Chiron In The Houses

Chiron In The Houses

Chiron was only just discovered in 1977, but many astrologers (including myself) consider Chiron to be an essential asteroid in the birth chart. Today, I’ll be looking at Chiron in the houses, as well as explaining how you can put your Chiron’s sign and house together to create one fluid definition.

Our Chironic wounds indicate the area where we have been hurt to a huge extent. We carry these wounds around with us and are unable to escape them. The goal is instead to heal these wounds and use what we learn from Chiron for good.

What Is Chiron?

Chiron is known as the “wounded healer” in astrology. Through learning about Chiron, you will get to know and understand your deepest wounds that were created in a past life, in childhood, or (often) a mixture of both.

I find that it’s really beneficial to learn about Chiron, not just because you need to heal it, but because our Chironic wounds give us deeper insight into ourselves and our psyche.

How To Read Chiron In The Houses:

The signs show the nature of Chiron and how it is expressed, but the houses show the context for Chironic expression. Chiron in the houses will show where your sign is expressed, including the location, the part of the psyche, the timeline, etc.

The goal is to look at both your Chiron in the signs and Chiron in the houses together. While this is tricky to do, it takes a bit of analysis and creativity.

I included examples through these Chiron in the houses descriptions, but feel free to drop a comment with any questions. I’m happy to help you figure out what your Chiron means!

Chiron In The Signs:

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Chiron In The 1st House

Chiron in the 1st house can seem pretty obvious to everyone else. Your Chironic wound quite literally shows up in your sense of self, identity, and self-worth. Chiron is very conspicuous in the way that you present yourself.

If you have Chiron in the 1st house, Chiron might also impact your physical health or appearance in some way. The wound often manifests in a physical nature as well as emotionally or mentally.

For example, you might have been physically ignored, abused, have a physical illness, or found some part of your body lacking, depending on the sign that your Chiron in the 1st house sits in.

I find that Chiron in the 1st house can often indicate that the wound was either learned or cemented (if it was first learned in a past life) during childhood. Something about this person’s youth made this Chironic wound an integral part of the outer personality.

Because Chiron in the 1st house is related to childhood, these folks can carry the Chironic wound through their inner child as they age. They might learn to hide it after a time, but the wound will always sit with the inner child.

This Chiron in the 1st house wound will typically manifest in the person’s outward appearance and personality. When you first meet a person with Chiron in the 1st house, you will see the wound right away.

If you have this placement, look at how you feel around other people and how you present yourself. This will most likely point to the wound.

For example, someone with Chiron in the 1st house in Capricorn may have felt ignored or passed over but they also present as cold and stoic. An individual with Libra may feel dependent on others, even when they first meet them, and become clingy quickly.

If Chiron is conjunct the ascendant in the first house, these feelings will be especially strong. Chiron in the 1st house is more likely to present itself physically when it is conjunct the ascendant. Chiron in retrograde may be less obvious to others but more obvious to the individual, although this is not always the case.

Chiron In The 2nd House

If you have Chiron in the 2nd house, your wound is in the area of security. In some way, you felt as though you lacked security, safety, or well-being. This might be especially obvious during childhood with Chiron in the 2nd house.

This placement can show up in a lot of ways; this depends almost entirely on the sign that Chiron is in. For example, Chiron in Cancer may indicate a lack of emotional security or security regarding the home, while Chiron in Pisces can indicate a lack of spiritual security or the mental illness or addiction of a parent or caretaker.

Chiron in the 2nd house can manifest through security issues with inheritance, money, the home, spiritual guidance, spiritual security, emotional security, mental security, physical security, etc. These people might feel like there is no guiding force in their life (lack of parental security) or they may feel that they are coerced into decisions and can’t develop their own inner self (lack of inner security).

I find that people with Chiron in the 2nd house were often belittled in some way in childhood. They may have had little to no affection, or the affection that they did receive was inappropriate in some way.

At the end of the day, if you have Chiron in the 2nd house, you’ll want to learn how to provide the security you were missing for yourself.

You will also recognize that there is no true security on earth beyond believing in the powers of the Universe and believing that everything happens for a reason. You will learn to discern that many societal constructs are just illusions. By figuring out what’s true for you and what the Universe means to you, you’ll develop your own sense of inner security.

At the same time, it can be helpful for people with Chiron in the 2nd house to take practical steps towards feeling safe. For example, if you felt physically unsafe, creating a safe environment (in neighborhood with low crime rates, installing an alarm system, etc.) might help you to work through your Chiron.

Chiron in the 3rd House

Chiron in the 3rd house has to do with your ability to process information mentally and to communicate.

If you have Chiron in the 3rd house, you might have difficulty expressing yourself and being heard. Sometimes, you are easily heard, but your true intentions don’t come across.

It’s easy for Chiron in the 3rd house people to incur destructive or negative thought patterns, but they might alternatively avoid anything emotional and have difficulty discussing what they feel. Most people with Chiron in the 3rd house fall into one of these two extremes.

I find that people with Chiron in the 3rd house often believe strongly in rationality and logic, but this is sometimes at the expense of developing their intuition or following their gut feelings. Alternatively, these folks will use only emotion and throw logic and intuition to the wayside.

Sometimes, there is even a bit of both. The third house can be a bit erratic because it is the house of Gemini, so the individual with Chiron in the 3rd house might sometimes be completely illogical and emotional, but other times rely only on facts and avoid displays of emotion or empathy.

I also notice that Chiron in the 3rd house can relate to learning disabilities, such as dyslexia or ADD. These folks think a bit differently than others, and while there is nothing wrong with that, they inherently don’t like their differences. It is their own judgments of their differences (that are formed from society) that cause the issues.

Occasionally, Chiron in the 3rd house can also refer to a wound with siblings. There may be past life trauma or wounds with these specific siblings, or the siblings may just be unable to communicate effectively. This causes a deep wound and hurt for the Chiron in the 3rd house individual.

The way to heal Chiron in the 3rd house is to speak your truth. Learn to value your own thoughts and opinions, and practice balancing gut instincts with logic. You will develop your own method of communication with enough practice, but you must first let go of the judgement that either you or society has cast on your mental abilities.

Chiron in the 4th House

If you have Chiron in the 4th house, your Chironic wound feels most active when you’re around family or other people from your childhood.

This placement means that your home life either failed to fill the void that your Chiron sign left (in a past life; the specific void will depend on Chiron’s sign), or your childhood simply made Chiron worse. These feelings are always re-triggered when you feel like your “young self” again because your Chiron in the 4th house wound has become a part of your inner child.

You might be very sensitive around family. If things go even slightly wrong, you can easily veer into loneliness or hopelessness.

Often, Chiron in the 4th house means that at least one of your parental figures was absent. They might have been absent emotionally, mentally, or physically, but this absence affected you deeply. You may now struggle to figure out where and with whom you belong.

I find that this Chiron in the 4th house placement can lead to over-attachment (or anxious attachment) to those who do stick around. Alternatively, the individual might become less attached than normal (avoidant attachment) in order to avoid getting hurt as they did when they were a child.

In relationships, the Chiron in the 4th house individual might struggle to let go, even when the relationship is unhealthy. It’s difficult for these people to see red flags once they’re attached.

