How To Do An Egg Cleanse Ritual + Interpretation


Are you gearing up to do an egg cleanse ritual or need information to do an egg cleanse interpretation? We’ve got you covered!

Most people are familiar with the popular juice cleanse, soup cleanse, and other variations. You may read about them in the health section of the newspaper, discussed them in a daytime chat show or featured those fitness hack Tiktok videos. On the other hand, an egg cleanse is very different. This type of cleansing doesn’t require restrictive diets and won’t make you buy high-priced all-natural substances.

Instead, the egg cleanse ritual is all about purging negative emotions and energy, including curses, the evil eye, and any other negative energy directed toward you. It’s kind of a catch-all cleansing in the witchcraft community and is very effective.

What is an Egg Cleanse? 

Egg cleanse refers to the technique of eliminating negative emotional and mental states using the medium of an egg. Practitioners use the egg to redirect negative energy away by rolling it all over their bodies at key chakra points. At the end of the ritual, the person throws the egg away to represent the elimination of negative influences.

The procedure frees the body of negative energy that has been restricting the flow of chi. After the egg cleanse ritual, you will feel your mood and clarity of thought improve in the days after the event.

How to do an egg cleanse ritual + egg cleanse interpretation

Practitioners consider the egg cleanse to be effective at dispelling evil spirits, negative energy, addiction, fear, unbalance, and perplexity. Illness and health issues can be avoided, which is a nice bonus. It can be beneficial to do an egg cleanse ritual before performing an important spell, but you can also do the egg cleanse ritual whenever you’re feeling a bit “off” energetically.

The egg cleanse is one of the best beginner cleansing methods. However, you’ll want to follow it up with more advanced cleansing methods if needed, and other protection rituals. Check out more magical techniques and spells on the Patreon.

Learning how to do an egg cleanse is a really valuable skill because it’s one of the easiest cleansing methods to do.

Origin of the Egg Cleanse Ritual 

This ancient ritual, which recently experienced a resurgence in popularity, has been practiced by a wide variety of cultures over many centuries.

Although the history of the cleanse is most closely associated with Mexico and Mesoamerica (where it is called la limpia in Spanish), it has also been practiced in Italy, Greece, Scotland, and the Philippines, as well as many other places. Still, there is not much of a difference in how to perform an egg cleanse between their recommendations regardless of who first did it.

Today, we’ll discuss what you can expect from an egg cleansing, how to carry one out, and what to make of any visual cues you get along the way.

Benefits of Doing An Egg Cleanse

The clearing and cleaning that we experience as a result of participating in an egg cleanse ritual can help to reduce our suffering and heal our minds, bodies, and souls.

An egg cleansing can help the body heal while also removing:

  • Addictions
  • Blockages of vital life force energy in your chakras
  • “Bad luck” energy imbalances
  • Bad mental state and
  • negative energy and spirit attachments
  • Phobias and other fears
  • Bad karma
  • Confusion
  • Issues with both one’s physical and mental health
  • Tension and nervousness
  • Toxic energy
  • Not only may it assist in clearing your aura and body, but it can also assist in clearing the space in which you live.

We pick up a variety of energy without even realizing it throughout the day. This occurs around the clock as a result of the locations we frequent, the people we engage with, and the circumstances we find ourselves in. There are some excellent vibes here, but there are also some that aren’t so great.

You can perform an egg cleanse whenever you have feelings of discord and have a need to regain your energy and achieve harmony in your life. This will not only aid in clearing out any negative energy, but it will also allow room for brand-new opportunities and good fortune to enter your life. You will also feel calmer and lighter.

Now keep in mind that the egg cleanse ritual might not completely remove all negative energy, depending on how strong your attachments are. Sometimes, an egg cleansing is all you need, but other times you will need to look at your egg cleanse interpretation and use this ritual as a diagnostic tool, then work on removing the negative energy in other ways.

Why Eggs?

How to do an egg cleanse ritual + egg cleanse interpretation

Although today we celebrate Easter, in ancient times the goddess Ostara (or Eostre) had a festival in her honor, and eggs were an integral part of both celebrations. 

The hare, the ancestor of today’s Easter bunny, is a sacred animal to the Goddess and a symbol of the moon. The fact that a pregnant hare can have many offspring so quickly is likely what led to the animal and its eggs being symbols of rebirth, prosperity, and plenty. Eggs are used in cleansing rituals because they are a sign of life, so they can absorb energy.

