Mercury-Ascendant Aspects In The Natal Chart

mercury-ascendant aspects in the natal chart

Mercury-Ascendant aspects will dictate how intelligent, witty, and curious you appear.

If you have Mercurian qualities on your Ascendant, then your thoughts will be obvious to others. You won’t be able to hide your intelligence or mental faculties. 

Mercury Conjunct Ascendant

With Mercury conjunct Ascendant, you appear youthful and energetic. You always have a new idea up your sleeve and you can’t help but share with those around you.

Mercury conjunct Ascendant gives you a lot of natural curiosity. Your mind is always moving. In fact, you can’t shut down your intellect even if you try.

You may be ultra-talkative. When you’re around others, you probably can’t keep your thoughts to yourself.

With Mercury conjunct Ascendant, your Mercurian qualities are super evident to everyone around you. It can feel like you just never slow down!

However, you might also seem a bit impish or mischievous. You can come off like a light-hearted trouble maker, although others can usually tell that you don’t actually mean harm.

Mercury conjunct Ascendant can make you a bit restless, so you tend to move quickly. You have a dexterous memory and might be good with parts; people with this placement are sometimes good at mechanical work.

Keep in mind that much of Mercury conjunct Ascendant will depend on the sign the aspect is in. When this aspect is in an air sign, the native will be more more intellectual than a fire sign, which makes the person more physically active.

With Mercury conjunct Ascendant, your face will also be super expressive. You can’t hide what you’re feeling and don’t often try to. 

Everything you do is fast-faced, so even your facial expressions and body language will change rapidly. However, this can also make you a bit anxious, jumpy, or distracted, because you quite literally never slow down.

You need to develop mental discipline with Mercury conjunct Ascendant. Over time, you will learn how to focus on one thing at a time so that you can actually accomplish your tasks.

With Mercury conjunct Ascendant, you’re very social and open. However, your listening skills may not be well-developed. 

You don’t mind telling others about yourself, yet you struggle to take the time to listen to others. Your mind is always racing and other people just can’t keep up, so you move on.

Mercury conjunct Ascendant can make you a bit selfish without realizing it. You tend to bring up topics that you’re interested in instead of reading the room.

You’re very enthusiastic with topics you’re interested in. However, you need to learn how to slow down and consider other people’s feelings and thoughts, too.

With Mercury conjunct Ascendant, you typically need to talk your problems out. You might throw out questions that you answer yourself.

This is simply how your mind works, but others can feel a bit used when you don’t take their advice or even listen to them. You will have to explain to your closer friends and family that this isn’t personal; it’s simply how your mind works.

Ultimately, you need to get your thoughts out. You will always have to talk things out to get to your own solution, but it’s important that you also set aside time to listen to those you care about.

When you’re provoked with Mercury conjunct Ascendant, you can get combative. You don’t like having your views criticized because you truly believe you’re right.

It’s important that you learn how to slow down, even if this feels like a total waste, and consider the viewpoints of other people. They may not be as mentally sharp as you, but everyone does have something different to contribute. Sometimes, you may hear an idea you never would have considered.

Be careful that you don’t get too disdainful of other people. Not everyone’s mind works in the same way! Learn to celebrate the differences in people.

With Mercury conjunct Ascendant, you do well in any career that keeps you mentally stimulated. It can be intellectual or physical, but it simply can’t be monotonous. You need to be active and love a bit of excitement!

You are vivacious, exciting, and intellectual! The Mercury conjunct Ascendant aspect means that you have a very exciting personality and a lot of potential for success.

Mercury Trine Ascendant

You are bubbly and fun to be around with Mercury trine Ascendant. Others like to be around you because you tend to be a pleasurable conversationalist!

Mercury makes your Ascendant seem more charming and intellectual. You have a sharp wit but aren’t usually too harsh, so you’re enjoyable to chat with.

With Mercury trine Ascendant, you can easily get your point across to others. You typically have no problem saying what you mean.

You deal well with others because you’re able to use logical without getting too cold. You have mastered detached observation, yet you’re still fun and chatty.

When you do need to say a hard truth, you know how to phrase it in a way that is often pleasing to the listener. With Mercury trine Ascendant, you probably have an easier time socially!

You are very good al intuitively collecting social information and reading signals. Mercury trine Ascendant is more of a surface level aspect, meaning you’re good in social situations with small talk, but these skills may not apply to deeper, one-on-one conversations.

Sometimes, you may find yourself starting to gossip a bit. This is because the trine aspect is so easy that you get stuck in surface level territory.

With Mercury trine Ascendant, you need to remember to get to the deeper level in relationships instead of staying on the upper level. Avoid falling into gossip or playing games.

You have a lot of good qualities with this trine as long as you take care to also deepen your relationships.

Mercury Sextile Ascendant

With Mercury sextile Ascendant, you have the opportunity to develop more Mercury-like qualities in your outer personality. To the world, you can become more intelligent and witty in social settings, or you may learn to show your child-like curiosity, even as you age.

This placement makes you naturally social. You probably want to be around others and enjoy hanging out in groups.

Some people with Mercury sextile Ascendant want to be with others quite often and don’t like being alone.

