The Best Zodiac & Astrology Wallpaper For Your iPhone

I’ve gotten lots of requests for astrology and zodiac wallpaper after the witchcraft wallpaper post, so I’m compiling all of my favorite wallpaper options today!

To save any of these zodiac wallpaper backgrounds, press and hold on the photo then click save to camera roll.

From there, you can go into settings and choose what photo you want for your lock screen and home screen’s backgrounds.

Feel free to save as many as you’d like!

The 12 Signs:

Flower Sun:

The Moon Card:


Purple Starry Sky:

The Moon Phases:

The Full Moon:

Holding The Moon:

Overlapping Chart Wheels:

The Constellations:

The Faces Of The Sun:

Blue Chart Wheel:

Simple Sky:

The Evil Eye:

Red Clouds:

Black Sky Drawing:

Black Chart Work:

Purple Sky:

Pink Sky: