North Node In Taurus, South Node in Scorpio: Natal & 2022 Transit

north node in taurus, south node in scorpio

On January 18th 2022, the North Node entered Taurus while the South Node entered Scorpio. The nodes in transit (or in the mundane chart) indicate a significant shift globally and on a personal level.

The world’s North Node indicates what will increase in society. This isn’t necessarily good or bad, but simply shows what values we’re shifting towards.

Meanwhile, the sign of the South Node shows where humanity experiences a collective decrease. You’ll notice that we start to shift away from the values of the south node and that these sorts of values become less popular globally.

Other periods when the North Node was in Taurus and the South Node was in Scorpio:

  • April 2003 – December 2004
  • September 1984 – April 1986
  • February 1966 – August 1967
  • August 1947 – January 1949

If you’re at least 18 years old, you have experienced this transit at least once. Many of these past experiences may repeat, though there will be some differences on a global level.

North Node In Taurus (South Node In Scorpio) Natal:

With your natal South Node in Scorpio, you have a lot of deep-seated hurt and trauma, either from your childhood or your past life. When you experienced pain as a child, you learned that your deep emotional nature helped you feel in control. You held onto hurts as a way to cope with what was happening.

Now, you probably react defensively towards others and might push others away in order to hold onto this hurt. You might not even be conscious of your reactions.

With South Node in Scorpio, you have a lot of deep-seated fear that you’ve pushed down into your unconscious mind. This makes it difficult to heal. You don’t even know why you snap; this is just your normal reaction. However, these reactions really happen because you’re afraid of the trauma and pain you experienced that created your South Node.

When your South Node in Scorpio gets triggered, you tend to “sting” like a Scorpion. You might find it hard to control your emotional nature once it emerges.

To heal your South Node in Scorpio, you must first embrace your North Node in Taurus. It is through this grounding, stabilizing energy that you can begin to access the pain that sits in your unconscious mind. One cannot exist without the other.

Taurus will teach you to understand and control your emotions instead of shoving them down. When you push your emotions away, they’re likely to bubble up at inopportune times. Taurus prefers to deal with the emotions head-on before they get out of control.

It’s also important that you use your North Node in Taurus to understand the cycle of money and material things. Unlike Scorpio, Taurus does not need to hold onto things with an iron fist. Taurus understands that money and possessions flow through the energy all around us. Through Taurus, you can learn to harness this energy and create a life of true abundance without needing to cling tightly to anything.

You might now try to collaborate with others or find ways to work with people in order to gain shared resources. However, your North Node in Taurus will push you to make your own way in the world. Scorpio keeps you afraid and hurts your confidence, making you think that you can’t learn the necessary skills to go it alone; it keeps you in the dark. But Taurus will empower you and show you that you can learn anything through simply trying.

Taurus is a very practical sign while Scorpio gets stuck in emotions. If you feel your Scorpionic side tell you that you need someone else to succeed or that you don’t have what it takes, push towards Taurus. Remember that you can do anything as long as you’re willing to put the time and effort in. No one is a natural when they first begin.

Be careful that you don’t try to amass wealth or power through using other people. You see this as a way to “survive” and may not be able to notice when you’re hurting others. In fact, when you try to do this, you’ll hit road block after road block. The only way forward is to put the effort in and learn the skills you need yourself instead of using others. Your survival skills are no longer necessary as they once were. Bless these coping mechanisms and release them.

In this lifetime, you need to focus on slow, consistent growth within yourself. The turtle really does win the race here!

North Node in Taurus is all about looking inward. With South Node in Scorpio, you held onto hurts and used them against people. You may have even manipulated others unconsciously or were unable to let painful events go. Ultimately, this was a way to avoid the painful feelings inside of yourself. Now, North Node in Taurus pushes you to focus on your own feelings and reactions, to change your life from the inside.

It’s time to take responsibility for your actions and grow into the adult that Taurus will allow you to be. You have all the power you need to feel and control your emotions and manifest the life you want. With your South Node in Scorpio, you’re used to relying on others to manage your emotions and your material needs. Now, it’s time to do this work yourself. This will help you develop a deeper sense of self and push you to realize that you can be successful all on your own. You may believe that you don’t have what it takes, but North Node in Taurus is here to tell you that you do.

Try to make every emotion, decision, and action conscious with North Node in Taurus. At first, you’ll find that you live your live on an unconscious level because you don’t want to look at what’s inside of you. It may be scary or painful to face your deepest, darkest feelings, but it’s also necessary. Find a consistent routine to deal with your inner child and stick to it.

This is how you will manifest real stability in your life. The power is inside of you to do this: no one else can create the life you want for you. Eventually, you will learn that there is no “winning” or “losing” in life. These are false beliefs that you took on for coping mechanisms but they no longer serve you. Instead, aim for a sense of peace and balance. You will especially need balance in the house where your North Node in Taurus sits, while many of your struggles will appear in the house where your South Node in Scorpio sits.

North Node In Taurus (South Node In Scorpio) Transit:

During the last few years, the North Node has been in Gemini and the South Node is in Sagittarius. This period focused intensely on communication, travel, and legal matters. It’s clear that the collective has integrated these subjects into daily life over the past few years!

