The Moon Sign: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know

The Moon Sign: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know

If you’re new to astrology, then you might be learning just how important the moon sign is. The “big three” are known as the sun, the moon, and the ascendant (or rising sign), so the moon clearly shows a huge part of someone’s personality.

We typically say that the moon showcases our emotions or inner thoughts and reactions. I find that the moon is also your unconscious reactions and habits that were developed by the way you interpreted your caregiver’s actions as a child.

This means that even in a family of 4 children, each child could have a different moon sign because each child interpreted the mother’s actions slightly differently. Usually, the moon represents the mother, although it can represent whoever would have been in the position of fulfilling your emotional needs.

Learning about your moon sign gives you the power to transcend these more difficult habits into something wonderful that you can use in your everyday life. I certainly believe that it’s one of the most useful planets to learn about!

What is the Moon Sign?

The moon sign represents the position the moon was in when you were born. It changes signs every two and a half days, so it’s an aspect that’s pretty unique to you (unlike the sun sign, which will stay in the same position for about a month).

To calculate your moon sign, you’ll need to know your exact time of birth. This is pretty important, because while the moon will probably be in the same sign for most of your birthday, it won’t stay in the same exact degrees in that sign, so the aspects will change.

The moon is the ruler of Cancer. This means that it has qualities that are similar to Cancer, except it’s a planet. The moon represents our deep personal needs that are usually developed in childhood. These are the reactions that we carry with us (due to the emotions we experienced when we were children) that we will have to consciously work through. The moon is a reactionary planet: instead of making a choice to logically act, the moon is what will cause you to react due to the methods of feeling and relating that you learned as a kid.

What Qualities Does the Moon Sign Show?

There are a few different qualities that the moon sign represents. The moon is primarily known to show deep emotions. I interpret deep emotions to mean our unconscious reactions and habits, or the emotions that we have learned to feel over time. These are things that are so ingrained in us, we may not even realize they’re there.

Our moon shows how we react when something happens that triggers us, and why we react a certain way. Different events will trigger different people depending on where their moon is placed and if it has any aspects.

The moon also shows our less-than-optimal habits that we have to work to overcome. Our moon will point us towards our base emotions that need to be worked through for us to live a happier and more peaceful life.

The moon refers to where you retreat when you feel threatened, and what will help you feel more emotionally secure. A Leo needs praise and adoration, while an Aquarius will need to talk their feelings out in a logical way until they can access their emotional side. It will showcase a calming behavior that can help anyone feel more secure during a time of crisis.

The moon sign can actually influenced how strongly the sun sign is expressed. If they’re in the same sign, the qualities are likely to be stronger, but if the moon and sun sign are opposites, you may see a type of push-pull where each sign only shows up half of the time. While the moon is generally more emotional, having to do with unconscious reactions, and the sun is the more outward essence of who you are, they are very closely linked and each have the ability to influence the expression of the other.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, the moon sign can represent your mother or primary caregiver. This will be the person who changed your diapers, who was supposed to be there for you when you got hurt and sad (whether or not they were).

To be more specific, the moon sign shows how you interpreted your mother’s treatment of you as a child. Whether or not it was accurate, the moon will show your experience of your mother throughout your childhood and how that impacts your emotions now.

The moon sign is all about childhood Our unconscious reactions are formed there, and our methods of expressing our emotions are ingrained habits that we have to really examine if we want to change them.

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The 12 Moon Signs

We’ll write deeper articles on each moon sign in the near future, but if you’re curious now, here are the general ways that each moon sign expresses itself.

Keep in mind that although each moon sign has a typical childhood pattern, it will be influenced heavily by aspects. If you have a Virgo moon with wonderful aspects, then your mother may have been organized but not critical, and instead taught you valuable lessons about how to use organization in other areas of your life.

However, if you have a Gemini moon with a square to Pluto, then the normally erratic and absent Gemini mother may have instead been controlling in an crazy, up-and-down way.

All of these definitions will be heavily influenced by the rest of your chart. Your Pisces moon sign may say that you dream a lot and have trouble taking action, but if the rest of your chart is composed of fire signs, then that part of the definition won’t be true for you. You’ll need a deep understanding of aspects to fully get your moon sign, but learning each of them is a great place to start!

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With a typical Aries moon, the mother was probably dominant. She most likely gave attention to the child, but could be demanding, tactless, and unpredictably angry.

Look to the aspects to see exactly how this may have played out. Negative aspects will indicate difficulty with the mother in that area (e.g. moon square Neptune might indicate erratic anger due to addiction or mental illness with the moon in Aries).

Regardless of aspects, there was probably some unexpected anger from time to time between the child and mother. Generally, the Aries moon mother did value individuality and encouraged it in the child, but could become suddenly enraged if the child does not conform with what she believed was right in other areas.

The individual with the Aries moon sign will be quick to react but also to forget (assuming that no fixed signs are incredibly prominent). The person may also feel a need to push forward when they’re experiencing strong emotions. They feel the safest when they’re acting – stillness is not a good idea for the Aries moon sign.

As a child, the individual was taught to react quickly, and that continues to be the primary defense mechanism. Exactly how the person reacts depends on their aspects, but the lesson is almost always to slow down and see the situation through the lens of others rather than through his/her own unconscious reactions.


The Taurus moon sign can sometimes be confusing, because there are a few different qualities the mother can take on.

One type of Taurus moon mother was extremely structured and stable. She probably never let the child want for anything material (such as food, clothes, etc.) but was very strict and rigid.

In this scenario, the child has been taught to control their emotions through structure, so the adult needs structure (a schedule, a certain type of home-life, etc.) to process and regulate their feelings, and sometimes even to avoid them. The lesson here will be to actually feel emotions rather than just breaking them down into structure and rules.

Alternatively, the parent may have been too focused on material things such as looks, status, money, etc. They may have showed the child that no one is worth anything without these things, so now the adult feels that they must succeed in these areas to matter.

In this scenario, emotions are not well processed by the adult. Instead, they are stuffed down in the pursuit of possessions, and the person tells themselves that they can process those emotions when they achieve some sort of success. Of course, this is untrue; the way forward is to see emotions as separate from material things and work to process them now.


