Mercury-Neptune Aspects In The Natal Chart

mercury-neptune aspects in the natal chart

Any Mercury-Neptune aspects in your birth chart will make your mind work differently. Neptune can create illusions, but it can also be deep spirituality and intuition, so it changes the hard, conscious, logical Mercurian mind.

People with Mercury-Neptune aspects can be extremely spiritual and creative, changing the world through their art, communication, writing, or even styles of speaking.

However, these folks can also be prone to deception, create illusions for themselves, or live in a fantasy world.

Mercury Conjunct Neptune

With Mercury conjunct Neptune, your senses are heightened in communication. You are intuitive and creative, and you tend to have a real appreciation for things that make you feel a certain way.

You may be especially talented in the arts, literary endeavors, or in design.

However, Mercury conjunct Neptune can be difficult because you may be unsure what’s real and what’s false. You absorb so much information yet you struggle to filter out what is background noise, what is private, etc.

It’s hard for you to focus on facts with Mercury conjunct Neptune. Your perceptions change based on what you wanted and you start to think that your fantasies are reality.

With Mercury conjunct Neptune, you also pick up on the feelings of people around you. This can be good, because you can easily read others, but it can also overwhelm you. It’s hard for you to create clear mental boundaries and to discern what you think.

Although there are a lot of difficulties with Mercury conjunct Neptune because you struggle with rationality, you also have a lot of strengths. When you’re able to separate fact from fiction, you have possession of both logical thought and extremely strong intuition.

You have incredible sensitivity and creativity. Mercury conjunct Neptune can help you be very successful in artistic careers as well as careers with healing.

Be careful that you work hard to stay truthful. You may have a tendency to stretch the truth, even if you don’t realize this, because you start to believe what you’re saying.

Learn how to separate your imagination from from reality. You can certainly appreciate your imagination, but you need to look at it for what it is.

With Mercury conjunct Neptune, you can learn how to tune into the more subtle aspects of life. For example, you may be able to sense the moods of other people or find the truth in a situation using your intuition.

It’s also important that you focus on higher spirituality (psychism, energy work, etc.) instead of getting stuck in your fantasies or falling into addictions. Mercury conjunct Neptune tends to make someone either super spiritual or dependent/addicted. 

This is because you want to live in a beautiful world. Reality can feel too wrong or hard. However, as you develop your spirituality, you will learn that reality is better because it’s real, even if it’s hard.

It can be helpful with Mercury conjunct Neptune to learn how to put up shields and wards around your energy. Similarly, boundaries are really important in communication. Both of these practices will help you separate from other people and figure out what’s real for you.

Mercury Trine Neptune

Mercury trine Neptune gives you naturally acute spiritual senses. You easily pick up on vibrations, sometimes without realizing it.

You are naturally open to spiritual concepts, or you may have natural psychic abilities. If you don’t feel that you’ve accessed this side yet, then you most likely at least have strong hunches and intuitive senses without even realizing this.

On a personal level, Mercury trine Neptune gives you a charming way of speaking. People tend to enjoy talking with you, especially one-on-one.

When you’re communicating, you probably use symbols, metaphors, and abstract words without even realizing what you’re doing. Your way of thinking isn’t always linear, but this tends to help rather than hurt you.

You also read people naturally. You tend to pick up on mannerisms or energy that others might not see, even if this isn’t conscious.

With Mercury trine Neptune, you’re naturally creative and can think outside of the box when you need to. 

Many of these folks tend to be “go-getters” in career. They truly believe that the sky is the limit!

Ultimately, you have a strong sense of expansion and natural intuitive abilities. With a bit of practice, you can hone these skills even more. 

Be careful that you don’t take these things for granted with Mercury conjunct Neptune. Not everyone is able to do what you can!

Mercury Sextile Neptune

Mercury sextile Neptune means that you are extremely sensitive to energy and vibrations. You may be very creative, especially when it comes to words.

Many people with this aspect do well in careers like poetry, writing, acting, or anything romantic and imaginative.

You have a strong sense of intuition with Mercury sextile Neptune, though this tends to be especially potent during communication. You have great senses about other people whether or not you utilize these skills.

However, Mercury sextile Neptune gives you the opportunity to further develop these impulses. Your intuition may be subconscious or unconscious. You can bring it conscious with this aspect!