There is a wide belief that eggs have the ability to remove toxic energy and negative emotions from the body because of their polarized energy field. Some believe that the egg’s weight increases during ceremonies because it has spiritual power. The pressure is sometimes too much for the egg, and it cracks open.

Best Time to Perform an Egg Cleanse

You should perform this egg cleansing to clear away any bad blockages when: 

-You are feeling exhausted, lethargic, or in a foul mood.

-You’ve hit a bad luck snag. Maybe you were laid off from your job or are dealing with other unforeseen issues.

-You find yourself withdrawing from relationships for no apparent reason.

-You start having bad dreams for no obvious cause, when you can’t sleep for no apparent reason, or when

-You start having accidents and mishaps that you can not explain.

-At the beginning of a new project, business, or professional path as a precaution.

-You need a profound cleansing in your life to rid yourself of all the negativity, witchcraft works, or black magic that was cast upon you by another person.

-When you get the impression that there are obstacles in your way.

To be honest, there is no bad time to perform an egg cleansing! It never hurts to remove any energy that’s harming you, so feel free to perform the egg cleanse ritual as much as you’d like.

Preparations for The Egg Cleanse Ritual

Certain preparations are necessary before the egg cleanse ritual. Preparing the ingredients is the first step. Although there are cultural differences, it is widely accepted that the following are necessary:

An egg that is at room temperature for some time.

To use the egg in the ceremony, it may be necessary to let it sit at room temperature for a few hours. After the ceremony, the egg is no longer fit for human eating and you must discard it, so use an egg that you don’t intend to eat. Get ready by setting aside an egg you won’t mind throwing away.

Water at room temperature in transparent glass.

Avoid using plastic cups if you want to do this. Similarly, you should not use extremely hot nor extremely cold water. It’s best to let a transparent glass sit out for a few hours before performing this egg cleansing.

To disinfect the egg, you’ll need some regular table salt. The first step in cleaning an egg is to rinse it in saltwater in a bowl. Even if you add lemon juice or rubbing alcohol to your water, you still need to add salt to it.

You may want to add a few more ingredients that we’ll mention below, but you only need these two things to perform the ritual.

That’s it! Pretty simple, right? The egg cleansing is super popular because you need very few ingredients to perform a strong cleansing.

How To Do An Egg Cleanse Ritual

How to do an egg cleanse ritual + egg cleanse interpretation

So let’s get down to it: how to actually perform the egg cleanse ritual.

1. Collect all of your ingredients:

  • 1 egg (at room temperature) 
  • A little container of lemon-flavored water
  • A cup of water in your hand
  • Salt
  • Copal, frankincense, garden sage, or palo santo (to burn)
  • A white candle
  • A tiny piece of white fabric

Again, all you definitely need is an egg and a glass of water, but I find that using a few other ingredients makes this egg cleansing much more powerful.

Before you begin your ritual, check that you have everything you require to carry it out successfully, since this will ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. You don’t want to interrupt your energy level, your flow, or your focus!

2. Put your things on the altar 

Put everything in its place on the altar or the white cloth so that you’ll be ready to carry out the rite when the time comes. Root yourself in the here and now by bringing your attention to the present.

If you don’t have an alter, clear a space on your table, island, or nightstand to perform this ritual.

3. Cleanse your space

It is essential to purify your environment before carrying out any kind of ritual, as this will ensure that no dormant energy will obstruct the power of your intentions and prevent them from reaching their full potential.

Burning copal is a common component of the ceremony for cleansing eggs. If you are unable to locate copal, frankincense is a suitable alternative. And if you only have garden sage (ethically sourced – I grow my own!) or palo santo, which are both traditionally good for cleansing the space before various rites, you can get by just fine with those.

Ensure that your windows are open, then light your incense, and finally, go around the room to ensure that you reach all of the nooks and crannies.

You can use virtually any kind of incense to cleanse your space. If you don’t have incense, then there are many other ways to cleanse your space such as sound, light, or even through visualization.

4. Wash the egg

The act of washing your egg is the first step in any egg cleansing procedure. In the bowl with the salted lemon water, give it a gentle and light rinsing. After washing, you must take it out of the water and set it down on a piece of fabric.