The Gemini moon signs is generally one of the tougher placements. The mother was not necessarily stable, and may have been a sibling in the past life. The mother was probably moody or emotional, or deeply sad. These mothers or parents are usually paying off a huge amount of karma in this lifetime, making it difficult for them to be accessible to the child.

There was usually a good amount of change and ups-and-downs with the Gemini moon parent. Whether the parent was one-and-off absent, had an addiction, a mental illness, or was just somehow erratic in a different way, this is the hallmark of the Gemini moon sign.

Now, the adult will have difficulty truly feeling their own emotions. They thrive on change and live in their minds; they feel extremely uncomfortable with stillness. The lesson is to go deeper into their bodies and really process their feelings with more than just their minds.


Cancer moon sign children are usually very sensitive and in-tune with their mothers. This might be a karmic bond from a past life, but it can either give them a safe base to explore from or cause some type of enmeshment with the mother (look to the aspects).

Perhaps the Cancer child was overly babied (this is often the case in some form) or the Cancer child for some reason takes on the mother’s emotions as their own.

What is absolute is that the Cancer moon sign will experience emotions extremely deeply (in both childhood and adulthood) and will value having a home where they feel safe.

The mother played a huge role in shaping this person’s habit patterns, and this is not necessarily bad, but at some point, the Cancer will have to break away and learn how to process emotions on their own. They will also need to learn to process more difficult emotions, as they tend to have immense trouble dealing with all of the cruelty in the world.

The Cancer moon sign is extremely intuitive and sensitive, qualities that can be used for wonderful purposes here on Earth.


The Leo moon sign is an easy one to spot. The person’s mother generally showed love through praise, so the Leo moon sign now believes that they are only acceptable as souls when they receive continuous affection and praise.

When the Leo moon sign feels threatened, they need to hear compliments from an outside source to make it right. While praise is not necessarily a bad thing for children, too much of it (in place of actual love and care) can hinder the child from developing internal self-esteem.

These mothers may have also been impressive within some type of community such as politics, the town, a church group, academia, etc., and inadvertently taught the child that it isn’t okay to be a normal person.

Lastly, these mothers could have distracted the child with toys, shows, etc., until the child felt that entertainment was a sign of love. They now want others to entertain them to prove love, because they have a false association that was learned in childhood.

Leo moon signs need to learn that it’s okay to be wrong or vulnerable, and that the only way to truly grow is to love all parts of themselves.


The Virgo moon sign’s parent was typically (not always) very critical of the child’s behavior. The child might have tried a variety of pursuits (schoolwork, sports, work, etc.) but nothing pleased the parent. The parent might have scrutinized the child’s appearance, tendencies, intellectual abilities, athleticism, or virtually any other trait. The child was always sized up and found lacking.

The child’s parents might have also had really high expectations that the child was unable to meet. He or she may have felt like he/she was always letting them down.

Now, the adult might be very self-critical. Funny enough, the adult can also be extremely critical of others, because they’ve learned that judgement is acceptable and in fact necessary.

The lesson is to learn that mistakes are good, for they help us grow. From a Universal point of view, there is no such thing as a mistake, only a lesson. The Virgo moon sign will want to practice acceptance, non-judgement, and self-love.


Those with the moon in Libra were most likely born to mothers who did not correctly attend to their child’s emotional needs. When something happened to the child, the parent either “comforted” them with some meaningless colloquial term (everything works out in the end), or brushed off their hurt as inconsequential. Neither way felt like real comfort and nurture to the Libra moon sign.

This is not to say that it was the mother’s fault (she probably had her own chart to deal with and we all do our best with our own placements!) but the way that the child perceive these interactions tremendously affects the adult now.

Those with the moon in Libra learned that their own needs and emotions aren’t important and that they need to put other’s emotions first. They began to do this, and now have a hard time recognizing when they themselves need something emotionally, because they were told that their own needs didn’t matter.

The lesson for those with the moon in Libra is to connect to the inner child and to be there for themselves. They need to learn how to distinguish what they want versus what other people want, when to say no, and how to take care of their emotional needs first.


Those with the moon in Scorpio have a tough time of it. These people were usually born into some type of severely difficult situation. Either the mother was not present (due to abandonment, death, imprisionment, etc.) or she was technically present but couldn’t be trusted. Maybe the mother had a secret life of her own, or she was erratic and unable to be confided in.

Because these individuals cannot connect with their mothers for whatever reason, they learn to hold their emotions deep inside. Unlike other moon signs, Scorpio moon signs are unable to just get rid of their emotions – they have to go somewhere. However, they can only hold so much inside, so they eventually get to the point where they burst.

It’s very difficult for Scorpio moon signs to experience true emotional intimacy with other people, but this is ultimately what they want to work on. They’ll want to learn that it’s okay to be emotionally intimate with someone even if the relationship can’t last forever.

Scorpio moon signs can alternatively become extremely possessive once they’ve committed to someone due to their fear of loss, but they will need to learn that they need to allow things to unfold as they are meant to instead of trying to control the Universe. They will want to recognize that their emotions are okay, and that there’s a healthy way of expressing them without either bottling them up or exploding.


The Sagittarius moon person’s relationship with their mother was usually pretty independent. The person may have had a lot of time to explore as a child, or they may have traveled and given the child lots of leeway. Even in their own home, they may have felt that they had the freedom to do what they liked. This can be a difficult or positive moon sign depending on the aspects that show up.

Alternatively, the mother may have been someone extremely eccentric on the outskirts (or even outside of) civilized society. The mother might have been a hippie, or a devoutly religious person (to the extreme), or a chronic wanderer. This would have taught the child the same lesson.

Now, the adult might seek out excitement to feel emotionally safe. When the adult feels threatened, the knee-jerk reaction is to do something exciting, travel, or learn something new. While this isn’t necessarily bad, always needing excitement will hinder the adult from learning deeper truths about himself/herself that can only be gained through stillness.

