Part Of Fortune In The Houses & Signs

part of fortune astrology in the birth chart

Part of Fortune is a less well-known placement in astrology but I find it to be so important. Everyone wants to know how they can make more money; Part of Fortune can tell you just that.

In ancient astrology, Part of Fortune was extremely important. It was called the lunar ascendant and was almost as important as our ascendant is now!

Part of Fortune is calculated by starting with the degree of the ascendant, minus the degree of the sun, plus the degree of the moon. It really is an integral astrology placement because it is calculated using the biggest three signs in your chart.

In transit charts, Part of Fortune is very popular because it is an indicator that an event will achieve a desired goal. If you’re looking to “time” prosperity, Part of Fortune is really important.

I find, however, that Part of Fortune is often overlooked in the natal chart. Your Part of Fortune will show you what qualities you need to be successful in general, not just for one point in time.

The Part Of Fortune Symbol:

Part of Fortune is named for the goddess Fortuna in Roman mythology, the goddess of fortune, money, and good luck.

In your birth chart, you can find the Part of Fortune astrology symbol that looks like this:

Like any other planet, asteroid, or point, Part of Fortune will be in a specific sign and a house.

What Does Part Of Fortune Mean In The Birth Chart?

Part of Fortune astrology represents how you can achieve success. This success can be defined as whatever is most important to you in this lifetime, whether you think about relationships, money, things, etc.

However, I generally find that Part of Fortune refers to money or material success for most people, unless you absolutely don’t care about money at all.

Your Part of Fortune astrology sign represents the qualities that you need to embrace in order to achieve your goals.

Like anything else, the Part of Fortune astrology sign has an exact opposite. For example, if your Part of Fortune is in Taurus, you have the urge to embrace some more Scorpionic qualities, but this will be detrimental to your longterm success.

In order to really achieve your goals, you need to learn how to embody the qualities of your Part of Fortune astrology sign instead of those of the opposite sign.

I feel that Part of Fortune is a very logical, unemotional placement. If you’re able to embrace the qualities of your Part of Fortune sign then you will succeed. It’s as simple as that.

Part of Fortune is an indicator of prosperity, but will also tell you how to reach the “pot of gold” towards the end of your life. It represents the traits that you need to develop in order to bring you material success and happiness.

You may already possess some of the traits of your Part of Fortune astrology sign, but there are always more that you can consciously develop in order to enhance your fortune.

Part Of Fortune In The Signs:

Part of Fortune is important in both the sign and house, but I recommend that you read your Part of Fortune astrology sign first, since the sign is typically more obvious to you than the house.

Part Of Fortune In Aries:

If you have Part of Fortune in Aries, you need to find your inner fire. Don’t be afraid of obstacles or challenges.

Come at any issues head on instead of shirking away. Part of Fortune in Aries means that you will find your ultimate fortune when you stand up to your problems instead of avoiding them.

You might need to do this alone at some points. You can have family or friends who support you, but Part of Fortune in Aries is all about finding your inner strength even when no one else can help you.

Be spontaneous when working towards goals. Follow your intuition and don’t be afraid to try new things or take risks! This is how you will achieve your dreams.

With Part of Fortune in Aries, you need to trust what you think and feel, not what others tell you. Don’t get swayed by social pressure, friends, partners, etc.

Always trust your own hunches. If something feels right, do it. Don’t worry about what everyone else will think.

Above everything else, with Part of Fortune in Aries, you should always be taking action. Just do it! If you don’t know what to do, try something and never be afraid to fail.

Part Of Fortune In Taurus:

With Part of Fortune in Taurus, hard work is key. Slow and steady wins the race!

You should be careful that you don’t get sucked into the emotional depth of what you’re doing. Instead, look at tasks factually and focus on what is tangible right in front of you.

Part of Fortune in Taurus has to do with logic. Look at what you know rather than what you feel. 

When you feel defeated, simply regroup and keep going. 

Be patient and work hard in the material world. Don’t get sucked into emotions but simply look at what is right in front of you. Look at what makes sense in a tangible way.

