All About Mars In Leo In The Birth Chart

mars in leo man and mars in leo woman

Mars is known as the planet of drive, passion, and anger, but these qualities can vary greatly based on the placement. Mars in Leo in particular is a strong placement that can be really great for career and relationships.

Those with Mars in Leo are proud, driven, and charismatic.

The Mars in Leo placement is known for being image-driven, but I find that this is only because those with Mars in Leo have a different method of self-esteem repair than other placements.

These folks have a lot of ambition and are natural leaders. They really are the lions of the Mars signs! If you have the Mars in Leo placement, you’re forceful yet sincere. 

Every Mars placement has both positive and negative characteristics that I will delve into here!

Mars In Leo Characteristics

Mars shows many different areas of the personality, but Mars characteristics are especially evident in your drive, temper, career, relationships, and attraction.

Here are the ways that Mars in Leo tends to manifest in an individual’s personality.


Because Leo is a fixed sign, with Mars in Leo you have a lot of staying power. Your drive is typically “long-term.”

This means that if you want something, you will work over a long period of time to get it. You probably have well-defined ambitions or at least know where you’d like to get in life.

Your drive is enhanced when your life has some sort of meaning. For you to achieve your goals, they need to have some sort of personal significance. Logic alone isn’t enough to make you want something.

Look to the house that Mars is in to determine in what areas of life you’re most likely to have a strong drive.

Mars in the 2nd house, for example, would give you a strong drive for money and possessions, while Mars in the 7th house would give you a drive for forming relationships and/or partnerships.

With Mars in Leo, you probably need a “calling” to be successful. You must feel like you’re doing something that’s meant for you.

You have a lot of authority and personal power. With the strong belief that you’ll get what you want, you can be quite successful.

Generally, Mars in Leo people are extremely determined with whatever they choose to do. Every Mars in Leo loves a challenge.

You never back down with Mars in Leo, even over the long haul. Tough challenges don’t scare you as long as you have a sense of purpose!

In fact, the only thing that will significantly dull your drive is losing your sense of purpose. You’re more afraid of feeling uninspired than of not succeeding.

With Mars in Leo, when you’re feeling bored or fidgety, you need to take action. Waiting too long will certainly kill your drive.

Taking action is always the answer when you’re feeling stuck. Just do it!


Those with Mars in Leo have a quick temper when they feel personally humiliated or attacked. If you have Mars in Leo, you’re most likely to get angry when your ego is hurt.

It might be really hard for you to separate your accomplishments and attributes from your inner self, so you take any criticism very personally.

When you feel insulted (which can be quite often) you’re likely to hold a grudge. You feel like the person has attacked your character, even if this isn’t true.

You act with your heart with Mars in Leo. This can be good when you’re feeling loving, but it can also mean that you never forget when someone hurts you. You might not show it, but you always remember what someone has done.

These folks aren’t necessarily angry or explosive but are simply strong-willed. If their pride gets damaged they can be quite dramatic and cause a ruckus. 

It’s common for those with Mars in Leo to get really defensive when they’re hurt. They feel personally attacked whenever someone criticizes them or their work.

Mars in Leo folks will go out of their way to defend their principles. They are guided completely by their principles and feel strongly about their beliefs.

They can also be boastful, especially when young, although this isn’t always the case.

When it comes to relationships, those with Mars in Leo expect loyalty from others. If they don’t get loyalty they can become very upset and are not quick to forgive.

The goal is for those with Mars in Leo to learn how to control their ego and think with logic as well as their heart. 


If you have Mars in Leo, you are generally very sincere in your career. You certainly want to do well but you won’t cut corners to get what you want. You’re very honest.

You have a strong energy and can be quite successful. When you decide to do something, it is set in motion as soon as the decision itself is made because your energy is so powerful.

With Mars in Leo, you probably don’t like being told what to do. You prefer to figure things out yourself. To do so, you use classic problem solving abilities mixed with a dose of creativity.

You might be very successful with creative endeavors due to Mars in Leo, but this isn’t always the case and will depend on the house and placement. Generally, Leo is a creative or dramatic sign.

Those with Mars in Leo can be successful with theater, acting, screenwriting, creative writing, poetry, photography, hairdressing, music, communication, art, and anything else expressive or creative. They may also work with children.

I find that those with Mars in Leo are often attracted to “distinction” in some way. This can be for themselves or others. For some people with this placement, power or fame are very alluring.