5. Establish a connection with the universe

After that, light your candle and make a connection to the Goddess, the Source, the Universe, or Spirit (whatever your preferred name is). You can utilize this egg as a vessel to help cleanse yourself of any negative energy that may be stuck in you by asking the universe for help. While you are doing this, you should move the egg over the flame of the candle a few times.

It’s important to set your intention at this stage and call in any help you desire.

6. Focus on your intent

Take some time to focus on your intent when you do any ritual, whether it be a full moon ceremony or a summer solstice ceremony. You must ensure that you are clear in your intent in performing this egg cleanse ritual to really make it work in your favor. 

As you focus on your goal, hold the egg close to your heart. Repetition aloud will help you internalize the information after you have it. You may try talking to the egg itself.

Some wording ideas include the following:

  • “By performing this cleanse, I believe that I will be able to release any harmful emotions or thoughts and make room in my life for something better.”
  • I’m doing this egg cleanse to see if my luck improves.”
  • “By purging myself, I can let go of any pent-up emotions or energy.” 

Feel free to change this as much as you’d like – you can be general or specific.

7. Roll the egg over your body

Stand or lie down and work the egg down your body from head to toe. Move in tight, counterclockwise circles, as though you were applying a luxurious sugar scrub all over your body.

Follow your gut instinct. You should linger in a certain spot for as long as you feel guided to.

Simply keep doing this until feel like it is time to stop and proceed to the next step.  

8. Crack your egg into the water in the glass

Now, crack your egg into the water in the glass. Before attempting to make sense of anything, give the egg anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to settle. You may choose to sit quietly and meditate during this time if it is something that interests you, or you may choose to simply sit in silence.

After that, examine the egg and what is taking place in the water while gazing at the glass from the side rather than from above. Take note of any bubbles, strands, color shifts, images, or anything else that strikes you as odd or stands out to you in any way. Then, refer to the list below on how to interpret what you see in the glass. 

9. Discard the egg

As a final stage in the process, you must discard the egg. You must not even consider keeping it for future use. Do not, under any circumstances, ingest the egg!

All of the negative energy the egg has consumed from your body is now in the egg, so it’s really important that you dispose of all of the materials after the egg cleanse ritual. If you eat it, you will merely be reinjecting that toxin into your system, which is not a good idea.

There are a lot of people who will recommend that you flush the egg down the toilet. However, the most effective way to get rid of it is to simply wash it down the kitchen sink and bury the eggshell in the ground so that it can be composted. 

10. Perform the egg cleanse ritual again if necessary

If the results of your first egg cleanse indicate that there are lingering problems or negative energy in your body,  we highly recommend that you perform the process again as soon as possible.

Wait a few weeks to see if the egg cleanse ritual has worked before repeating the egg cleansing. But don’t be afraid to do this ritual a few times: sometimes, one cleansing just isn’t enough!

Egg Cleanse Interpretation Guide:

How to do an egg cleanse ritual + egg cleanse interpretation

You must break the egg into a glass of water before you throw it away, as indicated in the instructions above. First, you must analyze the image that appears in the glass by looking at the egg and water. Then refer to the following list of possible images and interpretations to make sense of the egg cleanse interpretation.

When doing an egg cleanse interpretation, you need to look at three factors:

-The appearance of the yolk

-The appearance of the egg whites

-The appearance of the water

The Appearance of Yolk:

Here, we’ll go over the egg cleanse interpretation of the yolk specifically. Keep in mind that your yolk can have more than just one of these properties!


If the egg turns out to be reddish after being cracked, it’s not good news. It’s evidence of an attempt to inflict harm on you or a loved one using extremely potent forms of black magic. A wise old person who can offer insight into spiritual matters is needed at this time.

Bubbles on or near the yolk

When bubbles form in your mouth, it means you’re so tired you can barely breathe. It’s an indication of the strain and negativity that you’ve put on your psyche. You must take a break and practice mindfulness meditation.

Egg yolk with a cloudy appearance

Here, the clouds represent your feelings, and the yolk represents your thinking. You’re feeling overwhelmed by a collection of bad feelings that could have a detrimental impact on your relationships with other people.

Brown yolk

That’s because an evil influence has been blocking your path to success.

Yolk with a pointed tip

If the yolk is elongated or spindle-shaped, it means you are the target of a malicious spell.

