Mercury in Scorpio

mercury in scorpio woman, mercury in scorpio man

Mercury is the planet that rules the mind, thought processes, and communication style in Astrology.  It tells us not what we think about, but how we think. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, and moves the fastest. It may be difficult to differentiate between the two, but remember; the sun is the persona, and Mercury is the mind. 

Mercury in Scorpio: the Plutonian

Mercury in Scorpio people are some of the most in tune and psychic thinkers in astrology. Scorpio is a water sign, and is ruled by emotions and psychism, which makes the Mercury in Scorpio mind much more emotional and dynamic than other Mercury signs. 

People with Mercury in Scorpio developed emotionally at a young age, and tend to have high levels of emotional intelligence and understanding for other people. Their minds rationalize conflict by putting themselves in the shoes of the other person, and not only asking what they would do, but how they would feel being in that position. 

With Scorpio being the sign of transformation, Mercury in Scorpio people are constantly transforming the way they think about and relate to others. These people are constantly learning something new, and applying it to their current situation to be a better version of themselves. 

Alternatively, when they are stuck or feeling unmotivated to change, they may find themselves becoming obsessed with their flaws and incapabilities instead of focusing on the light. Mercury in Scorpio people may choose, instead of changing their mindset, to change their outer world. This could lead them down dark and dangerous paths, seeking out danger and thrill. 

Mercury in Scorpio tend to have a blind spot when it comes to themselves. They can be very emotionally aware and understanding, and empathetic towards others. However, when it comes to themselves, they have no understanding for the areas they are lacking. 


Mercury in Scorpio is one of the most psychic placements. These people know what you are going to say before you say it, and know what is going to happen before it does. Their mind is always prying into their unconscious brain to gain universal memories that other Mercury signs are incapable of grasping. 

The Plutonian mind is the perfect balance between the unconscious and the conscious. Most people think of themselves as their persona, while their shadow self lives in their unconscious mind. With Mercury in Scorpio, the conscious and unconscious minds are blended. People with this placement have fully integrated their shadow self, and are now capable of seeing the universal truths. 

Mercury in Scorpio is not looking for objective truths in the same way that a Mercury in Aquarius is. Rather, they are looking for universal truths– things that only someone’s unconscious mind knows. They get this information in a variety of ways, and usually when communicating with other people does it come through.

Mercury in Scorpio and Communication

As a child, they likely had a lot of other people’s emotions that they felt responsible for. This made them very emotionally intelligent at a young age, but also very discerning of others. This discernment turned into a 6th sense, where they can tell when someone is lying, being dishonest, or simply not relaying the full truth.

Some Mercury in Scorpio individuals developed other psychic skills relating to how they communicate with people. One of my clients developed the ability to see auras at a young age, which helped him to effectively communicate with people as he could literally see their moods. Another Mercury in Scorpio person I know is a channel for others, and a third one has guides speaking to him in audible words all the time. 

Mercury in Scorpio individuals can read people’s intentions and can tell if someone is lying. They can tell when someone is being phony, or acting only to be liked, and that is one thing they will not put up with. They value honesty above all else, and find trust to be the most important thing. 

Someone with a Mercury in Scorpio placement can tell right from meeting someone whether or not they are going to be trustworthy. Their intentions are usually very clear to the Mercury in Scorpio person, who can tell how evolved they are and whether this is someone they want in their life.

You will find that Mercury in Scorpio individuals do not keep people around just for the sake of having friends. The people in their life are very carefully chosen, have the best intentions, and are incredible friends. 

Dynamic and Prying

Mercury in Scorpio individuals give great advice, but never seem to take their own. They are genius friends to have, and can help you through issues. They are very good listeners, their dynamic nature helps them to flexibly put themselves into any situation.

Because the Mercury in Scorpio person is always looking for the deeper truths and hidden meanings, they may come off as prying to other people. They tell you things you already knew about yourself, but did not want to admit. These people ask the difficult questions, and make you give them honest and truthful answers. 

This often brings out the defensive side in a lot of people. Mercury in Scorpio individuals are not offended by others defensiveness, as they already know the truth and play the role of helping others transform into their best selves. 

The people around Mercury in Scorpio, who have them in their lives for long periods of time, will inevitably develop into their best selves and stop rejecting their shadow nature. Simply communicating with these natives is transformative and dynamic, and forces you to look at your darkest and most hidden parts of yourself. 

The Mercury in Scorpio Woman

The Mercury in Scorpio woman can come off as cold and discerning. She is not someone to be messed with, and can destroy others with her harsh words and mannerisms. She is not someone to be taken lightly.

This woman knows exactly what to say to upset someone, and will use it against them if she has to. In romantic situations, it takes a lot for the Mercury in Scorpio woman to commit. She does not like meaningless interactions, and will not settle for less than someone who compels her mind.

Mercury in Scorpio women can be very lighthearted and fun, or they can be dark and destructive. They crave relationships that broaden their horizons and help them to experience new parts of themselves. They are often very sexual women, and find deep connection and spiritual release through sexual encounters with a meaningful partner. 

The Mercury in Scorpio woman is smart and cunning. If she does not like you, or wants to reject you, you will leave feeling so hurt that you never want to return again. She picks up on your weaknesses and uses them against you. Alternatively, she could pick up on your strengths and help you transform them. 

The Mercury in Scorpio Man

The Mercury in Scorpio Man is a bit more vibrant than his female counterpart. He is not so tied down by the occult as to not have any fun. He loves with deep passion, and holds the people he loves to very high esteem. 

The Mercury in Scorpio man is one of the most loyal placements in astrology. When he has found his partner, he never even considers losing the relationship as he knows he can transform it in any way it needs to be transformed. 

While he may pry a bit too much into his loved ones business, or say things to intentionally hurt someone using his unconscious knowledge of their pain, the Mercury in Scorpio man has a better sense of boundaries than his female counterpart. He pushes people to transform, but also has a good sense of their boundaries and knows when he has gone too far. 

He is unapologetic in his actions, and takes pride in his ability to change other people’s lives.