Venus-Chiron Aspects In The Synastry Chart

venus-chiron aspects in the natal chart

Venus rules love, money, appearances, and in the synastry chart, how one loves. Meanwhile, Chiron is the doorway to one’s deepest wounds and insecurities. So in synastry, these two planets in aspect often indicate pain in love, yet there is also the potential for healing.

Most Venus-Chiron synastry aspects trigger wounds of love for the Chiron person. This means that they will be faced with all the ways they did not receive adequate love as a child and the impact of that absence.

Venus-Chiron aspects also revolve around value, particularly of the self. The Chiron person might struggle to see themselves as valuable, yet they have an opportunity through this synastry aspect to learn what they can value about themselves.

For the Chiron individual, Venus will touch on the pain that they already hold, either from childhood or from previous relationships. This can be immensely triggering for the Chiron individual but offers them an opportunity to heal this long-held pain.

Many astrologers believe that Venus-Chiron aspects are extremely common in the charts of married couples. While I sometimes see these aspects appear for married partners, this is definitely not always the case. In my experience, these aspects can be incredibly painful or healing but don’t necessarily indicate whether or not a relationship will be a success. Much of the outcome will depend on how much work the Chiron person has done and how willing they are to confront their own insecurities.

Venus Conjunct Chiron Synastry

The Venus conjunct Chiron synastry aspect can be a tough placement. In this relationship, the Venus individual triggers the Chiron person’s wound through the way they love, their personal taste/aesthetic, or the way that they think and act around money.

In some way, the Venus person triggers the Chiron’s person sense of inadequacy around love. This probably stems from childhood or past relationships, but it makes the Chiron person feel (subconsciously) that they do not deserve love. It reminds them that they don’t have enough value. Of course, this is not true, but it certainly feels to true to the Chiron person.

The Chiron individual may find that they feel a strange sense of inadequacy around the Venus person. They might not know exactly why, but they somehow feel that they don’t measure up. This is because all of the feelings they have about their Chironic wound are magnified in the presence of the Venus individual.

But how does this play out? If the Chiron person has not even begun to confront their wound, then they’re likely to lash out. In the most extreme examples, the Chiron person will want to hurt the Venus person or bring them down to try and “fix” their own negative feelings. They might also try to change the values of the Venus individual to make them less threatening.

However, for a Chironic individual who has worked on their sense of inadequacy in this area, the relationship can be an opportunity to grow. In fact, this can be an incredibly healing relationship if Chiron is able to get past the more subconscious feelings that pop up and make them conscious in order to sort through their own emotions and experiences.

Regardless, the Venus conjunct Chiron synastry relationship will probably be a bit painful for both individuals (Chiron because of the triggers and Venus due to Chiron’s reactions) but can also be very healing if both people are emotionally mature.

If this aspect is dealt with in a developed manner, a wonderful relationship may flourish. Both people will understand the other’s pain and know how to soothe. However, immature handling of this aspect can lead to a toxic or critical relationship as well as a variety of unhealthy coping mechanisms from one or both individuals.

Venus Trine Chiron Synastry

This relationship can feel “meant to be” when the couple first meets. There is a sense of healing, at least for the wounded individual in the Venus trine Chiron synastry relationship, because they feel as though Venus provides all the love they’ve always wanted.

Something about the Venus person helps the Chiron person deal with their wound. The Venus individual may present themselves a certain way or even show love a certain way. Regardless, the Venus individual smoothes the rough edges of the Chironic wound and makes the Chiron individual feel whole, at least at the beginning of the relationship.

While the Venus trine Chiron synastry aspect can make for a very healing relationship that feels fated, it isn’t always truly fated. Sometimes, the trine makes the Chiron person lean on the Venus person to feel whole. They may start to believe that they can’t live without the individual.

In a healthy relationship, the Venus trine Chiron synastry aspect simply smoothes the edges of the Chironic wound and teaches both people how to love with boundaries. It takes two mature individuals to create this kind of relationship.

In an unhealthy context, the Venus trine Chiron synastry aspect can create a very codependent relationship. Venus can sometimes be a superficial planet, and in this context, Venus is able to keep Chiron superficially happy, yet the wound still exists. Chiron may start to think that they can’t live without Venus. However, no one is happy in this dependent type of relationship. Chiron is also unable to fully deal with their wounds and uses Venus like a bandaid.

Sometimes, the Venus trine Chiron synastry aspect makes two individuals feel tied to each other in a deeper way, but they struggle to be logical and to clearly express themselves. They have trouble being individuals. It is essential that both people work on their own wounds and share their findings with each other instead of expecting the other person to fix their wounds for them.

