Pluto-Ascendant Aspects In The Natal Chart

pluto ascendant aspects in the natal chart

Pluto-Ascendant aspects either show or hide the hidden depths in your soul. With these aspects, you may seem ultra-intense or stagnant.

However, Pluto aspects to the Ascendant also indicate that your outer mask (the Ascendant) will be transformed during this lifetime. You will change how you show yourself; this transformation can be painful but is always for your highest good.

Ultimately, Pluto-Ascendant aspects can be really intense and powerful.

Pluto Conjunct Ascendant

The Pluto conjunct Ascendant aspect creates a very powerful energy. Your magnetism is conscious if your conjunction is in the 1st house, while its unconscious in the 12th house.

Your outer mask has alluring qualities. People are drawn to you because you seem mysterious and powerful all at once.

Sometimes, Pluto conjunct Ascendant makes you almost mesmerizing. People may feel anxious and compelled around you for no clear reason.

You come off as wrong or irritate people, but the same people want to be around you for reasons they can’t explain.

Pluto conjunct Ascendant can make you want to control your image. You probably need a lot of privacy and might appear as though you’re secretive or clandestine.

However, this is usually because you have so many deep and complex thoughts that you can’t show to the world.

You may get intensely “into” a certain style or look for some time, then completely change it. You go through a lot of turbulent phases, but you’re never quite sure who you are. When you do something, you do it all the way.

Others notice this about you. Generally, you’re seen as very intense and even a bit forceful.

Sometimes, people with Pluto conjunct Ascendant are naturally intuitive, so they’re very good at figuring out lies. You may do well in an area of work where instincts are helpful.

You have control over other people with Pluto conjunct Ascendant. You can probably manipulate how others see you, though they can sense that they’re being controlled.

In fact, you may have some qualities of a Scorpio rising with Pluto conjunct Ascendant.

Sometimes, Pluto conjunct Ascendant can mean that you were born during a turbulent or transformational time. There may have even been a traumatic event surrounding your birth.

Alternatively, Pluto conjunct Ascendant has power over your body in some way. You may have felt powerless as a child, or you have a physical ailment or negative physical feature that kept you controlled.

This aspect can give you the physical features of the parental figure who you had the most issues with. Usually, you have some type of physical feature that you truly dislike.

You probably spend a lot of time trying to “fix” the negative things that you hate about yourself. However, you will never be truly satisfied by eradicating a part of yourself. Instead, the path is to accept both your outer and inner selves and integrate them.

Pluto conjunct Ascendant makes you very extreme. The word moderation isn’t in your vocabulary! You may have various obsessions or OCD.

Ultimately, you try to keep absolute control over your life, but this can make you lonely or cause you to alienate people. Pluto conjunct Ascendant is all about learning moderation.

You might feel like you have to learn how to control others, but this is a fallacy. Pluto conjunct Ascendant will eventually teach you that you will be OK even without control.

Pluto Trine Ascendant

With Pluto trine Ascendant, you have a certain charisma that is apparent to others. This attractiveness generally comes from your energy.

There’s something about you that attracts others towards you, even if there’s nothing physically different about your looks. You have a nature allure.

However, you aren’t necessarily intense or mysterious with Pluto trine Ascendant. You simply have an innate charm that manifests in the way of your Ascendant sign.

You’re probably outwardly passionate about the things you care about. You don’t try to hide your intensity, but it doesn’t seem scary or overwhelming to others.

When you’re talking to other people, you’re very direct. You don’t try to hide your point of views. Again, while these qualities may be difficult on someone else, people see you as charming.

You may have something specifically alluring about your eyes. This will manifest in the physical element of your Ascendant sign.

With Pluto trine Ascendant, you tend to have good instincts about other people. You can even get a sense of what they’re thinking or how their mind works.

Sometimes, you may know things that no one tells you, whether or not you admit this to yourself. You’re very sensitive to the intentions of others and have a natural “sixth sense” around other people.

You’re comfortable with your own sexuality or sex appeal. You might project a bit of a controlling vibe sexually, or alternatively you give off the energy that you want to be controlled. However, this doesn’t dominate your personality.

Pluto trine Ascendant means that you’re always transforming your image in small ways. It’s natural for you to switch up your look every so often. Physical or outward change doesn’t scare you at all.

This aspect means that you move quickly in new relationships. You tend to be sexually attracted to other people quite quickly, but you may struggle to balance your regular life with your new partner.

With Pluto trine Ascendant, you may not realize that you have the power to change your situation at any time. This trine can sometimes make you feel as though you’re always being controlled by others or fate itself. However, you need to find your own personal sense of control from within.

Alternatively, if you tend to need control, then you must learn that everything happens for a reason, even if you don’t like it. Be careful that you don’t unconsciously manipulate people with your charm to get what you want.

Don’t draw people in for personal gain. You can easily create bad karma because this aspect is so easy. You’ll want to avoid scamming people, even unintentionally.

This Pluto trine Ascendant aspect almost always manifests as either a need to control or be controlled. Your tendencies will depend on the signs of the planets and the rest of your chart.

