Venus-Mars Aspects In The Natal Chart

venus-mars aspects in the natal chart

In the natal chart, Venus-Mars aspects indicate how connected your senses of love, beauty, and femininity are with your masculine, active, and competitive side.

I don’t find that these aspects change a person’s outer personality to a large degree. Instead, these aspects are often felt inside to the individual. If you have one of these Venus-Mars aspects, you’ll feel the effects more than others will notice these qualities within you.

Sometimes, Venus-Mars aspects will also impact a person’s love life or alter the “type” of person they are naturally attracted to. Learning about these aspects can be really helpful because they can give you a sense of direction in your love life and explain why you may be struggling.

Venus Conjunct Mars

With Venus trine Mars, your masculine and feminine energies tend to be balanced, at least in the house that the conjunction sits in. These is a sense of harmony between your carnal side and what you consider beautiful on a more etherial level.

Typically, the Venus conjunct Mars aspect makes you very relationship-oriented. You have a high degree of sex appeal and may be magnetically attractive, so finding a new partner probably happens easily for you.

You have a lot of “drive” to engage in love. You may be driven by your desires or your need to be with someone else, whether you get into serious or casual relationships.

However, you may have a tendency to enter into sexual relationships very quickly, so it’s hard for you to determine the difference between sexual attraction and love.

Venus conjunct Mars means that you feel deeply emotional about the things you’re drive to obtain. You can’t separate your innate drive from your sense of desire.

This aspect also means that your relationship with your parents will determine your attitude towards romantic relationships; typically, the sign of the Venus conjunct Mars has some influence here. Specifically, how you relate to the parent of the opposite sex will determine how you relate to your partners, regardless of your sexual orientation.

Venus conjunct Mars changes quite a bit from sign to sign. Regardless, you tend to have strong emotions and treat everything as quite intense, especially love and romance.

Even though you feel very serious about relationships very quickly, you also have a strong “flirty” streak that can cause problems for you. This is another effect of the masculine and feminine energies meshing. You may feel that it’s especially important to remain desirable to the opposite sex in general, even if you’re in a committed relationship.

Venus conjunct Mars actually makes Mars feel a bit softer. When you exert your drive, your personality comes off as pleasant, unlike someone with an aggressive Mars placement. This will make it easy for you to get things done when you set your mind to something. Others will be willing to help you instead of fighting against you.

Ultimately, Venus conjunct Mars makes it hard for you to separate your feminine and masculine qualities when you need to, but the conjunction also gives you a certain appeal that can help you succeed.

Venus Trine Mars

With Venus trine Mars, you have a passion for having fun and you enjoy social popularity. In fact, you probably love being around other people and socializing.

You don’t take energy from others, and you don’t lose energy in crowds. Instead, socializing seems to give you energy and motivation, yet others feel this way around you, too.

In most social situations, you appear very genuine and authentic. Venus trine Mars means that you radiate charm that others really appreciate. This energy is simply natural. You may be very good at creating harmony in situations by using your intuitive sense of grace and peace.

The Venus trine Mars aspect tends to make you appear softer and less aggressively sexual. You probably show love and affection instead of raw sex drive.

Everything that you do feels pleasant to others. The Venusian qualities are stronger with this placement than the Martian qualities.

Venus trine Mars means that you have strong creative talents, if you choose to use them. Be careful that you don’t take these talents for granted. You need to actively push yourself to apply your talents.

Try to remember that, while you possess many pleasing qualities with Venus trine Mars, you also have other qualities that are deeper.

Others only see this sense of charm when they meet you. It’s important that you let other people get to know you on a deeper level. Don’t rely only on your charm to get through social situations, but learn to acknowledge this deeper side of those you meet and share your own inner qualities with the world.

Venus Sextile Mars

With Venus sextile Mars, you have a strong sense of inner harmony. Your feminine side and your sense of beauty in no way conflict with what you want to accomplish.

This Venus sextile Mars aspect means that you can learn how to showcase this sense of charm and act upon it. You intuitively understand what others consider pleasing, but you may not utilize these skills in your life.

Venus sextile Mars gives you the chance to hone these skills and learn how to present a pleasing and charming image.

