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page of wands

Court cards are some of the most difficult cards to read in the Tarot deck. While the Major Arcana cards are relatively easy to apply to any situation, it’s pretty hard to separate court cards from their personality. This issue with the Page of Wands is no different.

Today, I’ll be going over every single aspect of the Page of Wands. Hopefully, you will find a description in this post that accurately applies to your reading!

As a whole, Pages represent clumsy, inexperienced, young people. However, they also represent new energy that hasn’t fully solidified.

If you pull a Page card, it usually means that you just thought of or started something new but aren’t actually experienced enough to go all the way with it.

Page Of Wands:

There are so many different ways to read the Page of Wands. To help you be more specific, I’ll go over the card and symbolism as well as the general meaning, then I’ll give interpretations of the Page of Wands in specific situations.

If you want to read about the Page of Wands in love, career, finances, as advice, as a person, as a yes/no answer, or reversed, feel free to scroll down to the appropriate section.

Visual Elements:

The visual elements listed here all describe the Rider-Waite Page of Wands, so you may need to adapt these descriptions based on the deck you’re using. The visuals and symbolism will be different with every deck which makes your reading totally unique.

In the Rider-Waite deck, the Page of Wands card shows a young man holding a long staff. Green leaves are sprouting from the top of staff as he watches. Things are just beginning to happen in this card.

The Page is wearing yellow clothing with orange pants. The background landscape is barren with three mountains, yet green leaves are growing from his staff. This suggests that the Page finds growth in the most unlikely of places.

page of wands

The Page of Wands card is all about new beginnings. As you can see from the imagery on this card, the life of this vine is just barely beginning!

This card is associated with the element of fire. It’s also associated with the astrological sign of Sagittarius and the planet of Jupiter.

Some readers believe that the Page of Wands represents spring because of new life, but keep in mind that Sagittarius season is the beginning of winter, so this is up for debate.

Page Of Wands Keywords:

Here are some of the most common keywords for the Page of Wands.


  • Direct
  • Energetic
  • Outgoing
  • Child-Like
  • Cheerful
  • Good News
  • Discovery
  • Creative Confidence
  • Inspiration
  • Fearlessness
  • New Beginnings
  • Vigor
  • Enthusiastic
  • Ideas
  • Free Spirit


  • Bad News
  • Lack Of Seriousness
  • Brand New Ideas
  • Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • Redirecting Energy
  • Mixed Messages
  • Hearing Or Telling Lies
  • Fearfulness 
  • Indecision
  • Inconsistency
  • Immaturity

Page Of Wands General Meaning:

The Page of Wands in general is associated with new opportunities. It refers to the querent beginning a new path or feeling a new spark of interest in something/someone.

However, it can also mean that while you have the spark, you must figure out a way to actually get what you want. Excitement alone won’t get you there; you need an actionable plan.

The Page is a youthful figure with lots of enthusiasm for what’s going on around him. He is passionate but doesn’t have much experience in the real world yet. A fire has just started to burn within him.

The Page of Wands loves exploration. He wants to travel, learn, and find new opportunities to take advantage of. However, even though he wants these things, he might struggle to actually put his ideas into action. The Page could easily waste away thinking of new idea after idea.

If you pull this card, it almost always means that there is potential in your life. In fact, you may have many roads open to you.

Ultimately, the Page of Wands is telling you to go after your dreams, but follow an actionable plan to make it happen. You need to gain life experience, but you can only do this by actually trying new things. Have courage to begin walking down a new path.

The Page of Wands is a card of passion. It means that you should follow the path that excites you. Go with what feels right instead of what others are saying. All of the motivation you need will come from within!

Page Of Wands In Love:

The Page of Wands is generally a good card in a love reading. It represents newly ignited passion and excitement.

If you’re single, the Page of Wands indicates that you need to put yourself out there. You won’t find a partner by just going about your normal life. It’s time to take action; your destiny is in your own hands.

Go to different places, strike up conversations with people you wouldn’t normally talk to, or get on a dating app. You will find a partner if you’re willing to put the work in! It’ll just take a bit of effort.

The Page of Wands is a positive card when you’re asking about potential future romances; a relationship is in your future.

