Queen Of Cups: Love, Career, Health, Advice, Reversed, & More

queen of cups

Court cards are some of the most difficult cards to read in the Tarot deck. While the Major Arcana cards are relatively easy to apply to any situation, it’s pretty hard to separate court cards from their personality. This issue with the Queen of Cups is no different.

Today, I’ll be going over every single aspect of the Queen of Cups. Hopefully, you will find a description in this post that accurately applies to your reading!

As a whole, the Queens in the Tarot deck represent quiet strength. They are the unseen force behind the King and in some ways, the Queens actually run the show.

Queens have plenty of life experience and are in a position of power to influence things and make changes. In Tarot, the Queens know how to harness the power of feminine energy and get results.

Queen Of Cups:

There are so many different ways to read the Queen of Cups. To help you be more specific, I’ll go over the card and symbolism as well as the general meaning, then I’ll give interpretations of the Queen of Cups in specific situations.

If you want to read about the Queen of Cups in love, career, finances, as advice, as a person, as a yes/no answer, or reversed, feel free to scroll down to the appropriate section.

Visual Elements:

The visual elements listed here all describe the Rider-Waite Queen of Cups, so you may need to adapt these descriptions based on the deck you’re using. The visuals and symbolism will be different with every deck which makes your reading totally unique.

queen of cups

In the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, the Queen of Cups is sitting on her throne, which is placed right on the ocean shore. She rules the realm between water and land, or emotions and rationality.

Her throne is decorated with sea-nymphs, fish, and scallop shells. The sky and the water around her are calm, but her feet rest on pebbles just at the edge of the shore.

In her hand, the Queen holds a golden cup. It had handles shaped like angels and is closed, unlike other cups in the deck. She is looking intently at the cup, as if to glean information from it.

Queen Of Cups Keywords:

Here are some of the most common keywords for the Queen of Cups.


  • Compassionate
  • Soft
  • Warm
  • Kind
  • Intuitive
  • Healing
  • Supportive
  • Caring
  • Mystical
  • Emotionally Stable
  • Trance-Like
  • Energetic
  • Feminine
  • Loving
  • Flowing
  • Marriage
  • Counselor


  • Over Emotional
  • Dependent
  • Insecure
  • Overly-Giving
  • Overly-Sensitive
  • Martyr
  • Not-Trustworthy
  • Needy
  • Fragile
  • Co-Dependent
  • Inner Feelings
  • Weak
  • Shallow

Queen Of Cups General Meaning:

In the Tarot Deck, the Queen of Cups sees feelings as sacred. She believes that all of the information we need is accessible through our own inner thoughts and emotions. Why live life without feelings?

This card can suggest that you’re uncomfortable with your feelings You may be afraid to open up to others, or you may bury your feelings and hide them from your own conscious mind.

The Queen of Cups is a reminder to be grateful for your feelings because they reveal the deepest truths. Remember that sensitivity can make you strong, rather than weak.

Honor your feelings, even when they aren’t pleasant. Don’t avoid your emotions because they hurt. This is part of being human! If you’re avoiding your feelings about a certain situation, then you’re not seeing clearly. It’s time to dig deep, even if it’s painful.

Sometimes, the Queen of Cups can indicate that you’re feeling afraid. Don’t let that fear hold you back from really experiencing all that life has to offer.

The Queen of Cups also says that you need to get back in touch with your inner self. Access your feminine side, your sensitive side, and nurture yourself. 

Alternatively, the Queen of Cups can be an indicator that you need to be more sensitive to the feelings of other people. You may be missing the subtleties and end up hurting someone.

This card almost always represents a need for self-awareness. In any situation, tune into your intuition and trust what you feel rather than what you think. This is how you will improve your relationships with others and with your own soul. Lead with your heart, not your head.

Queen Of Cups In Love:

If you’re single, the Queen of Cups indicates that you are tapping into your intuition. Carefully examine your own feelings when you meet someone. Your gut reactions will tell you everything you need to know.

The Queen of Cups tends to indicate that a new romance is in your near future. You may meet someone who is emotionally strong, warm, and affectionate. However, be patient and give them a chance to open up, since they may not be the “coolest” person in the room.

In a relationship, the Queen of Cups is generally positive. It indicates a deep love bond, with strong emotions and trust and respect. Continue to share your emotions with each other and do the inner work to strengthen your bond. You both feel secure and happy together!