If you have this placement, you might be very good at naturally picking up on the wounds of others. Chiron in the 4th house means that you can be a great caretaker, but you can also get emotionally overwhelmed easily. You sometimes get stuck caring for people with wounds that they don’t want to heal.

With Chiron in the 4th house, you need to learn that you are the only one who can give yourself proper validation to heal. You’ll also need to understand that you’re good enough to be cared for by others and that you deserve more than what you ask for.

I find that Chiron in the 4th house is always a lesson of worthiness, but this is a quality that must be developed from the inside.

Chiron in the 5th House

Chiron in the 5th house is especially dependent on the sign that Chiron sits in. This 5th house wound is all about a deep hurt relating to the Inner Child, sexuality, romance, self-expression, or creativity.

If you have Chiron in the 5th house, you probably hide what is unique about you, especially in the sign of your Chiron. You take many various reactions from others as rejection, even when they’re not.

Your inner infant wasn’t given nonjudgmental freedom to play, so now you are hyper self-critical and aware. You are afraid of how others would receive your most vulnerable self. To try and cloak this fear, you simply suppress that part of you.

The Chiron in the 5th house person might be extra-self conscious. It’s hard for them to let go and have fun.

Although I find that Chiron in the 5th house often manifests in this way, there are a few other ways it can manifest instead.

Sometimes, Chiron in the 5th house can be about children. You might want children but are unable to have them, so you live with this wound, or you might become hyper-critical of your children because you don’t want them to experience the wound that you felt.

Alternatively, the Chiron in the 5th house person might be wounded or betrayed by partners and by romance in general.

The path to healing Chiron in the 5th house largely depends on the scenario and the Chiron sign. Learning to be vulnerable with yourself is always a good first step, as well as finding the will to create and shine, especially in your specific Chiron sign.

The goal with Chiron in the 5th house is to live from the heart with honesty and integrity.

Chiron in the 6th House

If you have Chiron in the 6th house, your woundedness plays out in the workplace or through working with the community. You will see your wound show up most often where you spend your days (work, school, etc.).

This is a tough placement for a wound because it’s hard to escape it. The wound will also depend a good deal on the sign that Chiron sits in.

Some people with Chiron in the 6th house remember feeling different from other children in school, or they felt that their wound showed up over and over in the workplace no matter how they tried to hide it.

Alternatively, the Chiron in the 6th house wound might also appear in the areas of medicine, health, or disease. Sometimes, a Chiron in the 6th house wound will show up both in day-to-day matters and health-related problems.

This placement can also create OCD if Chiron is in a sign that is relevant to this disorder. With Chiron in the 6th house, emotional issues often become physical after a time.

The lesson is to learn to fully accept the self. Most of the problems that come with Chiron in the 6th house are because the individual is trying to reject the self in some way, whether it is because the self is impure, unclean, or simply wrong.

The healing path is to realize that this is simply a false judgment and to work on accepting the inner self completely.

Chiron in the 7th House

If you have Chiron in the 7th house, your woundedness comes through relationships with others. It is being in a relationship (often a romantic relationship) that triggers your wound, although it always lies dormant under the surface, even when you don’t see it.

You may feel that you don’t have a “self” with Chiron in the 7th house. You might try to emotionally merge or mesh with your partner.

These are the folks that may stifle themselves in relationships in order to hang onto the partnership. They feel that they can’t express who they truly are.

There is potential for these people to end up in abusive relationships due to the nature of the Chironic wound, but they might instead be stifled in other ways, such as entering into a relationship with a partner who has a disability and needs constant care. They always feel as though they need to sacrifice the self.

While the Chiron in the 7th house person may truly love their partner, they might also lose themselves in the relationship.

Sometimes, these qualities and traits are learned from parents or from role models early in life. How the relationship issues manifest will depend on the sign that Chiron is in.

Chiron in the 8th House

If you have Chiron in the 8th house, your wound has to do with spirituality, death, loss, power, sexuality or money. This wound often has a lot to do with mortality.

Usually, the wound is caused by a trauma surrounding death, loss, control, sex, or financial issues (to the max). This may have been a trauma that happened to you in a past life or a trauma you experienced in childhood that caused these learned behaviors.

You are now terrified of what you learned through that trauma. Chiron in the 8th house especially creates a deep, impactful wound that can really hurt you if you don’t work to heal it.

I find that Chiron in the 8th house can indicate losses through death You might be surrounded by a lot of death or you might have lost many people in some manner during early life. This might even happen up through your teenage years, or it might just be something you’re fearful of because of a past life trauma.

Alternatively, your Chiron will center around control. You may either try to control others in a variety of ways or give up your personal control and allow others to take charge of you.

Chiron in the 9th House

Chiron in the 9th house means that your wound can play out in one of many areas, including travel, spirituality or religion, philosophy, ethics, morals, or higher education.

This one can be a bit complicated to explain so I’m going to try and break it down a bit.

Firstly, with Chiron in the 9th house, you may have been wounded in some way because of the belief system you grew up with. You might either try extra hard to find a spiritual path to make sense of your life, or you might avoid thinking about spirituality or religion in general.

These folks are either religious (or spiritual fanatics) or they are completely agnostic. Sometimes, they are constantly having spiritual crises that they just can’t seem to figure out. They might have a need to find an external “God” that exists outside of and separately from themselves.

Alternatively, travel or other cultures were involved in the wound. Sometimes people with Chiron in the 9th house grew up traveling constantly and never had roots, never fit into other cultures, or struggled to find a culture that they did fit into. They might feel like they don’t truly belong anywhere.

Lastly, the individual with Chiron in the 9th house might become disillusioned because they fail to live up to a specific vision or potential that they imposed on themselves. I find that this “potential” is sometimes imposed by the parents, but sometimes it is just the individual’s desire to escape the wound through succeeding in a specific way.

The person with Chiron in the 9th house will usually use 9th house means to try and escape the wound (become a lifelong traveler, get immersed in academia with a fear of failure, become heavily involved in philosophy or politics, etc.).

Again, look to the sign that Chiron in the 9th house is in to determine how this wound will play out. The sign typically indicates the cause of the wound, especially with Chiron in the 9th house.

I find that the most telling indicator of someone with Chiron in the 9th house is the feeling that they are a failure. There is usually an internal mechanism that tells the person over and over that they have failed, no matter how hard they try.

Chiron in the 10th House

Chiron in the 10th house indicates that your wound is related to your career or your public image. The woundedness is played out in the areas of business, publicity, or the individual’s need for recognition, appreciation, respect, and acknowledgement.

I find that Chiron in the 10th house folks usually didn’t receive much recognition or respect in childhood, especially concerning their purpose and what they want to do with their lives.

For example, a Chiron in the 10th house child might have wanted to be an astronaut, but they were shot down by their parents for having “too large” of dreams.

Because of these lessons, the individual will either try to force it at all costs (to gain fame, notoriety, or business success) or they will feel far too nervous to even try.

Regardless of which path Chiron in the 10th house people take, there is a deep self-esteem wound that was caused when they were told they weren’t good enough to try or to succeed.

Chiron in the 11th House

Chiron in the 11th house is a wound relating to individuality and group participation. It shows up in the areas of groups, friends, or the community in general.

