12 Full Moon Rituals For Release

full moon rituals

Looking for Full Moon rituals for manifestation or release? Today we’re sharing everything you need to know bout the energy of the full moon + 12 effective rituals to use.

The new moon is when we should be planting seeds for growth. Meanwhile, the full moon is a time to repeat the benefits of our manifestation and to let go of what is no longer useful. 

The most potent full moon rituals are those we construct through our intuitive knowing, and this knowing deepens as we become attuned to the ebb and flow of energy.

But if you’re not sure where to start, we’re here to help! Here are some things to consider when planning a full moon ritual.

The Energy of the Full Moon

It’s not a new concept to perform rituals based on the moon’s power. For thousands of years, civilizations such as Egypt and Babylonia have practiced rituals designed to harness lunar energy. The Moon’s phases are integral parts of our own Best Days and Gardening by the Moon formulas.

It can be invigorating and rejuvenating to align our internal rhythm with the rhythm of nature. The entire lunar cycle, from the new moon to the full moon and back again, takes about 29 days. These transitions in phase reflect a shift in energy level.

Full Moon Rituals To Release Your Intention

Similar to a “cosmic sigh,” energy surges and then discharges each month around the time of the full moon.

The full moon represents the month’s “energetic apex,” making it an ideal time for self-care rituals. The practice of “manifesting with the Moon,” is gaining popularity as a way to promote self-care and better manage your daily stresses. You can do it in a physical sense (by tidying and decluttering in a Marie Kondo-style manner) or an emotional sense (by releasing negative thoughts, patterns, behaviors, and even relationships). A lot of people have rituals that help them eat better, be more in tune with their intuition, and spark their imagination.

Like the moon, a new chapter opens with the arrival of each full moon.

What is a Full Moon Ritual? 

A full moon ritual can be whatever you want it to be. Whether you’re in a group or by yourself, your goals and the outcome will be different each time. Some do a crystal cleansing by meditating on them or by burning incense or palo santo.

Observing a full moon ritual is a wonderful way to disconnect from the stresses of daily life.  You can reacquaint yourself with the natural world and its energies.

Through simple full moon rituals, we can plan for the future and how we hope to better ourselves, by increasing our levels of contentment or joy. Ultimately, a full moon ritual is anything that uses the power of the moon in a magical, spiritual, or psychological way.

Full Moon Rituals To Release Your Intention

What are Full Moon Releasing Rituals?

Rituals performed during the New Moon are said to be more effective at bringing about the things you wish for, while those held during the Full Moon are ideal for letting go and moving on.

At the turn of each New Year, people everywhere make promises to better themselves. Many people find that making their resolutions public, either verbally or in writing, motivates them to take the first steps toward fulfilling them. While similar to New Year’s resolutions, simple full moon rituals are performed multiple times throughout the year, rather than just once.

You don’t need to be religious or spiritual to do a full moon ritual; all you need is an open heart and a magickal attitude.

What Are the Benefits of a Full Moon Ritual?

Full Moon Rituals To Release Your Intention

There are many benefits of doing a full moon ritual!

Introspection during a full moon is beneficial because it compels you to examine your wants, pains, and inadequacies. It’s a great time to release anything that’s no longer serving you.

With the full moon’s illumination, you may face your internal disharmony and overcome your difficulties.

If you’re open to hearing what the universe and your soul have to say, the full moon can help you understand all three. The moon’s energy is strongest when full and “lights up” all of your darkest shadows, allowing you to more effectively examine your own shadow self or “Underworld.” The full moon is a powerful time to tune into your inner guidance and identify areas of imbalance that need attention.

Lastly, even simple full moon rituals can be extremely powerful from a magickal perspective. I recommend that you focus on rituals about stopping something/someone or banishing (release rituals) rather than spells for gain. However, you really can’t go wrong on the full moon. You can do just about any ritual and see increased power!

12 Simple Full Moon Rituals For Release

Try out some of these straightforward but simple full moon rituals to help you tap into the potent energy of the lunar phase.

You can choose to carry out one, some, or all of these rites during the 48-hour period that surrounds the full moon on a monthly basis. Work during the day or at night – whatever feels right to you!

Here are my favorite full moon rituals from the most simple to the most magickally complicated. Enjoy!

1. Meditate

Full Moon Rituals To Release Your Intention

We suggest meditating before beginning any full moon ritual. This will prepare you for the experience ahead. Take deep breaths. Play some music that is soothing.

If you don’t meditate, then focus on any activity that makes you feel “magickal.” Balance your chakras, listen to an enn, or simply sit in nature for a few moments. 

At the time of the full moon, release all you’ve been holding onto. Find peace with what is and what isn’t, and let go of any drama you may be holding onto. You may find that certain issues come up for you around a full moon, and this can be a sign that you should do a ritual about that specific thing.

If you want to do a full moon meditation, here is one of my favorite meditations that are always quite effective during the full moon.

Find a comfortable spot where you can see the moonlight from where you are sitting.

