Mars-Pluto Aspects In The Natal Chart

mars-pluto aspects in the natal chart

Mars-Pluto aspects in the natal chart can be extremely intense. Mars is the energy of the warrior, the fighter, but Pluto can create secrecy, obsession, or control issues.

When these two planets are in aspect, they create someone who is an intensely successful leader and motivator, or alternatively someone who has issues in relationships due to control, obsession, and manipulation.

Mars Conjunct Pluto

With the Mars conjunct Pluto natal aspect, you have a huge amount of drive when you want to achieve a goal. Your determination and inner strength is truly endless.

In fact, you probably won’t stop until you achieve your goal. You can become obsessive over the things you want, but you also summon the courage you need to move forward.

You have a strong sense of intuition that can get you far in life. However, because you have such good instincts combined with this drive, you can also become manipulative to achieve your goals with Mars conjunct Pluto.

Ultimately, you are great at finding solutions, but you may go to any lengths necessary to solve a problem. You decide how you use this placement.

If something isn’t working and the energy isn’t flowing, you’ll keep trying until you have a way to make it work.

Sometimes, people with Mars conjunct Pluto start to feel dissatisfied. If you find yourself chasing the next challenge over and over, this can be a sign that you’re letting this aspect run your life. It’s important that you learn how to slow down and enjoy the music.

With Mars conjunct Pluto, you may have issues with authority. You probably don’t accept that anyone is “higher up” than you, and you are very sensitive to power struggles.

You don’t like to be bullied or even gently pushed. When someone does have power over you, you can quickly feel resentful.

Others may feel that you’re overly aggressive with Mars conjunct Pluto. You can seem angry, yet you also have a manipulative side that comes out.

Sometimes, you may seem aggressive just because you have so much energy and passion for accomplishing your goals. It’s important that you learn how to express this energy in a healthy way.

If you don’t get your energy out, then it can manifest as aggression or come out sideways through manipulation.

Mars conjunct Pluto gives you the skills you need to take advantage of others, but you decide how you use these skills. Your morals will determine how you treat other people.

Your aura is alluring and powerful with Mars conjunct Pluto. Other people probably see you as strong or commanding, and it’s important to you that no one discovers your vulnerable weaknesses.

The goal with Mars conjunct Pluto is to transform. Your raw, primal energy and your need to achieve can be transformed so that you’re able to help the world instead of only yourself.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t be ambitious! However, it’s important that you develop morals about how you treat other people.

Learn to transform not only your own situations in life, but the way that you deal with others as well. Figure out how to treat people well and find solutions to your problems that don’t involve aggression or manipulation.

Mars conjunct Pluto is a very supportive aspect, meaning you’re likely to achieve success. However, your path to the top will be much easier and more fulfilling if you’re able to transform the way that you treat those around you.

Mars Trine Pluto

With Mars trine Pluto, you are determined and passionate. When you want to make something happen, you’re all in.

In fact, it may be difficult for you to take things slowly. You tend to jump in and push a project along because you simply know that you can do it.

When it comes to decisions, you’re very decisive and will stick by your original thoughts.

Mars trine Pluto also means that you’re persistent once you’ve decided on a path. You will use all the resources at your fingertips to reach your goals.

When there’s a crisis, everyone will want you on their side! You aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty in order to make something happen.

Mars trine Pluto makes you a natural leader, yet you also have the qualities of a warrior. You have the foresight to plan, but the strength to carry through on your own.

These qualities are simply effortless with Mars trine Pluto. You express your will easily and probably have a hard time not pushing forward.

Though you are an intense force, your Mars trine Pluto aspect makes you easy to be around. People probably aren’t too scared of you, but instead want you on their side and recognize your natural power.

Mars trine Pluto is a great intrinsic aspect that you can utilize to make big things happen, as long as you use your energy for good. Make sure that you don’t manipulate or hurt others, though this is unlikely with the trine.

Mars Sextile Pluto

With Mars sextile Pluto, you’re naturally resourceful. When there’s a crisis, you keep your head on straight and you’re able to lead others to a solution.

In fact, you have all of the qualities that you need to make big things happen.

Sometimes, Mars sextile Pluto indicates that you experienced hardships at a young age. These struggles allowed you to develop these qualities, and you now know how to handle difficult situations.

Mars sextile Pluto gives you the opportunity to learn how to come up with creative solutions to problems. You will be given many opportunities in your life to figure out new ways of dealing with issues.

On many levels, Mars sextile Pluto gives you the energy of the warrior, yet you also have the skills of a leader.

Make sure that you find your own ethics. It’s easy to use these powers to manipulate or coerce others, yet this will not bring you the true satisfaction that you seek.

When you follow a set of morals, you will grow your confidence and learn how to let go of your need for control. Use your Mars sextile Pluto for good, not to step on other people.

Mars Opposition Pluto

Mars opposition Pluto is an intense aspect. You probably go through many crises in your life and may feel as though you’re always on the edge of violence, even if there’s no clear cause.

You have a lot of energy bottled up inside you and feel like you’re always in conflict with the world. You feel as though you always have to prove yourself.

In the beginning of your life, Mars opposition Pluto creates intense feelings of victimization. You may feel that the world is out to get you, yet you are also super hard on yourself and go through periods where you feel worthless.

