Midheaven In Aquarius, IC In Leo

midheaven in aquarius ic in leo

The Midheaven (MC) and the Imum coeli (IC) are two opposite points in astrology that are calculated based on your place and time of birth. Today I’ll be discussing the Midheaven in Aquarius and the IC in Leo.

Keep in mind that the Midheaven and IC are always opposite signs, so you can’t have one without the other!

What Is the Midheaven versus the IC?

The IC is generally traits from childhood that you learned to conceal. It describes your childhood in some way and indicates the role you were given by your family.

Typically, the IC describes the more painful qualities of your childhood and upbringing. These are qualities that hold you back, but it also shows a core part of yourself that you feel you must hide

The IC is often unconscious. You hide these pieces of yourself because you were taught, in some way, that they aren’t acceptable values to show to society. Some people may reveal these inner pieces in private, while others shun their core self altogether.

On the opposite axis, the Midheaven, or MC, is your outer, more public persona. The Midheaven is the “you” that you actively want to show.

Typically, the Midheaven shows qualities that you develop is a direct result of childhood conditioning. Whether your parents meant to teach you these qualities or not, they are things that you learned in order to survive.

The Midheaven is also what you want to achieve in the world and who you desire to be based on what you feel is important in life.

Ultimately, the Midheaven is your calling in the world. It’s what you feel compelled to accomplish in this lifetime, especially in terms of work or career. When you feel that you have truly completed your Midheaven, you are more likely to feel ultimate fulfillment. 

Both the IC and the Midheaven are integral parts of your personality. Neither are inherently good or bad. You will never “get rid” of either, but learning about these qualities can help you heal your shadow self and put your best foot forward in the world.

IC In Leo:

With your IC in Leo, you probably didn’t get enough one-on-one attention as a child. You probably had compete with either your siblings or parents to get noticed.

These IC in Leo qualities forced you to fight for attention or learn to be independent without care from others. You probably started to hide your feelings and learned not to ask for help. You figured out how to do things for yourself and deal with not being noticed.

Often with IC in Leo, you had another family member who always seemed to steal the spotlight. Look to the aspects to determine exactly who this was and how this manifested.

Sometimes with IC in Leo, you may have had a family who looked down on emotional outbursts. You were taught that excessive displays of emotions were bad; you may have even been strongly punished when you got too upset.

However, you were probably fun-loving as a child, too. You figured out how to create your own fun without getting in trouble or being too emotional.

Inside, you have this IC in Leo inner child who truly loves to have fun. This child may also want that attention that they didn’t receive in childhood, but you have pushed that deep down and learned to ignore this need.

You wanted more affection and warmth as a child. You had to share the limelight and didn’t get the amount of attention that you needed.

Your inner child is larger than life and quite energetic and playful, when they are allowed to come out. However, you may also have an inner part of yourself that can be a bit egotistical, simply because you want to be noticed.

When your inner child does come out, you might find yourself bragging or showing off your skills. You can come off as a little desperate because you want recognition, but this all comes from a real need that you have. No matter how much you hide your desire to be noticed, it doesn’t actually go away.

Additionally, your parents may have shown off a bit in childhood. Maybe they cared a lot about status in society or were a bit “braggy” themselves. You subconsciously learned how to brag by watching them, but you also reject this part of yourself. It’s a bit of a push-pull feeling.

With IC in Leo, you’re probably very loving. You have a large heart and are quite giving in your private life. Anyone who is lucky enough to glimpse this secret self will discover a generous, caring individual.

Ultimately, these inner feelings develop because you wanted more openness or affection but didn’t get it from your parents. You wanted more warmth. You had to share the “limelight” and didn’t get enough attention compared to your siblings or other people. You learned to ignore your feelings and might even now think that emotions are bad.

Midheaven In Aquarius:

With your IC in Leo, you learned to be independent and to pretend that you didn’t need attention. You began to focus on logic instead of your emotions as a way to cope.

Now with your Midheaven in Aquarius, you may come off as cool, aloof, or detached. Inside, you actually feel too emotional and needy, so you must shut off your emotions around others.

Sometimes, your IC in Leo emotions may bubble up. It’s easy for you to become playful or a bit egotistical when your Leo starts showing, but you’re careful to quickly shut that off. Most of the time, what others see is your Midheaven in Aquarius.

Your conversations with people are factual and logical. You can be a bit sharp or cold when you don’t believe something that others are saying, but this is because you never stray from the path of reason. Logic is what feels safe to you, but you also developed these skills when people discredited you for being too emotional.

Your inner child, or IC in Leo, wanted attention that they didn’t receive, but when you work with facts instead of feelings, you no longer feel so sad. Logic is what keeps you grounded and whole. It’s what saved you as a child.

With your Midheaven in Aquarius, you want to do something different in the world. You wish to create or contribute something unique instead of getting bogged down in the same type of work that everyone else does.

You want to be remembered for adding something to humanity, something that will take our people and culture to the next level. It’s important to you that you love your work and feel like you’re actively doing something. You probably don’t do well with busy work, unless it will advance your career in some way.

Ultimately with Midheaven in Aquarius, you are intellectual rather than emotional. You hit people with the facts and stay calm, cool, and collected. You have a rich inner world filled with playfulness, but you only share this side of yourself with those you trust completely.

The goal with Midheaven in Aquarius is to combine your love of logic, which can be quite helpful, with your need for attention. Learn to give yourself the attention that you didn’t receive. Work through your childhood in a logical fashion instead of ignoring it and you will find that your career jumps by leaps and bounds.

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