Yolk looks like an eye

This is a sign of the “evil eye.” The evil eye is a multifaceted spiritual phenomenon with different interpretations based on the culture in question. A person may cast an evil eye upon someone out of malice, envy, or resentment. There is an expectation that their victim will experience a downturn in fortune as a result. It’s possible that you’re being given the evil eye if the egg looks like an eye. I recommend noticing this and then doing the ritual again with a new egg until you no longer see the eye.

A face or figure:

 If the egg has a human or animal face or figures on it, that person or thing in your life may be the source of your unhappiness. And if something or someone pops into your mind while looking at the egg, this can be a sign of what the egg means.

While this is most commonly seen in the egg yolk, you may also see a face in the egg whites, so keep your eyes peeled for any visuals or impressions.

The Shape Of The Egg Whites:

Cobwebs in the egg whites:

Generally, cobwebs mean that someone wants you to fail. More specifically, they can indicate jealousy or a hidden enemy.

Needles or spikes in the egg whites:

If you see needles or spikes (or anything jagged), this can be a sign that you have someone “poking” you in your life. Someone around you has bad intentions and is either attacking you unconsciously or, even worse, consciously. The egg cleanse probably cleared any negative energy attached to you but can’t change someone else’s intentions, so be careful. It may be helpful to do a spell to expose hidden enemies if you aren’t sure who this is about.

Webbed egg white:

If the egg white is webbed, this may indicate a clog in the ritual. This means more purification steps may be necessary. Typically, a webbed egg is a sign of some seriously deep energy blockages.

The Appearance Of The Water:

Small bubbles in the water:

This typically means that your egg cleanse ritual was successful. Small bubbles in the water indicate that all negative energy has been absorbed by the egg. This bubbles can also appear right around the yolk or in the egg whites.

Cloudy water:

If you see cloudy water when the egg sets, it may be a sign that you are currently in a bad luck atmosphere. This can indicate that you need to do more clearings in order to remove the bad energy around you. It can also indicate that you’re currently too confused to see the reality of the negative things or people in your life. I recommend repeating the egg cleansing.

Clear water with no abnormalities:

This is a good sign and means that was little-to-no negative energy around you! However, you should make sure that your yoke and egg whites look OK, too. If so, then you should be free and clear!

More Interpretations:


Signs of physical or mental illness include a foul odor coming from the egg or the presence of blood (often in the yolk).

The Cleanse Was a Success

If the egg whites form a pyramid, the washing process was successful, and you can throw away the egg.

The egg symbolizes new life across so many different cultures and animals. These purification ceremonies have been passed down from generation to generation and adopted by many different communities.

Last Tips For How To Do An Egg Cleanse

How to do an egg cleanse ritual + egg cleanse interpretation

-Any hour of the day is suitable for an egg cleanse ritual.

-Egg cleansing rituals are most effective when performed at the beginning of a new phase of life (such as a new week, month, or witch’s year) or when the moon is in its declining phase. However, this ritual can definitely be performed anytime you feel the need.

-Check to see if the room you’re using has any windows, as this will allow any negative energy to escape. The more windows the better, especially for. cleansing ritual!

-Unless you’re doing the egg cleansing on someone else, you should perform this ritual in private.

Hopefully, this post told you everything you need to know about how to do an egg cleanse and about egg cleanse interpretation. As long as you follow the general instructions, you can’t go wrong!

FAQs About The Egg Cleanse Ritual:

What supplies are needed for an egg cleanse ritual?

The main supply needed is a fresh, raw, uncooked egg. Additionally, some practitioners may use candles, incense, and cleansing herbs or oils to create a sacred and calming atmosphere.

Are there any risks or potential drawbacks to doing an egg cleanse ritual?

Egg cleanse rituals are generally considered safe for most people. However, some individuals may be allergic to raw eggs, so they should avoid participating in the ritual. Additionally, those with strong religious or cultural beliefs against such practices may find it uncomfortable or inappropriate.

How often can an egg cleanse ritual be performed?

The frequency of egg cleanse rituals is a matter of personal preference and belief. Some people may choose to do it regularly, such as once a month, during times of emotional distress, or when they feel the need for spiritual cleansing. Others may perform it on special occasions or when they encounter particularly challenging situations. It’s essential to follow your intuition and inner guidance regarding how often to conduct the ritual.

