Ace Of Cups: Love, Career, Health, Advice, Reversed, & More

ace of cups

The four suits of the Minor Arcana cards: wands, cups, swords, and pentacles, have their own symbolism that ranges from creativity and passion to intellect, emotion, work, and money. In general, Minor Arcana represents day-to-day features and insights of life. However, the Minor Arcana cards also have numbers.

Some of the most powerful cards in the Minor Arcana are the Aces. They are the root force of the suit. Embodying the element in its purest form, Aces have the potential to be directed into something more.

Whether you’re starting something new or discovering something unique about the path you’ve chosen, the Ace of Cups will certainly help direct you.

Today, I’ll be going over every single aspect of the Ace of Cups. Hopefully, you will find a description in this post that accurately applies to your reading!

The Ace of Cups:

As a whole, Aces in the Tarot deck are the spark or seed of the suit. You may relate them to the Magician who presents the tools to the Fool, introducing the passion and potential of each suit.

As the starting position of each suit, Aces have the potential to wipe the slate clean and signal a whole new race of emotions, situations, concepts, and life events. 

However, there isn’t just one way to read this leading card. To help you get a more specific reading, I’ll explain the general meaning and symbolism of the Ace of Cups in certain situations.

Visual Elements:

ace of cups

Visuals and symbols can vary from deck to deck, so if you’re using a different deck, you may need to modify these descriptions accordingly.

The Ace of Cups depicts a hand holding a chalice that’s overflowing with five streams of water. The chalice symbolizes the subconscious mind, whereas the five streams represent our five senses – sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. 

The divine hand holding the chalice slides from a cloud; it signifies your awareness of spiritual energy and influence. Above the chalice descends a white dove – the everlasting symbol of hope, purity, and love.

At the bottom of the card is a vast sea with lotus blossoms floating over it. The significance of water plays a vital role in this card. It symbolizes the awakening of the human spirit and the meeting place between spirit and experience.

Lastly, the lotus flowers in Tarot are related to all things beautiful in life. Lotuses also connect with the love and emotion aspect of this card.

Each element on the card gives you a general idea of what you can expect from your daily, mundane experiences. But, to properly interpret what this card means for you, you need to have a deeper understanding of the symbolism of the Ace of Cups in specific circumstances.

Below, I’ll explain how this card can manifest in various aspects of your life.

Upright Ace of Cups General Meaning

The Ace of Cups in an upright position indicates that love, passion, and creativity are flowing through you. Like all the Aces in the deck, this card signifies that you’re ready for a new beginning, possibly in the form of new relationships or a new project.

With this card, you have the potential to open yourself to spiritual and emotional fulfillment. But the question is: will you take it?

An upright Ace of Cups can also mean it’s time to let go of negative energies and unpleasant past experiences. Start afresh and live your life to the fullest.

This card signifies that you, as a person, are comfortable with who you are. You should take this as a sign to develop deeper connections and allow yourself to give and receive unconditional love.

The Ace of Cups may also be telling you to give generously. With your power of great happiness and positive energy, you can spread joy and give compassion to those around you. The water on this card symbolizes the flow of emotion; thus, you’ll find people being more receptive, kind, and friendly towards you during this time.

Lastly, the Ace of Cups sometimes signifies conception. If you have a tingling feeling this might be true, look to the other cards in the reading for confirmation. However, this interpretation may also be metaphorical; the card can mean the birth of a new idea or passion project that you’ll pour a great deal of time and energy into.

Reversed Ace Of Cups General Meaning

As the image depicts, this card, when reversed, showcases the water flowing out of the cup, leaving it empty. The gift of emotional stability, creativity, and new beginnings are no longer there, and instead, these streams have run dry.

You may be facing some creative blockage of sorts. Seeing this card upside down during your reading can also mean that you have been suffering from feelings of loneliness and pain for a while now. You are repressing your emotions; perhaps you don’t want anyone to see past the deep hurt you’re experiencing.

However, you should be careful not to completely shut off your emotions for a long period as it can create an emotional blockage. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your feelings, you should seek healthy ways to let go of all the pain, hurt, and anger you’ve bottled up.

A reversed Ace of Cups is a strong indication that you need self-love. Before you head out into the world to share your love, you need to look within and see what’s causing this negative energy you feel for yourself.

You will only be able to find happiness in others once you are completely comfortable with yourself. Therefore, upon seeing this card overturned, know that it is time to fill your cup with divine love and happiness.

Ace Of Cups Keywords

Here are some of the most common keywords associated with the Ace of Cups.