However, the Page of Wands can also indicate that a whirlwind romance is in your future. Be careful that you see the true nature of this person and keep your feet on the ground. It’s easy for you to feel overly optimistic, but it takes time to see someone’s true colors.

The Page is typically naive, so this can be a warning that you see potential partners through rose colored glasses. At its worst, the Page of Wands can indicate a covert narcissist who will sweep you off your feet with grand promises, only to control or manipulate you.

If you’re in a relationship, the Page of Wands can mean that it’s time to try something new. Find a hobby for you and your partner to participate in or travel and experience new cultures together.

Sometimes, the Page of Wands can indicate that you need to reignite the passion in the relationship. Think of “Sagittarius” ways to do this. Travel is always a good place to start, but you can also learn new things together or have deeper, philosophical conversations to learn more about each other.

This can be a signal that you have been too stuck in routines. It’s time to get out there and try something else as a couple. This might even refer to trying new things in the bedroom; the Page of Wands is all about passion and fire.

Alternatively, the Page can represent a relationship that is fun and outgoing without much depth. Your partner (or you) may be too childish or immature. They might desire too much freedom to truly be in a committed relationship.

In this case, the Page of Wands is a signal that you need to dig deep and listen to what your gut is telling you or actively make a change in some way.

If you’re using the Page of Wands to represent a person who you’re in a relationship with, or even someone you’d like to be with, the Page of Wands shows someone with an adventurous nature. This individual falls in love quickly but falls out of love just as swiftly.

Sometimes, the Page of Wands can indicate a fleeting romance. This may be a signal that it will be difficult to develop a long-term relationship with this person, so you shouldn’t get too emotionally invested in case they decide to move on.

On a deeper level, the Page of Wands indicates that you’re just beginning a spiritual transformation. This will cause changes in your relationship or love life, too. It may be time to learn how to communicate in a different way and change the things that aren’t working for you.

Page Of Wands As Feelings:

As feelings, the Page of Wands says that you are braver than usual. You’re in touch with your life purpose. If you feel it in your gut, then it’s the right thing. Your intuition is leading you down the correct path!

If you’re asking how someone else feels about you, the Page of Wands indicates that they’re excited and energized by your presence. However, they might be a bit behind you, feel immature, or even kind of lame compared to you.

Anyone who gets the Page of Wands is experiencing a whole array of new feelings. It’s like the shield has been lifted and they can finally see. They may be a bit overwhelmed, but these are generally positive feelings. It just takes time to settle in.

Sometimes, the Page of Wands can indicate subconscious excitement but also a lack of confidence. Remember that it’s totally normal to be nervous when you’re starting something new!

Page Of Wands Career:

The Page of Wands indicates new beginnings when it comes to career. This is a good time to start a new position or project, or to take risks in your career.

You might have new ideas or an opportunity to take an entirely new direction in your work life. The Page of Wands is a signal that you’re making the right choices!

If you haven’t acted on your new ideas or jumped in headfirst, the Page of Wands is signaling that it’s time to make an actionable change. Follow your gut when you get this card.

However, don’t move too quickly. The Page of Wands means that you should take action, but you aren’t super experienced in this new field yet, so proceed with caution. Make sure that the things you’re doing make logical sense.

The Page of Wands can also represent freedom. If you’ve been feeling like you need more flexibility in your career and have an idea of how to make this happen, then this card is telling you to go for it. In fact, this is an ideal card if you’re considering starting a new business.

If you’re already established in your career, then the Page of Wands suggests that you’re optimistic and excitable. You’re the first one to dive in and try new ideas; you don’t have much fear.

However, you might need to focus on the specifics to make your ideas reality. You probably have a lot of inspiration, but you might not follow through before you get your next idea. It’s time to get grounded and figure out how to make your dreams come true in reality.

Generally, the Page of Wands in career is a great sign! Your career will continue to flourish in any field as long as you keep up the enthusiasm and energy. Decisiveness and action are necessary to succeed.

Page Of Wands Money:

The Page of Wands is generally a very good sign when it comes to money. It indicates that you might get unexpected income in the near future.