You may struggle to figure out when you’re using your intuition versus your rational mind. Mercury sextile Neptune means that you can work to separate those successfully and utilize the best elements of both.

With Mercury sextile Neptune, you should follow your intuition. You may get hunches about negative people and it’s important that you act on these, because you’re often right.

Stay away from negative energy as much as possible. Your energy field is porous, so you tend to absorb negativity from other people or entities. Learning to ward yourself can be helpful, too.

Some people with Mercury sextile Neptune have difficulty handing math, science, or other complex studies that require a strictly logical way of thinking. Don’t worry if this is the case! Remember that you have very special talents with Mercury sextile Neptune that are specific to you.

Mercury Opposition Neptune

With Mercury opposition Neptune, your perception of reality is weakened. You can hear and process information, but by the time you interpret it, the information may have changed.

This is often because you can filter out the clutter in the world and get to the important information. You tend to get hung up on things that aren’t all that essential.

Your weaker processing skills also cause you to communicate information in a way that seems untrue. Others may think you’re lying, even if you intended to be truthful.

The way that Mercury opposition Neptune causes problems for you will depend on the signs of the aspect. These issues could arise more when you’re communicating, listening, reading, writing, etc.

For example, one person with Mercury opposition Neptune may struggle in communication and speak too much or too often, while someone else may have a learning disability or Dyslexia. 

Others simply have a hard time with spelling, math, or following clear formulas. These folks tend to exist on a slightly different mental plane, but they tend to have trouble living on earth.

With Mercury opposition Neptune, it’s important that you keep your flaws conscious in your mind. Otherwise, you will forget that you’re even perceiving things differently.

Learn how to double-check your words and perceptions. Turn to those you trust to see if your perception is reality. 

Be careful that you don’t fall into the trap of thinking your way is always right. It’s easy for you to feel a bit egotistical and feel that your thoughts must be correct, but they’re actually distorted quite often.

With Mercury opposition Neptune, it’s really important that you learn to determine when your ego has jumped in. That is when your thoughts and perceptions will be influenced.

Ultimately, you have a hard time separating fantasy from reality, or you may swing back and forth between intuition or logic. You never really know what to believe because there are two truths at any one time.

Your mind is often foggy. You simply don’t know what’s real. However, it’s important that you learn to integrate your logical and imaginative minds while knowing which one is talking.

Focus on your deepest emotions with Mercury opposition Neptune. You probably have unpeeled layers that influence your logical thoughts, so when you dig deep and work through your feelings in a logical way, you’ll be able to see reality much more clearly.

You will know you’re on the right path with Mercury opposition Neptune when your intuition and logic start to agree

Mercury Square Neptune

If you have the Mercury square Neptune aspect, you probably enjoyed living in your own worked as a child. You actively daydreamed, pretended, or fantasized. 

Now, you are skilled at reading other people and at sensing information because you developed these qualities. However, you might also have trouble concentrating because you tend to fall back into fantasies.

With Mercury square Neptune, you may stretch the truth a bit, whether or not you consciously realize this. You may know you’re doing it at first, but over time, you start to believe your own lies.

If you don’t do any work on this aspect, you can even become persuasive and manipulative. It’s important that you do the work to figure out what is real, otherwise you may start to lie anytime you want reality to be different.

You may be a bit vague when speaking or writing. It’s hard for you to take on an opinion because you change your mind often; you can see various viewpoints so it’s hard for you to be black or white.

Mercury square Neptune means that your method of communicating can be a bit self-defeating. You tend to talk yourself out of things or give up on things before you’ve even started, because you’re already onto the next fantasy.

You do have psychic skills. However, it can be hard for you to figure out what you’ve had a psychic experience and when you’re simply using your imagination.

It’s very important with Mercury square Neptune that you figure out how to discriminate between your imagination and reality. Even intuition is a part of reality, while imagination is separate. Otherwise, you could simply be a dreamer forever.

You must learn how to live in reality and still be able to access your intuition. It’s perfectly fine to fantasize or create an imaginary world, but it’s essential that you remind yourself that it’s not real.

Work on setting routines for yourself and double check your logic with Mercury square Neptune. Don’t assume that anything is true. Check the logic and check your intuition before you believe anything.

Although Mercury square Neptune can be a difficult aspect, you will also have a strong grasp on the rational and intuitive minds when you work through these issues. Plus, you can be incredibly creative and imaginative in just about any area!