The lesson for the Sagittarius moon sign is to learn to put down roots without feeling stifled. The mind is an infinitely vast place, and the spiritual world even more-so. The person does not need to be out physically exploring, but can instead explore his/her own emotions and can come to feel just as (if not more) satisfied. They may also develop a sense of belonging that they didn’t have in childhood, and this can be incredibly fulfilling once they break through the fear of stillness.


Those with the moon in Capricorn have another challenging placement. This child may have needed to protect themselves as a young age and learned to only display emotions that were politically correct.

The child’s environment might have been unstable, or the mother may have been extremely strict and unloving. With especially bad aspects, this moon may signify some kind of abuse. The mother may have guilted the child into behaving a certain way. Positive aspects will point to a generally uptight mother who was not very open emotionally.

Those with the moon in Capricorn are scared of vulnerability. They will try to never display an emotion that is not acceptable to society, for they learned that showing emotions was simply an embarrassment. Unlike the Aquarius moon sign, the Capricorn moon does have plenty of strong emotions on the inside, but they have learned to corral them and control them in an extreme way. It’s really rare for a Capricorn moon sign to crack open!

The lesson is to accept that they, along with the rest of humanity, are vulnerable, and this is not a bad thing.


The mother of the Aquarius moon sign is usually detached when it comes to emotions. This is not to say that the mother can’t be very attached to other areas of the child’s life, but generally the mother figure is not very good at dealing with actual emotional outbursts.

Because of this, the child learns to think about love rather than feel it. The person as an adult will be compassionate yet distant, and is more likely to feel for society as a whole than any one person. They learned during childhood to react this way and that individual, one-on-one emotions are not optimal.

The mother may have also paid quite a bit of attention to larger groups (groups of friends, philanthropy, etc.) instead of the child’s emotions and needs. The relationship with the mother may have been more like a friendship, where the child could speak about emotions but did not have a secure shoulder to actually cry on.

Whichever of these paths was shown by the mother in childhood, the result is that the person has trouble talking about or even finding his/her own emotions. They almost feel as though they don’t exist, and that logic is all they have in their mind.

Being unable to truly love others means that these individuals are often unable to love themselves, too. The wound that exists is a lot bigger than it appears on first glance.

The lesson is to learn to identify emotions, bring them down in the body, and actually feel them. It is also to learn that emotions exist for a reason (they’ve helped us survive!) and they are not useless. This is the first step to healing the Aquarius moon sign and developing self love and care.


The Pisces moon mother was, on the positive side, extremely psychic, sensitive, and sensing of her child’s needs. She may have been quite the dreamer if not a little flighty, and this could have felt happy and safe for the child, or she might have gone too far and seemed out of balance. She may have been too emotional, lost in her own world, or had some type of addiction that kept her separate from the child.

Typically, negative aspects to the moon show a mother with some type of addiction (whether chemical or mental). The child would have heard dreams being talked about but never carried out. Nothing was solid or absolute and the child always felt like he/she was on unstable group. Alternatively, the relationship simply felt distant, and the mother always seemed far away from the child.

Those with the Pisces moon sign are usually psychic extremely psychic and intuitive. On the positive side, they can have quite a lot of insight into the spirit world and be incredibly connected. If they’re having difficulties, they can easily become deluded about other people’s intentions and get lost in illusion.

With any difficult aspects, the Pisces moon probably feels an emptiness inside that they are constantly trying to escape. The typical Pisces methods of escapism include addictions, fantasies, food, writing, and anything else that allows the person to simply get away.

Those with the moon in Pisces need to learn that escaping one’s reality is not true happiness. Instead, they will need to gather the courage to face their reality and find a way to create the reality that they desire. They are extremely sensitive and kind, and they have quite a lot to offer the world!

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Aspects to the Moon

The aspects to the moon deserve at least another blog post on their own, but because the way that your moon manifests is so dependent on aspects, I want to give you something to start with.

These are generally what each of the planets will mean in aspect with the moon. Positive aspects (trine, sextile, and sometimes conjunction) will speak to the positive traits of these planets, while the negative aspects (square, opposition, sometimes conjunction) will speak to the more difficult traits of these planets.

Sun: How well does your mother understand how to give you what you need, personally, and who you are? How well does she see you?

Mercury: How well does your mother speak to you? How well do you understand each other’s minds?

Venus: How well does your mother instill confidence in you (if at all, or in spite of her)?

Mars: How patient or angry tempered is your mother?

Saturn: How stable, structured, and supportive is your mother? How much of this relationship is karmic?

Jupiter: How much does your mother help or hinder you in your endeavors?

Uranus: How present is your mother in your life? Is she too rebellious against motherhood? How much does she encourage you to be different?

Neptune: How manipulative, psychic, or dreamy is your mother? Does she have any addictions or obsessions?

Pluto: How controlling, chaotic, or depressed is your mother?

Is your moon sign accurate when you take aspects into consideration? Let us know in the comments!


How to Learn Tarot: 5 Easy Exercises For Beginners

How to Learn Tarot: 5 Easy Exercises For Beginners

Just starting off on you Tarot journey? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s say you’ve found the deck you like (if you haven’t, we offer some recommendations here) and are ready to get started. Here comes the hard part – actually learning the cards!

There are 78 cards in a typical Tarot deck. That’s a lot of different meanings to memorize! Not only do you have to know the definition and different applications of each of the card, but you have to know what they mean reversed as well. You can’t just read one card the same in every reading; you have to actually apply it to the situation.

It seems crazy hard, but this post will hopefully break it down and give you some easy steps to get started without becoming overwhelmed.

Sourcing the Definitions

Before you get started with any exercises, you need a reliable method to find definitions for each card. They won’t just pop into your head randomly – you’ll need to learn each definition (usually by reading it).

If you have the Rider Waite deck (which is by far the best deck for beginners), then I recommend using Llewellyn’s Rider Waite Book. It’s pretty small and is perfect to keep on hand for any reading. Having something tangible always works better for me than doing research on the computer, although I spent my first year doing Tarot looking up definitions online.