This could be a gift, inheritance, a bonus at work, money from the government, etc. However, the Page of Wands also mean that you might blow through this money too quickly.

It’s important that when you get the extra cash, you budget for the future. Try to be realistic instead of overly-optimistic.

The Page of Wands has a tendency to be short-sighted, so when it comes to money, the Page can mean that you’re doing well now but aren’t thinking about the future. You may learn some hard lessons if you don’t start being a bit more practical with money.

However, the Page of Wands is generally a good card if you’re just starting to make more money. It means you’re at the very beginning! You will need to learn wisdom when it comes to handling money, but you can generally expect your finances to grow.

Page Of Wands Health:

The Page of Wands for health means that it’s time to get moving. In fact, a burst of natural energy is just what you need.

Often, the Page of Wands indicates that you must take action in some way. It’s a card of fire, after all! 

Sometimes, this can mean exercise. Get your blood moving and you will reap the benefits.

However if you’re having health problems, the Page of Wands can also mean that you need to actively seek out a solution. Don’t wait for doctors to diagnose you; get on the internet and do your own research. Seek out different medical professionals who may be able to help you. 

You are turning a corner when it comes to health as long as you’re willing to do the work and put the energy in! The Page of Wands indicates that you can change your circumstances as long as you try.

It’s time to be proactive about your health with this card. If you’re currently in good health, the Page of Wands in a health placement means that you should actively take steps to prevent diseases.

Page Of Wands As Spirituality:

When it comes to spirituality, the Page of Wands indicates that you’re beginning a new journey, whether or not you realize it.

However, this doesn’t always mean that you’re changing your beliefs. Instead, it may indicate that you have discovered something new about your spirituality.

For example, if you’re Pagan and pulled the Page of Wands, it could indicate that it’s time to work with a new deity or learn a new skill.

The Page of Wands means that you should stay curious and open. Signs will appear to you that indicate what your next path should be, and they won’t be subtle. You will certainly know what this card means in the near future if you don’t already!

When you discover what you next want to learn on your spiritual journey, the Page of Wands counsels you to take action. It will be new and you may feel out of your depth, but you need to keep the spark going and learn all that you can.

Don’t be a passive recipient, but instead be an active participant in your spiritual journey.

Page Of Wands As A Person:

If you’re looking at the Page of Wands as a person, then it’s probably representing either a young person or someone who acts youthful.

The Page is typically feminine energy, but I find in my readings that it can also represent someone with boyish energy; someone not quite a man yet. Don’t focus too much on the gender of this card because I find that it’s fluid depending on the situation.

This person who the Page of Wands represents is passionate and excitable. They’re not afraid to take risks. In fact, they might even be thrill seekers.

Because the Page of Wands represents Sagittarius, this person might love traveling to new locations or learning new things. It’s all about the new experiences!

This individual might be bubbly and friendly. They enjoy meeting different people from various cultures.

However, they might have a lot of ideas but lack followthrough. This is the individual who loves new opportunities, but might always want something new instead of seeing through old ideas through.

Like a child, the Page of Wands is excited by all they discover in the world. They want to learn and experience, but they forget about what they’re leaving behind them. They’re probably a bit distractible.

Typically (though not always) the Page of Wands represents someone sociable. However they’re ultimately self-centered, not necessarily out of ego but because they have a childlike mind.

The Page of Wands is extremely positive, almost to their own detriment, so they might get in a bit of trouble. They always bounce back in the end, though!

This person forgives the shortcomings of others and sees the best in everyone. Again, this might be to their own detriment, but they’re a great person to have on your side.

Page Of Wands Yes Or No:

If you’re pulling the Page of Wands for a Yes or No answer, you can be assured that it’s a definite yes, at least when the card is upright.

The Page of Wands indicates new beginnings in a fiery, actionable way. In fact, it really couldn’t be more of a yes!

Reversed, the Page of Wands usually means not yet. It’s not a definite no, but it does mean that you either need more information or that you/the situation must mature first.

Page Of Wands Advice:

Although you will want to read your specific section when you’re looking for advice on a situation, the Page of Wands generally means that it’s time to take action. Whatever you’re considering, go do it!