Keep in mind that Mars alone does not determine your entire career, so you may have other placements (such as planets in your 10th house) that influence your career quite a bit.

Nevertheless, your Mars in Leo placement is likely to give your career a dose of creativity or flair, regardless of what you actually do.

You dream big and never stop trying no matter what happens. It simply isn’t in you to give up until you achieve what you want in career. The only time you may lapse in career is when you feel uninspired or unimportant.

With Mars in Leo, you have a quiet confidence that is simply powerful. You don’t necessarily tell everyone what you’re doing, but your tenacity shines through your work.


When you have the Mars in Leo placement, you over-romanticize relationships at first. Attraction is alluring to you because everything looks bright and shiny when you’re falling for someone.

You may have an underlying confident energy that others are attracted to. 

Sometimes with Mars in Leo, you fib a little to impress someone when you first meet them. You can overdo it to hide your weaknesses because you want to project the best version of yourself.

Those with Mars in Leo are often attracted to luxury. This may be luxurious items or it might simply be the air of luxury.


With Mars in Leo, you want to be noticed and paid attention to in a relationship. You might even want your partner to worship you.

You can be generous with your partner as well, but you certainly want to be admired for yourself. You enjoy giving your time and effort as long as you receive the same back, too.

Your fantasies probably revolve around devotion. Sexually, being worshipped is very exciting to you.

Your pride is really fragile when it comes to romance and sex. You can be easily crushed by a few misplaced words.

In a relationship, you may be a bit possessive or jealous, but you probably try to hide it. You expect absolute loyalty from your partners.

You can be a bit bossy without realizing it because you’re simply focused on yourself and your own world. 

Of all of the Mars signs, it is the hardest for Mars in Leo to separate love and sex. Your sexual fantasies probably include a lot of love, affection, and admiration, so there aren’t many boundaries in your love life.

Nothing will kill your sex drive faster than ambivalence. You need to know that your partner is engaged and enjoying themselves. You may treat sex like a bit of a performance; this is more common for women.

At best, those with Mars in Leo are open and direct with their partners about what they need. At their worst, they manipulate or test their partners to see how much they “truly” love them.

Mars In Leo: Best & Worst Qualities

Every placement has both good and bad qualities. Mars in Leo is no different!

Keep in mind that, with Mars in Leo, you won’t necessarily have all of these qualities.

These qualities are possibilities, but the qualities that you actually embody will depend on the rest of your chart as well as the house and aspects of Mars.


  • Confident
  • Driven
  • Energetic
  • Charismatic
  • Powerful 
  • Generous
  • Hard Workers
  • Loyal
  • Sensitive
  • Warm
  • Positive
  • Enthusiastic
  • Colorful


  • Self Centered
  • Egocentric
  • Anti-Authoritarian
  • Emotional
  • Demanding
  • Arrogant
  • Attention Seeking
  • Territorial
  • Never Forgets

Mars In Leo: Male vs. Female

This part can get a little confusing, so bear with me as I explain it.

Basically, Mars shows itself differently for someone with more masculine energy than it does for someone with more feminine energy.

It’s up to you to choose with energy you identify with more. If you’re unsure, I recommend reading the description of each energy for Mars in Leo (below) and then choosing what resonates with you.

Generally, for a man or for someone with masculine energy) Mars will show how the person acts and the vibes that they gives off towards others. When this person is flirting, they will assume many of the qualities of Mars in Leo.

For a woman or for someone with feminine energy, Mars will show what kind of qualities they are attracted to. How this person will act depends on their Venus sign, but Mars dictates what types of energy they are drawn towards in a partner.

Keep in mind that these distinctions aren’t absolute. As a straight woman, I definitely show my Venus sign when I’m flirting, but sometimes my Mars will bleed through just a bit.

I find that these definitions are about 80% accurate, but we’re always a unique combination of all of our signs.

The Mars In Leo Man

The typical Mars in Leo man has a magnanimous energy. He’s sociable and attracts women easily with his energy.

Sometimes, the Mars in Leo man can be a bit domineering. He may want to be the center of attention.

Even though he may not actually do or say anything to imply he desires attention, his energy conveys this desire to others. He typically finds partners who are willing to give him the spotlight.

Although the Mars in Leo man might date casually, he always wants to come off as his absolute best. The way that he appears is very important to him and is an integral part of his self-esteem.