If you do choose to go the online route, Biddy Tarot is by far the best site for definitions. Alternatively, if you find that many of these definitions aren’t working for you, try Aeclectic. It’s a slightly older site so it isn’t updated very often (and makes it much harder to source reversed meanings), but it’s a good second option.

Before you start any of these exercises, you’ll want to have some source containing good definitions ready to go.

Use Only a Portion of the Deck

Separate the Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, and Court Cards. When you’re first beginning, I’d recommend using only the Major Arcana for any of these exercises. Once you’ve mastered those (or have a decent grasp on them), switch to the next group.

If you feel compelled to start learning with any one of these three groups, then start with that portion of the deck. There is no right or wrong here – this is just a simple way to help you learn the definitions and flavor of your readings. It’s way too difficult using the whole deck right off the bat, and you’ll definitely get discouraged.

When first beginning, I would practice at least a few times a week (doing a few exercises at a time) until I was really comfortable with one section of the deck. I would then move onto the next, but throw in a few exercises for the first portion so that I wouldn’t forget the definitions.

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Clearing and Setting Your Intentions

Before beginning, I always shuffle my deck until it feels clear of any past energy. I also ask my spirit guides (whoever you speak to, pray to, or believe in will work!) to bring me answers for my highest purpose.

Anytime you ask a question to the deck, even if you’re just practicing, you want it to be something you can really use guidance on, or the deck won’t give you an answer. It shouldn’t be something you already know completely or don’t care about.

There should be enough energy surrounding the question that you actually feel compelled to know the answer, although the question doesn’t have to be super intense (I’ve asked about how my vacation will go, how I can schedule my week out, how I should approach decorating my home, if I should reconnect with an old friend, etc).

There’s always something you don’t know that you could use some guidance on! The cards are always right – even if the definition doesn’t seem to fit at first, trust that there’s something important in the card and keep researching different meanings of it. Alternatively, look to the colors, picture, or the general name of the card and see if you feel a purpose.

Exercise 1: Ask Simple Question With One Card

Spend 20 minutes asking simple questions and pulling one card to answer your question. Use reversals if that’s the way the card is flipped. Research the card until you find an answer that really feels right to you.

These questions can be literally anything you might want to know! It’s best to ask open-ended questions, since sometimes the Universe can’t give you a straight up yes or no, and you need advice instead. Some examples include:

  • Which of my personality traits attract people to me?
  • How can I strengthen my relationship with _____?
  • What obstacle must I overcome to ______?
  • How can I manifest more wealth in my life?
  • How can I best manifest a healthier lifestyle?
  • What can I do to boost my energy levels?
  • Am I currently aligned with my soul’s purpose?
  • What will bring my closer to my soul’s purpose?
  • How can I advance in my career?
  • What is one thing I’m learning right now?
  • What is one thing that will change in the next month/year/decade?
  • What is my greatest strength or weakness right now?
  • How can I best overcome this issue in a relationship?
  • What is my current attitude towards finances? How did I develop that attitude?
  • How can I develop my psychic abilities?

The possibilities are unlimited. This is a great first exercise to learn one card at a time without any interference between the cards.

Another simple question to ask is: “What is in store for me today?” This is a daily exercise that you can do in the morning and reflect back on at night.

Exercise 2: A Basic 3-Card Spread

Once you get the hang of a set of cards individually, you want to start trying a 3-card spread so that you can see how the cards interact and relate to each other.

The questions that you’ll want to ask will be similar to the examples above. Virtually any question will work as long as the energy is strong enough (you actually want to know the answer) and it’s open-ended.

Her are some examples of great 3-card spreads to start with:

  • Past / Present / Future
  • My physical state / My emotional state / My mental state
  • Mind / Body / Spirit
  • What I aspire to? / What is standing in my way? / How can I overcome this?
  • What do I need most? / What’s blocking me? / How do I remove the block?
  • Strengths / Weaknesses / Advice
  • What to be mindful of today / What to embrace today / Overall theme of the day
  • Who I think I am / Who others think I am / Who I truly am
  • Who I am / Who the other person (in a relationship) is / What the relationship is like right now
  • Option 1 / Option 2 / Key information that will help you make a decision

Exercise 3: Choose a Card For a Character or Celebrity

For this exercise, you’ll want to choose a character from a show, movie, or book, or a celebrity, politician, author, etc. It should be someone who you really like or think is interesting! You need to have enough of a connection to this character or person to do this exercise accurately.

Next, you’ll shuffle the deck and ask your spirit guides (or whoever you communicate with) to give you a card that describes some facet of this person or their situation.

Pull one card (or more if it feels right, although I usually start with one) and see if you can figure out how the card relates to the person/character and why you may have gotten it.

For example, I recently chose Harry Potter. I got the Wheel of Fortune card, which I interpreted to mean that the Universe (or at least J.K. Rowling’s universe) is always working for him, not against him, and that everything is happening to teach him something. This card felt right to me, but I easily could have pulled something different. Death, The Magician, Strength, and even The Devil would all fit, among others.

This is a fun exercise because you can do it over and over with different characters or celebrities!

Exercise 4: Pairing Tarot With People You Know

This exercise is super easy and fun if you’re not feeling too serious!

Shuffle the cards and lay out three at random. You now have to pair each of these three cards up with someone you know. You can include literally anyone (from your close family members to someone you met a few times many years ago) as long as the character traits fit.

Try to feel the energy of the card and accurately match it with a person. If you don’t know the energy super well, then look up a full definition to get a taste of it before pairing the card. Make sure to take note of reversals and pair those accurately as well.

While this exercise works well with any group of cards or with a full deck, it’s especially helpful for when you’re trying to learn the Court Cards! Each Court Card signifies a person (with full on personality traits) so they’re easy to pair up; this is a helpful way to learn and remember the personalities of the Court Cards.

Exercise 5: Read For Someone Else

While you might not want to give full-on readings as a beginner, it can be helpful to interpret situations that aren’t entirely yours. I recommend asking close family members and friends if they’re okay with you using their general situations (such as work, relationships, etc.) I only ask people I’m super close with or people who are really open to this type of work – some people don’t want Tarot readers knowing their personal business or get freaked out by metaphysical stuff.

