Venus-Nodal Aspects In The Natal Chart

venus-nodal aspects in the natal chart

The North Node in the natal chart indicates where you need to learn and grow, while the South Node shows qualities that you’ve developed but no longer need in the same way.

In aspect to the nodes, Venus indicates that your life’s lessons revolve around beauty, love, popularity, and personal values. 

Venus Conjunct North Node (Opposition South Node)

The Venus conjunct North Node aspect (which means you also have the Venus opposition South Node aspect) indicates a change in values concerning beauty and love. Your Venus sign may feel foreign to you but will have a significant influence on your life.

You probably have a lot of opportunities to attract relationships in your life. However, you’re like to fall into your South Node values in these relationships when you actually need to push towards your North Node. You’re unlike to find a good relationship or successfully develop your creativity until you develop some of your North Node’s qualities.

The Venus conjunct North Node aspect indicates that your values need to change in this lifetime. In the past, the things that you thought were “beautiful” might have been synthetic or false in some way. Now, you must find the beauty in what is natural and real. 

These values also extend to relationships. With Venus conjunct North Node, this is a lifetime for you to learn how to coexist with others. In a past life or in childhood, you chose to do everything yourself with little care for harmony. Now is the time to develop your cooperative skills.

The Venus opposite South Node aspect can indicate that you did not see yourself as desirable or lovable, either in a past life or in childhood. To grow your soul, you must learn how to let yourself be seen this way. This involves being vulnerable with other people, something that may be difficult for you.

This aspect also means that you need to seek out love interests with different values than you’ve previously dated. This might feel a bit uncomfortable (since you aren’t used to being around people with these values) but it is also necessary. Note that you won’t necessarily have many past lifetimes or a lot of karma with these love interests. Instead, you will be forging new bonds and learning new values together.

You truly can’t reach your North Node in this lifetime unless you’re willing to put yourself out there and enter into romantic relationships. Through romantic hurts and through finding what you actually like, you will slowly develop the qualities of your North Node.

Venus Trine North Node (Sextile South Node)

With Venus trine North Node, your relationships are likely to teach you a lot. Your soul learns through both positive and challenging experiences with love and relationships during this lifetime.

You will naturally attract relationships that teach you about your North Node. This does not mean that the relationships are painless. In fact, you’ll probably learn through some painful relationships, but you won’t have to go looking for these lessons – they will find you

Over time, you will need to change your values romantically. You’ll start to look for partners who are different from who you pictured in childhood and you will also begin to act differently in a relationship. This can be very uncomfortable but will ultimately bring you much happiness in a relationship.

Through your relationships with people you love, you discover your life path. The power of love can be used to heal others and help you learn the true meaning of unconditional love. You may find that your sense of love changes in these relationships, but also deepens and becomes more real.

Venus has potential for success in endeavors ruled by this planet, including singing, music, entertaining, and the arts. Poets, painters, dancers, and composers often belong to this group. You may be fairly progressive, interested in exploring new artistic directions. In this lifetime, you will create something new and beautiful.

You will also discover what love really means to you with Venus trine North Node. And it probably won’t look anything like you thought as a child! Your values will change dramatically but this will be for the better. Along your path, you’re likely to find true love, only it won’t look like what you pictured originally.

Part of your destiny with Venus trine North Node is opening your heart. This can mean that you learn to love your significant other in a different way or that you create a life you truly love. 

Charm, persuasion, deception, romances, self-love, and materialism can be linked to life lessons with Venus trine North Node. It’s possible that you used these things in the wrong way before, and now you must learn the true meaning of your values, to find the higher octave of Venus.

Venus helps you figure out what clothes you really like, what your aesthetic is, and what things are truly important to you. This placement can be really helpful when you need to develop your own identity and see how Venus can be a lovely planet.

Venus Sextile North Node (Trine South Node)

With Venus sextile North Node (and potentially Venus trine South Node), Relationships pave the path towards fulfillment. You will encounter relationships with people who help you move forward but you must choose to actually take advantage of these relationship lessons to learn.

