Is Reicarnation Real?

is reincarnation real?

I have believed in reincarnation ever since I can remember. Although I was raised Catholic, my parents also held spiritual beliefs and taught about past lives from a young age.

In fact, I did my first past life regression when I was 5 years old. I vividly remember seeing myself as a dark-skinned male in Egypt, struggling to provide for my family, before I eventually died on a ship. This blew my parents away because I was a 5 year old “girly girl,” yet I was able to describe the Egyptian city, the barter system, and the strange shoes I wore on my feet with accuracy. 

But even with this personal evidence (plus the many past life regressions I have done since then), I still have doubts. I mean, what if I’m wrong? What if I spend my whole life believing something that isn’t true just to die? What if we don’t even have souls?

Just like with religion, it’s impossible to absolutely prove that reincarnation is real. If the soul exists outside of the body, then it’s something that we as three-dimensional beings just cannot comprehend, so no experiment can answer these questions.

Yet over and over I come back to the question of reincarnation, because I know that there’s something there. I may not know all of the details of why or how it happens, but I am sure that something happens. Here’s why.

Note: these are just my own thoughts after doing a ton of research and having 300+ conversations with my fiancé, who is an engineer with a logical, scientific mind. I am by no means a scientist nor an ascended master, just a person with questions.

The Main Reasons For Doubt About Reincarnation:

First of all, let’s get all of the negatives out there. Why do spiritual, new-age people doubt that reincarnation truly is real?

The Idea Of Energy And A Dispassionate Universe.

is reincarnation real?

If you’re into New-Age stuff, then you probably hear terms like “the Universe is on your side.” While I do believe that the Universe is often helpful (everything happens for a reason, the pain that we experience helps us grow, etc.) I don’t necessarily think that this is because the Universe is a feeling, thinking entity.

Instead, I believe that the “Universe” (for lack of a better term) is simply a collection of energy and natural laws that play out all around us. It’s simply neutral. When you work with the energy of the Universe, you’re able to make things happen, and when you push against the energy you will struggle.

Energy is a force that will always exist, but we can certainly change its course with enough effort. I have seen this work time and time again in my own witchcraft practice. In fact, witchcraft is what really convinced me that the Universe is simply a collection of natural laws. Why else would I be able to manipulate the energy in the world unless it is ultimately neutral?

However, this idea also creates an issue with the idea of reincarnation. If you believe that the Universe is neutral and energy simply exists in one form or another, then you might also believe that when you die, your energy just dissipates into the Universe.

For example, one person dies and another is born at the same time, and the energy of the dying person transfers to the newborn. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the soul transfers. From a scientific viewpoint, energy doesn’t have feelings and certainly isn’t collected into something like a soul.

At the same time, we have to recognize that there’s a lot we don’t know about energy and the natural world. We live in the 3rd dimension, but we do know that other dimensions exist.

In the 3rd dimension, it makes sense that our energy would simply transfer to another entity or being when we die. This would mean that we’re simply dead and that the soul does not exist.

However, when you incorporate the idea of other dimensions, then it’s easy to imagine that our energy could “transfer” to another dimension. I think that our soul could exist in another dimension while our body dies here, or even that part of our soul (known by New-Agers as the Higher Self) continues to exist in another dimension while a smaller part lives in our body.

The Brain Could Act As The Soul.

is reincarnation real?

I recently asked my fiancé how he could deny the existence of the soul. What else could possibly create the light behind someone’s eyes? What could give me the feeling that I truly know that person after a deep and intense conversation?

His answer was: the brain. The more I thought about it, the more this felt like a depressingly plausible answer. The brain is able to interpret micro-expressions at a rate that we can’t even fathom consciously, and it helps us change our actions and our thoughts based on the amount of information that we pick up. Couldn’t the brain theoretically mimic a unique personality because we have billions of experiences that shape us in a unique way?

The brain also develops and evolves throughout our life, which could be another way of describing “soul evolution.” What if the only reason we grow and change is because the brain grows and changes as a function of survival?

