A Beginner’s Guide To Cat Zodiac Signs & Cat Astrology

cat zodiac signs & cat astrology

Astrology for people is so popular, so why not cat astrology? I looked into my cat’s zodiac sign the minute I brought her home (I’m an astrology nerd like that) and was so glad I did, because my research gave me a lot of insight into her personality. Cat zodiac signs are eerily accurate!

Keep in mind that you probably won’t be able to figure out your cat’s entire natal chart unless you have a really accurate birth day and time. Regardless, even knowing the sun sign can provide a lot of understanding!

How Can I Figure Out My Cat’s Astrology Chart?

If you don’t know your cat’s zodiac sign or you aren’t quite sure, there are a few ways to figure this out.

Firstly, you can read the descriptions and try to guess at what makes sense for your cat, based on the personality traits you see. Because your cat has a whole natal chart, cat zodiac signs (your cat’s sun sign) are never 100% accurate, but you should be able to discern some key parts of your cat’s personality from the descriptions below.

Another way to figure out your cat’s astrology sign is to use either astrology dice or the pendulum.

You can quite literally roll the astrology dice (check out the dice here on Amazon) and ask what sign your cat is. I find that these dice are about 80% accurate. They’re really handy for times like this!

You can also ask a pendulum yes/no questions or make a chart with the 12 astrology signs on it. I like to use both the pendulum and the dice and only consider the answer “accurate” if I get the same result using both tools.

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The Aries Cat

The Aries cat is your typical spitfire. This cat is physically adventurous, impulsive, and daring.

I imagine the Aries cat as the one who would try to jump and latch onto the fan while it’s moving. These kitties have no fear!

If you have an Aries cat, you need to give them lots of exercise and stimulation. These cats need physical exertion before they can relax mentally.

Sometimes, Aries cats can be aggressive. They make for great mousers! The Aries cat loves to chase and stalk prey; they’re bound to bring you a “gift” every once in a while to show off their conquests.

While the Aries cat is a bit of a spitfire, they also burn out quickly. They just need a bit of daily exercise before they’re ready to tucker out for a nap.

The Taurus Cat

The Taurus cat loves their home, their comfy spots, and their food. They enjoy all the physical pleasures, from snuggling with their owners to enjoying an opulent meal.

Taurus cats definitely like a clear and definitive routine. They don’t want you to switch things up on them too often.

These cats enjoy being cared for. They want you to buy them a comfy bed, groom them, or make them an extra yummy meal. Taurus cats need to know that you’re invested in spoiling them to feel emotionally secure.

Most of all, Taurus cats enjoy having a full belly. They’re not the most active of cats and have a tendency to gain weight if the owner isn’t careful.

The Gemini Cat

The typical Gemini cat is mentally sharp. These cats get bored easily and need lots of new toys and puzzles to play with around the clock.

The rule with Gemini cats is to make sure that they never fall into a monotonous routine. These Gemini cats actually don’t like a super consistent routine (unlike many other cats) and would prefer that you mix things up.

Gemini cats can be a little moody. They’re pretty up and down – they’ll be snuggly and cuddly one day and then off on their own the next. Gemini cats definitely have some nervous energy that a good owner can help redirect into play! Generally, these are fun cats to have around.

The Cancer Cat

The Cancer cat is one of the best cats to have if you want a lot of emotional closeness. This is one of the cat zodiac signs that needs a huge amount of attention, both physically and emotionally.

These cats get depressed easily if they don’t get enough quality time with their owners. They can be a bit codependent and grow sad if their owners leave them alone too much.

If a Cancer cat doesn’t feel like you’re paying enough attention to them, it’s common for them to act out.

These Cancer cats can be the classic “scaredy-cat.” Sometimes, these cats are quite literally scared of everything. They need to be with their owners to feel brave.

If you don’t mind your cat becoming obsessed with you, then a Cancer cat might be the one to have. They almost want to merge with their owners.

They can get a bit rattled when there is too much noise and might not do well with noisy, big families, but they’re very loving cats and are often perfect for single people who have a lot of love to give. These cats are very protective of their owners and are loyal to a fault!

The Leo Cat

If you have a Leo cat, they definitely knows that they’re the alpha. They always have to come out on top and won’t stand for being second best, even to humans. The Leo cat rules the roost!

These cats are natural leaders if you have more than one pet. They have the most charisma of the cat zodiac signs; they’re probably very charming around guests.

When caring for a Leo cat, you’ll notice that they need a lot of attention. They like both physical attention and emotional attention. If they aren’t pampered, they’ll turn on you quickly. They believe that they’re royalty and deserve to be treated like the best!

Leo cats aren’t the most active and don’t need a ton of mental stimulation, but they do need attention in general.

The Virgo Cat

Virgo cats are super regimented animals. They’re obsessed with routines and enjoy a perfectly structured day.

The typical Virgo cat is also super picky and fussy about the way that you do things for them. You’ll need to pay attention to what they like. For example, they may refuse to eat or drink if you put their water and food bowls together. These tics will be unique for each kitty.

Virgo cats are super clean, both with themselves and their litter box. They’ll expect you to keep their space clean as well.

