Midheaven In Leo, IC In Aquarius

ic in aquarius midheaven in leo

The Midheaven (MC) and the Imum coeli (IC) are two opposite points in astrology that are calculated based on your place and time of birth. The IC shows the qualities that you learned in childhood and the environment that you wanted to escape.

The sign of the IC will show us where our roots are, where we gain our sense of belonging, and the qualities that we have to change or leave behind as we grow.

As you can probably tell, most of us have a love-hate relationship with our IC points. We feel most comfortable here, yet we also want to push away from the IC.

In order to get away from the values of the IC, you push towards the Midheaven. In fact, the Midheaven is how people tend to perceive you in the outer world, but more specifically in your career. Although you may embrace the qualities of your Midheaven, the IC always exists underneath.

The Midheaven is an astrological point that is located exactly opposite to the IC. It is found at the top of the chart and it corresponds to career, status in society, and public image.

Usually, the Midheaven can be synonymous with the 10th house. It also represents how one’s perspective of life changes as they age and grow from childhood.

However, the Midheaven has more of a personal touch, too. It can be seen as a person’s ego and it is very important because it represents where a person gains his or her greatest sense of belonging in the world. Your Midheaven point will show you how you try to fit in and to feel OK, even if you were made to feel bad in childhood.

The IC in Aquarius placement is all about feeling “different,” but bad, as a child, and learning how to shine and fit into the world as an adult.

Keep in mind that the Midheaven and IC are always opposite signs, so you can’t have one without the other.

IC In Aquarius:

With your IC in Aquarius, you probably felt very different as a child. You never quite fit in. This could indicate that you were an outside with your friend group or at school, but most often the IC in Aquarius means that you didn’t fit into your family system.

In fact, you probably felt ashamed about who you were. You were told that you needed to be like everyone else, to be the same. But inside, you always wanted to be different.

IC in Aquarius is a tough placement because it means you had to hide. You were forced to follow the rules of other people, but you never really felt like these rules were right.

Sometimes IC in Aquarius can mean that you had a detached parent. You may have wanted more from them emotionally, but all you received was the cold shoulder. You probably felt like they never really saw you.

Alternatively, you were forced to conform and be just like everyone else, but deep down, you knew you were different. The IC in Aquarius is a common placement for Starseeds or Indigo children because they aren’t able to express their true natures.

You were taught that your differences were bad and that you needed to act like others, even if you didn’t feel like that was your most authentic self. You probably learned to judge your differences and to be ashamed of them, even if you weren’t born with that natural shame.

Much of the IC in Aquarius placement means that you didn’t fit in to culture. Try to remember that if you were born at a different time, you would have been the star of the show. The judgments that you learned about yourself are a reflection of your culture and of society, not of who you are inside.

Ultimately, your IC in Aquarius means that your inner child wasn’t honored. You weren’t able to follow your heart; instead, you had to follow the rules that made sense to others.

You had to fit in and weren’t think for yourself. Impulsivity was frowned upon, yet this is what made you feel true joy.

Even though your inner child was squashed, as an adult, you try to find ways to resurrect the child and “play.”

Midheaven In Leo:

Now, you strive to be more like your Midheaven in Leo. You truly want to honor the inner child and experience joy in life.

You’re proud of your individual ambitions and goals. If you want something, you probably go after it! In fact, your ambitions become a core part of who you are. You want to be recognized for the things that you alone achieve.

Sometimes, Midheaven in Leo can mean that you struggle to feel self-fulfilled unless you’re “shining.” Be careful that you don’t start to base your self-worth on others noticing your good qualities. This is the most difficult aspect of this placement.

It’s easy to want others to notice you because your family didn’t, in some way. The natural impulse is to seek recognition from other people. This is biologically hardwired into us!

However, you will eventually realize that you have all of the necessary love inside of you already. Remember that Midheaven in Leo can be all about self love, too. Learn to do what makes you shine internally. Be impulsive and go after your dreams!

You are generous and dynamic. With your Midheaven in Leo, you also have the capabilities to be confident, charismatic, and commanding. You’re a wonderful leader when you work from the heart!

In fact, Midheaven in Leo is a really great placement for success in work. You have a lot of opportunity in life, as long as you learn how to love yourself instead of seeking recognition.

At some point, you will need to turn around and face your IC in Aquarius. This doesn’t mean that your Midheaven in Leo is negative; it simply means that you can’t run from the shame of your childhood forever.

You will eventually need to heal your inner child and realize that your family’s reactions were their own. They were not influenced by you, nor did your “different” energy truly mean that you were different in a bad way.

Use your Midheaven in Leo to embrace your differences and let them shine. Remember that Midheaven in Leo is all about self-love and about opening your heart, even if you still feel small inside. It’s about accepting yourself for exactly who you are. You don’t need to change to be successful.

Aspects To The Midheaven And IC:

While signs are great, we know that no point or planet can completely be described without touching on aspects.

Just like any other point or planet, aspects to the Midheaven the IC will change how these placements manifest. You’ll want to figure out what your points mean by the signs, then look into the aspects to see how aspects flavor these descriptions.

If the Midheaven is well aspected, meaning that it is closely linked to planets that are favorable in nature and are located within the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house, then a person will feel as though he or she has an important place within society. They may also be considered powerful and have a higher level of prestige than other members of their profession.

A trine or sextile aspect between the Midheaven and a planet within the 1st, 10th, 5th or 7th houses indicates that we have a strong desire to perform career related tasks in life and also that we possess the ability to make progress towards our worldly goals.

In some cases when there is a trine here, then a person is actually born into a successful family and they will have the benefit of being able to acquire all of the support that they need in order to make progress in life.

In the same way, if the Midheaven is adversely aspected then a person will have an adverse approach to society and they may adopt a mundane attitude towards life as a whole.

An important point to remember when it comes to interpreting the Midheaven is that it represents where we feel most comfortable in terms of being able to express who we really are and how we behave.

If the Midheaven is afflicted by planets located within the 6th, 8th or 12th houses then this would imply that a person has problems expressing themselves and will find it difficult to adapt themselves to a society as a whole.

These aspects would also show us that we feel isolated and we have problems connecting with other people. It can also imply that a person does not feel comfortable performing tasks that are related to career.
The IC is the opposite point to the Midheaven in a chart and can sometimes represent the unconscious mind.
The planet ruling any given house will always have control over that particular area of our life, so aspects to the IC will often indicate that we either have control over our unconscious mind or that we are susceptible to its whims. Of course, the outcome will depend on the level of evolvement that any given individual possesses.
Sometimes, aspects to the IC can also dictate areas of difficulty in our childhood. Chiron aspecting the IC will mean that you developed your wound through these qualities in your childhood, while Venus may indicate a more superficial, beautiful, or loving childhood.
A planet aspecting the IC can bring about some kind of mental pattern that is related to the way we think and it can also show where our deep rooted problems come from. These are often unconscious psychological problems that we try to avoid by pushing towards the MC.
The IC also shows us the type of person that we are when it comes to relating to other people and how we behave during times of stress and hardships. The aspects to the IC will be of special importance with social groups. How well do we fit in or feel like we belong?
Often, the aspects will dictate the lessons that we learn in childhood concerning groups and social status.