Knight Of Cups: Love, Career, Health, Advice, & More

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Court cards are some of the most difficult cards to read in the Tarot deck. While the Major Arcana cards are relatively easy to apply to any situation, it’s pretty hard to separate court cards from their personality. This issue with the Knight of Cups is no different.

Today, I’ll be going over every single aspect of the Knight of Cups. Hopefully, you will find a description in this post that helps you interpret your reading!

The Knights are the “teenagers” of the Tarot deck. They dive right into things without thinking them through. Headstrong action is the focus of the reading when a Knight card is pulled!

Any Knight might get himself in trouble when he moves too quickly, but he also has the driving force behind his personality that some of the other court cards need.

Knight Of Cups:

There are so many different ways to read the Knight of Cups. To help you be more specific, I’ll go over the card and symbolism as well as the general meaning, then I’ll give interpretations of the Knight of Cups in different situations.

If you want to read about the Knight of Cups in love, career, finances, as advice, as a person, as a yes/no answer, or reversed, feel free to scroll down to the appropriate section.

Visual Elements:

The visual elements listed here all describe the Rider-Waite Knight of Cups, so you may need to adapt these descriptions based on the deck you’re using. The visuals and symbolism will be different with every deck, which makes your reading totally unique.

In the Rider-Waite deck, the Knight of Cups shows a young man wearing a blue tunic and holding a golden cup.

knight of wands reversed, knight of wands yes or no, knight of wands love

The Knight of Cups is sitting on a white horse wearing a full suit of armor. In his hand, he holds a large gold cup. The horse is ready to walk, but the Knight himself is not in motion, unlike other Knight cards in the Tarot deck.

He is holding the cup out as though he’s offering it to someone. This is the classic picture of the Knight saving the damsel in distress.

His cloak is decorated with red fish, while his helmet and boots both have wings.

This Tarot card shows a rather barren background, although there is a small river flowing surrounded by a few short trees.

The Knight of Cups, as with every other Cups card in the deck, represents the element of water.

Knight Of Cups Keywords:

Here are some of the most common keywords for the Knight of Cups card.


  • Idealistic
  • Artistic
  • Charming
  • Romantic
  • Inviting
  • Graceful
  • Tactful
  • Diplomatic
  • Creative
  • Romantic
  • Charming
  • Imaginative
  • Beautiful


  • Unrealistic
  • Jealous
  • Moody
  • Avoidance
  • Vain
  • Disappointed
  • Cheating
  • Heartbreak
  • Deception
  • Unrequited Love

General Knight Of Cups Meaning:

The Knight of Cups is all about moving forward with your dreams. When he appears in the deck, it signifies that your dreams are about to become reality.

This card is all about the happy, loving emotions. The Knight is warm, affectionate, graceful, diplomatic, and devoted.

The Knight of Cups wears his emotions on his sleeve. He doesn’t feel embarrassment or shame and he doesn’t care who sees his feelings. 

However, the Knight of Cups can also be a bit moody or over-emotional. He flies by the seat of his pants when it comes to his feelings. His emotions are super strong, but they also change rapidly.

The Knight of Cups surrenders to his emotional nature, so he can also get caught up in the tide that is his feelings. It’s easy for him to wear rose-colored glasses in various situations.

In a Tarot reading, the Knight of Cups can be a sign that you need to dive deeper into the “why” behind your emotions instead of coasting on. the high.

Alternatively, the Knight of Cups signifies that it’s time to take action on your feelings, especially if your intuition is telling you that your emotions are based on reality.

After all, the Knight of Cups is the only Knight in the deck who isn’t personally in motion. This can be a sign that you need to move forward instead of getting lost in daydreams.

Be brave when you pull the Knight of Cups. It’s time to open up and work through your feelings. Sometimes, talking to someone else can be helpful. You must be courageous in sharing your feelings and acting on them, whether this is to yourself or to others.

Upright, the Knight of Cups signifies the arrival of good news. New opportunities lie ahead. Take this card as a sign that you’re going in the right direction.

Follow your heart and your intuition, and you can’t go wrong. The Knight of Cups tells you to be true to yourself and your gut instincts. Be yourself with other people and don’t question your decisions, as long as they feel right.

The Knight of Cups says that you are connected to all that is. Remember that love exists if you are only willing to accept it.