The person with Chiron in the 11th house will avoid expressing original ideas because they fear that they won’t be accepted or understood. They might feel enslaved by society in general or the way that groups think. They feel that they must conform “or else.”

Even though the individual might conform on the outside, they struggle to understand why the group works as it does. Their sense of individualism bleeds through and speaks to them.

Alternatively, the individual might reject society completely. They feel alienated because they think differently, so they can easily become rebellious or destructive with the intention to hurt others as they have been wounded.

If you have Chiron in the 11th house, the goal is to avoid either extreme and to instead see what you do have in common with society. You have these unique views for a reason and you were sent here to share them and to transform the earth.

How can you help by expressing your own needs and inner self in a positive and constructive way? What can you offer? Is there a group that will accept you because you bring something special to the table?

Any individual with Chiron in the 11th house is capable of contributing quite a lot of good to society. Healing comes from reconciling individual needs with those of society and expressing both in a positive and constructive way.

Ultimately, any individual with Chiron in the 11th house will learn how to be an individual within a group and avoid losing themselves.

Chiron in the 12th House

If you have Chiron in the 12th house, you may work very hard to hide your wound away. The wound might even be unconscious, but when it does come to the surface, you feel the urgent need to stuff it back down.

At the same time, you may cling to your wound with Chiron in the 12th house. These wounds often come from a past life, and it might feel like the wound is an essential part of who you are.

More than any other placement, Chiron in the 12th house can be pretty dark and scary. The wound often revolves around fear from a past life and trauma that is buried in your unconscious mind.

Chiron in the 12th house can indicate either mental illness or psychism. These traits are often ancestral; the wound itself may even be ancestral.

Alternatively, this Chiron in the 12th house placement can also have to do with an incarceration of some kind. This could be prison of the mind, body, or spirit.

So there you have it: Chiron in the houses. Questions or comments about your Chiron placement? Drop a line in the comments and I’m always happy to help!

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Juno Astrology Aspects In Synastry

Juno Astrology Aspects In Synastry

Juno aspects seem minor to many astrologers, but these aspects can tell you a lot about the qualities that your relationship has or might have, especially in a long-term relationship.

When you’re looking at Juno aspects with a partner, you’ll want to look specifically at Juno aspects in synastry. This means that you’re using both of your charts and looking at the aspects between them.

Today I’m going over every single aspect you might have between Juno and other planets or points in a synastry chart!

If you have difficult aspects, don’t get too upset – these aspects don’t mean that the relationship is doomed. Sure, sometimes aspects to Pluto, Saturn, etc. can indicate control or abuse, but other times these aspects indicate an opportunity to grow if both partners are willing.

No one in the world has a perfect chart. We will always have some difficult aspects with the person who we choose to be with long-term. These aspects help to grow and also create glue in a relationship. In my opinion, no astrological chart will work without at least a few difficult aspects to create tension.

Difficult aspects also help us to learn what we are here to learn. These aspects aid us in our soul journey.

Only you know if the hard aspects in your synastry chart indicate a serious problem that means you need to leave the relationship, or an opportunity to grow and learn.

Juno aspects show both karmic soul contracts and the ways you can learn in this relationship.

Juno Aspects to the Sun

Sun Conjunct Juno/Sun Trine Juno Synastry

With both sun conjunct Juno and sun trine Juno in synastry, the kind of partner the Juno person needs is fundamentally who the Sun person is. This relationship is an easy pairing and can often signify marriage.

If you have sun conjunct Juno or sun trine Juno in a synastry chart, pursue that relationship for sure!

Sun Sextile Juno Synastry

With sun sextile Juno in synastry, the Sun person is decently compatible with the energy that the Juno person needs in a relationship, although this is not necessarily a past life connection. The personality connection is definitely there, but it must be developed.

There is an opportunity to further develop this relationship and for it to be successful with sun sextile Juno in synastry.

Sun Opposition Juno Synastry

Sun opposition Juno in synastry creates a draw. However, there can be the issue of selfishness (usually of the Sun person, although not always), that needs to be worked through before the relationship can flourish.

I find that the sun opposition Juno aspect can create a lot of attraction but also a bit of tension when the personalities aren’t compatible with what the partners need out of a marriage.

Sun Square Juno Synastry

Something about the way that the sun person fundamentally is causes a clash between the two partners, as well as issues for the Juno person with the sun square Juno aspect in synastry.

Sun square Juno in synastry can also causes a magnetism that initially draws the couple together. This is a very dynamic aspect.

You may both feel that the other is selfish in the relationship and will need to work through ego issues. You can feel as though you’re “pitted against” each other, so a good deal of ego work is necessary for the relationship to work.

Juno Aspects to the Moon

Moon Conjunct Juno Synastry

The moon conjunct Juno relationship shows that the Juno person is perfectly aligned with the emotions of the moon person.

This is a very auspicious aspect for a long term relationship, because the Juno person will be so compatible with and understanding of the moon person’s emotions. Neither party often feels neglected, but instead emotionally supported.

Moon conjunct Juno in synastry shows a lot of emotional intelligence!

Moon Trine Juno Synastry

With moon trine Juno in synastry, both parties connect on a deep, emotional level, and know how to support each other in a healthy way.

The relationship is very soft and loving. Both people may nurture the other through difficult childhood issues that come up.

Moon Sextile Juno Synastry

There is an opportunity for both partners to learn how the other needs nurture and emotional support. Moon sextile Juno in synastry is an easy aspect, but it will take a bit of work for each of the partners to learn the other.

Moon Opposition Juno Synastry

With moon opposition Juno in synastry, the moon person’s emotions are at odd with what the Juno person needs in a relationship to be supported.

The Juno individual doesn’t not know how to comfort the moon person and may either turn away or become a sort of surrogate parent by being over-involved in the moon person’s emotions. They don’t have healthy emotional boundaries.

This aspect can occasionally (certainly not always) represent a push-pull between the spouse and the mother moon person’s mother.

Alternatively, the moon person may cause emotional upheaval in the relationship, or there may be emotional coldness in the relationship.

Moon Square Juno Synastry

With the moon square Juno synastry aspect, the moon person’s emotions will clash with what the Juno person is looking for in a relationship. The moon person may be up and down while the Juno person is looking for emotional stability, or vice-versa.

Occasionally, mental illness dominates the relationship, or the relationship is emotionally cold.

Sometimes, this aspect can mean that the moon person’s mother causes issues in the relationship.

Juno Aspects to Mercury

Mercury Conjunct Juno Synastry

With the Mercury conjunct Juno synastry aspect, the Mercury person has great mental capacity and thinks/communicates in a way that fits perfectly with the kind of relationship the Juno person needs.

Communication is flawless and easy in this relationship! Mercury conjunct Juno in synastry is a great aspect, especially for couples who really value communication and intelligence.

Mercury Trine Juno Synastry

Communication will be easy and natural between the couple with the Mercury trine Juno synastry aspect. They may also enjoy talking about intellectual subjects.

The Mercury trine Juno aspect makes it really easy to get along and talk about the big topics. Look to the signs that both planets are in; these are the areas where you will especially enjoy communication and intellectual discussion as a couple.