Sometimes, Virgo cats feel a bit superior to everyone around them. They’re super smart, clever cats and can figure out any toy in a short amount of time!

The Libra Cat

Libra cats are social and affectionate. The Libra cat loves relaxing, having a lazy day, and being pampered.

The typical Libra cat is very pretty and usually knows it. These are honestly some of the most gorgeous cats I’ve ever seen!

Libra cats definitely need a lot of companionship. They often do well with another cat or pet, but they can get by with just humans as long as they get lots of time devoted to them.

I find that Libra cats are pretty easygoing as long as they have enough socialization. Otherwise, they’re quite self-sufficient and flexible!

The Scorpio Cat

Scorpio is a fixed sign in the element of water, so Scorpio cats are typically angsty and unchanging.

Scorpio cats don’t like to leave their home very often. They’re attached to things and places; they don’t like when you switch up their schedule or placements of items.

Although these cats will stand up for themselves if needed, they can also be “scardey-cats” and need lots of spots to hide in the home. They require alone time to brood and don’t like too much “over the top” affection, but they do want to ensure that they have a deep, emotional bond with you.

Scorpio cats are very faithful to their family once they’re committed. They want to know that their owners will always be there when they need them.

I find that Scorpio cats tend to have really gorgeous, intense eyes. These cats can be pretty mysterious and hard to connect with, but they’re certainly alluring.

Scorpio cats don’t need a ton of playtime, but they do like to play with their owners once in a while. They’re very clever and prefer to play any ambush-type games.

It’s most important that you give your Scorpio cat a private place to retreat to where they can feel safe. They might even hide from you sometimes – don’t take it personally! This is simply the Scorpio nature.

The Sagittarius Cat

In my opinion, Sagittarius is one of the cat zodiac signs that feels the most natural to humans. This is the outdoor cat many of us grew up with. These Sagittarius cats are explorers by nature!

These cats love to explore every nook and cranny. The Sagittarius cat might be gone for days at a time, off on any and all adventures. They’re friendly with strangers, but they’ll usually come back to their home in the end.

Many of these cats come as strays. They’re great outdoor cats, but if they’re kept inside, they’ll need a lot of stimulation so they don’t get depressed. They like variety. Plan to create plenty of new places to discover or things to explore and learn.

These cats can be pretty messy (they quite literally don’t care about their appearance), but they’re certainly fun! These are the lucky cats who always seem to get out of scrapes. They’re definitely survivors!

The Capricorn Cat

The Capricorn cat is pretty shy and less social than other signs, but they’re a very loyal cat to their owners. These cats need to feel connected and will insist on being treated well before you get their loyalty, but once they’re tied to you, it’s for life.

These cats are great working cats. The typical Capricorn cat excels as a mouser or barn cat; they enjoy having a consistent job to do. Boredom will kill Capricorn cats, so make sure to set up lots of puzzles for them to complete on a daily basis.

At the same time, Capricorn cats don’t like being babied or coddled. They want to be treated like an equal. These cats are often great roommates and make stable pets in any household!

The Aquarius Cat

The Aquarius cat is friendly and independent. These cats can be a bit aloof at times. They don’t need a ton of attention and sometimes don’t even want it.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance cat, you should definitely consider an Aquarius! These are great cats if you’re someone who travels often as they’re fine on their own.

The Aquarius cat doesn’t have many emotional needs. They can actually be a little cold. They might be even quirky or weird, and they jump from hobby to hobby. Expect the Aquarius cat to keep you on your toes!

At their worst, the Aquarius cat can be a destroyer of homes. Make sure you’re always bringing home new toys or setting up jungle gyms to keep them entertained.

The Pisces Cat

The Pisces cat is super affectionate and gentle. These are great cats if you want a constant companion by your side. These cats will usually need you emotionally; they’re intuitive and try to become enmeshed with their owners’ emotions.

Like other water signs, the Pisces cat can be a bit of a typical scardey-cat, but this isn’t always the case with Pisces; it will depend on the rest of their chart.

I find that the Pisces cat is almost always psychic and will chase shadows that you don’t see. I personally think that all cats are psychic, but the Pisces cat really takes this to another level.

The Pisces cat will take it personally if you don’t pay attention to them. They quite literally want to merge with their owners once they feel safe!

How Accurate Are Cat Zodiac Signs?

Like I said before, these cat zodiac signs are simply sun signs. As you probably know, there is way more to cat astrology (and any other type of astrology!) than the sun sign.

I do find that cat zodiac signs are accurate in some ways. The sun sign describes the essence of the person (or cat) and who they will become, so it’s probably easy to see at least some of these qualities in your cat.

If you don’t see any of these qualities, then your cat may have an unusual sun placement, such as a 12th house sun. Feel free to drop us a line if you’re confused and we’re happy to help you figure it out!

How To Learn More About Cat Zodiac Signs

If you do a lot of astrology work already, then you can learn more about cat astrology by figuring out your cat’s natal chart. You can use the pendulum or dice (scroll up to read more about those) to find the day and time, if you don’t know it.

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