Mars-Chiron Aspects In The Synastry Chart

mars-chiron aspects in synastry

Mars rules desires, energy, passion, aggression, assertion, and sex, while Chiron is our deepest wound, or the insecurities that get triggered in order for us to heal.

In aspect to each other, Mars “wakes up” old wounds that are hidden deep within the Chiron person. These aspects can be very painful because Mars is aggressive, yet they also give the Chiron person the opportunity to heal in an expedited manner.

Mars Conjunct Chiron Synastry

The Mars conjunct Chiron synastry aspect means that the assertiveness of the Mars individual triggers the Chiron person. Something about Mars’ desires, actions, energy, aggression, assertion, or even sexual nature brings up the Chiron person’s deepest inadequacies. 

Chiron may be left with this understated knawing sense of insecurity when these two are together. They may really enjoy the company of the Mars individual and be unsure why they always feel raw inside. 

If Chiron has done a lot of inner work, then this could be a good time for them to explore these insecurities that Mars brings up. In some ways, Mars is a mirror for Chiron.

With the Mars conjunct Chiron synastry aspect, Chiron may be afraid of judgments from Mars if they don’t “fit in” with the crowd. The Mars person is always moving forward and the Chiron person might be afraid of being left behind, so they try extra hard to keep up. This often manifests socially (keeping up with the Jones) but can manifest in other Martian ways too, such as in work.

Chiron always feels a step behind Mars whether this is socially, work-related, with money, physically, intellectually, passion, general drive, etc. Look to the specific signs and houses of these planets to see how this inadequacy will manifest.

The Mars conjunct Chiron synastry aspect means that Chiron does NOT feel okay with who they naturally are, and these insecurities are only brought to the surface by Mars. Of course, the real work for Chiron is to step back and deal with these emotions, to learn how to like themselves when they’re moving at their own pace instead of trying to keep up with Mars. Chiron must realize that Mars is not better, just different.

Mars shows Chiron what they feel they lack. If Chiron tries to over-compensate by keeping up with Mars then this is a sign that they’re avoiding the wound. Instead, they must use this as an opportunity to actively work through it.

In a romantic relationship, the Mars conjunct Chiron synastry relationship can mean that the Chiron person can find healing through sex with the Mars person. However, they can also be triggered in sex if they don’t feel that they’re enough. This is again an opportunity to work through these feelings, especially if Mars is willing to slow down and help them.

The Mars conjunct Chiron synastry aspect is an opportunity for Chiron to heal. They can certainly talk to the Mars person and ask them to slow down in order to have that healing space. Communication is essential in this relationship. For it to work, both partners must discover ways where Mars can stay true to themselves while still making Chiron feel comfortable enough to be able to work through their emotional triggers.

This may manifest as Mars slowing down to listen, including Chiron in the conversation, validating their ideas, treating their work as equally as important, etc. Mars must be willing to listen – which may be difficult because Mars likes to go in this area – but Chiron must also have the attunement to explain their insecurities when they arise without getting triggered. Chiron can become too touchy, critical, angry, or simply avoid the problem, but they can also learn to slow down and explain themselves.

Ultimately, the Mars conjunct Chiron synastry relationship can be painful but can also be an opportunity for massive amounts of personal growth.

Mars Trine Chiron Synastry

The Mars trine Chiron synastry aspect means that both people naturally teach each other things.

Mars can teach the Chiron individual to have more motivation and confidence, to go for what they want. Mars certainly brings a sense of energy and drive to this relationship, showing Chiron that they can develop the self-confidence to fight for what they want. Chiron will naturally learn this just from being around Mars.

Meanwhile, Chiron can teach Mars to calm down and express their energy in a deeper creative way. They show Mars how to delve deeper into their emotions instead of rushing forward, how to see the subtleties in life that may have eluded Mars naturally. In some ways, Chiron makes Mars’ world more dimensional.

This does not mean that the Mars trine Chiron synastry aspect is always harmonious. Even with the trine, Mars may “teach” Chiron by triggering the wound and forcing them to face it, just from being who they are.

The outcome of the Mars trine Chiron synastry relationship will depend on how evolved both people are; this is still a heavy aspect, regardless of the trine. But it can bring great spiritual both if both people are willing to put the work in. Chiron must be willing to face their own pain while Mars must be willing to slow down and become more sensitive.