Mercury Sextile Juno Synastry

While communication might not be flawless at first with the Mercury sextile Juno synastry aspect, if the couple is willing to work on it, then there is an opportunity for great communication in this relationship.

Both parties will need to learn how the other thinks and operates in a logical sense.

Mercury Opposition Juno Synastry

There will be some communication issues in this relationship with the Mercury opposition Juno synastry aspect; both people may communicate in totally opposite ways, specifically in this relationship.

There will need to be a meeting in the middle for the relationship to flourish. Couples’ therapy can help a lot with the Mercury opposition Juno aspect because it will teach partners how to communicate in a way that the other understands.

Mercury Square Juno Synastry

There are big communication problems with this Mercury square Juno synastry aspect. The partners may communicate in vastly different ways, feel like they’re always on different planes, talk over each other, or simply not communicate.

There must a willingness from both parties to resolve these differences. Again, couples’ therapy or learning about communication can help.

I do find that there is a lot of anger with the Mercury square Juno synastry aspect that needs to be worked through before real communication can happen.

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Juno Aspects to Venus

Venus Conjunct Juno Synastry

With the Venus conjunct Juno synastry aspect, the Venus person seems to be exactly what the Juno person needs when they first meet.

There is definitely an aura of love, but this aspect does not necessarily speak to a long lasting relationship; this is more of a positive initial attraction that can jumpstart a relationship.

Regardless, the Venus conjunct Juno synastry aspect is always beneficial in any relationship as it creates an aura of beauty and love.

Venus Trine Juno Synastry

With the Venus trine Juno synastry aspect, the Venus person has qualities that are attractive to the Juno person, but also possesses qualities that can give the Juno person the longterm relationship they need.

This is a very beneficial aspect that creates harmonious relationships!

Venus Sextile Juno Synastry

With Venus sextile Juno in synastry, there is an opportunity to develop a beautiful, loving relationship, based on the strong and positive initial attraction between the two partners.

Like most relationships, this will take a bit of work. Venus sextile Juno isn’t instant, but it’s a positive aspect to have in a long-term relationship.

Venus Opposition Juno Synastry

The Venus opposition Juno synastry aspect means that the kind of individual the Juno person will be attracted to has the opposite qualities of those that they need for their long term relationship.

The Juno person will struggle between attraction and longterm relationship value. May be some sexual frustration in the relationship after time.

Venus opposition Juno in synastry is a tough aspect to have, but if both partners can work to develop the positive Juno qualities that they need, it can work over time.

Venus Square Juno Synastry

With Venus square Juno in synastry, the kind of person you will be attracted to does not have qualities that will create a lasting relationship. You may be attracted to people who don’t have “husband” or “wife” qualities.

For example, people with the Venus square Juno aspect are often attracted to partners who are inappropriate or immature, even though they may want a family and someone stable. They might be attracted to those who are fun-loving but cheat when they’re looking for someone trustworthy.

Look to the signs involved in this Venus square Juno aspect in order to see what qualities you specifically need.

Juno Aspects to Mars

Mars Conjunct Juno Synastry

With Mars conjunct Juno in synastry, the Mars partner’s action and drive is compatible with the relationship the Juno person is looking for. The relationship will bring out the best qualities in the Juno person.

The Mars conjunct Juno synastry aspect can create a fun and fiery relationship. These people typically have a lot of drive and might have a passionate sex life.

Mars Trine Juno Synastry

The Mars trine Juno synastry aspect creates very sexual relationship in a good way.

This relationship can often start off quickly and passionately, but without other aspects, it will burn out just as quickly.

There is a lot of energy and passion with the Mars trine Juno aspect. The sexual passion might refuel both partners when there is tension in other areas of the relationship.

Mars Sextile Juno Synastry

If you have the Mars sextile Juno synastry aspect in a relationship, there is an opportunity to generate a good deal of passion, if you choose to put the energy in. It isn’t something that happens naturally, but the opportunity is there.

There is also an opportunity for a really passionate sex life, once each partner figures out what the other likes.

Mars Opposition Juno Synastry

The Mars opposition Juno synastry aspect in a relationship can become a tug of war instead of a romance. It can also become a competition, which will eventually destroy any positive bonds the couple has.

The couple with the Mars opposition Juno synastry aspect might feel like they’re always seeing different point of views. There’s a lot of energy in the relationship, but it can cause fights instead of solving them. This might be a love-hate relationship that is difficult for both people to leave.

This couple needs to learn how to express their feelings in a calm, direct manner.

Mars Square Juno Synastry

With the Mars square Juno synastry aspect, the partners may dominate each other. There can be a lot of aggression in this relationship in the form of hot-tempered arguments.

Alternatively, one person may start to feel confined in this relationship.

Juno Aspects to Jupiter

Jupiter Conjunct Juno Synastry

With the Jupiter conjunct Juno synastry aspect, the partners’ values are both perfectly in-line. They also may agree on religion or beliefs, at least when it comes to the relationship.

Jupiter Trine Juno Synastry

With the Jupiter trine Juno synastry aspect, the partners’ values are very similar. The relationship works when it comes to values.

Jupiter Sextile Juno Synastry

With Jupiter sextile Juno in synastry, there is an opportunity to develop similar values and figure out what each person’s values are together.

Jupiter Opposition Juno Synastry

The values of the Jupiter person oppose what values the Juno person wants in a relationship with the Jupiter opposition Juno synastry aspect.

The signs of each planet will you show you exactly what values are not in line. With certain signs and placements, this can signal infidelity, but not always.

Jupiter Square Juno Synastry

With the Jupiter square Juno synastry aspect, there is a complete clash between the types of values that the partners have, especially when it comes to a relationship. They may want and value different things in a partnership. For this relationship to work, there needs to be a compromise and a willingness to listen.

Juno Aspects to Saturn

Saturn Conjunct Juno Synastry

With Saturn conjunct Juno in synastry, the relationship is karmic. The partners may be very committed because the energy feels intense.

Sometimes, one partner may be older or wiser. Other times, one partner is just seen as older or more mature.

With Saturn conjunct Juno, the Juno person may have blind trust in the Saturn person.

Saturn Trine Juno Synastry

The Saturn trine Juno synastry aspect indicates a stable marriage. It can also mean that the marriage is paying off a karmic debt (that the partners created together in a past life), or that the marriage is one society approves of.

Saturn trine Juno almost always indicates a relationship that is karmically earned and that is most likely very committed.

Saturn Sextile Juno Synastry

With Saturn sextile Juno in synastry, there is an opportunity to pay off karma. There is also an opportunity for the partners to develop something stable and mature.

Saturn Opposition Juno Synastry

Saturn opposition Juno in synastry means that the responsibilities that the Saturn person has or imposes on the Juno person are the opposite of what the Juno person needs in a relationship.

The Saturn person may be a strong force that holds the Juno person down. This can be either through restrictions (personal, societal, etc.) or through control.

Saturn Square Juno Synastry

Saturn square Juno in synastry means that there is a possibility for both people to create negative karma in this relationship. Alternatively, it could be a karmic relationship that already exists, but there is not a possibility to heal the relationship fully in this lifetime (although some work can be done). This is probably a large karmic wound.