Close your eyes and imagine that the moon’s light is filling the room as well as your body.

Pay attention to the way you are breathing and the intention that you have established.

Imagine the moonlight embracing and cleansing every aspect of your being, from your body to your mind to your spirit.

Open your eyes and bring your focus back to the room as you slowly bring your attention back to the present.

You can do this ritual as many times as you desire during the three to five hours before or after the full moon reaches its highest point.

2. Experiment with Taking Deep Breaths

If you’ve been struggling with anything during this moon cycle, consider letting go of these emotions using the deep breathing technique.

The gravitational attraction of the full moon can frequently bring on intense feelings as well as painful sensations. You may be able to let these feelings out of your system by practicing deep breathing. Put your phone on silent and go to a spot where you won’t be disturbed. Then, you can sit down and focus on how your stomach moves up and down in response to your inhalations and exhalations.

Full Moon Rituals To Release Your Intention

When you’re feeling anxious or stressed, it can be helpful to put your palm on your chest and tummy while taking some slow, deep breaths. Repeat as many times as you wish so that it can assist you in relaxing and bringing your body back to the present.

3. Charge Your Body In The Moonlight

You gotta let that moon magic in! If the weather isn’t gross and you have a nice, peaceful outdoor space (like a yard or deck) head outside. Otherwise, just open your curtains so moonlight can fill your space. Make sure to turn your lights off inside your house to be more intimately connected to the sky and help the moonlight cleanse your space.

Full Moon Rituals To Release Your Intention

Meanwhile, walking in the light of a full Moon can be magical. Its gentle glow can have a calming effect, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed. Stand outside in the light of the full Moon and bathe in its power.

Allow your body to charge energetically using the light o the moon. Tune into how the trees and sky look in the moonlight. Pay extra attention to the sounds and smells of the night air.

4. Do a Smoke Cleansing Ritual

Burning incense and herbs can help remove the negative, stagnant energy that has built up in a space. A full moon is the perfect time to perform a cleansing ritual that will purge your home, devices, and body of any negative energy.

Get some herbs or incense together, and then light them (a little fire goes a long way).

Pass the smoke around you and let it drift around your home as you visit each room. Set your objective for the next moon cycle and let go of whatever that is holding you back. Pick a motto like: “When an idea no longer helps me, I let it go. For the upcoming month, I wish for prosperity and good vibes.”

Full Moon Rituals To Release Your Intention

Toss the smoke about the room and make sure it reaches all of your gadgets. Toss the smoke toward the direction your gut tells you to go. Open a door or window once the smoke has been carried throughout the house. This is to let the old energy escape and the new energy enter.

Allow the moonlight to flood your home by opening a window.

Using smoke is one of the best full moon rituals for letting go. You can cleanse your home or your own intentions.

5. Perform Candle Magick

Get rid of the old and in with the new. When you light a candle, tell it that you want to rid yourself of everything harmful or detrimental to your well-being. And that the candle’s flame represents your own good intentions.

Next, write down the thing, person, or part of yourself you want to release on a piece of paper or a bay leaf, and then burn it in the candle to facilitate this release. 

Recognize the unpleasant emotions, thoughts, and people you’ve been holding onto.  Then decide whether or not to forgive or “banish” them. 

Now you can (safely) burn the paper while repeating a mantra like “I take back my power.” You may also take it to the bathroom and let the words be washed away. Then, rip it up, and recommit to your goals.

This is one of the best full moon rituals for letting go because it works fast. Fire is always effective when you want to see quick results!

Full Moon Rituals To Release Your Intention

6. Perform Forgiveness Work

The heart of any full moon ceremony is the practice of forgiving others. To kick off your full moon ritual, take some time to reflect on the things that have been bothering you and where you feel harmed. Visualize yourself forgiving every (worthy) person in your life.

This ritual doesn’t make the situation any less reprehensible, even if you are forgiving the offender. To let go of emotional baggage simply indicates a decision to move forward. Any further and you’ll be dragging it.

Write down the names of everyone you wish to forgive then burn the paper. Though it may sound theatrical to set fire to the list, doing so is actually quite effective.  This is expelling the negative emotions from your body and onto the paper. 

7. Write What You Want To Release & Attract

Use the power that Mother Nature possesses to help you in giving more effect to your goals. Pick up a leaf or use a piece of paper if you don’t have access to a leaf. 

Full Moon Rituals To Release Your Intention

Make a list of everything you want to let go of and everything you want to bring into your life over the next thirty days. They may be in the form of bullet points or complete phrases. It could be things like long-forgotten memories that keep coming back to haunt you or behaviors that you feel you need to break.

Put down the things you want to attract and manifest in your life, such as the ability to take control of your financial situation.  You may also manifest letting go of everything that is preventing you from experiencing the power that you possess. If at all possible, be specific.

Keep this list in a safe place and don’t think about it until the next full moon cycle, when you can pull the paper out and see how effective your manifestations were.

