How To Do A Jar Spell + 15 Jar Spell Rituals To Try

Jar Spells

Want to learn how to cast jar spells from beginning to end? This post will go over every step of creating + casting your own spell jar ritual, then we’ll share 15 of our favorite spell jars to use for just about every purpose.

The power of jar spells extends well beyond the purging of negative energy and the attraction of romantic interest.

Traditional folk magic often incorporates jar spells, often known as bottle spells or bottle charms. There are other uses for this type of magic besides baneful ones, even though it commonly involves cursing and breaking curses. For instance, casting love and attraction spells can come in the form of the classic honey jar spell. 

You can adjust the ingredients and procedures in a jar spell to meet many different intents and purposes, making spell jar rituals some of the best spell crafting formats to use.

How Do Jar Spells Work?

The magick of a jar spell happens as you mix specific components, add the intent, and seal the jar. The ability to recharge and reactivate jar spells again and over again is a big reason for their widespread use among witches.

If you’re making a love spell jar, for instance, and the attraction seems to wane, you can simply pull out the spell jar and put more energy into it to recharge the spell.

Another factor contributing to jar spells’ widespread popularity is their aesthetic appeal. Jar spells are pretty, easy to store, and small enough that they aren’t easily noticed by others. The price of ingredients to put together jar spell rituals is typically low, making this one of the most accessible types of magic for all sorts of witches.

Jar Spells

In addition, mirror magic and candle magic are excellent complements to most jar spells. You can strengthen the protective effects of your protection jar by using candle magick to seal the jar and mirror magick to reflect and enhance the spell’s energy. There are many ways to combine other types of magic with spell jar rituals if you’re so inclined, or you can make a super simple spell jar and reap the benefits.

Your Jar Spell Intent 

Clearly stating your goal is the first and most obvious stage in any jar magic. Your spell’s effects will be based entirely on your intention. In typical magical fashion, your motivation should be:

1. Specific

Target your efforts specifically (i.e., no wishing, no generalizing, no multi-purpose spells for 12 different things).

Achievability should be a priority while setting objectives (no Harry Potter fantasy stuff, please). So choose something that’s just out of reach. Make sure that you think through your goal carefully to ensure that it’s something you truly want and can live with going forward.

2. Ethical

We won’t tell you what is and isn’t ethical, but we will say that you should give some thought to your code of conduct and the repercussions of your actions. Follow your own morals based on how you practice and make sure that the spell feels right to you.

Once you know what you want, you can start planning your jar spell, or what to put in the jar to make it work.

Step One: Your Jar Spell Container 

Just about any container will do for casting a jar spell. Glass is a great choice, but clay and other options are also common. As long as the container is intact and the lid or cork seals tightly, you should be fine.

I actually purchase most of my spell jars right on Amazon – check out this link if you’re interested.

Jar spells

You can also find an empty bottle by searching your home or local thrift stores. Mason jars, baby food jars, mayonnaise or pickle jars, and even used salad dressing and oil bottles may all work.

It’s important to remember to purify and dedicate both the container and its contents before using them. I typically like to cleanse using smoke or incense, a pendulum, or simple my own thoughts (I envision a cleansing).

Step 2: Your Jar Spell Contents

The “meat” of the jar spell is choosing what to put in it. There’s no rule about what you have to include, but make sure it’s anything that’ll assist you to achieve your magic’s end aim.

You may want to include a certain amount of items based on your intentions. Generally, I like to include three, five, or seven items, but you can also dig deeper into numerology and use a number that makes sense for your specific spell jar ritual.

Personal Items 

You may want to include a personal item such as a photograph, strand of hair, nail clipping, a drop of blood, etc. A written name is another viable option. This should be anything that represents the target of the spell; if the spell is to be performed upon oneself, one would use one’s picture, object, or name. Using a friend’s picture, name, or an item they once owned is standard practice when casting a spell for them or against them.

Intentions or Prayer

Write your intention on anything and put it in the jar because words have a lot of power. Writing a note to a deity pleading for their help in a jar spell is a common practice. You can also write a poem or a one-sentence statement of intention.

Jar spells


You may want to fill the container with liquid, although the specific liquid will depend on your intention. Keep in mind that you don’t need to use liquids (I often use only solids) but this is one option you can consider.

  • Urine

This is used in jars for protection and breaking curses, but it can also be used to cast spells of control over other people.

  • Vinegar

Invoked to bring bad luck, injury, or spoil anything. Don’t overfill vinegar jars, and store them wrapped in towels or linen (unless you’re going to bury them).

  • Something sweet like honey, sugar water, or nectar

To make a situation better, use something sweet. This is because you would want to “sweeten” someone’s temperament if you were attempting to win them over, make a sale, win an argument, calm down an argument, etc.

