Mercury in Leo

mercury in leo

Mercury is the planet that rules the mind, thought processes, and communication style in Astrology.  It tells us not what we think about, but how we think.

In the sky, Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, and moves the fastest. It may be difficult to differentiate between the two, but remember; the sun is the persona, and Mercury is the mind.

Mercury in Leo: The Solar Mind 

Mercury in Leo people are some of the most vibrant and forceful minds that exist. They may be very opinionated, and have a hard time seeing other perspectives, especially when it comes to things they care about strongly. 

Mercury in Leo natives are strong-willed to the bone. Unlike Mercury in Libra, who needs all the information before making a decision, Mercury in Leo will make the best possible decision for themselves. They do not mean to come across as selfish, but they will do what is best for themselves in any given situation. 

Mercury in Leo people rarely consider all the options of a situation. They will hear one they like, and they will stick with that regardless of the others that are out there. 

For example, one Mercury in Leo client decided that witchcraft is bad at a young age (probably due to religion). Now, she practices witchcraft, but refuses to call it what it is because in her mind, that will always be bad. 

Mercury in Leo people are fixed in their beliefs. If they believe something, they will hear nothing against that belief. If you try to criticize that belief, even unknowingly, they may become very defensive. 

Self-Oriented Mind

For a person with Mercury in Leo, their thoughts are them. Their thoughts and opinions have such a strong place in their identity, that they can become quite upset if they are tampered with. 

Mercury in Leo people try to present themselves as very confident in their convictions, but underneath they may be more sensitive. Leo is the lion– it is forceful and exuding, but it also spends 23 hours a day sleeping and having its needs catered to. This is similar to Mercury in Leo– they like to have people around who will cater to their mental needs. 

Mercury in Leo people are strong and resilient. Many of them have traumatic situations happen throughout their life, and they are given the opportunity to abandon their beliefs or stick to them. For Mercury in Leo to abandon their beliefs, something great must have happened. 

These natives are often very driven to either a religion, political organization, or personal relationship. Mercury in Leo tends to have one focal point of their life, and everything else revolves around this like the sun. 

The one thing that really stands out as a positive about Mercury in Leo is that they are incredibly loyal people. When they love someone, that does not change. They will love those people forever, and never say a bad word about them. 

Mercury in Leo and Communication

Mercury in Leo are the most vibrant communicators of all the Mercury signs. They have the charm and wit of Mercury in Libra, and also have the presence and authority of Mercury in Capricorn. These people are captivating, loving, and bold. 

When you are talking to a Mercury in Leo person, they probably make everything seem so exciting. For them, a little bit of flair can liven up every story. You may be much more captivated hearing a Mercury in Leo tell a story about going to the DMV than you would hearing other signs talk about skydiving. 

Mercury in Leo knows how to captivate an audience. They are no strangers to the spotlight, and often have a very important role in the lives of those around them. More than anything, Mercury in Leo loves hearing how important they are to people. 

Mercury in Leo placements have a very keen eye for sophistication. The way they speak and communicate will always come off as a little bit more elegant than other signs, and their wit and charm will show through with a vibrant charisma. 

Because Leo is a fire sign, these people are very fiery about communication. They are amazing listeners, similar to Mercury in Aries, but only when they want to be. When something important is happening to them, this will likely shift the attention and they will bring the focus back to themselves.

They do this much more elegantly and passively than Mercury in Aries, who will literally yell that they do not have time for someone else’s problem. Mercury in Leo, on the other hand, will simply just circle back to themselves. 


Mercury in Leo people show that they care about others through time and effort. They are very generous in these areas, and will give large amounts of time to those who are most important to them. 

Mercury in Leo people are exceptional at spending passive time with others. They do not always need to be doing something, and being in their presence will be so exciting that it is like you are doing something together. 

Mercury in Leo is magnetic to be around. If you have one of these people in your life, you likely put time and effort into the relationship without even recognizing why. The people in Mercury in Leo’s life are exceptionally lucky to have them, even though they may be a bit touchy. 

Mercury in Leo Woman

The Mercury in Leo Woman is brave and exhilarating. She comes across as outgoing and a bit of a trailblazer, and will often be in a role that is traditionally held by a man. She has a very strong mind and can make anything she wants happen.

The Mercury in Leo woman is a passionate woman, with a fiery mind that attracts many different kinds of people. The Mercury in Leo woman is vibrant in everything that she does. She is someone who attracts friendships and relationships easily, and may actually find herself having to fight off men and reject people often. 

This woman is very fashion forward. She likes what she likes, and is not afraid to be too showy about her style or her body. The Mercury in Leo woman is strong and opinionated, and will not tolerate anyone who disrespects her even in the slightest. 

Mercury in Leo Man

The Mercury in Leo man is slightly more soft-spoken than his female counterpart, but equally as engaging. He has a strong presence, but because he is a man, he does not need to demand respect the same way the female counterpart does. He simply has respect by existing. 

The Mercury in Leo man is a natural born leader capable of anything he puts his mind to. He is a master manifester, and knows his capabilities reach far beyond the physical plane. 

This Mercury in Leo man has a fiery energy that attracts a lot of people. He is a protector, and a caretaker, which is very attractive to women. The Mercury in Leo man is strong and confident, and needs to trust his own mind to bring him the things he wants in life.