Make sure with Part in Fortune in Taurus that you stick to things you know. Reliable is always best; don’t gamble or take too many chances or you might loose everything.

Even though Part of Fortune in Taurus is about being steady, the universe can switch things up on you at any time. Try to stay fluid and go where the universal energy leads you, then work at a steady pace to move forward.

Part Of Fortune In Gemini:

With Part of Fortune in Gemini, you need to remain flexible. Don’t get bogged down in “sameness” but be open to the flow of life.

Get out there, talk to different people, learn different things, and look at the world from alternate perspectives. This is how you will figure out what the best next step is for you.

The most important thing with Part of Fortune in Gemini is to learn how to accept change. Through adaptation you will achieve success.

Always be on the lookout for new opportunities; you will achieve your goals slowly through a series of upward moves.

Additionally, you can find a lot of opportunities through networking with Part of Fortune in Gemini. 

Part Of Fortune In Cancer:

With Part of Fortune in Cancer, you need to use your emotional intuition to be successful. You just know when something feels right and when it will work, but you also know when you’re wasting your time.

Because Capricorn is the opposite of Cancer, you might be tempted to ignore your intuition and work hard to achieve your goals. While hard work is necessary, this will not work unless you also incorporate your intuition.

Nurturing is the key to happiness with Part of Fortune in Cancer.  Even straightforward work must be nurtured.

You may find success if you “birth” or create something, whether this is an idea, a business, a child, a home, etc. You feel called to create something that didn’t previously exist.
With Part of Fortune in Cancer, you can go after what you desire, but remember to stay connected and nurture your creations instead of forcing them to grow.

Part Of Fortune In Leo:

With Part of Fortune in Leo, you will achieve your goals when you cultivate generosity and optimism. You need to master what you want for yourself.

You can be a wonderful leader when you lead by example. Don’t preach but show.

Part of Fortune in Leo has a lot to do with creativity. You need to find your own personal creativity in everything that you do. Focus on topics that are meaningful to you.

To be successful with Part of Fortune in Leo, you must have a personal connection to the topic. You will not succeed if you remain emotionally disconnected. 

Give to people without expecting anything in return. Keeping tabs of gifting is a surefire way to never reach your goals.

Part of Fortune in Leo is all about generosity. When you give you will receive from the universe.

With Part of Fortune in Leo, you must always pour your heart into what you do and lead by example. If you’re able to do this, you will be quite successful and achieve your lifelong goals.

Part Of Fortune In Virgo:

With Part of Fortune in Virgo, you must keep things in order. Through hard work and attention to detail, you can achieve success over time.

You must learn to deal with small, day-to-day matters as they arise. Don’t put anything off. Learn to deal with problems logically and one at a time without feeling overwhelmed.

You need to create a daily lifestyle that is healthy with Part of Fortune in Virgo. You will find it very difficult to achieve success without some sort of daily routine.

Those with Part of Fortune in Virgo can also be sensitive to the energy of those around them. With the placement, you may need introspective time to destress.

It’s very important with Part of Fortune in Virgo that you don’t get sucked into identifying too strongly with others. Pull both and figure out what’s true for you.

Sometimes, you may experience rather strong, overwhelming emotions because of the Picean opposite. You don’t want to get lost in the current of emotions or you will find it hard to achieve what you desire.

Instead, learn to discern factually what is true from what is false. Focus on your own inner peace and your inner truth.

This always lies in careful discernment through logic, even if you must use logic to figure out how and why you feel your emotions.

Part Of Fortune In Libra:

If you have Part of Fortune in Libra, you find success through balance and harmony. It’s important that you have tolerance, especially towards others.

You should not be hasty in your decisions. It might be easy for you to swing towards the qualities of Aries, but this will not bring you true success.

You might want to “go it alone” but you will be most successful in partnerships, at least when you’re starting out. You need other people to bounce your ideals off of.

Part of Fortune in Libra is all about maintaining equilibirum. When you get out of balance, you will struggle to achieve your goals.

Cultivate diplomacy and grace. Focus on creating win-win situations with others and you will certainly achieve what you desire.

Most of all, with Part of Fortune in Libra, share with others. Care for those around you and allow them to care for you in return.