When you first meet the Mars in Leo man, he might come off as a bit unattainable. This energy tends to attract people to him.

Even though he feels elusive, he is also charismatic and gregarious. The Mars in Leo man is anything but cold.

He has a gravitational energy. People swarm towards him in a room, even if he looks perfectly average.

Sometimes, the Mars in Leo man can be easy to offend. He is often set off because his pride is so fragile. He can be hurt quite easily.

It can be difficult for a partner to deal with the Mars in Leo man. His partner will need to walk on eggshells from time to time.

If his partner deceives him, he is apt to leave and not turn back. He finds it very hard to forgive.

When it comes to attraction, the Mars in Leo man will typically be attracted to women who are popular but passive, although this will be influenced greatly by his Venus sign.

In bed, he is usually honest with his lover. He might criticize their technique under the guise of honesty but wants to be revered when it comes to his own technique. He certainly expects his lover to notice how “great” he is, whether or not it’s true.

The Mars in Leo man can be really loving and giving in his own way. He certainly projects a warm, gregarious energy, and if he transfers this to his partner then he can be wonderful.

The Mars In Leo Woman

The Mars in Leo woman is attracted to all things classy and impressive. She will be drawn towards the largest, most gravitational energy in the room.

She wants someone who is strong. The Mars in Leo woman isn’t attracted to weaklings; she wants a capable partner who knows their own mind. She has her own powerful energy and needs someone to rival it.

When the Mars in Leo woman is flirting, she will probably act more like her Venus sign (whatever that may be) but will feel like her Mars in Leo inside.

She has a powerful energy in her soul that is quite Leo. Sometimes, her potential partners sense this energy, even though her Venus sign is what they see more clearly at first. The Mars in Leo woman will want to be worshipped like a Leo. Her partner may not realize this at first because her Venus sign is more evident.

When she is first getting to know someone, the Mars in Leo woman may go slow. She can come off as slightly unattainable.

In a relationship, the Mars in Leo woman is romantic and fun. She enjoys lively dates and outings; she will need a partner who likes trying new, glamorous things with her.

The Mars in Leo woman can have a pretty high sex drive. At the same time, she may have difficulty in a long term relationship because she won’t know when to stop putting on a “performance.” It’s hard for her to stop worrying about what her partner is seeing and to just enjoy herself.

She ultimately seeks praise and approval, but she may have trouble telling her partner what she needs. Otherwise, the Mars in Leo might pick men who are simply unable to approve of her.

Even though she seeks approval, she can simultaneously be quite difficult to please. Sometimes, partners of the Mars in Leo woman feel as though they must walk on eggshells.

When upset, this woman can be very dramatic. She is the type to create theatrics over something small if her ego is hurt. It might be hard for her to say what’s really bothering her, so she deflects by creating a rather melodramatic conflict.

She will expect her partners to be generous with their time or money. This feels like love to her, however the specifics of what she wants will depend on the house placement and aspects to Mars.

The Mars in Leo woman can become depressed if she isn’t feeling noticed or praised. She needs validation to feel confident. This isn’t a lack of self-esteem but is simply how she is wired.

She may be attracted to attention-seeking men, but this can be a self-fulfilling prophecy because their egos may be too large to notice her properly, so she doesn’t get the validation that she needs.

The Mars in Leo woman isn’t scared to take up a challenging project. She actually loves a challenge as long as it promises fame or fortune.

She refuses to make compromises when she wants something. For the Mars in Leo woman, it’s all or nothing.

The Mars in Leo gal isn’t a safe bet but is always interesting. At her best, she’s quite driven and works from the heart in all that she does.

How To Master The Mars In Leo Energy

With Mars in Leo, you will want to work on finding a partner who gives you what you need emotionally instead of the person who has the largest gravitational energy.

It’s easy for you to end up in relationships with people who are popular or important but the relationships may be unfulfilling. The goal is to find a partner who both has this attractive energy and who is willing to fulfill your emotional needs.

It’s also important to learn how to ask for what you need. It may be your inclination to lash out when you’re not feeling noticed, but instead of starting dramatics, learn how to communicate more clearly. Ask for what you need instead of blowing up straight away.

Your pride is easily hurt and this can make your life a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Work on moderating your emotions and figuring out why you feel the way you do instead of lashing out or falling into depression.

Mars in Leo is all about the “work hard play hard” life. Don’t be afraid to do both! Live and enjoy life.

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