Ultimately, you have the opportunity to change your path as you wish and to present your most authentic self in interactions with other people. Remember that these skills aren’t natural for everyone!

You will also need to learn balance in your life. Because Pluto can be kind of intense, you’re all in or all out. Balance is key to a happier and more authentic self.

In many ways, this Pluto trine Ascendant aspect is a true blessing. You’re charming, attractive, and energetically compelling.

Pluto Sextile Ascendant

If you have the Pluto sextile Ascendant aspect, you are naturally magnetic. You also have an innate level of comfort around other people.

Your relationships probably move quickly. You may find yourself getting infatuated right away, both intellectually and sexually.

This Pluto sextile Ascendant aspect is subtle, but you do have a discretely intense way of looking at the world. This aspect gives you the opportunity to develop these skills for good.

You can learn to increase your social perceptiveness, emotionally intelligence, and charm with others. Over time, you will be able to read people well with just a bit of effort.

With Pluto sextile Ascendant, you also have the power to transform the lives of the people around you. Your very presence is transformational.

You can learn how to stand out in a way that is both dynamic and compelling. With Pluto sextile Ascendant, you can project strength through your energy and appearance.

Ultimately, you can learn how to be very powerful and harness these qualities for good. You need to put in the work to develop these qualities instead of remaining passive. Over time, you will master the art of presenting your authentic self.

Pluto Opposition Ascendant

Pluto opposition Ascendant is also known as Pluto conjunct Descendant or Pluto setting.

You probably appear very controlled and closed-up with Pluto opposition Ascendant. Your Plutonic qualities are hidden.

Others might not be able to see any of your intensity. In fact, you can seem a bit stagnant.

However, you do attract alluring, Plutonic mates. You may find that your partners tend to be manipulate you, through feelings of fear and guilt, or dominate/control you.

In the worst case scenario, you could attract someone who have varying OCD tendencies or obsessions with you, such as a stalker.

With Pluto opposition Ascendant, it’s very important that you develop a strong sense of self-esteem. This is how you will avoid being controlled or manipulated by your partners. You will probably find your confidence through these difficult relationships.

In extreme cases, you may actually seek out abusive partners. You might find that people who live on the seedier side are attractive to you for some reason.

Alternatively with Pluto opposition Ascendant, you may be the one with controlling tendencies in relationships. This won’t be obvious to others when they first meet you; your need for control will show itself later, as the relationship progresses.

You might keep people at arm’s length because you don’t want to show them this darker, shadow side. You may attempt to set boundaries and control how close the other person gets.

Regardless, you probably get into relationships where one person has all the power. This could be you or your partner.

You tend to either be too controlled and careful, or you’re dependent on others to control you. Sometimes, you may even find that you swing back and forth as the circumstances in your life change.

Remember that with Pluto conjunct Ascendant, you will be transformed through relationships. You must enter into romantic partnerships in order to learn these difficult lessons; don’t avoid relationships as a way to escape your pain.

Ultimately, you can learn how to balance the power in a relationship. You can also form profound connections with your other half that transcends every day life. Don’t be afraid to open yourself up and learn from the people you get involved with.

Pluto Square Ascendant

With Pluto square Ascendant, you may seem cold, angsty, or aggressive. You appear a bit combative, yet you’re also withdrawn and hard to reach.

It’s difficult for other people to know what you’re feeling. Your body language and energy is hard to read.

This is because you don’t let down your walls until you absolutely know someone is trustworthy.

You can be outwardly competitive with Pluto square Ascendant. Sometimes this can negatively impact your relationships. You subconsciously fear that others are controlling you, so you fight back, but much of this fear is in your head.

With Pluto square Ascendant, you almost always have the fear that someone is trying to take away your freedom. You create power struggles with many of the people you met.

Feeling as though you’re on the precipice of losing control can create a lot of anxiety. After enough of this, your control issues because apparent in your outer personality with Pluto square Ascendant.

Unfortunately, this may make others think that you are trying to control them. You tend to create power struggles when you try to stick up for yourself.

You may have trouble finding the natural “flow” of conversation, especially in youth. You don’t even realize anything is wrong until you notice that others are judging you.

With Pluto square Ascendant, you can be very intense right away. If you don’t work through your issues that create the square, you can end up escalating in your intensity and control to become violent or vengeful.

This aspect makes something about your outer personality difficult. Look to the sign that Pluto square Ascendant is in to see how this manifests. You may be too sarcastic, egotistical, bitter, closed-up, controlling, etc.

At its best, Pluto square Ascendant means that you are intense in an interesting way. It will take some work to get to this place.

You may try to hide your Pluto, but this is actually what’s causing your problems. You can’t disguise your need for intensity or your Pluto will come out sideways.

Ultimately, Pluto square Ascendant will push you to transform your image. You try to appear as someone other than yourself. This square will force you to face who you are and show yourself to the world.

Learn to channel your intensity into your most authentic self. Drop the mask and align with who you are.

You can do this in a way that is softer yet still true, so you don’t scare people away. After you’re able to be you, then you can trust others without a fear of them controlling you because you will have stronger gut feelings.

Remember that even if others judge you, all you need to know is that you portrayed your truest, most authentic self.