Learn to delegate and to share while still taking care of your own needs. It’s a balancing act!

Part Of Fortune In Scorpio:

With Part of Fortune in Scorpio, you find success by tapping into your intuition. 

The opposite sign of Scorpio is Taurus, so it may be easy for you to get bogged down in the material aspect of life. Be careful that you do not obsesses over status or achievement.

You can certainly use your Part of Fortune in Scorpio to become wealthy, as of course this is what most of us want (and probably why you’re reading this article), but this can’t be your main focus.

It is extremely important that you use your intuition. Don’t let yourself be deluded by material things in the world; the answers are already inside of you.

With Part of Fortune in Scorpio, you need to strip away the outer layers and get to the core. When you’re struggling to figure something out, try to get to the inner meaning of the thing.

You have a keen perception but you have to tap into your intuition to know what’s right.

Part of Fortune in Scorpio is all about unlocking your creativity. Allow yourself to be transformed emotionally instead of becoming trapped in the material world.

Sometimes, those with Part of Fortune in Scorpio can also find success through witchcraft or the occult, although this depends on other aspects in the chart.

Part Of Fortune In Sagittarius:

If you have Part of Fortune in Sagittarius, you will find that honest and directness are extremely important. 

The opposite of Sagittarius is Gemini, so you may have the inclination to lie your way out of things, but this will not help you achieve success in the long-term.

Part of Fortune in Sagittarius also means that you will be more successful if you try new things and experience different cultures. Some find fortune far from their homes while others simply find wealth in a field they never expected.

Be very careful of acting erratic or lying. These are Gemini qualities but they will not help you with Part of Fortune in Sagittarius. Instead of focusing on others, focus on your own truths that are already inside you and live by them.

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Part Of Fortune In Capricorn:

Part of Fortune in Capricorn is all about perseverance. You may get bogged down in the emotions of a situation, but the road to success is found by focusing on the hard, cold facts rather than feelings.

You need to take responsibility for yourself with Part of Fortune in Capricorn. You won’t find success through anything but your own hard work.

Look at the facts, make a plan, and then follow it. Try to avoid getting too sensitive by things that others do or say and instead look at what you can do about it.

With Part of Fortune in Capricorn, negative emotions will drain you quickly. Figure out a way to rise above your emotions.

Don’t let fear and doubts interfere with you; keep pushing ahead and just do it! Part of Fortune in Capricorn is all about staying true to your path and focusing on your longterm goals.

Part Of Fortune In Aquarius:

With Part of Fortune in Aquarius, you are different from others in some way. Your natural inclination may be to hide this, but embracing your differences is the path to success.

If you swing towards the opposite spectrum which is Leo, you might try to be noticed. It’s easy for you to get wrapped up in the ego state of wanting power and recognition, but this not how you will actually achieve success.

To succeed with Part of Fortune in Aquarius, the work is to see being “different” as a neutral fact. You naturally do things unconventionally but you must learn to embrace this about yourself instead of trying to hide it.

Learn to revel in your own uniqueness. With Part of Fortune in Aquarius, you will come to recognize the special differences that others have over time, too.

It is when you think outside the box that you will be truly successful and reach your goals. Don’t be bound by convention and don’t be afraid of what others will say.

With Part of Fortune in Aquarius, detach from your need from approval and embrace you uniqueness to achieve your goals.

Part Of Fortune In Pisces:

With Part of Fortune in Pisces, you will achieve your goals when you detach from the outcome. 

Allow the energy of the universe to guide you to your destination. Learn to flow with the energy and where it takes you.

Your goals may change along the way with Part of Fortune in Pisces. Accept this as it comes and try to avoid manipulating or controlling things.

It’s also easy for those with Part of Fortune in Pisces to take things personally. Try to accept all that happens as energetic reactions instead of things happening to you.

You will reach your goals naturally if you flow with the energy of the universe. Try to let things manifest as they will and stay impersonal.

Part of Fortune in Pisces is all about learning during the process. When you focus on what you are learning rather than the outcome, you will reach that pot of gold much more quickly.

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