Is the egg cleanse ritual associated with any specific religious beliefs?

The egg cleanse ritual is not tied to any particular mainstream religion. It is more commonly associated with folk healing practices, traditional spiritual beliefs, and certain syncretic religions that blend elements of various cultural and spiritual traditions.

Can the egg cleanse ritual be performed on others, or is it typically a self-cleansing practice?

The egg cleanse ritual can be performed on both oneself and others. Many people find it beneficial to have someone else conduct the ritual on them, as an external practitioner may offer a more objective and thorough cleansing experience.

How long does an egg cleanse ritual usually take to complete?

The duration of an egg cleanse ritual can vary depending on the practitioner and the specific intentions of the cleansing. On average, the process may take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.

What do practitioners do with the egg after the ritual?

After the egg cleanse ritual, the practitioner or individual performing the ritual disposes of the egg. Common methods of disposal include burying it in the ground, throwing it into a natural body of water, or flushing it down the toilet. The idea is to release the negative energy or absorbed imbalances away from the person’s space.

Are there any specific guidelines or precautions to follow before conducting an egg cleanse ritual?

While egg cleanse rituals are generally safe, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • If you have an egg allergy or sensitivity, avoid participating in the ritual.
  • Approach the ritual with a positive and open mindset to enhance its potential benefits.
  • Ensure that the person performing the ritual (if not yourself) has some knowledge and experience in energy work and cleansing practices.

What should one expect to feel during and after an egg cleanse ritual?

People’s experiences during an egg cleanse ritual can vary widely. Some individuals may report feeling a sense of relaxation, lightness, or emotional release during the process. After the ritual, many people feel more emotionally balanced, spiritually centered, and revitalized. However, it’s essential to remember that individual experiences can differ, and some may not notice any immediate effects.

Is it necessary to believe in the efficacy of the egg cleanse ritual for it to work?

Belief or intention is often considered a significant factor in the effectiveness of any ritual or spiritual practice. While there may not be scientific evidence to support the ritual’s efficacy, many individuals who participate in the egg cleanse ritual find it beneficial when they approach it with an open mind and a willingness to engage in the process. However, the process can work even if you don’t believe in the egg cleanse ritual.


History of the Egg Cleanse Ritual:

The history of the egg cleanse ritual is deeply rooted in various cultural and spiritual traditions, with its origins dating back centuries. While it’s challenging to pinpoint an exact time or place of origin, similar practices have been found in different parts of the world. Here are some aspects of its history:

Pre-Hispanic and Indigenous Cultures: Some scholars suggest that egg cleansing rituals have ancient origins, particularly among pre-Hispanic and indigenous cultures in the Americas. These practices were often linked to spiritual healing, cleansing, and purification ceremonies.

African and Afro-Caribbean Religions: Egg cleansing rituals are also found in African traditional religions and their diasporic practices, such as Santería, Vodou, and Candomblé. These religions, brought to the Americas by enslaved Africans, integrated their beliefs and practices with elements of Catholicism and native traditions, resulting in syncretic practices like egg cleansings.

European Folk Magic: Similar rituals involving eggs can be traced back to European folk magic and folk healing traditions. In some cultures, eggs were believed to possess symbolic power and were used in various magical and protective rituals.

Curanderismo and Brujería: In Latin American countries, particularly Mexico, the egg cleanse ritual is associated with curanderismo (traditional folk healing) and brujería (folk magic and witchcraft). Curanderos and brujos (healers and witches) use the egg cleansing technique to diagnose and treat spiritual imbalances.

Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Folklore: Some variations of the egg cleanse ritual can also be found in the folklore of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures. These practices often involve using eggs to remove the “evil eye” or negative energies.

Influence of Spiritualism and New Age Movement: In more recent times, the concept of spiritual cleansing and energy work has been popularized by the New Age movement and spiritual communities worldwide. Egg cleansing rituals have been embraced as a part of holistic and alternative healing practices.

Throughout history, the symbolism of the egg in these rituals has often been associated with renewal, rebirth, and fertility. It is believed that the egg can absorb negative energies, similar to how it nurtures and protects the potential life within it.

As cultures and traditions have intermingled and evolved over time, the egg cleanse ritual has adapted and taken on various forms, retaining its core purpose of spiritual cleansing and purification. Today, it remains an essential part of the cultural and spiritual heritage of many communities around the world.