over time, one or both people can feel like they have to be fake or ignore who they truly are in order for their partner to like them. This breeds resentment.

The Venus square Neptune synastry aspect usually shows up with both people have an addiction to the high of love. However, that kind of addictive love is fake. 

Once the brain is addicted, it’s hard to get away yet remain in the relationship, so they may chase these highs and ignore reality until they break.

Over time, there may be misunderstandings that cause emotional pain. Even worse, one or both partners may actually lie in order to maintain the illusion.

The Venus person might feel like they just can’t understand the Neptune person, however the Venus person may also be comfortable staying in the superficial realm, so they don’t actually try to know the real Neptune.

It’s very difficult to heal the Venus square Neptune synastry relationship. When one person wants to focus on reality and come down from the high, the other person may not be capable.

However, this relationship can work if there are enough other positive aspects in the chart, but the road to happiness and peace will be difficult.

The Venus square Neptune synastry aspect forces both people to be honest with each other. They must acknowledge their darkest parts instead of trying to hide them.

If you have this aspect in your relationship, it’s essential that you share the ugliness with your partner. Even if your partner isn’t ready to reciprocate, keep doing this. It’s the only way to be honest to yourself.

The only way this relationship can work is if both partners are ready (at some point as the journey isn’t instantaneous) to reveal the dark parts of their soul. This won’t feel good at first. Much like breaking an addiction, both people will want to get more of the “good” feelings in the relationship.

Over the long term, however, showcasing those dark and ugly parts of each other is the only way to create real emotional intimacy, which always feels much better and more sustainable.