Sun-Mars Aspects In The Natal Chart

sun-mars aspects in the natal chart

Sun-Mars aspects will show how much your energy and drive correlates with your will. By looking at these aspects, you will see how much you take action for the things that you want, how you go after your desires, and how confident you are in your abilities to success.

These Sun-Mars aspects will also show how much pent up energy you have and the extent to which you feel the need to prove yourself. Sometimes, they even indicate the amount of rage that is channeled into your work.

Most of the time, these aspects are developed through learned traits (for better or worse) from the father figure.

Sun Conjunct Mars

The Sun conjunct Mars aspect is beneficial yet relatively uncommon, due to the rotation of the planets. 

If you have the Sun conjunct Mars aspect, you definitely have a strong presence, whether or not you own it. This is mainly because you don’t care if you seem different from other people. Your interests may be unconventional, but you go after what you want without worrying about what others will think.

You tend to get right to the point of what you mean. You might not have the most tactful way of saying difficult information because you don’t beat around the bush. When you want something, you go after it.

With Sun conjunct Mars, you achieve your goals through direct action, taking the fastest path to achieve results.

You probably have a competitive spirit, especially in the sign that Sun conjunct Mars sits. You like to win. This makes you fierce opponent because you simply won’t stop until you succeed in your goals.

The sign that your Sun conjunct Mars is in is very important with this aspect. You may be more intellectually pursuant with an air sign conjunction, while a fire sign conjunction will make you more physically active. 

A fixed sign Sun conjunct Mars aspect will mean that you tend to focus on something for longer and won’t stop until you achieve what you want. Cardinal or mutable aspects will mean that you have less staying power and may move onto something new when you get bored, or could even enjoy the thrill of the chase.

However, every Sun conjunct Mars person will need an outlet. You have a strong drive and a lot of energy, but you can’t stay sedentary for too long or do things the way other people tell you to.

You have a strong sense of self and clear opinions. You feel like you must follow what’s true for you, even if your preferences seem odd or different to others.

With Sun conjunct Mars, you need to have an outlet for self expression. This means that you want to be in control of your own life and of how you exert your drive.

Sometimes, you may enjoy being challenged or opposed, because this gives you an opportunity to let out some of your pent up energy. Otherwise, it can explode sideways as rage.

It’s very important that you find a way to physically release your energy with Sun conjunct Mars, or you will find yourself in a constant state of frustration and anger.

You might feel like your energy is normal and you may be confused that other people don’t have the same intense drive and willpower as you. Try to understand that this is a very unusual placement and that everyone has different struggles in their chart.

With Sun conjunct Mars, it’s also integral that you learn how to listen to other people. You probably believe that you know best and may see criticism as a person attack. However, you will actually find better solutions if you’re willing to listen to the ideas of others.

Try to learn some patience. You may want something now, but don’t take shortcuts just to get to the end of the journey. Many people will the Sun conjunct Mars aspect dabble in criminal behavior because they feel that it’s simply easier than following in the law, but this will hurt you in the long run.

Sometimes, it can be helpful with Sun conjunct Mars to learn how to be instead of do. Your drive is incredible, yet you have a hard time sitting still. Down time is important so that you don’t overwork yourself.

Ultimately, you have a lot of wonderful qualities with Sun conjunct Mars that can take you far in life. Learn to temper your ego and to let go of your natural selfish nature. Find a balance between caring for yourself and hearing the viewpoints of other people.

Listen to people instead of overriding them. Not everyone works as fast as you, but each person in your life will have skills that you don’t possess.

Sun Trine Mars

With Sun trine Mars, you don’t often stop working, not until you’re forced to. You may have a difficult time just existing because you feel like you need to be doing something at all times.

However, you’re decisive, enthusiastic, and confident in your actions. When you want something, you naturally have the stamina to go after it, and you don’t second guess yourself.

You have a huge amount of potential to be successful with Sun trine Mars. You will keep working at a problem until it’s solved and can jump into action at a moment’s notice without fear or doubt.