  • Abundance
  • Love
  • Joy
  • Creativity
  • Compassion
  • Celebrations
  • Fertility
  • Spirituality
  • Intuition
  • Intimacy
  • Emotional awakening
  • Success
  • Satisfaction
  • New feelings
  • New relationships


  • Self-love
  • Suffering
  • Pain
  • Manipulation
  • Unhappiness
  • Emotional loss
  • Blocked creativity
  • Feeling unloved
  • Feeling cheated
  • Gloominess
  • Loneliness
  • Repressed emotions

Ace Of Cups in Love Descriptions


The Ace of Cups is one of the best love cards you can get in a tarot reading. For someone single, this card is a great omen for a new relationship, romance, or friendship that will hold significant importance in your life.

If you are already in a relationship, you can see this card as an indication that your relationship will reach new heights, unfolding a new stage of intimacy and deep love between the two of you.

The Ace of Cups upright is a positive sign for anyone looking to find love, even people who are just coming off a breakup. This card signals that you will soon be allowed to grow emotionally and spiritually, where you’ll learn to love yourself and believe in the possibility of a bright future.


The Ace of Cups in a reversed position can have different meanings for each individual. If you are single, this card may be insinuating that you find it difficult to connect and maintain relationships. This can happen as a result of repressing your emotions as you may still be holding onto the pain and hurt from past relationships.

The Ace of Cups reversed can signal feelings of sadness and gloominess. For someone in a relationship, this may come off as a sign of temporary loss of faith in one’s partner or relationship. Perhaps you and your partner aren’t communicating or have unrealistic expectations from each other, often leading to arguments, fights, and unresolved feelings of negativity.

If you’ve recently ended a relationship, it comes as no surprise that this card is a beacon for the bad news. However, you should not take this as an end; instead, pick up the pieces and look to the other cards for a sign of hope and positive future possibilities. The Ace of Cups reversed indicates that it’s time to let go of the past and look to a brighter but different future.

Ace Of Cups as Feelings Descriptions


The Ace of Cups, when revealed upright, gestures feelings of compassion, intimacy, love, and deep connection. During this time, you feel very confident and full of intense emotions that you’re ready to unleash.

The card indicates inspiration and optimism within a person, making them feel like they can achieve their heart’s greatest desires.


The Ace of Cards is mostly associated with emotions, and a reversed position warns you of the absence of positive feelings that are replaced by frustration. You might tend to shut yourself off as a coping mechanism to avoid getting hurt.

Often, a reversed Ace of Cups shows that you are emotionally drained and need some time to collect yourself. Focus on refilling your cup with self-love and care. When you begin to truly understand your needs, slowly but gradually, you’ll realize an improvement in your mood and overall self-esteem. 

Ace Of Cups in Career Descriptions


From a career perspective, the Ace of Cups is a good omen that represents positivity in your career. If you’ve been struggling to land a job, fear not because this card indicates good things are coming your way. You should receive news of employment or new projects soon. Keep your head up and keep trying!

If you already have a job, the Ace of Cups may be a sign of promotion or recognition of your hard work. Your zeal and passion have finally come to fruition. Now, you will be rewarded with the gifts of gratitude and awakening, which will help you perceive your work in a new, positive light.

Reversed :

A reversed Ace of Cups bears bad news. Whether you’re searching for a job or you’re looking forward to progressing at your current one, you are likely to be disappointed.

While you face obstacles or hurdles, it’s important to remember that work is only one aspect of life, not everything. You may need to reevaluate the type of position you’re going for or examine any emotional blockages in your life that are holding you back energetically.

Basically, the Ace of Cups reversed in career is telling you that something isn’t quite right, whether you’re looking for a job or are trying to progress in your current career.

Ace Of Cups in Money Descriptions


Remember how we mentioned the Ace of Cups signifies that people are more accommodating towards you? This could impact your financial status positively, most likely in the form of an approved mortgage or an emergency loan bad credit line.

This card can also suggest financial support from friends and family or a creative opportunity to earn some extra bucks.

This is the time to believe in yourself, trust your creative instincts and just go with the flow. Hold nothing back from this opportunity you have; believe that you are destined for greatness, and you’re halfway there!


A reversed Ace of Cups may signal that you’ll soon get news that you don’t want to hear. In terms of finances, you’ll be unhappy to learn that a loan or grant has been denied.

If this does not seem relevant to you, the Ace of Cups reading could mean that you’re currently frustrated or dejected by your financial situation. Don’t be disheartened by this temporary setback. Instead, get your creative juices flowing, and look for new opportunities to dig yourself out of this financial crunch. 

The Ace of Cups reversed in a money reading just means that you need to change something about your outlook. Maybe you’re experiencing energetic blockages with money due to your emotional status, or maybe you’re just going about something that wrong way. Step back and reevaluate so that you can truly find success.

Ace Of Cups in Health Descriptions


Like all other aspects of life, the Ace of Cups signifies a fresh start in your health too. If you’re a victim of ill health, you can expect to notice an improvement in your body and energy levels with the reveal of this card.