Now, we are shifting into a new axis as the North Node shifts into Taurus and the South Node into Scorpio.

The Taurus/Scorpio axis is much more material. It represents our material goods, resources, currency, and everything that we value on a tangible level. This axis is also stabilizing (as a fixed axis while the Gemini/Sagittarius axis is mutable) and focuses more on daily life instead of the big “world” issues.

In some ways, North Node in Taurus will give us a sense of predictability. As you find yourself moving through this axis, you’ll notice that you start to work on cultivating an abundant life day by day. You’ll move towards the things that give you peace and away from any deep emotional pain or hurt.

Taurus moves towards what it enjoys. You’ll start to discover the small things in life that make you happy and will do them more often. You’ll also develop a greater sense of attunement to your physical body. For this reason, North Node in Taurus often indicates a return to “whole” foods from the earth and to a more natural way of living.

When the North Node is in Taurus, everything becomes more “simple.” Unlike the chaos of Gemini/Sagittarius, Taurus will push you towards the basics. It will cut through all the high-level information to show you what you need in life. Taurus is practical and does not enjoy flourishes.

You may find that North Node in Taurus pushes you “away” from the world, or at least from the constant communication that comes with today’s technology. You might want to reconnect with the earth, to spend more time in nature, to focus on cooking, or to better connect with your body. 

However, you may also want to cultivate a sense of stability with North Node in Taurus. You’ll find that you want your life to be your own and will make moves towards getting out of debt. Taurus doesn’t want to owe anyone!

The North Node in Taurus asks you to look who at who you are in a material, physical way. It brings you back down to earth and grounds you, showing you how to function on your own without needing anyone else. Collectively, the North Node in Taurus often pushes us to become more self-reliant.

In the past, you may have struggled to enjoy the “little things” in life because of your trauma, hurt, or pain (South Node in Scorpio). Now is the time to deal with and release this trauma. Taurus here teaches you that sitting in your trauma only causes more pain. Instead, cultivate the life you want. This transit will push you to make things happen for yourself instead of relying on other people. No one can change your life but you.

Luckily, the energy of the South Node in Scorpio transit enables you to do this. It allows you to release anything that’s haunting you, the sense of victimization, and grief that hides deep within your psyche. During this transit, you’ll find yourself releasing any deep, dark emotions that you’ve been holding onto.

If you choose to do the work, you’ll find that the North Node in Taurus teaches you how to let life flow. The evolved Taurus understands the energy of money, material things, and the body, and does not need anyone else to “get” or own these things. Instead, they simply flow in and out of one’s life at an equal and abundant rate.

North Node In Taurus (South Node In Scorpio) 2022 Predictions:

Not only do the North/South Nodes indicate personal growth through transits, but they can also show you how the world will grow and change on a collective level.

As you can imagine, the North Node in Taurus transit will push people towards a different material way of living. During this next transit, I see a push towards “natural” life, self-reliance, and off-grid living. Taurus is all about fulfilling one’s desires through the self rather than the collective, so it makes sense to me that this transit will mean movement towards self-reliance in general.

I also think that the North Node Taurus in transit indicates a movement towards the “simple” life. People will collectively move away from social media and virtual atmospheres. They will want to reconnect with nature and go back to the more “peasant-like” activities that are so natural to our bodies. 

With the South Node in Scorpio transit, there will be a decrease the collective anger and hurt. We will see less aired resentments from public figures and from society as people become more autonomous, at least during this transit.

However, I definitely see financial issues reaching some sort of climax. Not only are there many other indicators for financial issues in this next year, but Taurus and Scorpio both revolve around the idea of material resources, banking, and debt. There will be a release of debt (Scorpio) and a push towards autonomy (Taurus) though this release might be painful in nature. I would expect to see the end of certain types of debt that we’ve come to believe are normal.

There will also be a large focus on natural resources. Based on the rest of the year’s chart, it seems to me that a lack of natural resources (provided by the government or other large organizations via Scorpio) will push people to become more self-reliant (Taurus) and take matters into their own hands.

Restructuring will be a big theme during this upcoming North Node in Taurus transit. Not only will the collective values change, but there may also be a push towards restructuring governments and the financial system. We may also experience changes in regulations regarding the environment. Expect the big systems to shift with these fixed nodal signs.

In this next transit, the focus will be on money and material goods (including natural resources) instead of on trauma and social structure. Not only will this be the highlight politically (and probably what drives these next few elections), but people will find that they start thinking about these things more on a personal level. 

While some people on a personal level will still be working with personal trauma and social structure, the North Node in Taurus transit simply indicates that you’ll see less of this collectively. This is already evident in the news right now as the focus is on tangible assets and less on scandals, hidden truths, and social structure.

The North Node in Taurus transit does indicate stabilization after a period of restructuring. Things will have a clear “end” when the process of restructuring is finished and we’ll all know where we stand. However, there will definitely be some upheavals along the way, especially when the North Node in Taurus conjuncts Uranus. I would definitely expect to see some massive changes regarding currency, debt, and natural resources. If at all possible, push towards self-reliance now since that is where the world is heading with these nodes.