Sun trine Mars means that you can be a bit competitive, too, and you enjoy someone opposing you because it gets you going. However, you’re probably very fair (depending on the signs of the Sun trine Mars aspect) so you don’t come across as too aggressive or hurtful.

Sometimes, you can seem a bit selfish or impatient. You simply have to go after what you want regardless of the consequences.

Generally, these qualities aren’t too upsetting to others, though. The Sun trine Mars aspect won’t lose you many friends, though they may notice these elements of your personality in a factual way.

You’re a natural leader when you need to be, though you also reach out to those around you for support. With Sun trine Mars, you can play many roles, but one thing is for sure: you never stop moving!

The Sun and Mars feed off of each other in this aspect. Mars makes the Sun more determined, brave, and aggressive, while the Sun shines light on the qualities of Mars, allowing your action and drive to be used externally.

You’re never afraid to try something new with Sun trine Mars, as long as you’re actually interested. Your personal will (the Sun) is what gets you moving. For example, you won’t skydive just because someone else wants you to, but will not hesitate to try a daring activity that you’re interested in.

That means that you’re literally never afraid to go after your goals. The idea of fear doesn’t even occur to you when you want something.

With Sun trine Mars, you can easily be attracted to enterprises, hobbies, or jobs that involve risk. You feel that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

You tend to attract people who are sincere and active. However, you must remember that not everyone has this strong natural drive like you. Try to be compassionate when others are afraid to act, even though you won’t understand their feelings.

In your career and even in your life, you may find that things change quite often with Sun trine Mars. You’re always finding new things that you’re interested in, or you may even change your opinions or friend groups quite often, because you’re always pushing forward, not looking back.

Sun trine Mars often indicates a dynamic father-figure. In some way, your father or paternal figure gave you strength and self-confidence, whether he actually instilled these qualities in you or simply modeled the Sun trine Mars qualities.

This doesn’t mean that your relationship with your father was positive or negative, but simply that you learned how to be driven from watching or interacting with him.

Ultimately, the Sun trine Mars aspect gives you a lot of wonderful, instinctive qualities that can help you move through life at a rapid page. Remember to slow down and develop the inner self, too, in order to maintain balance.

Sun Sextile Mars

Sun sextile Mars makes you an energetic and confident person. You’re very physical and don’t hesitate to take action at a moment’s notice.

You may be enterprising as well, because you have vast amounts of energy that you can use.

When you encounter a problem or a challenge, you tackle it head on with enthusiasm. Sun sextile Mars means that you truly believe you can solve anything!

However, you may find that you get angry when things don’t work out or when other people don’t understand you. The Sun sextile Mars aspect gives you the opportunity to learn how to channel your drive in the best way possible instead of lashing out.

This also involves learning how to balance your ego with your drive. With practice, you will figure out how to push forward and take action while maintaining a balanced ego.

However, you can still keep your confidence up with Sun sextile Mars. You can learn how to go after what you want and remain confident and grounded. This may already feel somewhat natural to you, but practice will hone these skills.

You may be naturally competitive. This quality doesn’t seem off-putting to others because you’re generally sincere when you compete and enjoy the rush that you get. You will most likely do well in any field that offers a bit of healthy competition.

With Sun sextile Mars, you also have the opportunity to overcome any anger problems. You’re not naturally angry (unless other aspects in your chart point to this) but you have the chance to learn more about anger and what diffuses it with this aspect.

Make sure that you harness the best qualities of Sun sextile Mars. Focus on being driven without being egotistical, passionate but not angry, and on taking action that’s authentic to who you are. Ultimately, this aspect gives you a lot of opportunities for growth!

Sun Opposition Mars

The Sun opposition Mars aspect creates a combative, aggressive attitude. You may feel like you’re filled with hot energy that has no good outlet.

This is because the identity and ego of the Sun clash with the drive and aggression that is Mars. It’s as though you’re always fighting against your need to take action because you feel that you shouldn’t.

If you don’t find a way to release the energy that Sun opposition Mars creates, you may find that you explode in anger or even experience physical pain.