Mars Sextile Chiron Synastry

The Mars sextile Chiron synastry aspect indicates that all of the most “Martian” qualities of the Mars person (such as their desires, action, passion, aggression, sexual style, fighting style, etc.) will trigger the Chiron person. However, these triggers won’t be too severe or painful. 

Mars will bring up some of Chiron’s insecurities just by being themself and will give Chiron an opportunity to work through their pain. However, Chiron won’t be forced to do this. The aspect is somewhat gentle and is only really apparent if Chiron chooses to do this work.

In some ways, Chiron may be able to look at Mars and see what they need to do to break free of their insecurities because Mars naturally does that already.

Mars will make Chiron’s hurts conscious, giving them a chance to see their pain through someone else without being too hurt. This is a nice, easy way to work on Chiron’s emotional landscape. But again, whether or not the Mars sextile Chiron synastry aspect is activated will depend on how much emotional Chiron has done and is willing to do.

Mars Opposition Chiron Synastry

The Mars opposition Chiron synastry chart indicates that there’s an element of competition in the relationship. The way that the Mars person expresses their drive and asserts themself triggers Chiron’s wound, which may make Chiron lash out.

Typically, the Mars person expresses qualities that the Chiron person feels they don’t have. The lack of these qualities triggers Chiron and makes them feel inadequate, especially when they see them expressed in Mars. 

These qualities can be anything “Martian” in nature, such as drive, assertion, business, argument style, how outgoing Mars is, sex, etc.

The Mars opposite Chiron synastry aspect can be especially difficult for Chiron because Mars represents everything they’re not. And no matter how they try, they can’t just “become” Mars until they work through their wounds.

Chiron can grow very competitive in order to prove that they are enough; they can also end up wounding Mars due to this competition. Mars doesn’t mean to compete with Chiron (they’re just being themselves) but Chiron can get aggressive towards Mars if they see their actions and the way they express themselves as a sign of competition.

The Mars opposition Chiron synastry aspect doesn’t have to hamper a relationship. If the Chiron person has done some emotional work and dealt with their triggers, then they can see this relationship as an opportunity to work through more of their wound. But if they have done little emotional work then Chiron will probably strike back and wage war against Mars.

Mars Square Chiron Synastry

The Mars square Chiron synastry aspect means that, through conflict, Mars re-opens Chiron’s past hurts and wounds. Just by being themselves, Mars triggers Chiron in a big way.

This can manifest through the way that Mars acts socially, how driven they are for financial reward, how they work, or how they think of new ideas. Something about one of these areas (look to the houses for clearer information) conflicts with Chiron’s insecurities. They get this strong nagging feeling when they observe Mars acting that makes them either want to run away or fight.

If the aspect is conscious, then Chiron might feel that Mars is too harsh or even cruel, while Mars might feel that Chiron is far too sensitive about perceived slights. Chiron thinks that Mars just doesn’t get them or care about their insecurities, while Mars feels like they’re constantly walking on eggshells.

The way that Mars acts out will hurt Chiron with Mars square Chiron synastry. When Mars makes an effort to connect, Chiron can actually see this effort as triggering their wound, making for a disjointed relationship.

Even if Chiron has done a lot of self-work, they will be extremely triggered by Mars. This is a tough aspect. But as always, it’s a good opportunity for Chiron to do even more inner work. 

Typically with the Mars square Chiron synastry relationship, Chiron is triggered because Mars reminds them of what they lack, of what they feel is wrong about themselves. It’s not that Mars has what Chiron feels they lack, but simply that their very presence points it out.

It’s important for Chiron to remember that Mars is a teacher. They can only learn about their wound if it’s triggered. 

In romantic relationships, the Mars square Chiron synastry aspect is tricky, but it CAN be worked through with a lot of effort and communication. Both people must learn to understand what hurts the other, and Mars must be exceptionally willing to understand Chiron’s insecurities, even if they seem stupid.

Chiron should focus on being less sensitive. The way to do this is by working through the wounds when they arise instead of reacting and by communicating more clearly to Mars, to explain what’s happening inside of them. But Mars should also work to explain their motivation more clearly so that Chiron isn’t left in the dark, thinking the worst of their actions.