This relationship can occasionally end up failing because either Chiron or Venus needs to break away from the other in order to find themselves. This is even more painful for the other person but is also an opportunity (again) to actually look at the wound and heal. However, it is possible for this relationship to work, but it requires very open emotional communication.

Venus Sextile Chiron Synastry

The Venus sextile Chiron synastry aspect is much softer than the previous two. In this relationship, there is an opportunity for the Chiron person to heal their love-related issues, or at the very least to acknowledge where their insecurities lie.

Though the Venus sextile Chiron relationship in synastry can be mildly triggering for the Chiron individual, it’s also quite healing. The Venus person naturally provides love in a way that allows Chiron to see what they didn’t have in past relationships or with their parents. This previous lack of love created the insecurities, the sense of worthlessness, that the Chiron individual deals with, but the Venus person is able to fill some of those holes.

While this relationship won’t solve all the issues for Chiron, it does give them a chance to step into the light and figure out how they truly feel about themselves, to do things differently going forward. Of course, this requires that Chiron is ready to do the work. If the Chiron individual would rather ignore their insecurities then this aspect may be completely inactive.

Venus Opposition Chiron Synastry

The Venus opposition Chiron synastry aspect indicates that the Venus person will trigger the Chiron person’s wound, again and again. Typically, the way that the Venus person expresses love or how they conduct relationships is what triggers the wound.

However, there may be other “Venusian” qualities that trigger Chiron, such as how much money Venus makes or how they express beauty. Regardless, something about the way that the Venus individual expresses these qualities brings out all of the worst insecurities in Chiron.

Chiron is usually seeing the shadow self in Venus, or who they wish they were. Venus reminds them of the qualities that they feel they lack, which makes them believe that they do not have value. Even if Chiron does not consciously realize this, they are likely to act out due to these unconscious emotions. 

In a romantic relationship, the Venus opposition Chiron synastry aspect is difficult to overcome unless the Chiron individual is ready to do some serious emotional work. 

Sometimes, Venus opposition Chiron synastry actually means that the Chiron person is triggered by who the Venus person chooses to love. This is more apparent in a friendship, and may not even be activated until the Venus person enters into a romantic relationship; the energy of this relationship changes what Venus and Chiron have together. This is not always the case but is certainly a possibility.

This aspect can also be a bit competitive in some ways. Chiron may feel that they always have to measure up to Venus or compete with what Venus does, looks like, or the possessions that Venus has. 

There are many ways that the Venus opposition Chiron synastry aspect can trigger the Chiron individual, and all of them are Venusian. The most important thing to realize is that Chiron is essentially seeing in Venus what they feel they lack. It’s not OK with them to lack this but makes them feel that they lack value overall.

While the Venus opposition Chiron synastry aspect is quite difficult emotionally, it’s also a good chance for the Chiron individual to confront that shadow in themself and to learn how to be OK with themself exactly as they are.

Venus Square Chiron Synastry

While the opposition aspect indicates that Chiron sees the shadow self, the Venus square Chiron synastry aspect is more of a conflict or difference in viewpoint (instead of the opposite). 

Sometimes, this means that the way the Venus person loves is simply not what the Chiron person needs to feel secure and to heal. This is very painful for the Chiron person because Venus repeatedly triggers the square by not loving them in the way they need. Venus may make Chiron feel more insecure because they just can’t understand where Venus is coming from.

The Venus square Chiron synastry aspect can also mean that Chiron is triggered by the way Venus spends/earns money, the way they look, or any of the Venusian qualities that they present. Something about Venus makes Chiron feel insecure. Chiron may feel that no matter how hard they try, they can’t seem to calm down their feelings of inadequacy.

In a friendship or familial relationship, Venus square Chiron can have another meaning. Sometimes, this aspect indicates that the Venus person is attracted to or dates people who trigger the Chiron individual. In this case, the Venus person’s method of love triggers Chiron indirectly, through their partners. 

This aspect is generally about Venus triggering all sorts of inadequacy in the Chiron person. The energy of this relationship can be very disconnected because these two just cannot understand each other. Typically, Chiron does not know how to explain these triggers to Venus (not that Venus would necessarily understand) so the matter remains conflicted.

If both people are willing, the Venus square Chiron synastry aspect can be resolved, but it takes a lot of communication. This aspect isn’t necessarily bad but simply indicates that these two relational styles don’t match up. 

Sometimes, both partners will stay together because Chiron feels the need to prove that they are good enough, despite the constant pain they endure by being around Venus. Other times, Chiron feels the need to disconnect or flee.

It’s very important that both partners are willing to dig deep into their emotional psyches and willing to learn how to explain their emotions in a way that the other can understand for this relationship to last.

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