I personally practice with my parents, siblings, and fiance. They all love Tarot and don’t care if I know anything extra about them – in fact, they generally love when I have a new bit of insight for them.

If you don’t have anyone to practice on, try working with the energy of your pet or plant. They all have vast spirits with their own wants and needs!

Now that you have someone to work with, you’ll want to ask a question about a situation in this person’s life and pull 1-3 cards. Keep it simple (refer back to exercises 1 and 2) and read it just as you would for yourself, but try to interpret what the cards mean without any judgement.

It’s really hard to be a third-party and not bring your own views and biases to a reading. This exercise is not only helpful when you need to learn the cards, but also when you’re learning how to read intuitively rather than from your own viewpoints.

Make sure everything you get from the reading feels right. It can sometimes be helpful to say the key points out loud or write it down.

Moving From Beginner to Intermediate

Once you’ve mastered all of these exercises and generally know the definitions and meanings of most of the cards, you’re ready to move onto intermediate spreads and readings!

These basics really are so important to move forward. It’s hard to use your intuition when you’re struggling to remember the meaning of the card itself. Getting down these definitions and using the cards in a few simple but different ways is the place to start!

Chiron in Taurus: The Wound Of Loss

Chiron in Taurus: The Wound Of Loss

The astrological influence of the asteroid Chiron is pretty huge. This is surprising to many modern students of astrology, because the discovery of Chiron is so new, but it has such a large impact on our lives that it can’t be overlooked.

I really believe that analyzing a birth chart without taking Chiron into consideration will not give you a clear picture of a person.

Chiron is a lifelong wound, something that we will come back to over and over, so it’s worth more than just a simple glance.

Chiron in Taurus is an especially interesting placement. Taurus is all about material possessions, routines, sensuality, and stability, and Chiron can show a wound having to do with any of these staples.

The Chironic wound in Taurus is something that will absolutely show up in someone’s life, and a piece of the natal chart that deserves to be addressed.

The Chiron in Taurus Wound

There are a few ways that the Chiron in Taurus wound can manifest itself. Taurus is all about values, sensuality, material possessions, and moving slowly yet consistently through life. Typically, Chiron in Taurus will manifest as an insecurity in one of these areas.

The person with Chiron in Taurus will be afraid of losing something, whether it be safety, money, possessions, abundance, or love. The typical Chiron in Taurus will go to any lengths to avoid losing their home, their routine, the people close to them, their favorite possessions, their money, etc. Even if everything seems very permanent in their life, they will always be scared of some unexpected loss.

What the specific person with the placement will be scared of losing depends on the house that Chiron falls in and the aspects associated with it. If Chiron has difficult aspects with the moon, for example, the individual may have some fear of losing emotional security or something to do with the mother (depending on where the moon is). If Chiron shows in the 11th house, the individual may be afraid of losing friends or freedom, while Chiron in the 6th house will point to a fear that daily routines will be lost.

Those with Chiron in Taurus are always searching for safety and security (in any given area) through material possessions and values, but they never feel totally secure, because material possessions just aren’t fulfilling enough.

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How This Wound Will Show Itself

This deep-seated fear of loss can show itself in a few different ways. The person may try to cling to security by setting strict guidelines with themselves and others, hoarding items/values/security, or demanding things from others (whether this is physically or emotionally) in order to feel safe.

This could be the typical Taurus who avoids all risks, lives an extremely frugal lifestyle, and refuses to give. Alternatively, the person could become a little extreme while trying to live the “good life” and surrounding themselves with material comforts so that they never feel they lack anything.

Sometimes, this wound will be about how the individual appears to the world. They may want to be seen as beautiful, or smart, or important in some way, and have an intense fear of being ordinary. This is all the same wound: they are afraid of being nothing to the world, and experiencing some sort of lack due to this; they need the admiration to keep going and are afraid of having to face themselves and what they feel they lack inside. They may go to any lengths to keep those important to them around.

Like most Chironic wounds, the expression can go to either extreme (living extremely frugally or becoming a spendthrift). How the person actually expresses the wound depends on their own psychology and other factors in the chart, but it all stems from the same initial hurt inside.

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Where Does the Wound Come From?

Usually, this wound is creating by experiencing an intense lack of something. This could have happened in a past life or in the present life, and could result from many different situations.

If you have your Chiron in Taurus, at some point, you were severely deprived, whether of physical, emotional, or spiritual properties. There are many ways this could have played out. You may have grown up poor, or lost your parents early, or had parents who provided the necessary things but neglected you emotionally. Look to where you most feel neglected or deprived, and you will be able to answer what created your Chiron.

Even if you didn’t experience any lack in your current life, think of what you’re subconsciously scared to lose (it might not make any sense) and see if that fits into your chart. A lot of times with Chiron, you have to go with your gut.

Sometimes someone’s Chiron is very obviously created during childhood, while other times it’s not at all obvious what caused it, but they still show the qualities of the Chiron (due to its cause in a past life).

How to Heal Chiron in Taurus

The path to healing is to realize that complete and utter security can’t be found in the material world. The individual with Chiron in Taurus is always trying to feel 100% safe through material things or other people, but this is impossible.

True security comes from trusting in the Universe. Learning about Universal Laws, enhancing your own connection with spirit and your guides, and developing your own set of values through spiritual work are what will slowly cause this person to feel secure.

In the end, the goal is to merge the physical with the spiritual and realize that we live in a world where both exist together. True abundance is something that we all already possess; we are already whole and complete, we have just forgotten this. Remembering is the first step to healing.

I often find that any kind of spiritual work helps someone with a wound in Taurus. The want and ability to believe in something greater and more important than the material world instantly begins the healing process,

Famous People With Chiron in Taurus + Analysis:

Surprisingly, Chiron in Taurus is a popular natal placement for celebrities. Some of my favorite actors and singers have Chiron in Taurus!

One key I’ve noticed is that most of these celebrities are concerned with amassing material possessions, being seen as someone beautiful and important in the world, and feeling secure. Some of them had traumatic childhoods that clearly caused this wound, while others probably brought it from a past life.