When the Knight of Cups shows up in a Tarot reading, make sure that you stay open to opportunities. New things are coming your way, as long as you remain open both physically and emotionally.

Knight Of Cups In Love:

In a love reading, the Knight of Cups is a very good omen. It speaks to a relationship or person who is emotional, loyal, romantic, and sensitive.

If you’re single, the Knight of Cups indicates that someone very dashing will soon come into your life. This is the emotional match you have been looking for!

You may already know who this person is. In this case, the Knight of Cups says that now is the time to act on your feelings. The results will be even better than you expect!

However, you need to make sure that you have realistic expectations of your partner. The Knight of Cups in love can wear rose-colored glasses. Although the results are usually positive, you want to make sure that you’re grounded in reality, too.

Stay grounded when you pull the Knight of Cups in love. It’s great to be emotional and romantic, but your instincts should align with the facts. Don’t get so swept up in the romance that you forget to see what’s right in front of you.

If you’re in a relationship, the Knight of Cups indicates that this is a great time to deepen your partnership. You can easily create a stronger, emotional bond with your partner, but you also need to show each other your flaws without fear.

Don’t forget that you’re both human. Reality isn’t always pretty, but acknowledging your place in the real world is the way to create a stronger, more lasting bond.

Your unrealistic expectations will only stop you from deepening your relationship.

If you have any underlying issues that have been bothering you, now is the time to address them. Dig deep into your core emotions and then deal with them. Any changes you make will certainly be positive in the long run!

The Knight of Cups is telling you to act on something that you already know intuitively. Trust your gut feelings.

Lastly, the Knight of Cups can indicate great news about something new, such as a relationship, marriage proposal, wedding, or baby.

Knight Of Cups As Feelings:

As feelings, the Knight of Cups indicates someone is feeling passionate, romantic, creative, or even a bit moody.

Generally, the Knight of Cups exhibits positive feelings. The person will be very upfront about what they’re feeling. In fact, they won’t be able to contain their emotions!

This person may be ultra-romantic right now, as if they’re on a high from love.

Keep in mind that the Knights are all a bit flighty. They can feel quite strongly one day, only to completely change their mind 24 hours later.

The Knight of Cups indicates that someone is feeling very positive, strong feelings, although they aren’t necessarily staying emotions.

Knight Of Cups Career:

The Knight of Cups in a career reading is usually an indicator of good news. If you’re waiting to hear back on something, then stay positive!

Sometimes, the Knight of Cups indicates that you might receive an unexpected job offer or promotion. Your hard work will soon pay off.

You are diplomatic at work and are great at handling people in your space. Ultimately, the Knight of Cups indicates that you can always come up with creative solutions to problems.

You will do well in any position that requires imagination. Regardless, the Knight of Cups is an indicator of success.

You’re entering into a time of heightened creativity! However, you must remember to put your ideas into action. It’s great to develop your active imagination, but you have to actually execute your plans in order to be successful.

Knight Of Cups Money:

In a money reading, the Knight of Cups is also a good omen. If you’re waiting for a payoff, be reassured that it’s about to come. Your financial situation either is already or will soon improve!

Your creative skills are especially useful in the financial space. Any issues can be solved by using your imagination. Think outside of the box.

Be creative but remember to follow your intuition. It can be helpful to meditate then wait for the answer. Don’t dismiss signs that you receive in dreams or in real life as these will be significant right now.

Ultimately, the Knight of Cups in a money reading is a sign of a substantial amount of cash to come.

Knight Of Cups Health:

In a health reading, the Knight of Cups is a good omen. If you have been struggling with illness, then you can be assured that good news is in your future.

The Knight of Cups says that there’s no reason to worry. If you’re looking for answers, then this card encourages you to follow your gut. It can be a sign to take action on whatever you have been intuitively feeling.

Knight Of Cups As Spirituality:

In a spiritual reading, the King of Cups indicates that you’re receiving a lot of messages. Stay open to any signs. Your intuition is especially heightened right now.

If you have been wanting to enhance your psychic abilities, the Knight of Cups is telling you that now is the time. You already have the natural psychic gifts, but you need to practice in order to access them.

When you receive messages from the spirit world, take action on them. Follow your intuition spiritually, even if you aren’t 100% sure you’re doing the right thing. It will pay off in the end.

You are open and ready to take the next spiritual step!

