Midheaven In Virgo, IC In Pisces

midheaven in virgo, ic in pisces

The Midheaven (MC) and the Imum coeli (IC) are two opposite points in astrology that are calculated based on your place and time of birth. The IC shows the qualities that you learned in childhood and the environment that you wanted to escape.

In order to get away from the values of the IC, you push towards the Midheaven. In fact, the Midheaven is how people tend to perceive you in the outer world, but more specifically in your career. Although you may embrace the qualities of your Midheaven, the IC always exists underneath.

The IC In Pisces placement is all about the instability that you faced as a child. In your adult life, you try to embody the Midheaven in Virgo, which means you search for analysis and logic to make sense of that instability.

Keep in mind that the Midheaven and IC are always opposite signs, so you can’t have one without the other.

IC In Pisces:

With your IC in Pisces, your home life was unstable in some way. You were perceptive as a child, but you could never quite figure out what was going on, especially in your home. There were too many factors for your brain to understand.

Sometimes, IC in Pisces can mean that you were kept in the dark about things. Maybe your parents deliberately confused you, or maybe they just didn’t realize that you had no idea what was going on. You probably felt like things could change at the drop of a hat.

IC in Pisces can manifest in many different ways. In general, you were detached from daily life and from the truth. You always felt as though you were living in a haze because the adults around you did not confront issues in the way you wanted. You never knew what was real in your world.

In some way, your home life felt topsy-turvy. Maybe your parents divorced, or maybe you moved around a lot. You never felt that you had a consistent routine; with IC in Pisces, you never really knew what was coming next.

Some people with IC in Pisces had caretakers who experienced addictions, illicit affairs, emotional trauma, or other issues in the home that made their childhood lives extremely unstable.

For others with IC in Pisces, the home life just felt unstable for an undefinable reason that’s usually deep and emotional. These traumas often get buried deep down in the psyche, so your IC in Pisces may be hard to reach unless you’re willing to do shadow work and dig.

Generally, IC in Pisces means you lived a confusing life. When something happened in your family system, you felt that you just couldn’t make sense of it or reason it out. You were simply expected to accept changes, even if you didn’t understand why things shifted.

You also may have had issues with delusion. This typically manifests because your family avoided confronting problems head-on.

Your parents may have avoided speaking about negative things or had little direction when conversing. You always felt as though the underlying issues weren’t addressed. To cope, you could have made up your own world in your head, or told yourself stories about why things were happening to you, but you never knew the reality of the situation.

This placement can also mean that your family had weak boundaries with the outside world. There was little sense of a core family unit or structure.

This type of family dynamic made it hard for you to handle your emotions because you never knew what might happen next. You didn’t have a safe and secure sense of home; there was nowhere you could retreat to when you felt afraid.

In conversations, you never got to truly say what you felt with IC in Pisces. You sensed that you were always drifting and that there were things inside of you that you couldn’t truly express.

As you grew, you might have struggled to figure out exactly who you even were, because you had never put a thing on the emotions you felt. 

You came to desire clear boundaries and a schedule you could count on. You felt that your life needed a sense of order so you could trust the world around you.

Now, you want decisions to be logical and well-reasoned in order for your mind to have a way to sort the events that happen around you. You need boundaries and a sense of structure.

It’s common for people with IC in Pisces to feel very lonely. They may struggle to understand who they really are. In order to create a solid persona, they turn to the qualities of Virgo.

Midheaven In Virgo:

With your Midheaven in Virgo, you’re a very hard worker. You will do as much as is needed to get something done, but you tend to get caught up in the small details. Sometimes, you can be a bit of a perfectionist.

The reason that you focus on the details is because you don’t want to get caught up in the “haze” of your childhood. Midheaven in Virgo means that you’re scared to lose that sense of order that you’ve worked so hard to acquire. 

Your Midheaven in Virgo makes you extremely analytical, especially in work-related areas. You want others to see you as logical and “correct,” so you’ll go to any lengths to be right and even perfect. You may hope that you’ll even see yourself this way someday.

You’re very “self-improvement” focused with your Midheaven in Virgo. Things are never good enough for you; there’s always more work to be done.

This placement means that you want to create a core sense of self. In your childhood, you didn’t know who you really were, so you struggle to find yourself during your adult life. Although it can seem like you nitpick yourself, this is actually your way of figuring out who you are. 

Your job is an integral part of who you are and what you contribute to the world, so it’s probably very important to you that you do things correctly and that you’re always improving in the work-place. No matter the career, your daily work-related tasks feel meaningful to you.

Be careful that you don’t run towards your Midheaven in Virgo to get away from your IC in Pisces. It’s one thing to develop logic, analysis, and a sense of self. These are all positive qualities!

However, it’s easy for people with Midheaven in Virgo to try and escape the Picean haze. Instability feels scary to you, but living in a world with “haze” means that you also have a closer connection to the Universe.

Every astrological sign has both positive and negative qualities. Pisces can feel unstable, but it also allows you to connect with other realms and to dive deep into your own psyche. 

Meanwhile, Virgo can be too nitpicky, analytical, and grounded. This means that if you focus too much on only the qualities of Virgo, you may start to lose your connect with the world and your sense of creativity. You can get bogged down in your daily rituals to the point of obsession, and you may become too strict with your schedules, routines, or self-improvement endeavors. Efficiency is only good in moderation.

The goal is to find a way to integrate your Midheaven in Virgo with the Piscean self from childhood. You can be logical and analytical while still maintaining a connection to the Universe.

Learn to recognize that the Universe is both ordered and chaotic. In fact, Pisces at its best leaves room for both qualities because Pisces encompasses all of the other signs.

Try to use your Midheaven in Virgo as a vessel to experience yourself and your connection to the Universe on a deeper level. Analyze what you think and feel without being self-critical. Learn about your inner feelings and what makes you tick.

Doing this work is the only way to heal the hole that’s deep inside of you. This Virgo/Pisces pairing can be truly transformational in the long run! Learn to dissect things for the purpose of learning to love yourself and to grow.