Utilize this newfound energy and channel it into something bigger. This is the time to live, laugh and love the hardest. Your future is full of endless possibilities and new beginnings health-wise; there’s no better time to make the most of it.


From a health perspective, the Ace of Cups Tarot card, when reversed, signifies that repressing your emotions may be harming your health. This card is saying that you need to clear any emotional blockages now.

Since the Ace of Cups is linked to fertility, the reversal may also imply infertility, a difficult pregnancy, a miscarriage, or stillbirth. Receiving heart-wrenching news as such is never easy, and it’s completely fine to take time to grieve. However, when all is said and done, you must push yourself to gather your strength and maintain a positive mindset: that the universe has greater plans ahead, and soon, they will be revealed to you in one form or another. 

Remember: while the Ace of Cups reversed can feel really depressing because the new beginning you want isn’t coming to fruition, it’s actually a message that you need to change something about your life so that you can move forward in a different but still great way.

Ace Of Cups as Spirituality Descriptions


In a spiritual context, the Ace of Cups signifies that you’re receiving or about to receive a great deal of love from the universe.

This card symbolizes a pure connection to the divine. The universe is bestowing you with endless support and tenderness, now is your chance to extend the compassion, gratitude, and love that you have so generously received.


A reversed Ace of Cups in your Tarot spread shows signs of a spiritual blockade. You may be subduing your intuition which makes you feel disconnected from the spiritual realm.

Don’t give up; this is not a sign that the universe or your chosen deities are displeased with you. Instead, it is your own doubt that stands in the way of your spiritual progress. Look for ways to overcome these hindrances to instantly revive your energetic body and make you feel good as new.  

Sometimes, the Ace of Cups reversed indicates that you need to do a full clearing. You may want to consider clearing any entities attached to you, rebalancing your chakras, or doing a spiritual or even physical cleanse or reset.

Ace Of Cups as a Person Descriptions


A person who receives the Ace of Cups is spiritual and full of love. These personalities are compassionate and wise, letting their creative instincts guide them to make optimal decisions. Such a person contributes towards their loved ones wholeheartedly and never strays.


The reversed Ace of Cups signals that the person is putting too much pressure on themselves, which may be the leading factor of their indecisiveness. This person also represses their feelings and avoids talking about what’s bothering them.

People who are extreme perfectionists often see this card as a part of their readings. Take this as a hint to go easy on yourself. Work on looking at things from a glass-half-full perspective, and you’ll soon notice feelings of content and satisfaction within yourself – guaranteed!

Ace Of Cups Yes or No Meanings


An upright Ace of Cups is a sure yes. Representing overall satisfaction with life, this card symbolizes success, creativity, new relationships, and maybe pregnancy and birth too.

If you are going through a rough patch, try to see this as a good omen which indicates that your positive energy will attract the abundance and happiness you are searching for. 


Pulling the Ace of Cups overturned in a yes/no question can still indicate a yes. However, it comes with a warning that there may be some obstacles that are keeping these positive components at a distance.

Do not shy away from your emotions but see them as an opportunity to overcome your fears. As frightening as it might be, allowing your true feelings to shine through is necessary in order to inch closer towards the next phase in your life.

Typically, the Ace of Cups reversed in a yes/no reading means that you need to change something in your life before this answer becomes a yes. Either you have an emotional blockage that stops the energy in your life from flowing, or you aren’t seeing things clearly due to emotions.

Perhaps the outcome you’re hoping for isn’t actually in your best interest. Regardless, the Ace of Cups reversed indicates that you need to take a step back and reexamine things logically.

Ace Of Cups Advice Descriptions


If you’re looking for advice, an upright Ace of Cups strongly recommends opening your heart to new possibilities and adventures. This is the time to share your feelings and express yourself unapologetically. It is an indication to be generous and compassionate.


The reversal of this card recommends pulling away. It may be a sign of emotional overload; so, you should be careful about who you trust and open up to when you pull the Ace of Cups reversed.

Symbolism in the Ace of Cups

The White Dove:

The white dove descending from above represents supernatural love. The dove is assumed to bless the person with divine abilities and gifts, which associates it with divination and miracles.


In the astral world, water symbolizes the meeting place of spirit and experience. The vast sea and five streams overflowing from the chalice indicate that divinity will show itself through our five senses.

The letter (W or M):

The symbolism is still highly debated upon, so keep in mind that my interpretation of this symbol is not unanimous.

But, there are a few possibilities. For W, there’s water, womb, wisdom, and woman. For M, the main contenders are a mystery, mem, Mary, mother, and mercury.

Choose the symbolism that feels right for you. Keep in mind that this symbolism can work with just about any words that begin with these letters; your guides may be trying to tell you something that’s specific to you, not the Tarot card.