That would mean that I haven’t really learned anything I can carry with me to the next life. I have evolved for sure, but my evolution would help no one except myself in this very lifetime. Once I die, that evolution ceases to exist.

This is a really depressing idea because it implies that at the end of the day, I don’t matter to anyone. My very being will cease to exist the second I die, and when everyone who remembered me dies, I am literally blotted out from the face of the earth.

And don’t get me wrong: I’m a huge fan of the brain. I believe that the brain is capable of incredible things, many of which I don’t think we have even discovered or activated.

However, it doesn’t answer the entire question for me. Here’s my issue: if the brain works to help us survive, why have people (almost since the dawn of humanity) questioned our existence?

Philosophers, religious teachers, scientists, and regular people all wonder why we exist. There are hundreds if not thousands of ways to explain our existence, but it’s still something that we all question because we don’t have the answer. It feels almost innate in me to question these things.

But why do we question our existence? Realistically, thinking about our existence doesn’t do much to ensure our survival. In fact, it’s probably a way to waste a lot of time thinking instead of acting to survive, from an evolutionary perspective.

There must be a reason why we all want to question these things, why we all feel deep down that there must be something there. The brain doesn’t totally answer this for me because it makes no sense that the brains of all of these people would question our place on the earth over and over, without coming to logical conclusions, without a reason to question these things. We don’t need to know why to survive.

And our brain is primarily focused on survival. That’s why we interpret micro-expressions at an incredible speed: to avoid danger. So where does our philosophical side come from if not the soul?

We Are Tricked Into Reincarnation On Earth.

is reincarnation real?

Some new-age folks believe that we are actually forced to reincarnation. The idea is that the Draconians, or Reptiles, or Grays (depending on what you want to call them) basically trick us when we die in order to keep us enslaved. 

These negative entities appear as Jesus, our Higher Self, our relatives, or whoever it is we want to see, and they tell us that we must reincarnate on Earth. We must forget our memories in order to return (the amnesia of reincarnation) and fly through a white tunnel (the white light well-documented by those who have had near-death experiences) then return to earth in order to “repay our karma,” according to these trickers.

In fact, this theory even says that karma isn’t real, but we have been tricked into “paying off our karma” in order to work for the higher ups. The people who invest in this theory believe that pain isn’t necessary, but that this is something we’re led to believe in order to basically volunteer for our own slavery and toil away here on Earth.

At first, some of this idea made sense to me. While I do believe in karma to some extent, the idea of absolute karma has never felt right. I practice witchcraft, meaning I work with energy to change events in my life, and this doesn’t seem good or bad to me, but simply neutral.

I believe that energy is neutral and can flow one way or another. The idea that karma can be “good” or “bad” feels a bit too religious for my tastes.

I also don’t think that energy always flows in the exact same direction. I personally feel that if you get energy moving in a certain way, it’s likely to keep moving in that direction unless something or someone stops it. This doesn’t exactly line up with the idea of karma, which is that there is always a perfect balance of energy instead of a flow.

However, this theory of reincarnation through trickery broke down for me once I thought about pain. I have experienced pain in my life (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) and I have grown from this pain.

I know for a fact, in my very body, that the most difficult experiences in my life also taught me a lot. I use those lessons every day!

With these personal experiences, how can I not believe that something good does come from pain? This isn’t just an idea that I want to believe in but something I know to be true for me.

Therefore, while this idea of reincarnation through trickery is scary, it just doesn’t feel totally right to me. I’m not saying there isn’t something to it, but I definitely think that I’m here on Earth for a reason, because I see myself learning and growing every day.

Evidence Of Past Lives/Reincarnation Stories:

There’s a lot of evidence out there that reincarnation is real. Many people have remembered super specific details about past lives that they’re able to verify. It always helps me to read about some of these stories because there’s no way all of these could be faked.

One of the most famous reincarnation stories comes from a Columbia University professor named Dr. Helen Wambach. She conducted past life regression therapy for thousands of participants in order to see if they could remember anything about their past lives.