With Mercury sextile Ascendant, you tend to know your strengths and weaknesses. You tend to know how to bring your best qualities forward in social situations.

You are always interested in learning, especially socially. You try to pick up on the cues of other people and react in a way that’s appropriate. In this lifetime, you have the opportunity to assimilate this information and learn to become more socially competent. 

With Mercury sextile Ascendant, you may get along with children because you’re always curiosity and have an active mind. In fact, your mind is almost always running!

These characteristics aren’t super obvious to others but they can be felt within yourself. You probably recognize that you are always developing your social skills for the better.

Remember to actively work at this so that you can learn to read others better and be more authentically yourself in group situations.

Mercury Opposition Ascendant

You require a lot of mental stimulation with Mercury opposition Ascendant. However, you mainly find this through one-on-one interactions with other people.

Communication is extremely important to you in a relationship. You want a partner who you can debate and chat with. 

In fact, you tend to figure out what you’re really thinking when you can talk about it with someone else. Similar to the conjunction, you need to get your ideas out with Mercury opposition Ascendant.

There are some distinct differences from the conjunction. The main divergence is that you use your partner as a mirror for your own inner ideas.

With Mercury opposition Ascendant, you might struggle to figure out exactly what you think, so you need to hear the opinions of others. You don’t know that you believe something until it’s presented to you and it feels right.

Your shadow self is especially hidden with Mercury opposition Ascendant. You don’t always know what your deepest self wants and feels, and with Mercury on your Descendent, you struggle to activate the logical part of the brain.

Because your Mercury tends to be subconscious with Mercury opposition Ascendant, you take on the opinions of other people. You want to hear a variety of conclusions before making your own, but this can also mean that your thoughts are only a reflection of those around you.

With Mercury opposition Ascendant, it’s very important that you learn to access your shadow side and develop your own opinions.

As you grow and develop your shadow side, you will get better at hearing others’ opinions without believing them. You must learn how to consider an idea and see if it feels right to you.

This will happen naturally as you access your shadow self. Mercury opposition Ascendant is all about a “hidden” logical mind that you want to develop.

However, you can also be a bit cold in relationships, or you may attract dispassionate partners who are overly intellectual. Once you heal your shadow self, you will access your emotional side or will attract partners who can meet you on that level.

Keep in mind that with Mercury opposition Ascendant, an intellectual partnership will be very important for you. In a relationship, you need to be able to chat and discuss ideas with your significant other.

You may also want an active relationship in some sense. The sign that your Mercury is in will dictate more of how this manifests, but you certainly won’t want to be bored with your partner.

Sometimes, Mercury opposition Ascendant can indicate that you might attract partners who are two-faced or impish in some way. Mercury can be a bit tricky, so you need to be careful that you’re seeing the truth.

You will know what’s real when logic lines up with your intuition.

Mercury Square Ascendant

Mercury square Ascendant can be a difficult aspect socially. You come across as too opinionated, loud, or arrogant, regardless of your true intentions.

You tend to have trouble communicating. When you want to express something, you may find that it comes out wrong or sideways with Mercury square Ascendant.

Your viewpoints are often poorly expressed or misunderstood. Sometimes, other people could feel that you’re talking at them rather than engaging in a conversation. When you’re feeling nervous, you may preach at other people.

With Mercury square Ascendant, you have very strong opinions, so you may not take the time to listen to other people. It’s easy for you to show that your thoughts and ideas are more important than anyone else’s.

Although you feel strongly about your thoughts, this sort of conversation style makes you hard to be around. In fact, Mercury square Ascendant can make you a bit egotistical socially. You seem both aggressive and unsure of yourself all at once.

Mercury square Ascendant can mean that your body language throws people off. It doesn’t always match up with what you’re saying, so it’s difficult for others to read your social cues.

You may use flattery to try and “win” others, but people easily see through this. They can actually feel annoyed or used because your complements are only for the purpose of boosting your own ego. You tend to seem insincere.

I know that everything I have said about Mercury square Ascendant sounds super harsh. However, most of these issues arise because you don’t feel confident about who you are inside.

Everything that you do socially is a defense mechanism to try and boost your own confidence. Mercury square Ascendant indicates a strong lack of intellectual self-assurance.

Mercury square Ascendant means that you might compare yourself to other people. This creates a lot of deep insecurity that bubbles up in social situations.

Your judgments towards others are a defense mechanism, even if this is all subconscious or even unconscious.

With Mercury square Ascendant, you need to boost your own confidence inside before your social skills will change. You search for assurance from others yet the only person who can truly give you want you seek is you.

It will take you a lot of time and effort to gain self-confidence. This comes through knowing who you are and what positive qualities you have, regardless of what other people think.

When you’re able to feel true to yourself, you either won’t trigger people socially (because you won’t need to brag or shut others down) or you simply won’t care if other people don’t like you. Usually, it will be a combination of both.

Mercury square Ascendant will put you in positions over and over that feel extremely painful. After all, squares are hard. This is all to push you to develop inner confidence.

Ultimately, squares can be life changing when you’re willing to turn around and face your fears.