At the same time, you can be very competitive and have an urge to win. This can make you feel as though you’re always right.

I find that Mars opposition Pluto is a difficult placement to understand. You have conflicting viewpoints. You feel that others can’t possibly understand you, yet you also feel a bit ashamed of who you are.

Mars opposition Pluto makes you have incredibly high expectations, both for yourself and for others. Because you are often let down, you may feel depressed about the flaws in the world.

You may be overly aggressive or irritating towards others because you have a strong, volatile nature. Your energy can be very intense and abrupt.

With Mars opposition Pluto, you may see your strong will as a strength, yet it can also be a weakness when you use it to antagonize others.

You may attract opposition because your personality is a bit provocative. You are quick to jump to the fight without thinking things through, but this can rub people wrong.

The tendency to impose your will on others can cause problems, too. If someone doesn’t bend to your will, you may react quickly or angrily.

Mars opposition Pluto can also mean that you try to control the environment around you. If you’re scared to step out of your bubble, this is a sign that you are focusing too much on control and that you need to let go.

You don’t like to be dominated by others. In fact, you may have issues with those in power and might dislike authority.

The problem with Mars opposition Pluto is that it combines the combative and aggressive pieces of Mars with the manipulative, depressing, and controlling aspects of Pluto. You swing back and forth between these two mediums.

In relationships, you may act a bit Scorpionic, even if your Mars is in a different sign. Pluto in this aspect gives this deeper, darker, obsessive energy to your partnerships.

Your approach to relationships may be pretty intense. However, you also have a strong magnetic quality that can make potential partners become obsessed with you very quickly.

Mars opposition Pluto means that you’re probably all or nothing. When you’re into someone, you want to be with them all the way and desire a soulful relationship. When you’re done, you’re done, and you won’t want to be around them.

However, sometimes people with Mars opposition Pluto can swing back and forth between the two extremes. For example, you may want to be with someone for a week, then decide that the relationship isn’t deep enough and break up, only to get back together completely a week later.

You fear betrayal and abandonment yet you also don’t know if the person is right for you. It can be hard to distinguish between the sexual energy of Mars and the deeper, soul-level attachment that Pluto desires.

Ultimately, you must transform the Mars opposition Pluto energy. 

First, you must learn that you aren’t being persecuted. You don’t need to feel that the world is against you because you always have the power to change your life circumstances. Learn how to own your energy and change your life.

Sometimes, it can be helpful to study energy and the Law of Attraction in order to manifest what you desire.

You must also learn moderation and how to express your anger appropriately. When you’re feeling angry, it’s usually because you haven’t done something to change your circumstances.

True contentment will come from action with Mars opposition Pluto. Don’t sit in the Pluto energy for too long but use your Mars sign to actually make changes happen.

Figure out how to deal with your feelings, name your emotions, and talk about what’s going on with other people. If you ignore your feelings, they will come out sideways through aggression. However, truly dealing with your feelings will you a foundation from which you can take action to make changes in your life.

Mars Square Pluto

With Mars square Pluto, you want to achieve a position of power. This is usually because you don’t want anyone to have authority over you.

You have a lot of energy to draw on, but sometimes this energy can come out as aggressiveness. You probably bottle up your anger, only to let it out sideways.

Mars square Pluto makes you use this anger to rebel against authority. You have a lot of power, yet you also jump to behavioral extremes. You may even turn violent or experience violent interactions in your life.

Sometimes, you may have a lot of buried rage due to the misuse of power in your life. You may even enjoy your anger, channeling it into power that you use as a tool.

Mars square Pluto indicates that you know how to wield power to manipulate others. You can most especially manipulate through relationships, sex, and intimacy, and this seems natural to you.

However, these tendencies are self-destructive in the long run because you aren’t able to truly be intimate with anyone. You may feel like you’re sticking up for yourself or doing what you have to do to survive, but this creates a blockage in your life.

You must be careful of compulsive behaviors with Mars square Pluto. You tend to overdo things or become obsessed with substances or behaviors. You may even take unnecessary risks simply to prove that you’re in control.

Alternatively, you may try to impose your will on others or resort to physical or verbal abuse.

Most of these tendencies spring up when you feel like someone else is trying to control you, even in very small ways. You feel as though you’re always fighting against control.

In relationships, you may have a Scorpionic attitude. You might be possessive, yet you can be manipulative at the same time, so you can truly devastate your partners.

Your approach is very intense and so is your appeal. You are somewhat magnetic, making it easy for others to believe that they’ve fallen in love with you.

With Mars square Pluto, you’re all or nothing. When you’re finished with someone, you probably won’t look back, even if you seemed truly attached.

You want a deep, soulful attachment that’s also sexual, but this feels impossible for you to find because you always keep parts of yourself secret.

Ultimately, you need to work through the blockage that Mars square Pluto creates in order to find true intimacy. You’re always fighting against control, but you believe that you must control others in order to win. This means that you hurt other people in order to gain your freedom.

You must learn that it’s not always about control. In fact, you can share yourself with someone and see them in return, but meet on an equal playing field. 

To break through the Mars square Pluto obstruction, learn how to love yourself and then open yourself to others without ulterior motives.