You will notice that some of these celebrities seem to have a fear of losing possessions, money, or control over their lives, while others probably have a fear of losing people or staples in their lives. Of course, they will all manifest differently depending on the exact placement.

These most famous of these people include:

  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Martin Luther King
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Britney Spears
  • Kanye West
  • Heath Ledger
  • Paris Hilton
  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Lil Wayne
  • John Mayer

Do you have a Chiron in Taurus and feel that this description is accurate? Let us know in the comments!

Chiron in Aries: The Wound Of Self

Chiron in Aries: The Wound Of Self

Chiron, also known as the Wounded Healer, is an extremely underrated and important asteroid in astrology. If you’re just beginning your journey with asteroids, I recommend starting with Chiron! Today, I’m diving right into Chiron in Aries.

We all have an inner wound that can be represented by our Chiron. Even though this wound can feel really painful, it can be transformed and used for good. We always have our Chiron signs for a good reason.

This transformation process is really important, otherwise we might feel that wound deep down for our whole lives without ever addressing it. No one feels good living with the negative effects Chiron forever!

Chiron is probably that thing that you just can’t ignore. Even though it’s really painful, the wound pops up over and over. This is why it’s so important to just deal with it, as painful as that might be at first.

The Chiron in Aries Wound

The Chiron wound can come from a lot of different types of trauma, but the outcome is always similar in any specific sign. In Aries, the Chiron wound is all about a core feeling of worthlessness.

This is supposedly one of the most difficult yet important Chiron placements, although I tend to find that all Chiron placements are really painful. The reason that Aries can be so difficult is because it’s directly related to who you are as a person.

If you think of the typical Aries, you’ll notice that they are generally sure of themselves, confident, bold, and daring, which sometimes can even cause problems for them if these qualities become too extreme. Chiron in Aries is the exact opposite of the normal Aries.

Those with the placement of Chiron in Aries will often feel that they lack some sort of core self or that something is somehow wrong with them. They won’t feel sure of themselves or appear confident at all.

They may feel that they’re unfocused, uncentered, or that they just generally don’t belong. They may see everyone else in life moving along with a purpose but feel that they weren’t given one.

Above all, people with Chiron in Aries may feel that they don’t have the right to exist or that they are somehow a mistake.

The shame from this wound may make it very difficult to actually acknowledge it and begin to heal it, but this wound can also be extremely transformative as it heals.

After all, we’re all here for a reason, and the person with Chiron in Aries always has a very important purpose in the world!

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How This Wound Will Show Itself

There are two different ways that the Chiron in Aries wound can show itself. These methods of showcasing the wound are exact opposites, but they all stem from the same issue of not having a purpose or a sense of self that feels like it’s worth something.

In the first scenario, the person may seek to please others and be intensely influenced by others. They’re more like Libran people in nature, and will go out of their way (to the extreme detriment of themselves) to make others happy and get even the smallest bit of praise.

These Chiron in Aries folks aren’t feeding on this praise like a Leo would be, but instead need it to keep themselves together and to assure themselves that they have some type of purpose on earth. They probably feel that if they can at least make other people happy then they have some worth.

The individual will basically dedicate themselves to making others happy, but it will be at the expense of themselves.

They will also struggle when in a group and different people want different things from them. They will choose the person who can offer the biggest reward (the person who’s praise means the most) and can be unintentionally cliquey because of this.

Generally, these people try to avoid taking any type of stand or getting involved in conflict or confrontation. They’ll usually choose careers or lifestyle paths where little opinion is required of them.

They might also try to rescue others who lack self-worth; they’re pretty good at recognizing these same character traits in others.

This person is simply trying to prove that they can fit in with the crowd and therefore are not wrong or a mistake. The first step is for this individual to realize that trying to please others doesn’t bring them any lasting satisfaction, and that they were never a mistake in the first place, even if they may feel wrong inside.

These Chiron in Aries folks have a really hard time standing up for themselves, even when they know they should. The fear of “reopening” the wound keeps them from taking a stand.

They can also self-sabotage at times. They might almost intentionally (even though it feels unintentional to them) sabotage a relationship, a career, or anything else. They’re basically proving to themselves that they don’t have any worth, but this is because of the wound: this is just a false belief.

These Chiron in Aries folks almost feel like they don’t have a right to ask for what they need or even a right to exist. They feel like their very being is wrong.

Most people don’t recognize the Chiron in Aries placement when the wound expresses itself this way because these qualities are all opposite from typical Aries qualities. This individual is suppressing all Aries qualities in order to try and find a way to make the wound less painful.

I do find that people with Chiron in Aries might have a lot of underlying rage. This is typically the person who appears passive, sweet, and malleable, but underneath they’re just seething with frustration and anger that they have to hide.

Alternatively, the person might turn aggressive, showy, inflexible, and even selfish. This individual still feels just as unworthy because of the Chiron in Aries wound, but they have the opposite reaction: they focus completely on themselves to try and “fix” the wound.

These Chiron in Aries people also feel like their very existence is wrong or that something is wrong with their soul, so they try to get attention to prove to themselves that it isn’t true. The problem is that they get all the wrong types of attention, so they never really prove anything to themselves.

They may be extremely sensitive to any putdown (whether or not the other person really intended to judge them) and can react extremely aggressively. These folks can have a lot of mood swings.

This is the guy in the bar who flips out at the smallest slight or the person who will never speak to you again after an insignificant fight. While we see this as difficult when we encounter it in another person, what’s really hard is the emotions that the other is experiencing.

Any small slight makes Chiron in Aries feel incredibly useless and will remind them of how deep down they will always lack a true self and a purpose. In order to try to make themselves feel better, they will snap, but it doesn’t fix the true issue.

The reason that the person will react this way is in an attempt to prove their uniqueness and worthiness to exist, but even if they can prove it through an interaction, it doesn’t convince them on the inside.

This wound can manifest in two completely separate ways, but the point is that the Chiron in Aries person is always trying to prove to themselves that they are worth it and should exist. Unfortunately, neither method convinces them that it’s true.

