Midheaven In Pisces, IC In Virgo

midheaven in pisces, ic in virgo

The Midheaven (MC) and the Imum coeli (IC) are two opposite points in astrology that are calculated based on your place and time of birth. The IC shows the qualities that you learned in childhood and the environment that you wanted to escape.

In order to get away from the values of the IC, you push towards the Midheaven. In fact, the Midheaven is how people tend to perceive you in the outer world, but more specifically in your career. Although you may embrace the qualities of your Midheaven, the IC always exists underneath.

The IC in Virgo placement is all about feeling judged or wrong as a child. When you become an adult, you try to expand and escape the box that you feel you’re in through your Midheaven in Pisces.

Keep in mind that the Midheaven and IC are always opposite signs, so you can’t have one without the other.

IC In Virgo:

With your IC in Virgo, your parents were tough to please. Although you were the golden child in some way and had your parents’ full attention, you also felt constant the pressure because all eyes were on you.

Being the golden child wasn’t as great as others may have thought. You never caught a break and always knew that you were being watched with high hopes.

In some manner, you were the smart or gifted kid in your family with your IC in Virgo. You may have also felt like the adult of your childhood friends; you never quite fit in.

As a child with your IC in Virgo, you were a perfectionist in certain areas. You were probably very hard on yourself because you had to take on large amounts of responsibility, so you always pushed yourself to do better in your hobbies, in school, at home, or in other areas.

Often, people with IC in Virgo grew up surrounded by adults. Although these folks are typically creative, they also felt the heaviness of being around adults and judged themselves compared to the grown-ups around them, which wasn’t an accurate reference.

With your IC in Virgo, you were scared by chaos. Order was the only way that anything made sense. You were always trying to sort and categorize things when your life felt out of control.

You truly believed that if you were able to organize and sort things, you could be someone worthy of love and transcend the judgments.

You probably had strict rules or standards that you had to adhere to. Even if your parents didn’t actually say what they expected from you, the weight of these expectations was enough to make you take on responsibility. 

If you ever failed to live up to your standards, then you felt that you had disappointed the whole world.

Because you always felt as though you were under a microscope, you looked for an escape. With IC in Virgo, this escape can come in the form of books, fantasies, music, activities, or even by playing games with yourself.

You may have been very creative and you used this creativity to get away from the heaviness of your life.

The reason that you tried to escape is because you needed to get away from the pressure of your IC in Virgo. For example, many girls with this placement want to live in a fairytale because it’s hard to cope with reality.

Your IC in Virgo childhood also generated a sense of shame or guilt. You had super high expectations for yourself and always felt that you weren’t good enough. There may be a vague sense that something is wrong with you deep down, that you can’t measure up, but you try to avoid these feelings at all costs.

To compensate, you attempted to be perfect. Ultimately, you felt that you were always hiding this “bad” self and attempting to only show others your best qualities, yet the “real” you always existed within.

You tried to fix everything and everyone, including yourself. If something went wrong, it was your responsibility to make it right, but your biggest project was creating a self that you could be proud of, someone who wouldn’t be judged.

Midheaven In Pisces:

As you grow into your Midheaven in Pisces, you start to feel that chaos is beautiful. Order still has a place, but it doesn’t give you a true sense of satisfaction.

You tried to fix yourself, to change yourself into someone you could approve of, but you never escaped the sense of shame that you were missing qualities or weren’t worthy of others’ affection. You find that order doesn’t actually change the problem.

With your Midheaven in Pisces, you start to understand that perfect order is impossible. There is beauty in the mess. You learn that things don’t always work out perfectly and that there’s bigger and better things out there than just being liked or judged.

However, you may come off as a bit depressed or erratic with your Midheaven in Pisces. You may also be ultra-messy, unorganized, or super-sensitive. These can seem like different qualities to others, but this way is actually better for you because of the judgment you experienced in childhood.

You’re a bit of a disappearing act. When you have Midheaven in Pisces, you’re erratic in your work. You might be super consistent for a month, then disappear for a bit. You work super hard when you’re excited about something, but as soon as that excitement fades, you’re onto the next thing.

It’s important that your work is meaningful to you. At all times, you need to feel that you’re contributing something creative and different to the world. You can be spiritual or gifted, but you’re also creative, dreamy, and a bit evasive.

However, it’s hard for others to pin down exactly who you are. With Midheaven in Pisces, you may come across as vague or aloof.

People with Midheaven in Pisces can feel lost. Sometimes, there is a lack of a sense of direction. It seems better to get lost in the massive chaos of the world than it does to be judged in your childhood, but you can then struggle because you don’t know where you end and others begin.

When this happens, you need to revert back to your IC in Virgo, clear your head, and use discernment to figure out how you feel. Ultimately, you should use your IC to dig deeper into your Pisces-like feelings to create a holistic picture of yourself.

More than any other placement, it is very important that you use both your IC in Virgo and Midheaven in Pisces. The Virgo/Pisces duality often requires elements of both signs.

It’s essential that you learn how to condense the energy of the world into a message that others can understand. Any work that you do will be very important and impactful. However, you need to integrate the messages you learned in childhood with who you are now in order to tap into this expansive energy and make it happen.

Healing your IC in Virgo is difficult, but it can be done by using your Midheaven in Pisces, by connecting to the energy of the Universe and learning that love is all around you.