Sun opposition Mars makes you look to non-direct methods first, in competition, so you don’t get the physical outlet you need. For example, you may resort to cheating, lying, or violence in order to achieve your goals, but you feel even more angry than before and you can’t figure out why.

You take shortcuts because you don’t know how to do the work to get what you want. After, your frustration increases.

Other times, you may seek out adrenaline rushes with Sun opposition Mars in an attempt to release some of your rage. This can even mean that you take out your anger on other people and get a thrill out of the fight or drama.

Other people may find you overly assertive or aggressive. You tend to jump straight into fights because you don’t really understand the repercussions of your actions on your relationships and your life.

It’s very important that you learn how to release your excess energy in a healthy manner. Otherwise, you stand to lose a lot with Sun opposition Mars. Your anger could spiral out of control and cause real damage.

You must physically release this energy before you can do any inner work. Once you’re tired out, then you should examine your ego and look at what it’s afraid of.

Often, the Sun opposition Mars placement indicates issues with the father and with authority. You rebel against anyone and everyone in an unconscious effort to defy your father. Over time, this will only cause you problems.

It’s important that you examine the root cause of your anger issues. With Sun opposition Mars, you will learn how to use your rage to achieve your goals instead of hurting other people needlessly. 

You will also figure out how to tone down your ego and your aggression. These same qualities can be used in healthy ways, such as at work to achieve a goal or sexually in a relationship.

Be careful of risky situations. You seek out opportunities to rebel with Sun opposition Mars, but you quickly get into trouble too, because you aren’t careful. Don’t alienate the people who support you.

Ultimately, you must learn how to defend only the things that are most important to you. This is where your assertion will come in handy.

Sun Square Mars

With Sun square Mars, your energy builds up inside to create severe tension. This heat needs to be released through self-expression, sports, physical activity, sex, or fighting.

Though you have a lot of active energy, you struggle to assert yourself at the right time. You may say or do nothing, so the energy builds and builds until you explode.

Sun square Mars can also manifest as excess aggression. You tend to feel restless or impatient because you of the tension that is always growing inside of you.

You might be afraid that you aren’t really courageous. After all, you don’t stick up for yourself and release the energy at appropriate times. Therefore, you unconsciously attract situations or people that require you to prove yourself and show your courage.

For example, you may avoid standing up for yourself with friends and family in a nature way, but you attract and participate in bar-fights or brawls. This is how you manage to release your excess energy.

With Sun square Mars, your aggression comes out sideways. You probably struggle to maintain your drive when you’re going after a goal, but you’re overly aggressive or action-oriented in other, unrelated areas.

You may struggle when dealing with conflict, or perhaps you have issues with physical vitality. Your sex drive could be non-existent, too strong, or some odd combination.

The Sun square Mars aspect indicates that you were scarred in childhood. Your self-esteem was damaged, and you have some truly negative beliefs about yourself. You try to overcome these beliefs by proving yourself, yet you never find the satisfaction that you seek.

You might prove yourself through physical fighting or through hard work, struggling to accomplish something large. These issues typically stem from your father and your need to prove your worth to him.

In some ways, you’re a self-starter with Sun square Mars. You push through and take action in order to cover up your wounds. You can be very successful, but it never feels very good to you inside.

Sun square Mars also means that you find your creativity through inner tension. You push against this square to brainstorm and to complete tasks. Although this can be effective, it feels uncomfortable, too.

You’re always prepared to be hurt or betrayed. Sun square Mars means you may believe you can only count on yourself. 

Over time, you must learn how to pick and choose your battles, and to discern when something is worth fighting for. Your random acts of aggression will get you in trouble, so channel your angst towards bettering your life.

You need to find a safe way to express your energy with Sun square Mars. Many people are successful in physical fields, such as sports or the military, while others enjoy drama or the corporate business-world. Regardless of what you do, it’s important that you express this energy before it builds up and explodes on you or your loved ones.

Find a safe way to compete. When your energy is expelled, you can then turn inward and start to heal your trauma with your father. Over time, you will learn from Sun square Mars that you don’t need to prove anything because you’re already important, just as you are now.