Mercury in Libra

mercury in libra woman, mercury in libra man

Mercury is the planet that rules the mind, thought processes, and communication style in Astrology.  It tells us not what we think about, but how we think. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, and moves the fastest. It may be difficult to differentiate between the two, but remember; the sun is the persona, and Mercury is the mind. 

Mercury in Libra: Venusian Intellect

Mercury in Libra placements are very open-minded and indecisive. Their mind craves balance, and they’re always seeing the other side of the coin. They are smart, witty, energetic, and always up for debate. 

The way the Libran mind actually works is very interesting. Mercury in Libra natives love to absorb any and every kind of information. These folks love having information at their disposal, and will learn for the sake of learning, rather than the need to do anything with that information. 

When Mercury in Libra people were little, they felt like they were not smart enough. This may have been a result of female energy in their life, either mother, sisters, aunts, etc. They felt like they could not measure up, and their point of view was not to be trusted. 

Now, Mercury in Libra people have a hard time trusting their own mind. When it comes to decisions, like where to get dinner, they would rather make no choice and be unhappy with what someone else decides than make the wrong choice. Mercury in Libra people tend to make only one decision: that they will not be the ones making the decision. 

These individuals thrive off of balance and duplicity. If they feel like their lives are going too far in one direction, they need to balance this out. 

Devils Advocate

Mercury in Libra Natives are very sympathetic. They can put themselves in the shoes of anyone else, and see both sides of every perspective. This gives them the innate ability to always play devils advocate, because for Mercury in Libra, it is important that other people also see both sides of the coin. 

Their keen sense and great memory help them with this task. Mercury in Libra can absorb huge amounts of knowledge, and store it for this exact purpose. Suddenly, they may find themselves in a situation where this knowledge is helpful and useful, and they can pull it out of the center of the brain and use it to their advantage. 

Mercury in Libra rarely want to win the argument. For them, it is more important that you understand that your perspective is not absolute, and that everything has an equal and opposite. 

This is actually how their brain works. For example, they may become angry that someone is driving poorly only to think that maybe that person is having a really hard day and they should cut them some slack. This is simply the way of the Mercury in Libra mind– Always trying to find a balance, whether from negativity or positivity. 


Mercury in Libra individuals rarely find an opinion that they believe absolutely. They see all truths as subjective, waiting only for more information. However, when they feel like they have truly mastered a topic, they feel it may be necessary to form an opinion. 

This is why it is so difficult for Mercury in Libra individuals to decide anything preemptively. They have to have the full array of available information before coming to a decision, which they rarely have access to. 

However, when Mercury in Libra’s have made a decision and formed an opinion, they will defend it at all costs. They will go on the offensive, rather than staying on the defensive (which is their nature) to prove their point. 

They enjoy these kinds of conversations and discussions, because they know that nothing anyone else says could combat all the knowledge they have compiled in their brain. 

Mercury in Libra individuals are especially determined when it comes to subjects that they are true visionaries about, like balance and equality. They are never going to be called extremists; if there are two options that are equal and opposite, Mercury in Libra will try to find the exact middle ground. 

Libran minds do not like multiplicity. If there are a multitude of too many options, rather than only two, the Mercury in Libra person struggles to decide. Unlike Mercury in Aries who chooses based on what they do want, Mercury in Libra has to go through a process of elimination and decide all the ones they don’t want. 

Mercury in Libra and Communication

When it comes to communication, Mercury in Libra people are incredibly charming and charismatic. They have a natural allure when talking to people that keeps others intrigued in what they have to say. 

Mercury in Libra people always have one foot in the conversation, and one foot out of it. They usually are listening to the other conversations happening around them, absorbing information, and getting ready to interject if it is necessary. For this reason, it may seem as though Mercury in Libra people are not really listening to you, even if they are trying their hardest. 

This aloof behavior gives them a very unattainable energy. It is hard to grab their attention, which may lead to people wanting to grab it even more. 

When they are participating in a conversation, Mercury in Libra placements know how to say all the right things. At the beginning of the conversation they will charm you with their charisma, intellect, and way with words. Only halfway through the conversation will they begin to slightly disagree with you, but never too much as to leave things on bad terms. 

Mercury in Libra may come off as flighty or flip floppy,  but this is just because they want to be liked in social situations. If they do not have a strong opinion or all of the information, they will play devils advocate but ultimately agree with the other opinion to be liked. 

The Ultimate Peacemaker

When it comes to aggression or fighting, Mercury in Libra placements tend to play the peacemaker of the group. They are all for diplomacy and getting along. Mercury in Libra understands that people won’t always see the same situation the same way.

However, they are incredibly talented at wording both people’s perspectives in a way that is less threatening and harmful to the other person. Because of this natural talent, they are often seen as the glue of a friend group or family. 

Mercury in Libra has the ability to mirror your own opinions back to you in a way that makes you question whether you believe them at all. They are incredibly good with words, intelligent, and charismatic, which makes them the perfect allies to have in a fight. 

The Mercury in Libra Woman

The Mercury in Libra woman is eloquent and charismatic, and charms members of the preferred sex with her charm and grace. At first look, she appears to handle things passively, and would rather not enter into outright arguments. Instead, she convinces people to side with her with her charm and embrace. 

The Mercury in Libra woman is quick witted and bright. She smiles and nods while subtly disagreeing with you, and will tell you facts and information over the course of months to slowly change your mind. She rarely fails. 

These women can be indecisive and picky. She likely has many options for lovers, and will choose only when she is absolutely sure. She is naturally flirtatious and may choose to keep the others around just in case. 

The Mercury in Libra woman is feminine, being ruled by the planet Venus, and her mind is very attractive to men. She exemplifies grace and passivity while still being strong in her convictions. If she knows she is right, she is likely to outright disagree with you.

She is likely more indecisive than her male counterpart, as the Mercury in Libra woman struggles with her femininity as well as her decision making ability. 

The Mercury in Libra Man

The Mercury in Libra man is charming and alluring, and uses his good looks and suave nature to allure members of the preferred sex. At first, he may appear to be too charming– like he’ll agree with you but not really mean it.

However, this is only when the Mercury in Libra Man simply hasn’t decided on his own point of view. He would rather have you like him than make up his own mind. 

The Mercury in Libra man is social and outgoing.  He loves being the center of attention at parties, and has an ease fitting in around others. He is less anxious than his female counterpart, and chooses to “go with the flow” instead of worrying about the minute details. 

This man has a happy and optimistic appearance, but may appear to have his head in the clouds or be wishy washy. The Mercury in Libra man may have a hard time sticking to one partner, because he sees options in every person that walks by.