Knight Of Cups As A Person:

The Knight of Cups is sensitive, moody, and creative. He is always expressing himself, whether through his words, art, writing, music, or another medium.

He is very likable and charming. The Knight is even a bit moody, although he can also be very sexual when he’s “in love.”

However, the Knight often wants the “idealized” version of sex without any of the messy, human elements. He may be content to live in his fantasies.

Sometimes, the Knight can even represent a slightly feminine man. He’s definitely in touch with his inner emotions and is more than a bit creative. His heart chakra is wide open!

The Knight loves love, although he can easily get swept up on a wave of romance. He can even be emotionally fantastical, though he’s also passive in real life. He might get lost in his daydreams and forget the real people in life.

Sometimes, this card points to someone who is simply romantic or in love without the more imaginative, fantasy-driven qualities.

Knight Of Cups Yes Or No:

The Knight of Cups as a yes or no answer indicates a definite yes. This is a very positive card as a clear answer!

Knight Of Cups Advice:

As advice, the Knight of Cups tells you to stay open. Explore the big ideas and follow your passions.

Now is the time to try something new, if this feels right intuitively. You must take action. If you don’t follow your dreams, they can’t ever become your reality.

The Knight of Cups is also telling you to lead with your heart in everything that you do. Stay open emotionally and don’t be afraid of exposing your feelings to the world.

Ultimately, you need to seek out experiences that make you feel deeply fulfilled. Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had the courage? The Knight of Cups tells you that you’re now ready to act.

Follow your feelings. The truth is deep inside of you if you can only discover it.

Sometimes, the Knight of Cups says that messages may come to you in dreams or symbols. Don’t overlook anything, as every small thing that happens is significant right now.

Symbolism In The Knight Of Cups:

In every Tarot card, there is a whole myriad of symbols. In some readings, the symbolism will be extremely important, so I’m including the main symbols on the Knight of Cups card here.

Keep in mind that symbolism will vary based on the deck you’re using. I recommend looking closely at the pictures on your cards if you’re not using the Rider-Waite deck. The symbolism of the card you actually pulled is much more important than the general meaning! This is one of the reasons why I love using varied decks.

The Cup:

In this Tarot card, the Knight of Cups is holding a golden cup out in front of him to an unknown person or being. This symbolizes the message that he is delivering.

The Knight isn’t scared to share parts of his heart. He actively shows his emotions through the cup, though he has no haste.

The Cloak:

The Knight’s cloak is covered in red fish. They symbolize water and creativity. These qualities are always with the Knight, even though he walks on land.

Winged Helmet & Boots:

The helmets and boots of the Knight are winged in the picture. These represent Hermes’ wings and are a symbol of his creative imagination taking flight.

The Horse:

Unlike other Knight cards, this Knight’s horse moves slowly, with an air of calmness. He is sure and steadied. The horse itself represents power and drive, while the color white indicates that both the Knight and the horse are pure and spiritual.

The Background:

The background of the Knight of Cups is rather barren, however there is a small river that flows through the sand. This symbolizes that emotions seep into the most barren of landscapes.

Knight Of Cups Reversed:

The Knight of Cups reversed is all about being cautious. Don’t do anything rash without proper research. Sometimes, things are not what they seem.

If you have difficult feelings within you that you haven’t put into words, it’s time to get them out. You must make sure that you express your emotions in a gentle way with love and empathy.

Releasing these emotions through words will help you move forward. Don’t let your feelings get the upper hand here, because you may be feeling a string of emotions that aren’t grounded in reality.

Lastly, the Knight of Cups reversed can indicate that you’re living in a fantasy land. You need to come back down to reality and figure out a plan in order to move forward.

Knight Of Cups Reversed: Love

In a love reading, the Knight of Cups reversed can indicate cheating, lying the end of a relationship, or someone who doesn’t return your feelings.

The Knight of Cups reversed can mean that you’re feeling blocked off emotionally if you’re single. You need to first access your emotions and be vulnerable before you can attract the right person.

If you’re in a relationship, the Knight of Cups reversed can mean a variety of things.

Firstly, this card often indicates something who is either lying to you or who has been unfaithful. This person might be full of empty promises and possibly over-exaggerated their love in the beginning.

It’s possible that your partner’s feelings run hot and cold, and you can’t figure out what’s true. All of the things that you initially believed about the relationship are being shattered because your partner’s actions aren’t backing up their words.