The Saturn square Juno aspect can also mean that one person’s limiting beliefs will hinder the spiritual growth of the relationship, or that one person is making a spiritually “bad” marriage in order to gain security such as money or status.

Sometimes, the Juno person will stay in the relationship because of fear or abandonment issues for far too long.

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Juno Aspects to Uranus

Uranus Conjunct Juno Synastry

The Uranus conjunct Juno synastry partnership will be different, quirky, or extremely independent, but this is exactly what the Juno person needs.

This is a new age relationship. It’s definitely different in a way that works for both people.

Uranus Trine Juno Synastry

With Uranus trine Juno in synastry, this will be an unconventional relationship in a way that is beneficial to the soul growth of both parties.

Uranus Sextile Juno Synastry

There is an opportunity to create a different kind of relationship than what the Juno partner is used to, if this opportunity is acted upon, with the Uranus sextile Juno aspect in synastry.

Uranus Opposition Juno Synastry

With Uranus opposition Juno, the Uranus partner is completely different in a way that is not beneficial to the Juno person’s morals. The partners might also want different levels of space in in the relationship; one partner may be more clingy than the other.

Uranus Square Juno Synastry

With Uranus square Juno in synastry, the Uranus person will be different from society in a way that threatens the Juno person or causes arguments.

Partners will likely need a lot of space and will develop a relationship that is by no means conventional. One person may need space while the other wants less.

Juno Aspects to Neptune

Neptune Conjunct Juno Synastry

The Neptune conjunct Juno synastry relationship can be very romantic, but it can also be delusional. This is a spiritual, intense relationship.

If you’re in a Neptune conjunct Juno relationship, be careful to not idealize your partner.

There can be a mysterious magnetism between these two partners, but they need to also become grounded in the relationship and figure out what’s real.

Neptune Trine Juno Synastry

The Neptune trine Juno synastry aspect means that the partners will be sensitive and empathetic. They may delve into spiritual beliefs together or their emotions may become enmeshed. Communication can be almost intuitive.

If you’re in a Neptune trine Juno relationship, be careful not to idealize the partner.

Neptune Sextile Juno Synastry

With Neptune sextile Juno in synastry, there is an opportunity for both partners to develop a spiritual relationship that transcends the typical physical marriage. There is also an opportunity to develop a type of communication that is emotional and intuitive instead of just logical.

At first, you may feel that you’ve found just what you’re looking for in a relationship, but you probably put each other on a pedestal if you have Neptune sextile Juno. This needs to be overcome for the relationship to be healthy and grounded.

Neptune Opposition Juno Synastry

With Neptune opposition Juno in synastry, there is a tendency to see one person (or for both people to see each other) as opposite from who they truly are. It is difficult for people in this relationship to see the truth.

In reality, the needs and agendas of both partners may not match up in some ways, although they probably wear rose-colored glasses at first.

Partners may stay in the Neptune opposition Juno relationship and try to convince themselves that it’s working even when it’s not. Both partners need to learn how to cope with reality and let go of delusions.

Neptune Square Juno Synastry

If you have the Neptune square Juno aspect in synastry, one partner might feel sorry for the other or want to rescue them. One person may be a martyr for the other.

Alternatively, there may be mental illness or addiction involved in the relationship.

Juno Aspects to Pluto

Pluto Conjunct Juno Synastry

With Pluto conjunct Juno in synastry, there can be obsession and control in the relationship, but it can also bring strength to one or both parties can cause both people to change for the better.

This is a really life altering aspect! If it’s used in the best way possible, both people will come out on the other side transformed.

Pluto Trine Juno Synastry

The Pluto trine Juno synastry aspect indicates general change and upheaval on this relationship. Nothing will be the same, but it’s all for the best of both people.

This aspect also indicates a lot of passion and intensity. The Pluto person probably stands out to the Juno person right away.

Pluto Sextile Juno Synastry

Pluto sextile Juno in synastry offers the partners and opportunity to change each other for the better. This relationship will help both people grow, shine, and change.

There is also an opportunity for a great passion with Pluto sextile Juno in synastry.

Pluto Opposition Juno Synastry

With Pluto opposition Juno in synastry, one person will try to control the relationship and make it something that is just isn’t. There are a lot of power issues in this relationship and one person may become the dictator if the other doesn’t stand up for themselves.

Pluto Square Juno Synastry

With Pluto square Juno in synastry, there is a tendency for one person to control the other.

Typically, the Pluto person has some control over the Juno person, but not always (the roles are sometimes reversed depending on the sign Juno is in).

If this Pluto square Juno aspect can be transmuted and used for good, then there will be a lot of passion and intensity in this relationship.

Juno Aspects to Chiron

Chiron Conjunct Juno Synastry

With Chiron conjunct Juno in synastry, the relationship will be directly tied to the Chiron person’s wound.

This relationship causes the wound in one partner to be re-opened, can be painful, but can also be transformative.

Chiron Trine Juno Synastry

There is great potential to work through Chironic wounds with Chiron trine Juno in synastry, especially for the Chiron person. The partners can easily support each other when they’re feeling wounded.

Chiron Sextile Juno Synastry

With Chiron sextile Juno in synastry, there is an opportunity to work through the Chironic wounds by being in the relationship.

Chiron Opposition Juno & Chiron Square Juno Synastry

With both Chiron opposition Juno and Chiron square Juno in synastry, the relationship will trigger the Chironic wound of one or both people.

Juno Aspects to Juno

Juno Conjunct Juno Synastry

The Juno conjunct Juno synastry aspect means that there is a great potential for marriage. Both people want the same things in a marriage and have the same values.

Juno Trine Juno Synastry

Juno trine Juno in synastry means that you value similar qualities in a relationship and in marriage. It will be easy to figure out what the “rules” of the relationship are.

Juno Sextile Juno Synastry

With Juno sextile Juno in synastry, there is an opportunity to learn about what you each need from a relationship, it will take you some time to figure this out together. Don’t give up!

Juno Opposition Juno Synastry

With Juno opposition Juno in synastry, the couple might be initially attracted to each other, but they’re often incompatible on a deep level.

This is because both people want opposite things from a relationship and from their partner. They each have needs that the other can’t understand.

The only way this Juno opposition Juno relationship can work is if each partner is willing to sacrifice some of the things that they want in a relationship without becoming resentful.

Juno Square Juno Synastry

With the Juno square Juno synastry aspect, both partners are at odds with what the other needs in a relationship. They simply can’t understand what the other person is looking for.

This aspect is hard to overcome, but a good deal of communication and work will help to solve these differences.

Juno Aspects to Ceres

Ceres Conjunct Juno Synastry

With the Ceres conjunct Juno synastry aspect, a huge part of the relationship will be focused on nurture. Most likely the Ceres individual will nurture the Juno person, but this can also be a nurturing relationship that goes both way.

Ceres Trine Juno Synastry

With the Ceres trine Juno synastry aspect, the nurture that exists within the relationship is harmonious with what both partners need. They’re each good at nurturing the other in a way that feels good.

Ceres Sextile Juno Synastry

There is an opportunity for each person to teach the other how to nurture each other as well as themselves. Each person needs to develop their nurturing skills, but this Ceres sextile Juno relationship can help them to do so.