However, the Page also means that you should figure out a rational way to achieve what you desire. Stay grounded by follow your intuition and go with your ideas. The sky is the limit as long as you focus.

Embody the strengths you see in the people who inspire you. The Page of Wands as advice says you can achieve whatever you want as long as you find a viable path!

Symbolism In The Page Of Wands:

In every Tarot card, there is a whole myriad of symbols. In some readings, the symbolism will be extremely important, so I’m including the main symbols on the Page of Wands here.

Keep in mind that symbolism will vary based on the deck you’re using. I recommend looking closely at the pictures on your cards if you’re not using the Rider-Waite deck. The symbolism of the card you actually pulled is much more important than the general meaning! This is one of the reasons why I love using varied decks.


Salamanders are actually the elementals of fire. They’re really important, powerful creatures! In this context, I feel that the salamanders on the Page’s robe represent transformation. Typically, transformation through fire is rather quick.

These salamanders can also literally represent elementals wanting to work with you, if that correlates with your reading.

Orange Landscape:

Orange is a generally positive color. It symbolizes non-romantic passion and determination. In this circumstance, I feel like the card is orange because the Page of Wands is so excitable and actionable without being too angry.

However, this orange landscape also refers to a desert. To me, this means that opportunity can be found in the most unlikely of places. The Page is excited and motivated even in the middle of the desert. 

Standing Still:

The fact that the Page is standing still suggests that he hasn’t actually taken action yet. His staff is still firmly planted on the ground. This means that it’s time to put your thoughts into action. Get up and go!

Page Of Wands Reversed:

Reversed, the Page of Wands can mean that you’re simply too immature or too inexperienced to get what you desire. This card says that you need time to grow and learn before diving into anything.

The Page of Wands reversed is typically a sign of caution. It doesn’t mean you should quit altogether, but it tells you to slow down and reevaluate at each step.

In love, the Page of Wands reversed suggests that either your relationship, your partner, or you are too immature, impatient, or naive. You aren’t contributing to the relationship in a mature way.

Alternatively, the Page of Wands reversed can indicate a mean-tempered person or bully. There may be a lack of listening in the relationship.

You might be feeling self-conscious or drained. There have been some rather unexpected events that left you with questions. You may not know what to do or can’t clearly see a next step. In your relationship, you may be feeling a bit lost.

The Page of Wands reversed is a sign to turn inward and tune into your intuition. The answers are all inside you, but it may take time to access them. Separate from others for a period and focus on inner reflection so that you can hear the quiet whisper inside.

Alternatively, the Page of Wands can mean that you jumped in too quickly. Now, you’re feeling like you made the wrong choice by entering into the relationship. 

However, don’t forget your personal power. You always have a choice, even when you’re in a relationship. Take back control of your life and make it happen.

If you’re single, the Page of Wands reversed suggests that you have been pushing too hard for a relationship. It’s time to turn inward and do the work; when you’re ready, a relationship will come to you naturally. There’s no need to chase aggressively after what you want because the Universe already has things set in motion.

In career, the Page of Wands reversed can mean that you feel a lack of direction and inspiration. You’re looking for motivation outside of yourself, but everything you need is found within. It’s likely that there’s something fundamentally wrong with what you’re doing and that your gut feeling stops you from progressing.

The idea may still be in the child phase if you pull the Page of Wands reversed. Don’t give up on it totally, but just give it time to mature.

Alternatively, the Page of Wands reversed can mean that a project is doomed. However, you probably have a natural intuitive feeling about that, too. Again, it’s time to tune in.

Money-wise, the Page of Wands reversed is telling you to slow down. Don’t do anything rash. Instead, tune into your intuition and feel what’s right. Be very careful about making impulsive decisions with your finances.

As a person, the Page of Wands reversed shows someone who is immature, loud, aggressive, a hothead, a slacker, or even a bully or narcissist. It can show a young person heading down the wrong path. Alternatively, it indicates someone who has the right idea but has yet to fully grow up; they simply need more time to mature.

However, the Page of Wands reversed can also indicate someone who is feeling broken. They’re self-conscious, drained, or depressed. They feel that they have no direction in life.

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