Alternatively, the Knight of Cups reversed can indicate that you’re on the verge of making a big decision. Think things through carefully, but ultimately go with your gut instinct. Remember that your intuition will always line up with logic.

Lastly, this card can mean that that you need to open up and communicate your feelings. Make sure that you remain empathetic, but get your point across clearly to your partner. Don’t hold things inside any longer.

You likely won’t feel like there is much you can do to change your situation, but you are in charge of your destiny. If your partnership doesn’t end up being what you expected, move on. Spend some time focusing on you, and the right person will come along eventually.

Sometimes, the Knight of Cups reversed can also indicate that someone is coming to terms with their sexuality. This card is a “death” of old ways in any love reading.

Ultimately, the Knight of Cups reversed indicates that you are burying your feelings. You already know the the truth, so it’s time to face it and act on it.

Knight Of Cups Reversed: Career & Finances

In a career reading, the Knight of Cups can be a sign that you need to get more realistic. You head is in the clouds and this won’t help you in the long run.

It’s time to sit down and figure out how to make your dreams a reality. Be careful that you control your moodiness in the work environment. Deal with facts and logic instead of lashing out.

However, you need to be decisive. Don’t stand by passively while others make things happen. Do you research and act with logic, but make sure that you act.

The Knight of Cups reversed can represent a bad omen in your career, but this is often due to your own habits or indecision.

Ultimately, this card is telling you that you shouldn’t get your hopes up. Deal with facts instead of daydreams. Look at every detail before making a big move, as there may be something you’re missing.

In a money reading, the Knight of Cups reversed can mean that you have been ignoring your money issues. It’s time to get realistic and look at the facts. Figure out a logical way to get back on your feet; hope won’t work for you this time.

Alternatively, the Knight of Cups reversed can mean that you’ve run into delays. You are waiting on a certain amount of money but it has yet to appear.

The card indicates that you should look at the situation logically and figure out what you can do based on the laws or rules of your habitat.

Knight Of Cups Reversed: Health

When the Knight of Cups is reversed in a health reading, it can indicate that either you or someone else is abusing drugs or alcohol. 

Alternatively, this card can suggest that your lifestyle is catching up with you. It may be time to get your health checked out and change your daily habits.

You need to think positively and learn more about what can heal you. Do research and follow your intuition. Don’t try to escape your situation as this will only make it worse.

Ultimately, the Knight of Cups reversed indicates that you have the power to change your health, but you must first change your lifestyle or habits.

Knight Of Cups Reversed: Spirituality

In a spirituality reading, the Knight of Cups reversed is telling you that you need to slow down. Your life is moving fast, so you literally can’t spare a second to work on your spiritual side.

Your spiritual self can’t grow without a bit of practice. Even if you’re only able to dedicate a few moments a day to your practice, this card indicates that you will see huge results.

Alternatively, the Knight of Cups reversed indicates that you’re experiencing doubt or disillusionment. Be careful that you don’t victimize yourself.

Instead, do some research and work through your feelings. This is a learning opportunity!

Knight Of Cups Reversed: As A Person

As a person, the Knight of Cups reversed is someone who is a trickster. He might be a cheater or a liar, or maybe he just embellishes himself greatly. 

Alternatively, this may be someone who is emotionless or who isn’t able to access their feelings. This person might avoid communicating, or they might be unable to communicate due to their ongoing addictions.

Knight Of Cups Reversed: Advice

As advice, the Knight of Cups reversed is telling you that your emotions are a bit unstable. You need to settle down, work through your feelings, and use logic as well as your emotions to make decisions.

You may be wearing rose colored glasses that you need to take off. Remember that your intuition should always match up with logic.

Sometimes, the Knight of Cups reversed indicates that you need to face reality. You can’t run from your problems, because they will always find you.

Lastly, the Knight of Cups reversed can mean that you’re experiencing emotional issues or addictions. Talk to someone like a friend or a counselor and work out a solid plan to move forward.

Knight Of Cups Reversed: Yes/No

In a yes or no position, the Knight of Cups reversed can be hard to interpret. It isn’t exactly a no, but this card is telling you to be cautious and move slowly. 

Take a closer look at the situation you’re in before doing anything extreme. Remember that your intuition and the logical facts should always line up. Be careful that you don’t blindly believe things that others tell you, even if they’re saying what you want to hear.