Lastly, because Aries can be so physical and extreme, this wound will sometimes manifest as extreme addictions to things (alcohol, drugs, working out, extreme sports, etc.).

The Aries in Chiron person can be pretty hardcore when they’re trying to “get rid of” the bad feelings that come with the wound, but how exactly this happens will depend on the house and aspects to Chiron.

Where Does the Wound Come From?

If you have a Chiron in Aries wound, this means that in the past (whether in a past life or childhood) your individuality was stifled. During a series of interactions, you were taught that your individual beliefs, needs, wants, etc. were bad, and that it was wrong to have them.

You basically learned that individuality is bad and that there’s something wrong with your beliefs specifically. You learned that you didn’t have the right to be yourself unapologetically.

I find that this wound can often show up after someone has had a lot of group interactions. For example, maybe you were part of a big family and had to go along with all family decisions, or you were raised at a school with militant rules and you didn’t have a say over anything.

Sometimes, this Chiron in Aries wound has to do with the parents. I find that some parents made the child feel as thought he/she had unique qualities that were bad, qualities that had to be stifled.

This happened a lot in time periods when children had to be seen and not heard or when gender roles were strictly enforced.

Sometimes Chiron in Aries comes from childhood, sometimes it shows up from a past life, and sometimes it’s a combination of both.

How to Heal Chiron in Aries

None of us are meant to be doormats, but we’re also not meant to attack others. Neither of these two reactions will make the Chiron in Aries individual feel good for the long haul or fix the struggle going on inside of them.

The difficulty with healing these wounds is that the Chiron in Aries person is very resilient and tends to avoid talking about pain. They would rather keep forging forward, but what Chiron in Aries needs to realize is that sometimes, backwards is forwards.

The first step is for the Chiron in Aries person to confront the fact that he/she does not feel a sense of self. The person may feel that there’s something wrong with him, or that something about her is useless or destructive. This is really painful, but it has to be faced on to work through this wound.

They then need to realize that a false belief is the problem. They have some belief about themselves that isn’t true, because they absolutely do deserve to be here and are here for a reason.

Chiron in Aries needs to make an impact on the world, but they have to find their unique purpose. It most likely will not be something that easily blends in with the crowd, but it will be extremely important to the growth of mankind.

Note that while working on Chiron’s wounds, you may feel a good deal of suppressed anger, especially in a fire sign such as Aries. This is completely normal – do you best to express it in a non-destructive, healthy way, such as journaling, seeing a therapist, etc.

Chiron’s wounds will never completely heal, but they can be addressed and transmuted to create something wonderful. If you have the Chiron in Aries placement, you will learn that it is through your wounds (and the process of dealing with them) that you will find your unique purpose and start to feel like you exist for a specific reason.

Chiron in Aries will often become quite the healer (whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or metaphorically) because they’re able to recognize when others feel a lack of self-worth, due to having experienced it themselves. They can be extremely kind and caring towards others once they can deal with their own pain instead of completely identifying with it.

If you’re feeling lost about where to begin, try the following exercise.

Chiron in Aries Exercise

  1. Make a list of qualities you consider to be positive and a list of qualities you consider to be negative. If you’re having trouble, Google personality traits or positive and negative qualities and use that as a starting point.
  2. Put a check mark next to the qualities you believe you possess. Put a circle next to the qualities you would like to develop.
  3. Observe yourself displaying both the positive and negative qualities over the next few weeks. Notice especially when you display a positive quality, and when you bring value to an interaction with someone or something else.

Do you have Chiron in Aries? How has it manifested in your life based on its house and aspects? Let us know in the comments below!

Celebrities With Chiron In Aries:

Here are 20+ celebrities with Chiron in Aries placements. Keep in mind that you might not outwardly see these placements in the celebrities as Chiron in a very personal planet.

Unless the celebrity has Chiron in a public placement such as the 1st house or 10th house, you’re unlikely to see it show up in their outer personality. Regardless, it can be good to know that everyone has a Chironic wound, regardless of money or status.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Shakira
  • Eminem
  • Cameron Diaz
  • Mariah Carey
  • Jay-Z
  • Marion Cotillard
  • Will Smith
  • Elizabeth II
  • Elon Musk
  • Alyssa Milano
  • Orlando Bloom
  • Carl Jung
  • Gwen Stefani
  • Kate Winslet
  • Ben Affleck
  • Penélope Cruz
  • Victoria Beckham
  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Tyra Banks
  • Bradley Cooper
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Matt Damon
  • Melania Trump
  • Gerard Butler
  • Heidi Klum
  • Winona Ryder
  • Matthew McConaughey
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Kate Moss
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Christian Bale
  • Dwayne Johnson
  • Hugh Jackman
  • Winston Churchill
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Enrique Iglesias
  • 50 Cent
  • Jennifer Garner
  • Jada Pinkett Smith
  • Margaret Thatcher
Astrology Elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water

Astrology Elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water

If you’ve ever delved into anything metaphysical or spiritual, you’ve probably heard the word element thrown around. It seems complex, but elements are actually the basis of every sign in astrology.

A huge number of different spiritual beliefs stem from the idea that we get all of our power, or life force, from the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.

Each element has characteristics that makes it special. If you have a lot of one element in your chart, then you’ll probably find a lot of corresponding characteristics in your personality.

I think that elements are a great foundation for learning astrology, but regardless of where you are in your study of astrology, the elements are so important to know! Really getting what makes each element unique will help you make sense of all of the other jargon and difficult language that astrologists like to throw at you.

I’ve tried to break it down and make it as simple as possible. If it’s not completely clear, that’s okay: just keep reading and learning and it’ll come together. It usually takes a few times of hearing this info to totally integrate it.

The Four Astrology Elements

There are 12 zodiac signs total, but they’re grouped into four different elements. Each element has three signs that belong to the group.

All of the signs in an element will have specific things in common that pertain to the element. If that’s confusing, don’t worry – keep reading and you’ll get it.