This aspect also gives you an opportunity to develop your creative skills. You can use your sense of drive to hone your artistic abilities and you can grow and succeed in life and career.

However, you need to actually practice all of these things with Venus sextile Mars. These skills aren’t completely natural to you, but they can be developed.

Venus Opposition Mars

The Venus opposition Mars aspect means that you have an intense emotional life. You have super charged relationships, and the line between love and hate is often quite thin.

In fact, it’s hard for you to know if you love someone or hate someone with Venus opposition Mars. You are deeply passionate and sometimes dramatic, depending on the sign.

You express your feelings of affection quite strongly. This means that you come on strong and fast, and you may have intense, stormy relationships.

With Venus opposition Mars, you may experience a level of competitiveness, frustration, or even anger in your romantic relationships. At the worst, your relationships can turn abusive, but you can also solve these issues by getting a handle on your aggression.

You will need a partner who isn’t submissive but who also knows how to communicate and work out problems constructively. With a bit of effort, you can turn your aggression into assertiveness, helping you to smooth over any problems.

Venus opposition Mars endows you with a lot of physical energy. Some of this energy can be released sexually, but it’s also a good idea to find physical ways to burn off excess energy, such as running or working out. Even an active job can help release pent up energy.

Ultimately with Venus opposition Mars, you must learn how to control your emotions and release your energy appropriately in order to have successful relationships filled with deep communication.

Venus Square Mars

With the Venus square Mars natal aspect, you may struggle to find a relationship that fulfills your ideal image. It can feel like the timing is always off when you meet someone, or maybe the person turns out to be different than you expected.

As much as you want to be in a relationship with Venus square Mars, you will struggle to actually stay with a person (or they may not stay with you) and will always feel that there’s something off. You can never exactly figure out what went wrong.

When your needs aren’t being met in a relationship, your frustration may come out sideways. Venus square Mars indicates that you can be passive-aggressive or act behind a partner’s back when you aren’t feeling fulfilled.

Venus square Mars often indicates divorce or marital difficulties. However, don’t be too concerned if you have this aspect. It can be worked on!

Simply put, Venus square Mars requires you to change the image of the “ideal” relationship that’s stuck in your head. You have to push through the hard times that you will inevitably encounter in relationships.

Don’t ever give up with Venus square Mars. It’s easy to put your past relationship behind you and look for someone new, but if you don’t change yourself based on the lessons learned then you’ll fall into the same type of partnership over and over. That doesn’t mean that your relationships won’t run their course (sometimes, you simply must move on from a partner), but you have to learn and change from your past mistakes and beliefs in order to be more successful in the future.

Learn how to express yourself in a straightforward manner with your partner instead of retaliating. You may feel like you’re always at war when you’re in a relationship, but you must learn how to openly communicate and let go of this competition that you see in order to be truly happy.

It’s hard for people with Venus square Mars to calm down and work out issues that arise. With this aspect, you may be unsure if you love or hate the other person, and you certainly aren’t thinking about how you can explain your feelings to your partner.

However, you must learn to look inside. At first, you are drawn to status and image (Venus) as well as a sense of competition and excitement (Mars) in a relationship. Yet in order for a relationship to truly be successful, you need to integrate Venus and Mars within yourself, balancing the masculine and the feminine energy. 

Over time, you can develop a relationship that is both fun and active and still emotionally balanced and beautiful.

Venus square Mars can also mean that you struggle sexually. You can’t quite understand how sex fits in with love. For you, the two are always at odds, or you may keep sex and love separate.

This aspect sometimes means that you have the virgin/whore complex. You might see partners either as someone to pair with sexually, or as someone you’re interested in romantically, but you have trouble meshing these two ideas to have a successful monogamous relationship.

As you learn to comprehend then explain your emotions (rather than allowing them to come out sideways), your viewpoints surrounding sex and intimacy will change, too. You will find that you want to be physically close to the person you love and will start to develop sexual relationships that also feel loving.

Remember that, with Venus square Mars, you don’t need to allow yourself to be dominated nor must you dominate others. In a truly balanced relationship, both people care for each other and push each other to succeed without a sense of competition between the partners.