  • Ammonia

When you need to start over with a “clean slate” or rid yourself of any lingering negativity or evil spirits, this is the tool for you. Do not light candles on ammonia, and keep ammonia jars far away from any source of heat. Proceed with caution if using ammonia as it can be dangerous! I recommend this only for the most experienced witches.

  • Tinctures, infusions, oils, etc.

A variety of goals, including health and wealth blessings, can benefit from this.

Naturally, your selection should be driven by your goals; for a money spell, for instance, you might use a tincture, infusion, or oil crafted from herbs known to attract wealth, such as cinnamon or mint. This makes the jar spell have two parts since you first need to create the tincture or infusion and charge it before beginning the spell jar ritual.


The choice of solid can be as nuanced as that of liquid, depending on the intended use. With this, your imagination is the limit. Some examples of what you can use are:

Jar Spells

  • Coins (ideally with the year of your birth printed on them) 

Put them to good use in a jar spell to bring in some extra cash.

  • Healing Crystals and Herbs

Crystals and herbs are two common materials that are both potent in magic and easy to obtain. They come in many forms and can transport the power you intend to invest in your spell.

  • Confetti or glitter in the shape of a heart

These would be included in love-drawing jar magic. To bind or keep someone close to you in the name of love, you may even wrap a ribbon around the jar.

  • Debris like rusty nails and bits of glass

Used in curse-breaking jar spells.

  • Pencil with a little roll of paper rolled up around it.

If you’re stuck on a writing project, try one of these methods.

We urge you to learn about and practice with whatever herbs and/or crystals you have access to. You can improve your spellcasting abilities by getting experience working with herbs and crystals.

Step Three: Fill Your Jar

Once you have all the ingredients you need, you may begin charging objects. You can infuse each object with your intention before placing it in the jar, or simply put all of the objects in the jar and then infuse it with your intention. Charging infuses each item with your strength and awakens its inherent power, which you can then tap into.

Jar spells

Make your jar even more potent by chanting while you fill it. Keep reading for more info on how to do this!

Step Four: Say Words That Boost Power

Raising one’s voice in a chant is an excellent approach to focus one’s attention. You can learn a chant from a book, the internet, or even create your own! Effective communication doesn’t require Shakespearean language.

I recommend looking up sayings on Pinterest or Tumblr if you’re new to witchcraft. Another good place to find spell jar ritual chants is in ancient books such as those about Greek and Egyptian rites or even the Bible (Psalms has some great options).

Whatever you choose, as long as it is appropriate to your spell jar’s purpose and has some personal significance, will do.

You can use the rhythm and rhyme to help you memorize it before you begin, and then use it as a mantra while you cast. By allowing it to flow naturally from your mouth, you are tapping into your source of power, the portion of your mind that directs the energy toward your goal.

Jar spells can be performed without candles, but their addition can increase their effectiveness. I recommend lighting a candle while you do this part of the ritual so that you have a bit more energy to tap into.

Step Five: Seal Your Jar 

Jar spells

After you’ve filled your jar, you have two options: either immediately seal it (and then burn a candle on it), or light a candle in the jar’s open mouth to keep out air and seal it.

While candles aren’t required for jar spells, they can be used to increase the effectiveness of the spell. To use a candle in a jar spell, find a candle of the desired hue, dress it (by sticking oils and herbs to it), and then burn it in the jar’s mouth or on top of the sealed jar until all the wax has melted down. 

Multiple candles can be lit at once in a jar and used for an extended time, making this an ideal choice for those working on a continuous task. Basically, you can do this however you’d like! But if you’re using anything perishable, make sure you seal your spell jar so that nothing inside molds.

Step Six: Meditate on Your Intent

Your intention is actually the most important part of the spell. Sure, all of the ingredients help, but without your intention to activate the spell you’re simply holding a random jar.

To infuse the jar with your intention, visualize what you want and feel the desire for the thing.

Next, picture yourself succeeding and achieving your objective. Instead of visualizing yourself as a person who wants something, now picture yourself as someone who already has it. When it’s all said and done, what will life be like? How will you feel? Try to feel the satisfaction and certainty that comes with achieving your goal.

Try to do this for at least a few minutes, or until you feel that enough energy has been infused into the jar. I like to put my hands around the jar while I do this in order to transfer the energy physically. 

Once you have finished casting your magic, you can decide what to do with the jar. The best thing (in my opinion) is to save the jar in a cool, dark place, somewhere out of sight so you won’t think of it too often. That way, you can pull it out and recharge the spell if needed.

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15 Jar Spell Rituals to Try

Jar spell

Looking for simple jar spell rituals that work? Here are some of my personal favorite spell jars to try!