Ceres Opposition Juno Synastry

With Ceres opposition Juno in synastry, the Juno person attempts to nurture the Ceres person is a way completely opposite of what the Ceres person actually needs.

The Juno person will need to put in quite a bit of work to learn how to nurture the Ceres person in a way that works for them.

Ceres Square Juno Synastry

With Ceres square Juno in synastry, there is a misunderstanding between the two people concerning how they nurture each other.

When one partner is feeling badly, the other partner either does not pick up on the emotions or is incapable of giving comfort in a way that the person needs.

Ceres square Juno is a difficult aspect, but it is possible to work through it if the partners are willing to learn exactly how the other needs to be nurtured.

Juno Aspects to the North Node

Juno Conjunct North Node Synastry

With Juno conjunct North Node, the North Node person needs this kind of relationship in order to achieve their soul’s purpose. This is a very beneficial relationship for both people!

Juno Trine North Node Synastry

Juno trine North Node is almost karmic in nature. Both people will grow and learn through this marriage and it happens for a reason.

Juno Sextile North Node Synastry

Juno sextile North Node indicates an opportunity to grow through marriage and for the North Node person to learn their lessons through the relationship.

Juno Opposition North Node Synastry

With Juno opposition North Node, you have a karmic bond from a past life that you are paying off. This will impede the North Node person from moving forward, unless you are able to transmit this bond into something new and grow from your mistakes.

This placement means that there is an opportunity to grow together and to right your wrongs.

Juno opposition North Node also means that there is potential for this to be a lifetime soul contract.

Juno Square North Node Synastry

Juno square North Node means that the kind of commitment that you naturally want to make will actually hinder your spiritual progress in the world.

These two areas will be at odds with each other. How much this impacts you will depend on how important your relationship is for your growth. Look to your North Node sign and house for more information on that.

Juno Aspects to the South Node

Juno Conjunct South Node Synastry

Juno conjunct South Node in synastry means that there was a past life marriage or relationship between the parties. This is a karmic union to repay past life debts to each other.

How the relationship goes will depend on how well both parties are able to learn from their past life mistakes. It might be helpful to learn more about the past life and figure out exactly what the karmic bond is.

There is potential for this to be a lifetime soul contract.

Juno Trine South Node Synastry

Juno trine South Node means that the values that the South Node person brings from a past life are understood and empathized with by the Juno person.

This is a harmonious relationship in these areas and the Juno person will not be off-put by the past life values that the South Node person shows.

Juno Sextile South Node Synastry

Juno sextile South Node is almost karmic in nature; both people will learn to grow through this marriage or relationship. It has been set up for a reason.

Juno Opposition South Node Synastry

Juno opposition South Node in synastry will push the South Node person to grow.

The relationship may not be similar to what the South Node person is used to, but it will be important for his/her growth. This is actually a good placement if the South Node person is willing to do the work.

Juno Square South Node Synastry

Juno square South Node in synastry means that the kind of commitment that you both naturally want will actually hinder your spiritual progress in the world.

Your values behind commitment and your spiritual purpose are at odds with each other.

Juno Aspects to the Ascendant

Juno Conjunct Ascendant & Juno Opposition Descendant Synastry

Juno conjunct the ascendant or Juno opposition the descendant creates instant attraction. It’s a great aspect right off the bat!

The Ascendant person may come to resent the fact that the Juno person does not embody more qualities of their Descendant over time, unless the Juno person has these qualities in the rest of their chart.

Juno Trine Ascendant Synastry

Juno trine ascendant in synastry indicates an immediate attraction, probably from knowing each other in a past life. There is also an opportunity for each person to uncover their shadow sides in this relationship.

Juno Sextile Ascendant Synastry

Juno sextile ascendant in synastry indicates an opportunity for attraction, if both partners act upon it and begin dating. It isn’t super strong at first, but it can grow quickly with a bit of effort and time.

Juno Opposition Ascendant & Juno Conjunct Descendant Synastry

Juno opposition ascendant (which is the same as Juno conjunct descendant) in synastry is the “ideal relationship.”

This sign shows up a lot in successful marriages. The Juno person will embody the traits that the ascendant person feels they need the most.

Juno Square Ascendant Synastry

Juno square ascendant in synastry can mean that there isn’t an instant attraction. There isn’t much possibility of these people even wanting to get together unless other placements in the chart do the work for them, at least initially.

Juno Aspects to the Midheaven

Juno Conjunct Midheaven Synastry

This relationship will help the Midheaven person fulfill their purposes in the career world; this will be a main aspect of the relationship.

With the Juno conjunct Midheaven aspect in synastry, both partners are very invested in their public image. Their marriage or partnership may be integral to their public image. The most obvious example of this is the President and First Lady, who need their marriage in order to maintain their image.

Juno Trine Midheaven Synastry

The Juno trine Midheaven relationship will aid the Midheaven person in their career.

Juno Sextile Midheaven Synastry

With Juno sextile Midheaven, there is an opportunity for this relationship to help the Midheaven person define their public image through the process of the partnership.

Juno Opposition and Square Midheaven Synastry

With both Juno opposition Midheaven and Juno square Midheaven, the relationship with the Juno person will be the opposite of what the Midheaven person needs for their career.

This can be either detrimental or beneficial for the Midheaven person, depending on whether they’re in the right career or not.

Juno Aspects to Lilith

Juno Conjunct Lilith Synastry

The Juno conjunct Lilith aspect in synastry will fulfill the Lilith person’s deepest, darkest desires. There will probably be some aspect of this relationship that is great for the Lilith person sexually, but it will also force them to examine what they truly desire and to look at their darker natures.

Juno Trine Lilith Synastry

This Juno trine Lilith relationship will fulfill some of the Lilith’s person’s desires, although this is more of a “nice extra” in the relationship and will not be a dominant aspect of the relationship.

Juno Sextile Lilith Synastry

There is an opportunity for this Juno sextile Lilith relationship to fulfill the Lilith’s person’s desires, but both partners may need to do some work to get it there.

Juno Opposition Lilith Synastry

The relationship will have have many qualities that the Juno person needs, but it will not fulfill the desires of the Lilith person at a subconscious level. These two needs will oppose each other.

Juno Square Lilith Synastry

With Juno square Lilith, there will be a clash between what the Juno person needs in a relationship and what the Lilith person desires. This can create a spark, or it can cause the relationship to slowly deteriorate as both people feel that their needs are not being filled. In the end, the Lilith person is more likely to feel unfulfilled.

Chiron In Capricorn: The Wound Of Recognition

Chiron In Capricorn: The Wound Of Recognition

Chiron shows our most challenging wounds. Chiron in Capricorn is the wound of recognition, but it can bleed into many areas of your life and is not just job-related.

Chiron is always very clear. It would be almost impossible for you to not see your wound. Every so often, you are reminded that your wound exists; this feels painful but is actually beneficial because this will force you to heal the wound.

Chiron in Capricorn is especially hard to forget because it’s all about society and being around other people.

The Chiron In Capricorn Wound

This Chiron in Capricorn wound is all about your need for achievement. You feel unrecognized, unnoticed, and unheard, no matter how hard you try.

You probably feel as though you just fade into the background, especially in the area of the house where you Chiron sits.

