Moon-Pluto Aspects In Synastry

moon-pluto aspects in synastry

Pluto-Moon aspects in synastry indicate emotion transformation. Sometimes, there is an element of control that is confused with love.

These aspects create codependent, obsessive relationships. The Moon person may especially be dependent on the Pluto person, who tends to have more control in the relationship.

Sometimes, the Pluto person may feel that they lose themselves in taking care of the Moon individual.

Pluto Conjunct Moon Synastry

In synastry, the Pluto conjunct Moon aspect makes you both feel extremely drawn towards each other. The energy between you is strong as soon as you meet.

This Pluto conjunct Moon synastry relationship can feel fated or meant to be. It can be a life changing partnership, but it’s also a difficult relationship to break away from.

Over time, one or both of you may get manipulative or play power games. This is because you’re so emotionally connected that your feelings can be hard to handle. 

With the Pluto conjunct Moon synastry aspect, it’s important that you learn how to handle your feelings and inject a bit of logic into your relationship. 

This partnership can involve a lot of jealousy, control, manipulation, arguments, and passive-aggressive behaviors. The Pluto person can be especially obsessive and controlling towards the Moon person, while the Moon person might try to manipulate the Pluto person behind the scenes.

Don’t let your negative emotions take over your relationship. With the Pluto conjunct Moon aspect, it’s important that you learn to pull back and deal with your conflicts in a rational, calm way.

This relationship can be overly emotional, yet it can also be very intense and meaningful. Ultimately with the Pluto conjunct Moon aspect, you can learn to penetrate each other’s boundaries in a meaningful, logical way without being controlling or petty.

This relationship is ideally emotionally transformative. This aspect does dictate a karmic connection with a lot of potential for growth and change.

Pluto Trine Moon Synastry

The Pluto trine Moon synastry aspect creates a powerful bond that can feel karmic, whether or not this is actually true. It makes both people feel that they must stay in the relationship for some reason.

The Pluto person tends to be in control, but the Moon person is more emotionally attached. Because they are dependent on the Pluto individual, they will go along with things that may not be right for them.

However, the Pluto trine Moon synastry aspect means that both people will feel very attached to each other on some level. 

There is an ease of communication among both people. You may intuit how each other is feeling or speak without words.

The Moon person can become almost addicted to the emotion ups and downs in the relationship. They may feel afraid of losing the relationship, so they will go along with the Pluto person’s wishes.

Ultimately with the Pluto trine Moon synastry aspect, the Moon person can end up feeling controlled by the Pluto person. However, there is an authentic bond here, so it’s a bit confusing.

The Pluto person can almost see into the soul of the Moon person. This is very hard for the Moon person to break away from.

Both people might experience power struggles and employ manipulation. They’re afraid of losing the emotional intensity that the relationship provides and feel bound in some way.

If the Moon person starts to lose interest, the Pluto person will feel afraid and may become manipulative or controlling. They might play games to keep the Moon person interested. 

Even though this Pluto trine Moon synastry aspect should be easier because it’s a trine, I find that this aspect actually creates a lot of strife. 

The natural part of the relationship is the emotional intensity, but this can easily turn obsessive. The couple needs to work hard on their emotional communication in order to create a sense of emotional intensity that’s both healthy and fulfilling.

Pluto Sextile Moon Synastry

With the Pluto sextile Moon synastry aspect, there is a really intense connection. You may feel as though you were destined to be together.

This aspect doesn’t necessarily indicate a karmic connection, but it will certainly feel that way! The relationship seems fated, but it’s purpose is actually to transform both individuals.

Sextiles create opportunity. The Pluto sextile Moon synastry aspect means that you have the opportunity to learn about emotional power and control in a relationship and to heal your own emotional wounds.

One or both people might manipulate or play games in this relationship. It’s passionate and intense, but can also be controlling or shadowy. 

With the Pluto sextile Moon synastry aspect, the couple may express their passions through sex and intimacy, but there is also a jealous or manipulate aspect that bleeds into the relationship.

In this relationship, you can either work through your emotion issues or seize the opportunity to gain power over the other person. Ultimately, it is up to you and your partner.

Pluto Opposition Moon Synastry

With the Pluto opposition Moon synastry aspect, you might experience up and down emotions as a couple.

The Moon person can appear especially erratic; their emotions may fluctuate daily. However, the Pluto individual is more controlling, jealous, or possessive, and they know how to make the Moon person feel especially emotional.

This couple can easily get stuck in the Pluto opposition Moon synastry relationship. Their emotions run wild, but they don’t know how to separate.

The Pluto person may feel that they need to provide for the Moon person in some way. The Moon individual quickly begins depending on the Pluto person, but this can create a lot of pressure.

The Pluto individual may play games with the Moon person to try and control them, yet they simultaneously feel trapped. They are typically afraid that the Moon person will abandon them if they don’t a) provide emotional support and b) keep the Moon person under control.

Typically, this Pluto conjunct Moon synastry aspect is all about how the Pluto person tries to gain power while the Moon person gives away their power and expects their partner to care for them. Both have emotional issues that they should try to work through together.

Pluto Square Moon Synastry

With the Pluto square Moon synastry aspect, your relationship will be fated but it will also involve some power struggles. 

You both bring emotional issues with you from childhood or past relationships that influence your partner. Because your feelings are so intense, you can react in ways that hurt the other person.

The Pluto square Moon synastry aspect indicates that you both need to learn to curb your reactions. You tend to act without thinking and lash out as a defense mechanism. Over time, this will damage your relationship, your partner, and yourself.

In the early parts of the relationship, the Pluto person may try to control the Moon person out of jealousy or possessiveness. However, over time the Moon person will probably learn how to emotionally control the Pluto person.

Couples with the Pluto square Moon synastry aspect sometimes need to seek therapy or counseling to resolve their emotion issues and deep fears. Otherwise, it may be helpful to look into books, podcasts, or individual therapy.

Most of your reactions stem from a fear of loss. To truly heal your emotional self and your relationship, you will need to get to the root of your fears.

Ultimately, this Pluto square Moon synastry aspect can be extremely transformative and life changing if both people are willing to do the work.

The square means that these issues will constantly be in your face, so you aren’t able to ignore these issues until they’re truly resolved.