Charm, persuasion, deception, romances, self-love, and materialism can be linked to life lessons with Venus sextile North Node. It’s possible that you used these things in the wrong way before, and now you must learn the true meaning of your values, to find the higher octave of Venus.

Venus sextile North Node means that you have the opportunity to change the way you look at love and beauty in order to move towards your North Node. Part of this involves actually opening your heart instead of just following an “imitation” of love in relationships. You need to actually learn how to love.

In some way, your sense of love will change but will also deepen and become more real through these relationships. However, with Venus sextile North Node, you have to actively take advantage of these opportunities to learn.

Venus Opposition North Node (Conjunct South Node)

In the birth chart, the south node often represents a point of insecurity. Defining yourself based on your relationships with others can be a tendency with Venus conjunct South Node.

Within this lifetime, you should learn that your happiness does not depend on others. You were probably well-liked in the past and base much of your personality on what others think about you. Connection feels natural to you because you are charming and sociable. 

However, with Venus opposition North Node, you are here to learn that you don’t need to charm others in order to be whole. You can exist, independent of others, and still be your most amazing self.

You may find that you spend too much time on relationships, especially in the younger years of your life. These relationships will cease to be fulfilling because the energy feels stagnant. Additionally, you meet many “karmic” partners, so many of your relationships have already played out in a past life, making this energy even more difficult.

In this lifetime with Venus opposition North Node, you’re here to learn about yourself. Relationships block you from self-knowledge, so you might need to take a step back until you really know who you are.

You probably feel a sense of panic when others appear to abandon you. These feelings will be triggered over and over for you in relationships. This is a mechanism to help you grow. Your subconscious is telling you that it does not believe you can survive without others, does not think you are whole by yourself. Remember that this is not true.

Instead, you must learn to rely on yourself. Figure out what qualities you do have and learn to be there for yourself, to comfort yourself, and provide for yourself. It is only then that you will be able to love other people as equals instead of relying on them for love or status.

The South Node reveals your patterns and many of your patterns are about dependence on others for love, status, recognition, and material things. This life is all about developing independence in these areas. By doing this, you will learn how to have deeper relationships on equal footing that actually feel much better to you.

Venus Square North Node (Square South Node)

With Venus square North Node, your relationships hold you back from soul growth. You easily fall into old patterns that do not serve you. 

In this life, you must confront the difficult issues deep inside you. Venus square North Node indicates that you want to avoid anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, preferring to focus on beautiful things or on romance. But until you confront those difficult things, you fall back into the same painful patterns over and over.

You attract relationships and people that stop you from truly growing. When others question the North Node qualities that you develop, you tend to believe them and ignore the lessons of your North Node again. 

With Venus square North Node, you need to leave relationships behind that do not serve you. It’s important that you develop new relationships with different values. This path takes a lot of strength and is very uncomfortable, but remember that you’ll be uncomfortable either way because these Venusian relationships never feel completely right.

Sometimes, Venus square North Node indicates that you don’t stick up for yourself in relationships. You may accept less than you deserve, stay with a cheating partner, etc. The way out is to focus on developing your North Node qualities (in the house of the North Node) to gain strength.

You must examine your old beliefs (the South Node) before you can change them. Perhaps you’re believing a fairytale that you can’t let go of. Or maybe you have taken on a victim mentality, or believe that you’re not worth as much (the value of Venus) as other people, that you deserve half a relationship. It’s time to confront those beliefs and put a spotlight on the lies you tell yourself.

With Venus square North Node, it’s very important that you learn how to use logic in your relationships. You struggle to see the truth (and prefer to look at the beautiful story instead of the hard truth) so utilizing your logical mind is essential.

Once you’re able to tackle this Venus square North Node aspect then you will find relationships that are much different from before. These relationships will also make you happier and feel more equal. Remember that the power is within you to choose differently!