Mars In The 2nd House: Natal, Transit, Synastry, & Solar Return

mars in the 2nd house

Typically, Mars in the 2nd house is all about money and possessions, since those the things that rule the 2nd house.

However, the second house is also responsible for our self-worth, for our desire for touch and for our own sense of security. Mars here places an exceptional emphasis on these matters.

In this post, I’ll be covering Mars in the 2nd house natal, transit, synastry, and in the solar return chart. Feel free to scroll ahead to the section that most applies to you!

Mars In The 2nd House Natal:

With Mars in the 2nd house, you are probably a hard worker. You focus on producing things of practical value. 

You prefer to work independently or to at least have some say in how you work. The things that you value most are things you achieve on your own.

Sometimes, Mars in the 2nd house can mean that you care quite a bit about money or possessions. You may work hard to own the things that you want, but this will depend on the sign and the aspects. This isn’t always the case.

You probably work slow and steady. With Mars in the 2nd house, you don’t give up easily. Any project that’s worth your while will be seen through to the end.

Even with a variety of obstacles, you don’t like to let anything stand in your way. Mars in the 2nd house is certainly tenacious! 

When you see something you want, you won’t stop until you get it. You have very set views and won’t take interference from others well. Anyone who challenges your views might meet wrath. 

You can be diligent and methodical with Mars in the 2nd house. You will figure out the best way to do something then complete the task. However, you can also be materialistic and superficial, if the aspects align for these qualities to exists.

Mars in the 2nd house means that you might have trouble seeing the bigger picture. Instead, you focus only on what you want to achieve. It can be hard for you to see the larger purpose behind possessions or security.

People with Mars in the 2nd house have very strong opinions. Once they decide on something it can be difficult to change their minds. It’s also hard to talk them out of something, even with logic, once they’re focused.

You are energetic and inventive in whatever feels important to you. While for some this is money and possessions, you can learn more about what you set your mind on if you look at the sign that Mars sits in.

With Mars in the 2nd house, you are practical and productive. Your drive is all about reaching your goals. If you don’t have a goal or endpoint, you may feel depressed or drift through life. You need something to anchor you.

Sometimes, you may be blunt when it comes to speaking the truth. It’s simply factual to you, but you have the tendency to hurt other people.

I find that people with Mars in the 2nd house generally care a lot about money. Sometimes they want a lot of money while other times they have a push-pull relationship with money.

Once you have money with Mars in the 2nd house, you’re probably very generous. Unless there are conflicting aspects in the chart, you love spending money on both yourself and others.

You may get very frustrated when money problems appear. Financial security, however you personally define that, is what makes you feel secure and happy.

Sometimes, if Mars is badly aspected, you might spend lavishly and land yourself in debt. This depends on the aspects and the sign and is not always the case.

With Mars in the 2nd house, you may work for yourself. These folks are often self-made or at the very least have a good deal of independence in their job.

People with Mars are usually either well-respected by their siblings for their work ethic, or they’re the eldest in the family. They’re usually a bit smarter and more grounded than other siblings.

In a relationship, practicality will matter to you with Mars in the 2nd house. You want to know that you’re not alone in wanting financial security.

Sexually, looks and setting will be important. With Mars in the 2nd house, you might use sex as a way to ground yourself or reassure yourself after a fight. It’s a way for you to know that everything is alright.

Mars In The 2nd House Transit:

With Mars in the 2nd house transit, expect some money to flow your way. This is always a good transit, especially if you take advantage of any planets in your 2nd house and use these skills to earn some additional cash!

Keep in mind that any money earned will come through increased work. You have to actually work hard to reap the benefits of Mars. Taking advantage of what you have can be very resourceful. There’s a lot of energy available for starting a new moneymaking project or stepping up an existing one.

In addition to making money, you now have the energy to defend your values as well. This is a time to stick up for yourself and establish who you are by setting clear boundaries. You’ll have increased energy to be “on your own.”

War is ruled by Mars, so be aware of “fighting” themes. There may be disputes over finances or inheritances, or you may be competing against your colleagues. You could also just be a bit more hostile towards your loved ones.

Often, “war-like” scenarios with Mars in the 2nd house transit involve financial concerns. It is possible that money can cause problems here, as Mars passes through, especially in close relationships.

Money and possessions could be used as a way to prove yourself or your worth to others. You may be over-identifying with what you have and own. If this is true, this energy will reveal itself during a Mars in the 2nd house transit.

It is likely that disputes will arise over ownership issues during this transit. You may get into conflicts with others if there are any ownership disputes in your life.

Another aspect of the 2nd house is your image. You may feel that you have extra energy to dedicate to health, exercise, or beauty. You’ll definitely find that you want to take action to improve your physical image in some way! Use this for good, if possible. 

With Mars in the 2nd house transit, you may have a tendency to be impulsive in purchases. Be cautious of making large decisions quickly and of impulse buying. Instead, use this energy to improve your life and earn money.

Mars In The 2nd House Synastry:

The Mars in the 2nd house synastry relationship definitely has some “Taurus” energy. The 2nd house person will probably appear more “slow and steady” than the Mars partner, who may have erratic, sustained bursts of energy.

The Mars person can push the house person to be more energetic in the areas of finances and to take action. Usually, owning things is very important to at least one partner in this relationship, so finances will be important in this relationship.

However, the house person can also contribute to the relationship. They will usually teach the Mars person how to slow down and follow through with their goals. 

In the Mars in the 2nd house synastry relationship, the Mars person may be very “touchy-feely” with a deep need for physical intimacy. This is especially true when Mars sits in an earth sign. The house person will also crave Mars’ touch and may enjoy sensual experiences.

Mars In The 2nd House Solar Return:

Having Mars in the second solar return house indicates a desire to be financially successful, independent, and in control of one’s finances.

A higher income is probable if you hustle and your earnings, at least in part, are determined by your focus on making money.

It is possible for you to obtain a considerable amount of cash flow this year, but only if you put in the extra effort. If you want to own things and earn money, you will need to take action.

Starting a new business or even a side gig would be a great idea at this time. Your energy will be ultra-high with Mars in the 2nd house in the solar return chart.

Your income may be affected positively by the amount of work you accomplish, at least partially. But putting in no extra effort or even maintaining your current level of involvement could negatively affect your earnings. The amount of work you’re willing to do will dictate what your bank account looks like at the end of the year!

You can actually lose money if you don’t put in the effort or don’t believe that you’re worth it. Mars holds a lot of energy, so you must be prepared to put in the physical work but also to actively manifest what you desire.

However, with Mars in the 2nd solar return house, you are likely to use a great deal of your dynamic energy to reach your financial or material goals. It is possible that you will decide that you are not satisfied with your career position or income and that you will begin searching vigorously for ways to increase it.

Keep in mind that during this year, you may feel more selfish and self-serving than usual, which could lead to conflict with others. This will be beneficial for your own personal life and finances but it can cause problems in relationships.

This planet allows you to keep fighting until you achieve your goals, but it also allows you to spend money faster than it’s earned. It is a year where you will have a strong desire to possess things, so be careful when it comes to impulsive purchases and investments because you could suffer serious losses and problems.

Mars in the 2nd solar return house can also mean that you redefine your image in some way. Perhaps you start a new diet, exercise program, or health journey. Maybe you change your physical appearance or opt for a different style. This can even indicate that you redecorate your home or purchase a new home with your increased energy and extra money.

Lastly: Mars in the 2nd solar return house will give you the courage you need to stand up for yourself and to redefine your boundaries. It’s a very earthly placement that allows you to reexamine your values and change your life as necessary. In many ways, prepare for a wonderful year, at least where Mars is concerned!