The Queen of Cups is sometimes pulled for a relationship issue. In this scenario, the card indicates that you need to share more of your feelings with each other. Before you can do that, you will have to get in touch with your emotions on your own!

Don’t be afraid to dig deep into the most painful things that are lurking in your subconscious. This is how you will strengthen and grow your relationship.

Lastly, the Queen of Cups can indicate that you need to be more empathetic and compassionate towards your partner. Let your intuition guide you in your relationship. Learn to share parts of yourself and to listen, but be careful that you also set clear boundaries to avoid codependence.

Queen Of Cups As Feelings:

As feelings, the Queen of Cups is a positive card. She indicates loving emotions. This person is feeling romantic and attracted, and they want to deepen the bond.

The Queen can also represent playful feelings or someone who is wearing rose-colored glasses. Everything looks shiny and new through their eyes and they are excited.

This person may be feeling very spiritual or in-tune with their intuition and inner self. In a romantic sense, this person is feeling deep, soulful feelings towards you, as if you know each other from another life.

Lastly, the Queen of Cups can represent motherly feelings. This is a deep, intuitive, emotional bond between mother and child, and the mother is most likely quite protective.

Keep in mind that the person may not realize the extent of their feelings. The Queen of Cups can indicate the unconscious mind, so these emotions won’t necessarily be right on the surface.

Queen Of Cups Career:

In a career reading, the Queen of Cups is a great omen. It means that your job or career is changing for the better and you will soon have everything you wished for. 

Typically, this card indicates major changes. They may not be what you expected, but trust that things will turn out even better than you anticipated.

You should also consider your emotional well-being when you pull the Queen of Cups. Does something feel wrong deep down? In career decisions, carefully analyze your emotions and your intuition in order to find the best path forward, even if it doesn’t seem as logical at the time.

Trust your heart to lead you in the right direction. In fact, you have the power to manifest whatever you desire, you must simply tap into your unconscious mind.

When you pull the Queen of Cups in a career reading, remember that you should always seek emotional fulfillment in additional to financial success.

Queen Of Cups Money:

In a money reading, the Queen of Cups means that you should see an uptick in your financial future. This is a great time to stick your neck out and apply for one of those no credit check loans online instant approval or come up with a plan.

However, don’t forget to be vigilant in saving your money. The Queen of Cups has tremendous foresight. Use your intuition and follow your gut when you’re making money decisions. Don’t listen to your ego alone.

The Queen of Cups can also indicate that money isn’t everything. This card may be saying that it’s time to stop focusing only on finances and find a better balance to truly reap the rewards of life.

Queen Of Cups Health:

The Queen of Cups in a health reading means that someone needs support. This may be you, or it may be a relative or friend.

If you are the one struggling with your health, then this card is telling you that it’s okay to accept help. In fact, you need to look to others if you want to get better. 

This could mean that you physically need someone to care for you, or it may need that you need to find a new doctor or natural practitioner in order to get answers.

If the card represents someone else, then the Queen of Cups indicates that you’re doing the right thing in caring for your loved one.

Lastly, this card can indicate that you need to show more compassion to your mind and body. Treat yourself gently, and go within to resolve unhealed wounds that may manifest as physical sickness.

Queen Of Cups As Spirituality:

The Queen of Cups is a very spiritual card. It signifies strong intuition, psychic, or mediumship abilities. This card can be an indication that it’s time to further develop your psychic abilities.

She can also indicate that an experienced spiritual female will help you on your path, whether this is a physical person or spirit guide/deity.

Tap into the unconscious realm, just as the Queen does. Now is your time to bridge the gap between the physical and the spiritual worlds. This will not only help you on your path to soul evolution, but will make your everyday life more clear.

This card can also indicate that you’re on the path to emotional freedom. Keep working to deal with the unconscious emotions that bind you, and you will find your spirituality increases, too.

The Queen of Cups is all about “witchy” things, such as moon magic, Tarot, astrology, feminine goddesses, and spells. This can be an indication that it’s time to further your practice in any of these areas.

Queen Of Cups As A Person:

Although Tarot cards don’t always represent people, you’ll often pull one of these cards as a significator for someone else. 

When the Queen of Cups appears as a person in a reading, she tends to represent a mature female who is emotionally supportive and loving. She’s probably a good listener and is naturally kind and empathetic towards all people and creatures.