8. Charge/Cleanse Your crystals

The full moon is a wonderful time to cleanse and charge your crystals. Just like when making moon water, crystals need only be exposed to the full moon’s rays (inside or outside). You can kill two birds with one stone by storing your crystals with your moon water (instructions below).

Full Moon Rituals To Release Your Intention

Crystals have a long history of being utilized for both practical and spiritual purposes, and they have the unique ability to store energy. Maintaining crystals in good functioning order requires regular cleansing. There are several methods for cleansing and recharging crystals, but none are more effective than doing it under a full moon’s radiance.

Put your crystals (as well as tarot cards and oracle decks) on the window sill before you turn in for the night. Hold the meeting the following morning under a bright moon. Crystals benefit greatly from the full moon’s purifying and reviving influence. They will be cleansed and recharged with power.

9. Take A Cleansing Bath (Or Shower)

As part of your full moon ritual, taking a bath that purifies you is highly recommended.  Make use of this time to unwind, meditate, and bring yourself back into the present now by concentrating on your breathing.

Imagine that as you empty the water from the bathtub, you are letting go of anything that is no longer serving its purpose for you and sending it down the drain.

Full Moon Rituals To Release Your Intention

Take a shower if you’re not the type to soak in the tub. Imagine the water healing you as it passes over your body and focuses your attention on the process of washing away the negative energy and attachments that you have accumulated over the course of the day (or month).

This is one of the best full moon rituals for cleansing purposes because it’s easy and strong.

10. Make Some Moon Water

Moon water is best made at a full moon and left to charge under the moonlight for at least 12 hours, though it can be made at any time of the month. You can put your moon water to practically any use you can imagine. 

While you can make moon water pretty much any night, it’s most effective as one of your full moon rituals because the power (and light) of the moon is strongest.

Get a mason jar with a lid and fill it with clean water. Leave the jar exposed to the moonlight overnight, either outside or on a window sill.

Make your water more potent by letting crystals soak in the moonlight all night long before putting them on top of the jar. You may fine-tune your intuitive flow with the help of the crystals blue calcite, lapis lazuli, labradorite, selenite, and moonstone. Make sure that any crystal you use can be safely stored in water as some crystals dissolve!

Full Moon Rituals To Release Your Intention

To make the most of the energies of the present cycle, it is helpful to study the zodiac sign of the moon at the time intentions are set. Each moon has a different energy and you’ll want to focus on goals and release that correspond with the sign of the moon. Mark down what astrological sign the moon was in before storing your moon water so you know how to use it!

Ways to use your moon water include:

Consume it. – Intentions and the moon’s influence can be refreshed with a daily sip or two. 

Fill a bowl with it and soak your crystals.– Your crystals have the ability to take in any form of energy. If you soak them in your moon water, it will revitalize them and boost their strength. 

Use it on your skin. – Moon water can be used as a daily facial toner by placing it in a spray bottle and adding a few drops of essential oil.

Or, click here to check out the 24+ ways you can use moon water.

11. Do a Self-Love Ritual

Self-love rituals are wonderful to perform at any time, but they are especially meaningful on the night of the full moon. Almost anything that makes you feel loved will do, but here’s an example:

Stretch out, practice some breathing exercises, or take a full moon bath as the first step in your routine. Sit in front of a mirror and pick a type of cleansing water (moon water, rose water, Florida water, etc.) that you like.

Full Moon Rituals To Release Your Intention

With the aim of dissolving the illusions that prevent you from loving yourself, allowing yourself to be loved, and uniting with love – wipe the mirror with the water.

Relax while you look lovingly at your reflection in the bathroom mirror. Here, you can conduct any kind of breathing exercise or mantra that helps you get in touch with your emotional center. Look deeply into your own eyes for at least 10 minutes.

To conclude, express gratitude to yourself, the moon, and the cosmos for helping you to cultivate an attitude of self-love.

If you’ve been feeling down on yourself then this is one of the best full moon rituals to reconnect with your inner child.

12. Sleep Under the Full Moon 

One of the most effective ways to cleanse your body is to sleep directly under a full moon. The cleansing effects of the full moon can restore your body’s equilibrium by flushing out toxins. If you’re suffering from jet lag or fatigue after a long day, this can help restore a normal rhythm to your circadian system.

Full Moon Rituals To Release Your Intention

Find someplace peaceful outside where you can get at least an hour’s worth of shut-eye without being disturbed. Relax by kicking off your shoes and lying on your back or side while gazing at the moon. You will focus your attention on the glow of the moon. Put down the phone and the tablet. The blue light emitted by these devices can disrupt your natural sleep-wake cycle, and they also prevent you from focusing and unwinding.

Alternatively, you can find a place to sleep in your house where you can directly get some moonlight through a window. This is one of my favorite full moon rituals because it’s so powerful for cleansing purposes.

Hopefully, this post gave you lots of ideas for full moon rituals! Remember that practically any ritual is more powerful during the full moon, so focus on what you’re currently interested in.