1. Abundance

What to prepare: 

Sugar, Salt, garlic, and sesame seeds, seal with red and/or green candle wax

As you put together the jar, recite the following mantra:

“As these things now I lay

What I want will come my way.”

Picture the kinds of abundance you desire. This spell can be modified to fit your needs.

2. Anti-Anxiety

What to prepare: 

Chamomile, Olive Oil, Moon water, Gardenia, Amethyst

Candle wax in various shades of purple, black, and/or yellow can be used to seal the jar.

  • While you’re putting the jar together, make sure to take some deep breaths (breathe in the herbs and oils for a calming effect). 
  • You can keep it on your bedside, or your workspace. 

This is also a great self love spell jar to try.

3. Anti-Bad Vibes

This is a great protection spell jar for any purpose.

What to prepare: 

Black tourmaline, lavender, black pepper, clove, sage, salt,

  • After putting all of the ingredients into a jar, you should then seal the lid with some candle wax in a dark color. 
  • Put the jar where it can be seen as you enter your home to keep any potentially harmful or unsettling energy far away from your sanctuary.

4. Art/Work Productivity

What to prepare: 

Lavender, grass, marigold, cinnamon, carnelian

  • Silver candle wax or yellow candle wax can be used to seal the jar.
  • Place this in your designated working area.

5. Attract Love

What to prepare: 

Pink food coloring for romance, Orange food coloring for attraction, white sugar, dried or fresh red or pink roses, dried or fresh lavender, Paper, pen/marker with orange ink, pink candle 

  • Half-fill two bowls with white sugar. Drop one pink and one orange drop of food coloring into each. Stir vigorously until the sugar in each container is the same color throughout.
  • Put the paper with the traits of the ideal partner written on it at the bottom of the jar.
  • Crush the roses and lavender in a mortar and pestle while visualizing yourself attracting a loving partner.
  • Fill the jar with alternating layers of orange sugar, pink sugar, and the herb mixture.
  • Add more cinnamon to the top for extra flavor and to attract love and happiness.
  • You can just put the lid on the jar and leave it as is, or you can light a pink candle on top of it.

If you’re looking for a love spell jar then definitely try this recipe – I’ve had a lot of success with it.

6. Good Luck

What to prepare: 

Salt, white rice, rope, and bay leaves, and then seal with green candle wax!

  • This is ideally done at the beginning of a new week or month, or before starting something new like a job, an audition, a project, etc.
  • Mix everything in a container.
  • Keep it by your bed or in your closet.

7. Happiness

What to prepare: 

A photo, fabric from a favorite shirt or blanket, citrine peridot, sweetgrass, wildflower petals

  • It’s best to put your ingredients in the jar one by one for this purpose.
  • Consider the symbolism of each step and how it ties to your goal.
  • Start by lighting a candle and declaring your goal aloud while visualizing its fulfillment.
  • Candle wax can be used to seal your jar.
  • When you’re finished, put the jar somewhere you’ll see it often as a constant reminder of your goal.

8. Happy Home

What to prepare: 

Lavender, lemon peel, basil, thyme, catnip, mugwort, vanilla bean or extract (6 drops), blue lapis, rose quartz, one drop of the moon, sun, or blessed water

  • This should be done on a Friday, during a waxing or full moon.
  • Think about what makes you happy and what you want from this place.
  • Hang or display prominently in your home (by your front door, on a mantel, under your bed, etc.)

9. Health

What to prepare: 

Lavender, black obsidian, rosemary, amethyst, frankincense, Hawaiian black salt

  • Put the materials in a jar, then cover the top with either green or black candle wax to make a seal.
  • Put on, take with you, or give to someone whose wellbeing you care about if you wish to improve their health.

10. Love

Looking for your basic love spell jar? Keep reading!

What to prepare: 

A jar of average size,

Alcohol of choice (vodka, rum, tequila, etc.), honey, a bouquet of roses plus a few thorns, flowers and herbs that express passion (such as blue lotus for an aphrodisiac, cinnamon for lust and sex, patchouli for passion, and so on), A pink stone similar to quartz (optional), Notepad and writing implements, A flame, Lighting device, or matches

  • Put your rose petals, thorns, herbs, and crystal in a jar with a little honey and alcohol.
  • Put a note in the jar with a statement like, “I found a sweetheart,” written in the past or present tense (not future tense).
  • Start by lighting a candle and declaring your goal aloud to the universe while imagining its fulfillment.
  • Add a dab of candle wax to the jar’s opening and you’re good to go.
  • Raise the decibel level with some rhythmic improvised noise-making (optional)
  • Give the candle time to burn. When it’s burned out, pause to reflect on the ritual’s completion in your mind.