However, this person can also be shy, reserved, or insecure. They may be spiritual, creative, artistic, psychic, or have a lot of innate energetic power, but they keep this all inside. You may have an almost intuitive energetic connection with this person.

The Queen of Cups almost always represents someone very soft and feminine. This is one of the most classically “female” cards in the Tarot deck, so regardless of the person’s gender, the energy is feminine.

Lastly, the Queen of Cups can represent someone who acts as a spiritual guide, teacher, mentor, or medium.

Queen Of Cups Yes Or No:

The Queen of Cups as a yes or no indicates a clear yes. This is a card associated with commitment, so this is likely to be a long-lasting yes, especially in relationship or spirituality questions.

Queen Of Cups Advice:

In an advice placement, the Queen of Cups indicates that you need to go within and listen to you inner voice. Remember that your emotions are a part of your intuition, so if your emotions feel out of whack, your subconscious mind is trying to tell you something.

Lead with your heart, not you head. Stay open to messages you may receive, whether they come through dreams, from other people, or from movies or books.

The Queen of Cups is also telling you to really feel your feelings. If you stuff don’t your emotions, you block the flow of energy and you can’t really move forward. Even in a straightforward money or career reading, this card can be valuable because it indicates that you’re creating an energetic blockage with your emotions.

Sometimes, the Queen of Cups is also advising you to open up to others. Don’t be afraid to share your emotions or ask for help, whether this is from family, friends, or a professional such as a therapist.

Symbolism In The Queen Of Cups:

In general, the Cups suit (which is the suit of water) symbolizes feelings and emotions, while Queens symbolize the mother figure and mature feminine impulses. However, there are specific symbols in the Queen of Cups Tarot card as well.

The Water’s Edge:

In the Rider-Waite Queen of Cups card, the Queen’s throne sites on the edge of the sand, just between the ocean and land. This ocean symbolizes her deeper, unconscious feelings. Though she is emotionally connected to her unconscious mind, she sits on the edge, living in the real world and able to analyze her feelings because she isn’t enmeshed with them.

This visual means that the Queen’s heart, or her emotions, and her rational mind work together in harmony. There is room for both in her life.

The Throne:

The Queen’s throne is pointed towards the water. This indicates that she has mastered and rules over the emotional realm, as well as the realms of intuition and the subconscious mind.

The throne itself is decorated with pictures of sea-nymphs, scallop shells, and fish. These symbols are indicative of the unconscious mind and the domain that she rules over.

The Cup:

Unlike other cards in the Suit of Cups, the cup that the Queen holds is adorned with angels and is closed. She is looking at it reverently, as though it is something sacred.

The angel-like handles symbolize spirituality and her connection to the unconscious source. However, the closed cup indicates that this spirituality lies behind a door, or a veil, that isn’t easily accessed. The Queen is able to draw knowledge from the cup as she peers at it, but to us, it seems like she’s doing nothing.

Queen Of Cups Reversed:

The Queen of Cups reversed indicates a lack of emotional maturity. This card is a sign that you must pay close attention to how you react in any situation. Your reactions may be over the top, dramatic, or violent.

You may be feeling extra sorry for yourself or down right now. Sometimes, the Queen of Cups reversed can even mean that you’re struggling to keep your head above the water or are experiencing depression.

When you pull the Queen of Cups reversed, check to see if you have a lot of emotions, even deep down, that you have been ignoring. Your problems might be reaching a boiling point because you have stuffed your feelings down, over and over, and now they come out sideways.

It’s time to tune in and deal with your most painful emotions from your past. Look and what you feel and why. What false beliefs are you holding onto? Sometimes, therapy can be helpful when the Queen of Cups reversed is pulled.

You must learn how to listen to your feelings and accept them instead of judging them. You probably feel restricted right now, as though you can’t really express yourself the way you want to, but the power lies within you. Don’t ignore you emotions to the point where they become damaging and boil over.

The Queen of Cups reversed often indicates erratic emotions. This happens when you don’t truly work to solve a problem within yourself. Instead, your feelings run wild because you’re looking for a fix externally.

Alternatively, the Queen of Cups reversed can indicate blocked emotions. You may be hiding from a trauma or even from negative feelings, but it’s time to be brave and face you difficult emotions before they bubble up. 

Don’t allow your emotions to control you. When you deal with them appropriately and get to the bottom of the feelings you have, then you will be completely in control. You will also see reality much more clearly and will be able to follow your dreams in a logical and rational way.