Many participants could recall details about their past lives. One child stated that she was from Japan and remembered dying from a fever while surrounded by family members. She was able to give really specific details about her family, the types of clothing the wore, and the fever that had come to her town. When this child was taken back to where her family lived in Japan, she immediately recognized the architecture and landmarks around the area, despite having never been there before.

Another child named Sam was reincarnated and had previously been his own grandfather. He was able to recall how he died and how his sister died as well as really specific details about his job and life.

One of the most famous stories of reincarnation is about a young girl living in India. She kept saying how much she missed her husband and sons, which her family disregarded as ridiculous. One day, they were far from home (in an area she had never been near) when she started screaming because she recalled a specific road. Her father drove her down the road and she directed him to “her house,” where a man and his sons did live. The girl was able to recall really specific details about the family (nothing that would be online or known to others) and even found the spot in the backyard where she and her husband had buried their savings.

Obviously, these stories are just anecdotal evidence, but there’s tons of it out there. I recommend that you do some research into children who remember their own past lives in order to figure out what you think.

The History Of Reincarnation:

is reincarnation real?

The idea of the soul and of reincarnation dates back to Sumerian times (about 4000 years ago). The Sumerians believed that reincarnation was an endless cycle of life, death, and re-birth. If certain requirements were met in one life, they believe your soul could be cycle out of the reincarnation system to live eternally with their gods.

The Ancient Greeks also believed in reincarnation. In fact, the Ancient Greeks were the first to believe that a human soul can be reborn as an animal.

Both Plato and Socrates believed in reincarnation, a fact that was recorded by their student, Plato. Later on, Buddhists would eventually adopt this idea from them as well.

While the Christian Church is against reincarnation, Christians do strongly believe in the idea of a soul. Plus, they also say that Jesus will come back (reincarnate) at the end of time.

Nowadays, most people think that reincarnation was something “invented” by religion, but it’s actually not. Reincarnation is a part of many religions, but it is also a very common belief across cultures and societies worldwide throughout our entire history.

How To Find Out If You’ve Had A Past Life:

You might need to see your own past lives in order to decide if reincarnation is real. After all, there’s nothing like personal experience.

While it is possible to simply discover your own past life through your intuition, there’s also regression therapy you can do in order to uncover memories of your past life(s). The goal with this kind of therapy is usually not actually recovering a memory of a past life, but rather relaxing and allowing yourself to release any blocks that might be preventing you from accessing those memories.

In my experience, there have been times when I’m laying down focusing on the white light and asking for guidance about whether or not I’ve had a past life. I feel less pressure in this state of mind, which allows me to relax more intensely than usual.

I can almost always tell if I’ve had a past life by how relaxed I feel (based on the depth of the relaxation) and also what images come up behind my closed eyes. Some people may see specific colors, others may see patterns like fractals, others may simply get an emotion like dread or sadness.   

No matter which one you experience, I think it’s important to trust your gut. If you feel like something is off or if you get a really intense emotion, then it’s probably worth exploring this memory further in order to let what needs to come up release.

So How Do You Know?

is reincarnation real?

For me, the idea that reincarnation is real comes through a variety of sources. I have to physically argue against the reasons it may not be with myself in order to find a conclusion. I also need to learn about the history of reincarnation and read about others who have been able to prove that reincarnation is real through hard data from their own past lives.

I have also had medium readings that were incredibly real. Like, there’s literally no way the medium could know specific names, yet she was giving me the names of my deceased relatives and relaying messages from them.

Ultimately, there’s no way to prove whether or not reincarnation is real right now. But you can go over ever angle in order to figure out what you believe.

I encourage you not to ignore the scary ideas. And I get it – it’s hard to confront ideas that conflict with your current viewpoint because it could change who you are at your core. But it’s only by looking at the other side of the coin and dealing with it, by digging down inside to figure out what feels right for you, that you can truly believe in your own reality.