Midheaven In Aries, IC In Libra

midheaven in aries, ic in libra

The Midheaven (MC) and the Imum coeli (IC) are two opposite points in astrology that are calculated based on your place and time of birth. The IC shows the qualities that you learned in childhood and the environment that you wanted to escape.

In order to get away from the values of the IC, you push towards the Midheaven. In fact, the Midheaven is how people tend to perceive you in the outer world, but more specifically in your career. Although you may embrace the qualities of the Midheaven, the IC always exists underneath.

The IC in Libra placement is all about being the peacemaker in childhood, but because the Midheaven is the opposite point, your Midheaven in Aries means that you push through to shine as an individual in adulthood.

Keep in mind that the Midheaven and IC are always opposite signs, so you can’t have one without the other.

IC In Libra:

With your IC in Libra, you had to play the peacekeeper as a child. By necessity, your home was conflict-free.

Your parents probably taught you that you needed to save everyone, to make everyone else feel happy. You didn’t get to have any personal boundaries because it was your job to keep the peace between your other family members.

You were taught that you had to think of others instead of yourself. In fact, IC in Libra is all about the sacrifice of the self.

The feelings of other people, whether this was your siblings, parents, friends, teachers, or someone else, were more important than you own thoughts, values, and emotions. With IC in Libra, you weren’t often able to acknowledge how you truly felt.

As a child with your IC in Libra, you tended to follow others rather than lead. Your parents taught you to go along with the group, even if you thought differently.

You may have been punished or disapproved of if you expressed your own feelings, so you learned to keep them suppressed deep down. You probably didn’t even know what you actually felt or thought as time went on.

As a child with IC in Libra, you didn’t feel special or noticed. You had to blend in with the group. Superficiality was rampant in your family and things needed to appear happy and peaceful, even the appearance was a lie. You learned to suppress your own feelings in order to keep the image.

IC in Libra tends to be focused mainly on image. It manifests differently in every family, but the common thread is usually that you had to make things look a certain way. This conflicted with your own inner values and left you with a broken sense of self.

Because you were always doing what others wanted or trying to be someone who you thought you should be, you never developed a core sense of self or your own values in the world.

As an adult, you try to break away from your IC in Libra by focusing on what you want, not on what things look like.

Midheaven In Aries:

With your Midheaven in Aries, you strive to be independent. You need to get away from the job of peacekeeper that you were forced into as a child, so you try do what’s good for you.

Your Midheaven becomes especially apparent as you grow and leave home. You’ll start to see these qualities in yourself when you enter the career world, though you may revert back to your IC in Libra when you’re in a childhood setting.

In your career and in your outer life, you like to be the boss and follow your own instincts. With your Midheaven in Aries, you may come across as aggressive, but you’re also ambitious and hardworking. You will stop at nothing to achieve your goals.

Typically, people with Midheaven in Aries enjoy careers where they have a good degree of independence. These folks are born leaders!

With your Midheaven in Aries, you probably jump right into the action. You’re not afraid of chaos. In fact, you’d rather have things messy and real then orderly and fake.

You need hands-on positions because you don’t like to strategize for too long. Taking time to plan reminds you of your childhood and of the roles that you were forced into.

Thinking too much about how your actions will “look” makes you feel stunted because of your IC in Libra experiences. You aren’t afraid of failure and you will certainly try again until you succeed. You tend to rush in head-first in an effort to be your most authentic self.

However, you can also be publicly competitive and combative. You never want others to see you as the peacemaker, but you can go quite far to contradict this image. You may have a “me-first” attitude because playing nice triggers you.

While it’s understandable that you want to push away from your people-pleasing roots, you might get too aggressive in your career or public life and hurt other people who don’t understand your motives.

In your career, Midheaven in Aries can make you seem like you were born to lead. It gives you a sense of purpose that others envy.

You’re always trying to push through and show your real self. Every decision that you make comes from a need to be authentic. However, you may find that you react too harshly sometimes in an effort to break away from those Libran tendencies. Ultimately, it’s important that you do slow down to figure out who you really are and what values you have.

You need to heal your inner child and reconcile your trust issues surrounding peace. As an adult, you’re afraid of sitting still and of not fighting for yourself. What you may not realize is that peace wasn’t the problem in your childhood; the issue was inauthenticity. 

In fact, you can learn to be quite peaceful in your career and public life with your Midheaven in Aries. This takes practice, because Aries generally wants to rush in, but the goal here is really to develop a sense of self, not to wage war.

When you’re able to go back to your roots and deal with the trauma surrounding your IC in Libra, you will be able to transmute your Midheaven and use the best qualities of both Aries and Libra.

Learn that it’s okay to treat others well, as long as it feels right to you. A true sense of self doesn’t mean serving only the self. Instead, it means finding a way to be empathetic and kind while always remaining steady in your values, beliefs, and convictions.

Celebrities With Midheaven In Aries:

I find it really helpful to look at the charts of famous individuals, especially when I’m researching a public point like the Midheaven. In any chart, the Midheaven is the outer persona, the you that the public sees. This means that it’s easy to look at celebrities and figure out how they express the qualities of Midheaven in Aries.

Here are some of the most popular celebrities with Midheaven in Aries:

  • Kanye West
  • Bill Gates
  • Elon Musk
  • Meryl Streep
  • Meghan Markle
  • Tyra Banks
  • Charles, Prince Of Wales
  • John Travolta
  • Stephen King
  • Sting
  • Joan Of Arc
  • Jack Black