The four basic astrology elements are Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Here are the zodiac signs that belong to each element:

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

If you don’t feel like you fit in the element where you see your sun sign, that’s okay – your birth chart is a whole collection of many planets and signs, so you’re far more than just your sun sign. Almost everyone has every element somewhere in their birth chart.

What’s more important for now is to learn the elements themselves so that you can recognize them in your chart. We all have most of these, so see if you can identify an area in your life where you might exude some of these qualities.


Fire signs are exactly what you might think of when you picture flames: unpredictable, spontaneous, bold, and passionate. All you need is a match, and they’re off on another new adventure.

People with fire signs in their chart probably won’t stop to think through many of their decisions. Instead, fire signs react based on gut instinct or sudden bursts of emotion. They live large, and live in the now, but can sometimes pay for this later.

Emotionally, fire signs do feel deeply, but it’s often their own feelings that they take into consideration. When they’re off on their next venture, they forget to think about how their flames may burn someone else and leave a lasting emotional response.

Often, fire signs don’t actually care all that much about others’ feelings. It’s the immediate action that matters to them, and they don’t like to waste time in sentimentalities (unless the current action is their own feelings).

Fire signs are the absolute best for getting things done. These people have a huge sense of self, and are rarely scared to try something new.

Fire signs are the natural opposite of Air signs. This means that in any house in a birth chart, you can look directly across the birth chart and see the natural opposite (e.g.

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius


Earth signs refer to anything physical.

On the plus side, earthy signs are generally very grounded, stable, and diligent while finishing a task. If you’re looking for someone who won’t fly off the handle, come up with crazy schemes, or get super emotional during a sad movie, look for an earth sign person.

Earth signs are super structured and disciplined, but not cold. They’re slow to act and react, but always have remarkable endurance. They are very slow to change emotionally, but typically loyal once they’ve committed themselves.

On the other hand, earth signs can easily get a little too into their possessions. This can manifest in a variety of ways. They can become hoarders, become too set in their routines, or (on the flip side) need all name brand items and the best quality for everything. They can also refuse to think big.

Earth signs are the natural opposite of Water signs.

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn


Air signs all have to do with mental energy in some form. All three air signs are big on ideas, and have plenty of them. They’re the scientists, the philosophers, the conversationalists, and the writers.

Emotionally, air signs are (generally) known for being detached. They can also have trouble living in real life, and can live instead in their ideas or in their minds.

Air signs will be thinkers rather than doers, but they can think through scenarios a lot better than other signs, such as fire. If you need someone to design a concept or figure out the best way to do something, see an air sign, but when you need the thing to actually be executed, you’ll want to look to fire or earth.

Strangely enough, air is actually one of the more social elements. Much of our communication has to do with the mind, which is right up any air sign’s alley. While air signs might not be the best at feeling emotions, they smart enough to read other people’s emotions and respond accordingly.

Air signs are the natural opposite of fire signs.

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius


Water signs are all about emotions. Unlike air signs, water signs sense everything through feelings. Anyone with a lot of water signs will be extremely sensitive; this can be a positive and a negative thing at all once.

Most empaths have a good deal of water in their chart, and while it’s great that they’re able to empathize so well with other people, animals, nature, etc., it can also cause pain when they take on other people’s emotions and troubles.

Water signs are generally more susceptible to energy (positive or negative) but are also better at understanding this energy and feeling others’ emotions. A person with a lot of water in his/her chart will typically be more a feeler than a doer.

Most water signs are also associated with psychism and anything otherworldly or spiritual. Water signs are the natural opposite of earth signs.

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

A Few Examples…

To help you really get what I mean by each of these explanations, I’ve categorized each of the elements into a few archetypes here. Keep in mind that not every description will fit for everyone, since it totally depends where in your chart an element shows up!

Plus, not all of these descriptions are black and white. I’m putting earth as The Hard Worker, but any of the other elements could easily contribute to day-in, day-out hard work. Earth just tends to be the hardest worker in its purest form. In an actual chart, each element will influence the next, so it’s almost impossible to isolate your own elements, especially if you’re just starting out on your study of astrology elements.

The Hard Worker: Earth

The Caring Parent: Water

The Detective: Fire, Air, Earth

The Star Athlete: Fire

The Artist: Water

The Storyteller: Air

The Entrepreneur: Fire, Earth

The Engineer: Air

The Healer: Water

The Philanthropist: Air, Earth, Water

How the Birth Chart Cycles Through the Elements

If you look at a birth chart, you’ll see that the signs are always in a specific order. While they might move around the birth chart, Taurus will always be next to Aries, Gemini next to Taurus, etc. The actual order never changes.

This is because the signs are split according to element. In the first quarter of the chart, you have one sign in each element. In the second quarter, you have an additional sign in each element, and so on for the rest of the chart.

For example, in the first quarter of the chart, you have:

1. Aries (fire)

2. Taurus (earth)

3. Gemini (air)

4. Cancer (water)

No two elements are ever right next to each other, and opposite elements are always across from each other (fire/air and earth/water). This makes it much easier to read a birth chart, because you always know what to expect once you see the first sign.

How to Learn the Elements

Once you figure out what each of these elements are like, you’re way ahead in any spiritual practice.

To start off, I recommend reading these descriptions a few times, then going through your own chart and looking for each element. See if you can recognize aspects of the elements you have in yourself.

For example: I have a lot of fire, and I definitely have many of the characteristics. Some of my friends have absolutely no fire, and they also lack many of those characteristics (although they have plenty of other elements to make up for it!). Once you’ve looked at your own chart, try looking at friends’ and family’s charts and see if you can recognize any of the elements in their charts and personalities.

In my opinion, studying the elements along with the signs is much easier. It makes so much more sense when you learn them together, since the elements show why the signs are connected and explain in what ways the signs are similar.

Interested in learning more about your chart?

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What’s Your Favorite Element In Astrology?

Often, your favorite element (with the qualities that you consider to be awesome) is an element that shows up a lot in your chart. For example, I love fire and water, and I definitely have my fair share of both.

What’s your favorite element? Does it show up in your chart? Let us know in the comments section!