Sometimes, the Queen of Cups reversed indicates emotional drama or dysfunction, whether this is in the home, family, career, or within yourself. Now is the time to get to the bottom of the issues. 

Queen Of Cups Reversed: Love

If you pull the Queen of Cups reversed in a love reading, you need to pay closer attention to your insecurities. They may manifest as jealousy, clinginess, or neediness. These insecurities tend to take over and you start to act like someone other than yourself.

You probably feel insecure when you feel vulnerable. However, the Queen of Cups reversed says that your insecurities are mostly in your head. You need to work through your inner emotions.

No romantic partner can fix these issues for you. Learn to relax and be yourself in love.

Alternatively, the Queen of Cups reversed can indicate that you’re putting too much effort into your relationship. You may feel that your partner doesn’t contribute, or that you’ve taken on a parental role. 

In some way, you need to find balance. Take a step back and focus on yourself. You’re probably looking at your partner’s emotions quite a bit, but you actually need to examine your own. Why are you willing to put so much effort in or to parent someone? What are you looking for?

Sometimes, the Queen of Cups reversed is a sign to be cautious. You may be imbalanced emotionally, which creates a lack of rational judgment.

This card can even represent heartbreak. The Queen of Cups reversed falls very deeply in love, but she doesn’t always see the truth of the matter, so she will be disillusioned over and over.

Ultimately, you must work on healing your own emotional wounds in order to have a successful relationship.

Queen Of Cups Reversed: Career & Finances

In a career reading, the Queen of Cups reversed indicates that you’re feeling more stress lately. You are overly attached to your job on an emotional level; you must work through the emotional issues within yourself in order to feel rejuvenated.

Sometimes, this means that you need to deal with your own trauma, while other times it may mean that it’s time to find a more emotionally satisfying workplace.

You may be putting too much focus on others or spreading yourself too thin. Take care of yourself first, even if this feels selfish. 

Financially, the Queen of Cups reversed indicates that you need to be careful. Your intuition isn’t spot on right now, so be very careful in any money dealings. You’re vulnerable to deception, at least at the moment.

You should also avoid spending for emotional reasons. Deal with the emotions in other ways and try to employ logic and reason when making money decisions.

Queen Of Cups Reversed: Health

The Queen of Cups reversed shows that you aren’t taking care of your body. You need to step back and establish a better routine in order to keep your health.

As stated by https://www.numan.com/, you may feel too busy to worry about your health, but this will only hurt you in the long run. Take care of yourself before you take care of others.

This card can also indicate that you need to deal with your emotional well-being in order for your physical health to improve.

Queen Of Cups Reversed: Spirituality

Have you been ignoring your spirituality lately? The Queen of Cups reversed indicates that emotions are running your life instead of true spirituality. You need to deal with your emotions in a healthy and constructive way so that you can truly connect.

Alternatively, this card can mean that you have undeveloped psychic abilities. You need to remove your spiritual blockages in order to access the other side. It’s very important that you grow in this way, because the Queen of Cups reversed usually indicates immense untapped power.

Queen Of Cups Reversed: As A Person

Often, this card represents one of two people.

The Queen of Cups reversed is someone who sacrifices herself in order to make other people happy. She constantly serves others, yet she loses herself.

Alternatively, the Queen is someone who appears sweet and kind but who is actually passive-aggressive or manipulative behind the scenes. She fuels corruption and dishonesty, but she puts on a great face to the world. She may also love to start drama or be a bit emotionally erratic.

Queen Of Cups Reversed: Advice

As advice, the Queen of Cups reversed is quite simply. You need to deal with your emotional trauma.

All of the answers you seek are already inside you, but you’re scared to really confront your feelings. Your emotions may feel either blocked or too erratic. Either way, this is because you’re ignoring the pain that’s always inside. You can’t really run for your trauma.

You have more power than you realize, but you can’t access this power until you deal with the pain inside of you.

In outer situations, the advice is to stick up for yourself in a way that is authentic. You may be ignoring your own needs in favor of helping others, or you’re manipulating other people to get what you want. Instead, learn how to set clear and empathetic boundaries to be true to your own soul.

Queen Of Cups Reversed: Yes/No

The Queen of Cups reversed is usually a warning. Although it doesn’t always mean no, it does mean that you need to do some inner work first and start taking care of yourself emotionally.