This Chironic wounds means that all you really want is respect. You just want to be noticed and heard, but this is also the one thing you can never seem to get.

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How The Chironic Wound Will Show Itself

If you have Chiron in Capricorn, you probably work really hard to try and achieve some sort of social status or public well-being.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a social climber. You might just be super socially conscious of what you say and how you say it, do a lot for the general public, work really hard in your career to try and get noticed, etc. A lot of this will of course depend on the house that your Chiron sits in.

With Chiron in Capricorn, you’re really ambitious in some way, but you get wounded over and over when your efforts go unrecognized. You constantly feel like a failure.

Chiron in Capricorn won’t be very obvious to other people unless they look closely at you. To others, you tend to look like a hardworking individual, but you’re trying so hard because you’re in pain.

Sometimes, those with Chiron in Capricorn might give up. This will typically happen later in life. They might resign themselves to a life of obscurity, but could also fall into depression or addictions because they haven’t yet worked through the wound.

I also find that those with Chiron in Capricorn are really focused on structure. They believe that if they give their life enough structure then they will achieve what they desire.

Because of this belief, Chiron in Capricorn folks might either control others (especially in the house of their Chiron) or put themselves in a position to be controlled by others.

For example, the Chiron in Capricorn person may control their spouse, their children, their schedule, their job, etc., or they may found a spouse who controls them or sign up for a career in a controlling environment, like the military.

Most of these control issues will resolve themselves as the Chiron in Capricorn person works through the core wound.

Where Does The Chiron In Capricorn Wound Come From?

The Chiron in Capricorn wound can be developed a lot of different ways.

Many individuals develop this wound in childhood because they are never recognized or noticed by the adults around them. They aren’t given a voice, and their opinions don’t matter. They just can’t seem to catch up to everyone else.

Alternatively, this wound might have been developed in a past life. The individual might have needed to be noticed; it was a matter of life and death. For example, one might have worked for a King and been put to death or shunned if the individual wasn’t well-liked.

Most often, I find that this wound comes from some combination of both types of traumas.

How to Heal Chiron in Capricorn

Chiron in Capricorn is all about excelling in the eyes of others. This is because you are looking for acceptance and esteem from others yet you don’t have that for yourself.

The healing path is to learn to listen to your own voice instead of what society tells you success and acceptance looks like.

If you have Chiron in Capricorn, you need to spend time learning to hear the soul of your spirit. Your consciousness is fragmented and only you can assimilate it.

When you learn to speak to your inner voice, you will discovery what your true purpose on earth is.

Your need for control will dissipate when you realize that you have control over your own soul and your own path. Working with energy can help those with Chiron in Capricorn learn how to harness control in a positive and powerful way.

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Chiron In Sagittarius: The Wound Of Belief

Chiron In Sagittarius: The Wound Of Belief

Chiron in the natal chart shows us our deepest, darkest wounds. Chiron in Sagittarius is an especially tricky placement because it’s all about our beliefs and our sense of meaning.

Almost any Chiron placement is impossible to escape. Unlike Saturn, Chiron will show up over and over, because Chiron isn’t a restriction but is instead a wound that needs healing. The only way you’ll notice it is if the wound is right in your face.

Because our Chiron signs can make our lives so painful, I recommend figuring yours out and working on it as soon as possible. All Chiron signs have some really great qualities if we’re able to work through the pain of the wound.

The Chiron In Sagittarius Wound

The Chiron in Sagittarius wound is a trauma to your belief and sense of meaning. You have been wounded (in a past life or in childhood) in a way that makes it really difficult for you to truly believe in anything.

Even though you’re probably very good at logically thinking about beliefs, you might feel like you’re on a never-ending search to actually discover your own. Nothing ever feels permanent; you just don’t know what the purpose of life really is, no matter how hard you try.

The Chiron in Sagittarius wound is all about disconnection. You feel disconnected from your beliefs, yet you don’t even know what they really are. You just can’t figure out what it “all means.”

You might feel like life is totally meaningless and pointless, or instead you may think there is a “point” to life, but you just can’t figure out what it is.

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How The Chironic Wound Will Show Itself

The Chiron in Sagittarius wound can show up in a lot of different ways (depending on the house, the aspects, and the rest of your chart), but there are a few key pointers that you’ll usually see in anyone’s chart with this placement.

This can manifest in a few different ways.

In the first scenario, you might avoid thinking about a higher power. You feel that life is meaningless and you just can’t find purpose in any of it, so you choose to simply ignore it.

You may shut off a part of your nature in order to stop “big picture thinking” from happening. You may also feel bitter that there “isn’t” anything out there. This is the atheist who is angry at God for not existing.

Alternatively, you go to any lengths in order to find meaning. You might rely on others for answers and information, but you can never really use the information that you do get constructively. You might feel like nothing assimilates for you.

Sometimes, these people spend their entire lives searching for the answer. Other times, they become fanatical about religion or other belief systems, even though they don’t feel that any one system answers all of their questions deep down.

I find that people with Chiron in Sagittarius typically don’t like to be boxed in or tied down, especially in the area of the house that Chiron sits in. This is usually because they already feel boxed in by the “meaning” of life, so they can’t handle any more restrictions from outside sources.

Where Does The Chiron In Sagittarius Wound Come From?

Typically, the Chiron in Sagittarius wound comes from a past life trauma that caused you to stop believing in whatever it is you felt passionately about.

This could be quite literally any kind of trauma. Whatever happened to you, the key issue is that you thought that the trauma happened because God, the Universe, or your belief system in general wasn’t there for you. You felt that you were left alone, so it must not be real.

Alternatively, you might have been taught during your childhood that there is nothing out there or that you can’t rely on beliefs or religion. You might have searched for something without ever finding it.

How to Heal Chiron in Sagittarius

To heal Chiron in Sagittarius, you must first recognize that you’re searching for meaning through philosophy or religion, when really what you seek is a connection with your Higher Self.

Contrary to the title, your Higher Self isn’t far away and above, but within you.

You struggle to assimilate your beliefs not because belief systems aren’t real, but because the pieces of your own self are not yet assimilated.

I recommend that you work on assimilating yourself through Inner Child and Higher Self work. You have many different parts of you that feel separate but can come together with a bit of work.

The other thing that may help is to recognize that life is a journey. Our purpose on Earth is not to reach a destination, but to continue to learn until we grow old.

Even if your Chiron takes you on a lifelong journey to find out what is real out there, it’s okay. Learning to recognize that the journey is beautiful will help you to accept your Chiron while you work on your trauma.

Celebrities With Chiron In Sagittarius:

  • Robin Williams
  • Meryl Streep
  • Pablo Escobar
  • Victor Hugo
  • Caitlyn Jenner
  • Al Capone
  • Ernest Hemmingway
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Willow Smith
  • Jessica Lange
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Bill Murray
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Dr. Phil
  • Heinrich Himmler

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Mercury Conjunct Venus: Natal, Transit, and Synastry

Mercury Conjunct Venus: Natal, Transit, and Synastry

Mercury is all about the mind while Venus is all about beauty and pleasure. The Mercury conjunct Venus aspect quite literally means mental pleasure, so it’s an aspect that many people appreciate!

