How To Make Black Salt: An Easy Recipe Guide For Witches

how to make black salt recipe

Black salt is a type of rock salt that has been dyed black. It’s used for various purposes in witchcraft and spells and is extremely effective. If you’re wondering how to make black salt, you’ve come to the right place: it’s one of my favorite tools to use in spells!

Based on who you’re talking to, black salt is also known as Salt Negro, Witches Salt, Hoodoo Salt, Santeria Salt, Drive-Away Salt. However, black salt is the most common name for this substance, because it’s literally salt that was dyed black.

Throughout history, black salt has been used in various different ways. Witchcraft practitioners used black salt in spells for many reasons, including protection from negative energy, as an offering to deities or spirits of the dead, to bring misfortune to the enemies of a witch or practitioner, to purify an area of negativity such as after a hexing spell had been cast.

Some people also use black salt in their bath water or sprinkle it around their house in order to keep evil spirits away, some believe that sprinkling black salt will prevent those negative spirits from ever being able to cross your doorstep.

The Power Of Salt

Sea salt has been shown to be spiritually powerful in many different cultures throughout history. The Egyptians used salt to preserve their food and the Greeks placed salt on their tables to symbolize hospitality.

In India, people sprinkle salt on the threshold of a doorway to save them from evil spirits. The Romans threw salt over themselves as they walked under an arch so they wouldn’t be harmed by any impending ill will.

Often, salt is used as an offering in rituals for deities or spirits of the dead, for protection from negative energy, or for hexes that would cause others harm. Salt is also sprinkled around homes or baths in order to ward off evil spirits and prevent them from crossing your doorstep.

Salt is a really powerful mineral, both physically and spiritually. It is incredibly cleansing and has a lot of energetic potency.

While I love using salt in general, I find that black salt adds even more oomph to any spell or ritual. The ritual of making black salt is powerful all on its own, so you already have a good amount of energy in the salt before you even begin.

How To Use Black Salt:

Black salt can be used in so many different ways! Mainly, I use black salt for:

– Protection from negativity

– Releasing blockages and psychic negativity

– Clearing away unwanted energies

– Change to help break bad habits

– Change to help break bad luck, or for anything else you want changed

Black salt is great for protection. It’s especially good to protect your house from energy that’s been left behind by former tenants/owners.

You can also use black salt to protect yourself and your family from negative energies that have been left in a room, or even a whole house.

In fact, if you’re ever feeling nervous or getting bad vibes or energy, set out a bowl of black salt. I like to leave a line of black salt across my doorway at night to ward off strangers!

Ultimately, black salt is great for protection because it provides both physical and spiritual protection.

Black salt is also great for breaking bad habits. It works not only on the person you use it on, but also for yourself.

For example, I’ll carry a pouch of black salt around with me when I’m trying to stop biting my nails.

You can also use black salt in your spell work if you’re trying to help someone else break a habit.

Spread the power of this protective substance just about anywhere – your home, your workplace, or even a prayer circle. Black salt provides a lot of security regardless of the placement!

Lastly, black salt can be used as a potent ingredient in a hex or curse spell. If you intent to walk the left-handed path, you should definitely have black salt around.

*Note: Do not use black salt in spells that involve breaking up a couple. It can sometimes attract the wrong kind of energy towards the person you cast it on. Use white salt instead if possible in this situation.

How To Make Black Salt: A Black Salt Recipe

This recipe is how I make my black salt for spells. You can also find how to make black salt in other ways if you do a search online, or you can simply use your own black salt recipes. Every witch is different!

A word of warning before getting started: if you have a sensitive nose, this can be a bit offensive while making it. Be prepared for an unpleasant smell.

Also, when using the black salt in spells (after making it), it can be a bit offensive, especially to those with sensitive noses. Be prepared for how people around you (and yourself) will react when the black salt is being used in spells.

Black Salt Ingredients:

· Salt (preferred, Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt)

· Black Pepper (you can use a cast iron cauldron instead)

· Ash

· Activated Charcoal (you can use black food coloring instead)

· A bowl, spoon, and storage container

I use a black salt recipe that includes:

– 2 cups of rock salt

– 3 tablespoons of black pepper

– 6 tablespoons of ground charcoal

– 1 tablespoon of ash from the fire pit or fireplace

However, feel free to substitute these quantities. We don’t consume black salt recipes, so this is by no means a precise science!

Mix all of these ingredients together, mixing them with your hands (you can also use a mortar & pestle if you prefer). Slowly add in the charcoal so that the salt doesn’t get too black.

Once the salt is thoroughly mixed, it’s ready to go! Of course you can take an extra step and do a prayer/chant from your chosen path over the salt before use. I like to say some words and raise my energy to fill the black salt with my intention.

Leave the mixture sitting for 48 hours, occasionally stirring it to mix everything together more thoroughly.

The mixture should be completely black after 2 days and there should be no smell. If there is still some white or gray in your mix, wait another day or two and try stirring it again.

If you want to charge your salt under the power of the moon, do so right away, then store it away from natural light sources.

How To Store Homemade Black Salt:

Storing your homemade black salt is pretty simple. It can be stored anywhere from a container to a bowl, as long as it has an airtight lid that will keep the black salt dry and fresh.

If you want to store it in a container, I recommend that you use something like a Mason jar, that way the black salt can be stored on its side while still being protected and preserved. You can purchase Mason jars in various sizes to fit your needs.

It’s not safe to store any type of rock salt (natural or dyed) in plastic because the salt will absorb chemicals from the plastic.

If you live in a moist environment, it’s recommended that the salt be stored in an airtight glass container to prevent the moisture from getting into your black salt and ruining it.

It’s also recommended to store rock salt away from sunlight because the salt is natural and will absorb the energy from sunlight, causing your black salt to lose its energetic potency. Same goes for moonlight, unless you specifically want to charge your black salt under a certain moon!

How To Dispose Of Black Salt

Pour any leftover black salt into your yard after use if you want to dispose of it. Definitely don’t wash it down the drain. Returning the salt to the earth is the best course of action.

If you end up using the salt in a hex or curse, it is best to bury it far away from your home in a remote location. This type of energy can be super tricky!

Black salt is a staple in many witch’s spell book and craft kit. It can be used for everything from breaking bad habits to spells of protection or success.

In fact, I highly recommend that you make your own black salt recipe. Homemade black salt recipes are much more potent and works incredibly well, even without a set intention.

Today, I’ve discussed the different ways black salt may be used as well as providing directions on how to make black salt at home using inexpensive ingredients that you can find around the house!

Please note that this recipe is NOT meant to be used internally. It is for external use only, and is not to be used in replacement of anything your doctors may recommend for health.

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