11. New Year, New You

What to prepare: 

Whole cloves, mint leaves, whole rosemary sprigs, cinnamon sticks, ground coffee sea salt (big grain), an air-tight jar, and 1 orange candle for stimulating your mental energy. 

  • Considering the purpose of each ingredient, stack the ingredients in the jar in the order in which they will be used.
  • After you have sealed the jar, you should next light an orange candle on top of it.

12. Protection 

What to prepare: 

Laurel, parsley, holly, black hematite, obsidian, smokey quartz (note: it is okay if you do not have all three; any crystal for protection will do), pine needles or cones, garlic, salt, a scrap of paper and pen.

  • Put the ingredients into the jar one at a time, and as you do so, think about what that item represents and how it connects to the goal you have set for yourself.
  • Put your goal in the jar along with a written statement of it (i.e., “I am protected” or “I am always safe”).
  • Start by lighting a candle, stating your desire aloud, and imagining what it would be like when it comes to fruition.
  • Candle wax should be used to seal your container.
  • Finish off the ritual by putting the jar in a location that will serve as a constant reminder of the goal you set for yourself.

13. Self Love Jar Spell

What to prepare: 

Clear quartz, dragon’s blood incense, Himalayan salt, lavender, self-love quote, rose petals, and pink candle wax.

  • Put everything inside the jar, and then seal it with the pink wax.
  • Position it in a visible location, such as next to a mirror, to serve as a reminder and to amplify your self-love intentions.

14. Sleep 

What to prepare: 

Lemon, amethyst, lavender, and valerian

  • Put everything in a jar, making sure it’s completely dry to prevent mold growth. Moldy jars are gross and should be avoided.
  • White candle wax serves as a perfect seal. 
  • Keep it next to your bed as a daily reminder to reinforce your sleep intentions.
  • When the jar’s effects have worn off or you feel it is no longer as potent, you should wash your crystals and return any herbs that were used to the ground, maybe by burying the jar in the garden.

15. Success (In Business)

What to prepare: 

Rosemary, tiger’s eye, smokey quartz, green aventurine, sea salt

  • Place your business name next to the jar containing the other ingredients, light a candle next to it, and place some coins on your business name.
  • Fill the jar halfway with water, then add the coins and business name while saying, “I attract prosperity in plenty, and clients will come, buy, and multiply.”

What to Do With Your Jar

After using your jar magic, you can do a few things. It can be dismantled, kept on an altar, buried, or hidden. Your goal(s) will determine which option is best for you.

Jar spells

  • Consider burying the jar if:

You hope to permanently shield yourself from harm or to dispel or break a curse. This will serve as a guard at your home and keep potential intruders at bay (or the property of the person for whom you cast the jar spell). Bury it in a flowerpot of soil if you don’t have any land. This is also a better option if you’re using materials that aren’t biodegradable. 

  • You can hide the jar if:

We get that it’s not easy to bury a jar in a residential area. If this is the case, it’s best to tuck it away in an unseen corner of the house, like a wall or the back of a closet.

You hope that dismantling it in the future will end the spell, and you have plans to do just that.

  • If you believe the jar brings you good luck, leave it on your altar.

Your aim is something you’d like to keep working toward. To keep the jar working, you can either keep lighting candles over its opening or shake it while repeating the chant.

A shrine to your deity, where you have prayed for help, is another option. It is necessary to shake it every so often while chanting to maintain the force.

Jar spells

For charms that will take a long time to manifest, such as a jar spell to assist you to do well on exams, you may put the jar on your altar for the whole of your college career. The night before your examinations, you might recite your mantra, light a candle, or shake it. There’s no need to create a new spell for each test if you do it this way.

  • Get rid of the jar if:

Now that the spell’s original purpose has been fulfilled, you wish for it to lose its potency. If you used a jar spell to attract a romantic partner, and you’re about to get married, you’d rather not have any other suitors. Which means you intend to break the charm.

Take the items out and bury them somewhere dangerous like a busy intersection or a stream. Prepare the trash can for disposal by washing out the container. You may clean it up and put it to use again.

Caution: unless you know what you’re doing, it’s not a good idea to dismantle a jar that was used for cursing or hexing, or that was used to break a curse or hex. To dispose of it permanently, simply bury it at a busy intersection or in a stream.

  • Keep your spell jar away from fire.

Do not dispose of the jar by burning it. However, some spells may involve fire while casting a curse or breaking one. In this case, the witch would hurl the jar into the fire, and if it shattered, it signaled the spell was effective (torturing the target).  Or that the curse you were removing had been lifted.

Still, using fire whether while casting the spell or to dispose of the jar is dangerous and we do not recommend it.