A conjunction means that two planets sit about 5 degrees or less (sometimes 8 degrees or less, depending on the type of software you use) from each other. The energy of the two planets works together so it can be very hard to separate them. Typically, a conjunction is the strongest aspect in the natal chart.

Mercury and Venus are both personal planets, so this conjunction will show up quite a bit in your everyday life. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo; Venus rules Taurus and Libra. These signs are an interesting mix of air and earth elements together.

The Mercury conjunct Venus aspect will show up very differently if it’s in your natal chart than it will if this is a transiting aspect or an aspect in synastry.

For this reason, I’m breaking this blog post down into three sections: natal, transit, and in synastry. Feel free to scroll down to the section that applies to you!

Mercury Conjunct Venus Natal:

If you have the Mercury conjunct Venus aspect in your natal chart, you are charming, poetic, refined, and polite. This is a true “Libran” aspect that makes you intellectual yet warm.

You might have an appreciation for the arts with this aspect. I find that many of these natives enjoy painting, writing, screenplays, music, or any other form of art. Sometimes, they do this as a career, while other times it’s a hobby or outlet for self-expression.

If you have this aspect in your chart, you are extremely diplomatic but you still appear warm. You really have the perfect temperament to appeal to others. This is a natural gift bestowed in your birth chart.

Oddly enough, you might come off as a bit delicate somehow. Even though Mercury conjunct Venus people are typically strong and are smart, cunning, and gregarious, they also have a delicate air that’s hard to explain. It endears people to you so it definitely isn’t a bad thing!

You are attracted (romantically) to people who use their minds; intelligence is extremely interesting to you. You need to connect mentally on some level.

You also tend to attract these intellectual types to you. If there are other positive aspects (such as trines and sextiles) to the Mercury conjunct Venus aspect, then this will be a positive thing, but if there are squares, you may tend to attract conniving partners or those who are “too smart for their own good.”

You probably value everyone’s opinions. You never think in black and white coloring; you’re willing to hear people out and give others the chance to speak or offer suggestions before you make a decision.

This placement means that you tend to intellectualize or rationalize your feelings. Even though you love all things beautiful, it can be hard for you to really process your emotions on a deeper level than simply intellectual processing.

You have a talent for diplomacy with Mercury conjunct Venus. You choose your words carefully, often because you know what the other person wants to hear, but this can make people feel that you’re not genuine. If you want to lie, you’re probably pretty good at it.

You may also be talented at writing, speaking, or other forms of communication, but this will depend mainly on the sign and the house the Mercury conjunct Venus aspect sits in.

To others, you seem like you have good judgment, whether or not this is true. It’s typically easy for people to trust you, at least at first, because you come off as graceful and fair.

You might be very creative and can sometimes use your ingenuity and intellectual graces to come up with new ways to earn money. Your tactfulness can help you exceed as a diplomat or political if you should choose that career path. These people are never rude and do extremely well around strangers!

Alternatively, these folks can be great salespeople. They also excel in any forward people-facing position, but sometimes Mercury conjunct Venus folks appreciate the arts and would rather stay home and create.

You’ll find that this conjunction doesn’t necessarily dictate your life’s career path, but it can shed some light on the qualities that can assist you in achieving your dreams.

In bed, you might especially enjoy verbal communication. You need to verbally know how your lover is feeling. Again, it can be hard for you to drop down into your feelings and let your mind go, so you need to find a way to bridge the gap.

As always, look at the sign and the house that the conjunction sits in. Mercury conjunct Venus in the 7th house will show up mainly in relationships, but this aspect in the 2nd house means that you can easily use this conjunct to acquire money and wealth.

Mercury Conjunct Venus Transit:

When a Mercury conjunct Venus transit is going on, people are more logically creative. If this seems like an oxymoron, don’t worry: I’ll explain it all!

Mercury is the sign of intellect and of mental knowledge, but Venus rules love, creativity, and all things beautiful. When there’s a Mercury conjunct Venus transit going on, we will all feel more creative in a way that’s productive.

For example, you might be able to come up with a new ideal that is the exact solution you’ve been seeking. Your creativity helped you to come up with the idea, not your intellect, but it is your enhanced logic that will put it into effect.

The Mercury conjunct Venus transit is a great time to work hard if you have been stuck on something for a while! You can expect to get brilliant ideas that simply aren’t natural for you.

When the Mercury conjunct Venus transit is happening, it’s a great time for socializing. Everyone will be more outgoing and more tactful. I find that this is a wonderful transit for large group events!

It’s also a great time to negotiate any new deal or bargain. If you’re working on negotiating anything, wait until the Mercury conjunct Venus transit if possible. I know that you can’t always put off big matters until the astrology is right, but this is a really good transit for these types of deals.

The Mercury conjunct Venus transit is also a great time to close deals. Most of the time, both parties feel very satisfied with what they get. For example, if you’re thinking of dissolving a business relationship with a business partner, the Mercury conjunct Venus transit would be the time to do it.

On a personal level, the Mercury conjunct Venus transit is a great time to start new relationships. Friendships blossom when they begin under this transit because everyone is tactful, polite, and charming.

Romantic relationships also do well when begun under the Mercury conjunct Venus transit. First date conversations will be enjoyable, and the beauty of the other person will be enhanced to each individual’s date.

If you’re planning out your calendar for the Mercury conjunct Venus transit, you probably won’t want to be sitting at home alone on this day. This is a great opportunity to get out and socialize.

Whether you need to use this transit for business or for personal pleasure, almost everyone can gain something during the Mercury conjunct Venus transit!

Mercury Conjunct Venus Synastry:

I find that the Mercury conjunct Venus synastry aspect is usually positive. It helps partners communicate in a way that is pleasant and logical. These people will generally have a fun time together.

Often, the Mercury person in the Mercury conjunct Venus synastry aspect will do more of the talking, but this won’t create a power imbalance: it’s simply a personality difference.

The Venus person will likely be charmed by the Mercury person. Although the Venus person might not listen on a deep level, and might care more about how the Mercury person’s words make them feel, they’re usually happy to be along for the ride.

If both people have good intentions, the Mercury conjunct Venus synastry aspect can be really beneficial! The couple is charmed by each other and generally enjoys each other’s company without trying too hard.

If either party has some sort of ulterior motive, then this aspect can be a bit dangerous. It’s easy to deceive and charm with the Mercury conjunct Venus synastry aspect; this aspect makes it hard for either partner to see what the other is truly thinking. This is especially true if the aspect is in Pisces.

Regardless of the sign, this aspect does make it easy for either partner to deceive the other. This may not cause a problem if neither partner has ulterior motives, but it can still hamper communication.

For example, this aspect makes it hard for the Venus partner to realize when the Mercury partner is hurt (or has hurt feelings) and vice-versa. Even though this couple has a lovely, happy time together, they will need to work on improving communication in order to get to the root of issues.

Alternatively, this aspect can make it difficult for the Venus person to tell the Mercury person what they really think about anything. The Venus person, depending on other aspects, may find themselves going along with everything because they don’t know how to say no.

I find that the Mercury conjunct Venus synastry aspect is usually great at first and gets more difficult as the relationship progresses and the couple requires deeper communication. Traditional communication practice (and sometimes therapy) can help clear this up if both people are willing.

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